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"It tastes delicious Bella, better than any blood I've ever had" he told me seriously making me recoil back in surprise.

"What?" I gasped standing up from my seat feeling myself wobble, I faintly heard Caius calling my name then everything went black.


I knew what was going to happen by the way her face drained of any colour she had. I caught Bella just before she was about to hit the hard floor, an instinct to protect this human hit me like a ton of bricks. Although the rational side of me wasn't surprised with her reaction, if it was possible I would've fainted as well. It's not every day a vampire enjoys eating human food.

I quickly ran to the main hall, catching my brothers and their guard's scents instantly. I slammed open the doors startling everybody in the room. The shock quickly disappeared when they caught sight of Bella in my arms.

"What happened?" Aro glided over to me, looking at Bella with concern, reaching his hand out to stroke her head but stopped abruptly when I let out a ferocious growl. How dare he touch her? He has no right. When I realised what I was thinking and what I did I instantly felt like a fool.
"I am sorry brother, I don't know what is the matter with me" I apologised, "She has just fainted, I'm sure she will resurface soon but please could you summon Annalisa, I have a feeling we need her help, and then I shall explain it to you all." I explained, moving towards my throne, hearing Aro send Patricia, a member of his guard to collect Bella's aunt.

I sat down, holding the delicate human in my arms carefully, relieved to see colour returning to her pale face already. My mind was reeling, how is this possible? It can't be a power; Eleazar would've mentioned it when he was with us… maybe… maybe its Bella- no. I shook my head to rid it of those daft thoughts. Before I could allow myself to become lost in my thoughts again, Annalisa gracefully entered the hall, confidence pulsing from her Aura, walking straight towards Bella and me.

"What has happened Caius?" she asked, and I fought the urge to hiss at the lack of respect she displayed by not acknowledging my position. I allowed her to brush my…- Bella's hair away from her face. Annalisa looked up at me expectedly when I didn't answer her straight away, clearing my throat I sat straighter, and making eye-connect with every vampire in the hall.

"Bella and I decided to take a stroll around the park and had a small picnic under the gazebo. I decided that I would eat with her, no matter how repulsed I was by just the thought of ingesting human food. We began to eat and the most peculiar thing happened, when I bit into the meat known as a sausage. Instead of being disgusted by the taste of dirt I was enthralled and delighted by the decisions meaty taste it emitted throughout my body." I looked around, noticing some confusion on a few vampires' faces and sighed heavily.

"What I am trying to say is I found the taste of human food delicious. Better than any blood I have tasted. I told her-"I gestured to the stirring girl in my arms, "and she passed out and here we are." I finished, looking around again. Noticing that everyone had complete confusion on their face, yet a small amount of amazement was present.
It was silent all around me, no one saying a thing until Bella let out a low groan, sitting up in my lap. She slowly opened her eyes and locked them with mine, confusion then realization flashed through them until they finally settled on an emotion which confused me, fear.
"What's wrong with you Caius?" she asked, I tried not to flinch, knowing that she was only asking me in a concerned way. I cradled her face in mine and looked into her beautiful eyes.

"I don't know il mio Angelo." I whispered, snapping back into reality when I heard someone clear their throat. My head snapped in the direction of the noise, my teeth bared in warning. Annalisa raised an eyebrow at me causing me to stop instantly.

"Caius, I think you should take Bella to her bedroom so she can sleep, it has been a tiring day for her." She suggested softly, looking fondly at a yawning Bella, who automatically frowned when she realised that she wasn't going to be finding anything out tonight.

I nodded stiffly, dropping Bella and walking briskly out of the hall, hearing Bella say her goodnights and quickly racing after me. We walked in silence; I quickly glanced over at her out of the corner of my eye to see her nervously biting her bottom lip. I sighed and continued looking straight, resisting the urge to take her far away from here, where she could have no worries at all.

We stopped in front of her bedroom and Bella opened the door straight away, turning around to look at me shyly. I cleared my throat, and ran a hand through my neat hair stepping back slightly, feeling strangely drained. "I hope you have a peaceful rest and we shall talk about what gets said tonight tomorrow, after you are rested" I smiled softly at her.

She slowly nodded her head, backing into her room giving me a small wave of her hand and closing the door. I stood at her door, hearing her stumble around getting ready for bed, laughing when I heard her heart rate slow indicating that she had already fallen asleep. I was about to walk away but my body wouldn't comply, urging me to go into her room.

I tried to fight my instincts, attempting to remind myself of the serious situation I seem to be in but I lost, finding myself slowly opening her door, gazing at the beauty in front of me.
The moonlight which reflected from her mirror made her look like a sleeping angel. I shook my head, remembering the first time I saw her, just a couple of days ago.


I was sitting on my throne with my brothers when the doors opened, Jane and Alec's scent hitting my nose straight away, but I quickly picked up another a…. human? I quickly looked up, my breath which I didn't need caught in my throat when I saw the beauty in front of me. A young girl who looked around the age of an 18, her beautiful brown hair looked un-kept but that didn't faze me.
I tried to find her eyes to see what colour they were, but I found myself frustrated when she continued to gaze at the ground.


Master Aro, I have bought Isabella Swan, just like you requested." Jane spoke proudly, obviously wanting my brothers approvable. Aro got up gracefully and I watched in anger as he got closer to the beautiful human.

"Isabella..."Aro spoke her name like it was a prayer and I felt my monster roar and thrash against his cage, when asked him to call her Bella, I felt fury fill my entire body, how dare she speak to him with affection! I started imagining ripping my brother apart, shuddering when I pictured his lifeless eyes staring back at me.

"He will call you whatever he wants,human" I snarled, not being able to contain my fury with the power this human has on me. Her eyes snapped to mine and I tried my hardest to keep my mask intake, she had the most beautiful brown eyes I have seen in my 3000 years of being on this earth. When she looked at me with sadness and hurt in those eyes, I felt like I had venom pulsing through my veins again, it was worse than changing. It was then I pledged to myself that I would try and get to know this angel.

/end of flashback/

I sighed and brushed her hair from her face slowly backing away from her bed towards the door. I looked back at the sleeping beauty and quietly closed the door turning around, stepping back in surprise when I saw Annalisa was standing there in front of me.

"How'd-"I broke off because I was still so surprised that I didn't notice she was there. She laughed quietly and gestured towards the main hall.

"Let's go figure out what's wrong with you Caius" she smiled mischievously and strode towards the hall with me following behind her like an obedient puppy.

This is going to be an interesting night

il mio Angelo- My Angel

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