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We stopped and I jumped off his back and patted his head like a dog as a sign of thanks. I knocked on Analissa's door ignoring his loud laugh. The door opened almost instantly and Analissa smiled at me, stepping to the side. I stepped in and saw that her room was exactly the same as mine, I felt myself relax a little bit. I sat in the chair which was in the corner and looked up at her, 'okay, please explain what is going on."

Analissa let out a breath, leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the room. I was shocked to see her character completely change from the confident woman she was before to a defeated, helpless one. She briefly closed her eyes, running a perfectly manicured hand through her hair yet still managing to keep her hair neat.

"Isabella…. I have no idea where to start" she whispered, finally looking into my eyes since I came into her room and I stopped myself from flinching at the desperation in her depths. I walked over to her, grabbing her hands and guiding her to the bed which was against the wall. I sat down and thankfully she followed my lead, gracefully sitting down beside me, angling her body towards mine like I was.

"Why don't you start at the beginning" I suggested, smiling softly. I let out a sigh of relief when she smiled back at me, even if it was small. "That, my darling Isabella, sounds like a brilliant plan, please make yourself comfortable, I'm afraid there is much to explain" I sat back against the wall, getting myself comfortable, awaiting for the story which could most likely explain what my future will be. Analissa laid back on her bed, looking like a relaxed teenager despite her age and the situation, and took a deep breath placing her hands on the lower part of her stomach.

"The Swans were a powerful family of Witches…" she began slowly, "we ruled over all the other 'covens' all around Europe. We were respected; because the bloodline had not been tampered with, the magic in our blood continuously got passed down to each female, in turn making us stronger. But as it turns out, we weren't strong enough…"

/Flash Back/ Analissa POV 1888

"Mamma!" My sister Mary burst through the hut door frantically. My mother, grandmother and I were up instantly, ready and alert for anything that comes our way.
"What is it, my darling?" Mamma rushed towards Mary, checking her over for any injuries but Mary pulled away quickly, taking our mother by her hands pulling her towards the door.
I heard my mother's intake of a breath and quickly rushed over, my Grandmother not far behind.
When I got to the door, I couldn't believe what I saw. I started to feel light headed, grabbing onto the door frame to support my weight, continued gazing out in the open.

I have no idea how we didn't see or hear this coming. Fire spread through the village we lived in, the flames licking at the trees with such ferociousness. I could hear the painful wails of the souls inside, begging to be freed from the powerful flames. I clambered out of our hut, ignoring my mothers and sisters grasping hands. I tried to ignore the painful screams which were surrounding me, focusing on trying to find whoever created such horror. I didn't have to search long, my gaze instantly landing on a group of male and females. Who were calmly looking at the scene in front of them, twisted grins so wide that they took up half their lower face.

I let out a strangled cry and tried to run towards them, but 6 sets of hands grabbed onto my shoulders and back, stopping me from going anywhere. I looked back at my family with furious eyes, how dare they stop me from ending the existence of the demons that caused this?

"Analissa, we must get the family together, those witches are stronger than us. We must cast the spell." My mother said urgently, gently pulling me back towards the hut which held the rest of my family. I sighed and nodded, relaxing against their grip and walked towards the hut where my family of 10 stood.

"Let's go, we haven't much time" I spoke quietly, making sure I didn't draw any attention to my family and I. I stepped inside my home, carefully avoiding stepping on the already lit candles and sat down next to my great aunt, grasping her hand tightly.
I looked up, watching my mother speak in our foreign tongue, looking on in awe when I saw a dark red aura surround my family and I.

My mother said a few more words and slowly the aura surrounding us disappeared. I jumped in shock when a brown book appeared in front of my grandmother. She opened it calmly and picked up a lead and began writing on the spare page, I leaned over slightly looking over her shoulder to see what she was writing.
The Power of my ancestors and their ancestor will go to my great-great-great-great grandson's son's first born child in the Swan family tree. If the Gods are correct the person who will gain my and the family's power is Isabella Marie Swan, the daughter of Charlie Alfred Swan and Renee Mary O'Dwyer. May she rise in the human and supernatural world as a leader to all.'

