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Solok and Roxanne enter T'Lyn's section of the house. She had not been out of her section for days now, and at Roxanne's request (demand) Solok promised they would speak to her.

"Adun'a I do not see the issue. She is receiving and sometimes sending as many as twenty communications in a day. She takes two meals a day, with the appropriate caloric intake to sustain her structure. I am satisfied that there is nothing to be concerned about." Solok paused in the hallway leading to her study. "This section of the house is used for the Reldai of the family. It is for privacy from the main house, with an external entrance so she and whomever she might be helping can come and go without knowledge, Roxanne, we are invading…." He trailed off seeing the look in her eyes he knew that logic would not win this day.

"It is not like her, Solok. All the time we were in the Forge she always stressed family dinners. She hasn't been down to a dinner since we were married three months ago. "She poked Solok in the ribs.

"We have not seen Soren and his wife in as long, nor their child."

Roxanne sneered, "I know, and I don't like that either, but they don't live in this house, and she does. " She snatched him by the point of his ear, and he bent with her pull, "Am I the matron of this house or not?"

"Yes, Roxanne, there is no need for the violence against my person. We are interrupting her…"

She released his ear and smiled, "See that wasn't that hard. Plus, the baby is not far from being ready to come. I was told it is traditional in a Vulcan house that the Reldai be the midwife. We need to make sure that she is willing."

Solok raised an eyebrow, he doubted his wife would like the traditional Vulcan birth. Since Reldai are notably against the analgesics human woman need for natural child birth and that their family's traditional birthing place was a spot outside in the gardens, and not in the comfort of a medical facility. Her behavior and emotions were more erratic these days, so he decided to just nod, "Very well."

They approached her office and Solok put his hand on the door pushing it open as quietly as possible.

"I am aware, T'Sai that the Vulcan tradition is that no Reldai may leave the world. In deference to your title Madam, T'Sai of the great temple of Gol, I respect the logic of that law, but…"

Roxanne pulled Solok down and whispered into his ear, "Who is she talking to?"

"She is speaking golic, a ritual version of the Vulcan language, and I believe she is speaking to the High Reldai of Gol." He blinked and looked over her office, which was piled with padds, and scrolls. He motioned for Roxanne to take a seat with him on the small chairs that did not have the clutter of the paads.

"T'Sai, T'Lyn, We are of the mind and logic that…"

"No. You interrupted me and now it would seem I have just interrupted you. With respects, Mada, but I was one of those who wrote the fucking laws you now so desperately cling to and I am telling you as Surak told his people in the enlightenment, Change is inevitable. Now, I have.."

Solok stood, "T'Lyn!"

T'Lyn looked up from her call and held out her finger indicating he wait. Solok's eyes widened slightly but he sat back down.

"Excuse that interruption, I will meet with you and the rest of the counsel in a month, as I have indicated." She raised the ta'al, "Live long and prosper." She clicked off the screen and stood, straightening her robes she walked over to Roxanne and smiled softly.

Roxanne stood and hugged her ,"You've been missing in action girl, we've missed you." She nudged Solok, "haven't we…"

Solok nodded, "Your absence has been noted."

T'Lyn nodded, "Forgive me, Roxanne, I have been inundated with…" she looked back at her desk, "Many projects, personal and…for the family. "

Roxanne grinned, "Anything we can help with?"

T'Lyn placed her hands in front of her, "You both are in your cohabitation period. This period is important for you both, your bonds, your.."

Roxanne put her hand on T'lyn's shoulder, "Please, give us something to do, your father is driving me up the wall."

She turned to hide her small chuckled, "Very well. "She paused and looked back to them both, "Actually there is something of note you might wish to help me undertake. This might be of particular interest to you, Solok, it would increase our household by…unknown quantities."

Solok cocked his head, "What do you mean?"

She rounded her desk and sorted through some padds until she came to the one she was looking for, "This."