"Analissa" I looked up when I heard my mother say my name, she gestured for me to come to her. I slowly got up, shock running through my system at what I just read.
"Analissa, I want you to be there when Isabella is born and starts to gain her powers." She said softly, holding onto my hand tightly. My eyes furrowed in confusion, "but mother, I shall be dead before she is born…" I said, looking at my mother in confusion when she smiled sadly at me.

"No Anna, you will not, I want you to drink an elixir, it will keep you at your age, not making you younger or older, and you must be there to support the saviour of the two races. You must leave your family behind and start a new one." She spoke sadly, tears filling her eyes. I shook my head furiously; I ripped my hand from hers.

"No! I will not allow this! You are my family, how can you expect such thing of me?" I asked furiously, looking around at the mourned-filled eyes which surrounded me.
"It is for the best of the family, Anna. You must do this, and our spirits will always be with you." My father said, smiling softly. I shook my head slowly, refusing to believe it.
"Analissa, you must do it, if not you have doomed our family." My grandmother spoke sharply causing me to flinch back. I looked at my family, my family who were willingly sacrificing themselves to save our future and I slowly nodded my head.

"Okay, now come. You must drink quickly, we haven't much time left before the others come," my mother urged me forward, putting a goblet in between my palms, pushing the cup to my lips.
I took a deep breath and looked at my loving family, tears forming in my eyes when I realised I will be losing them all. "I love you all, so much. Please, never leave me" I whispered to them, taking a mouthful of the drink.

As soon as I finished, my mum pushed me to the back door of the hut, giving me a tight hug, "you must run, run as far as you can Analissa. And don't ever look back." She spoke quickly and quietly, motioning towards the forest. I nodded and hugged my family tightly before moving out of the hut. "I will love you forever" tears were streaming down my face as I turned on my feet and ran towards the forest, lifting the ends of my dress up.

I don't know for how long I ran but soon I became light head and dizzy. I fell to the floor and was surrounded my darkness.

/ End Flashback/

"… Our family perished when they fought against the family of witches which invaded our village and I didn't wake up until 10 years later which is when I met Aro. I told him my story, not the part including you of course and he took me under his wing, introducing me to Caius and Marcus as well as Jane, Alec, Felix and Demetri. Back then it was only the 7 of them which made up the Volturi. I waited for the day of your birth and here you are, in the flesh." Analissa looked up at me with tears in her eyes, gently brushing the tears which had fallen off my cheeks.

"Here I am... but Analissa, what is it I need to do? Your, well our, family gave me these... powers for a reason but what reason? Sure they want me to be a leader but is that all?" I questioned, my forehead creasing in confusion. Analissa smiled sadly and clapped her hands together, standing up.
"Isabella that is something you must figure out for yourself, all I can tell you is trouble is coming our way and you need to be prepared." She warned I nodded silently swallowing the lump which suddenly appeared in my throat.
"Now you must go someone is waiting for you" she smiled slightly moving towards the door. I scrunched up my face, who is it? She opened the door and my eyes widened and my mouth fell open but I quickly schooled my feature when I remember our truce.

"Caius" I breathed out, blushing when his eyes looked over my body with an unrecognisable emotion,
"Isabella…" I closed my eyes as my name rolled off his tongue suppressing a shiver, wishing he could say it again. My eyes snapped open when I realised what I was thinking, I took a deep breath and calmed myself down.

"What is it you want?" I asked, walking towards the door, I looked toward Analissa, "thank you for telling me" I smiled getting a smile in return before she closed the door. I turned back towards Caius and began walking in the direction of where my bedroom was…. Well I think it was anyway.

Caius shrugged and flashed a grin in my direction, not missing a step. "I just felt like… hanging out?" he squinted his eyes like he was unfamiliar with the words 'hanging out'. I laughed softly at the situation, before he wanted to kill me and now he wants to 'hang out'.
"Okay, well. Let's hang out" I took his hand and walked towards the opening of the garden.

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