Solok looked at the padd, "I don't understand. Is not the clan of Shir' Kahr, Surak's clan, of your line. That is why they are trying to claim you and take you from our family. This is a very obscure reference to children and grandchildren of Surak, which was disproven by the Vulcan science academy."

Roxanne took the padd from Solok, "Don't be a pig, Solok, let me see." She looked it over and it dawned on her, "These are your children aren't they, T'Lyn."

T'Lyn nodded, "Which is why I thought them all dead, but not so…"

Solok cleared his throat, "But what of Surak's line in Shir Kahr? Are you saying that the most powerful and influential clan on all Vulcan does not descend directly from Surak?"

"No, they do." She replied and then changed the subject, "See I've been attempting to look through some of these old scrolls, and I've learned much, but I think what I really need to do is gain access to the genetic library."

"How can both lines be descendent directly of Surak, T'Lyn?" Solok asked looking over Roxanne's shoulder.

"Solok, stay on task here. The genetic library…I do not have full access, only our blood line, but as ambassador you would. If we all three investigated this together it would shorten the search time considerably."

"I don't know about Solok, but I'm in." Roxanne said handing T'Lyn back the Padd. She looked at her husband, "Well, Ambassador, are you game for this search for the proverbial needle in a hay stack?"

Solok looked at T'Lyn who was staring at him, "I will participate." He saw pleasure behind her eyes, and it pleased him. It was not often in her life that he could say that he caused contentment in his eldest child's life.

"It is good. If we use the cross reference of my DNA it should cut down the search time by half."

Roxanne smiled, "See now we are having some family fun. Can I ask a question off topic while Solok gets this search thing started."

T'Lyn nodded, "Of course, you are a friend and the matron of this clan."

"Will you preside over the birth of our child?" She asked rubbing her stomach.

T'Lyn looked confused, "Of course, I was not aware that there was a question in that matter. You are the matron, Roxanne, it is tradition that the Reldai see to the birth of the matron's children. It will be an honor. My mother opted for a medical bay birth, so this will be a welcome change, and beginning to a new era in the family."

Roxanne looked confused, "You mean, we won't be in a medical bay?"

Solok turned, "I have access." He interrupted and as Roxanne looked at him he tried to hide the amusement in his eyes.


Sarek was sitting at his desk looking over the clan's budget for the next year. He glanced over and saw Amanda outside the window tending to some kind of vegetation with one of the small cousins trailing behind her. He leaned back and watched her. His mind lingering on the many years ago when he was a young man of sixty and she was a woman of mere twenty, and they were first bonded. They were pleasant memories.

Now, as he looked at her. She had left him after Spock went into Star Fleet, staying gone until his father, Skon, died. She returned then, and it was shortly after they went aboard the Enterprise. He and his son reconciled, and after a fashion, so did he and Amanda.

That was a long time ago. She had died, he had married Perran, and ultimately he died. Yet, against all logic and reason he sat here again in the body of he had back in the time of their reconciliation. She looked a little older than when they first met. It seemed like her, yet it did not, and even now that they were bonded he could not shake the unease of the feeling that this was not right. He turned away from the window, putting his padd to the side.

Nothing about this seemed right to him. He was now in a time when he should be dead more than 30 years. His son was an elderly man. For the first time in one hundred generations the clan of Surak had no matron, and only one remaining Reldai whose skill and prowess was nominal. He placed his hands in a prayerful position before him. In the reflection of the mirror before him he could see Amanda looking at him through the window. He walked out of the room. He needed time to think, to meditate.

He entered the most ancient part of the house, the house originally built in the time of the awakening. He sat down on the pillows before the great stained glass window with the sigil of Surak. He knew it was not logical, but the sun passing through the colored glass felt different than the normal glare of light through the plane windows, the heat felt more comforting, more conducive to meditation.

He bent and lit the candles at the altar.

He sunk into himself, rewinding in his mind the moment before he remembered waking up from the long sleep of death. A human man grinning at him, he called himself…Q. His mind was searching for something, and he could not remember what it was…He was laying on a cave floor, his emotions were amok. "Where are you going?" he looked up to see who he was speaking to, who he was touching…T'Lyn.

The scenery changed. This scenery he did not know, yet he knew very well. He was in the Forge. There were pillars around him, and people he had never met, but somehow knew were milling around him.

"You would be a descendant of mine."

Sarek rounded and standing there was an older Vulcan man who he knew, it was Surak. Sarek raised the ta'al, "Osu, I come to serve."

Surak returned the ta'al, "Your service honors me, Sarek of Shir Kahr."

Sarek approached him, "I have your Katra?"

Surak nodded, "You do, a gift to you, from this Q you know of. A secret. You will be recipient of many gifts Sarek." A small smile graced his sculpted thin lips and he put his hands on his hips.

"You are why my logic came back to me so suddenly." He stated, looking over his forefather in near awe of being in his presence.

"I am, but you will not always need me, your katra is growing stronger every day." He walked closer to Sarek, "One of your gifts is arriving, you should wake and greet them." Surak placed his hand on Sarek's shoulder.

One of the young servants placed his hand on Sarek's shoulder. Sarek looked, the boy looked pale and his eyes were wide, "Osu, Osu…Forgive my intrusion on your meditations, but…we have guests on the horizon…They are coming…"

Sarek stood and straightened his robes. As he turned he saw the entire house gathering in the great hall. They parted on either side of the hall as he passed them heading to the giant double doors that used to be the gates of the clan complex. He turned to the young man, "Who is it that comes that would cause such a fervor?"

The young man pointed up and behind them to the tile inlaid portrait of a woman with long dark hair, and blue eyes, dressed in ancient robes, next to her a man whose name has been lost in time, but who Sarek always thought looked like Spock.

His eyebrows rose, "Improbable."

"It is truth, Osu, they simply appeared at the oasis north of here. I was there with Reldai. They appeared in a flash of light; the woman approached the Reldai and spoke to her in a language I did not know. Reldai only barely understood her, but sent me back to ready the house, and to gather you." The young man bowed and moved backward toward the lines of people on either side of the hall.

Sarek folded his hands before him and stood straight as the crack of metal and the groan of ancient lumber echoed through the hall, the sun spilled through the hall Sarek's inner eyelids slid over to protect his eye from the glare.

The Reldai walked forward with a quickened pace to Sarek. She lifted her robes slightly and bowed, "Osu Sarek, I would present to you…" she stood and held out her arm pointing to the pair standing haloed in the light of the sun, "She who is the beginning of our clan, she who gave the line of Surak life, T'sai T'Sen of Shir Kahr and her Adun, Nirak."

The Reldai backed away and Sarek stepped forward calmly. He looked at the pair for a long moment. He had studied their clan's history for most of his life. He used to have the ring that held her picture, but he did not need it now to know that face. He raised the ta'al and bowed his head, "I am Sarek, son of Skon, and head of the house of Surak, I come to serve thee."

T'Sen looked at Nirak, "Did you understand anything he just said other than Surak?"

"Not a word of it." Nirak said with a grin, "I did understand that woman who passes herself off as a Reldai, You are T'sai and I'm he who is your mate."

T'Sen slugged him in the stomach with her elbow. She stepped forward toward the man who spoke. She saw the hall lined with at least a hundred Vulcans. As she looked over them she saw them fall on one knee. When she came into speaking distance with the man before her she glanced back at Nirak, "Should I try some of the words T'Lyn taught us of her language?"

Nirak shrugged, "Do it. The worst that could happen would be he doesn't understand you."

"Excellent point my husband."

She turned to Sarek and raised the ta'al, "I am T'Sen of Shir Kahr. I come to serve."

The hall fell silent.

Nirak stepped forward, "You don't suppose T'Lyn taught you dirty words? As if I come to serve is…I don't know…I come to do sex to your farm beasts?"

T'Sen rolled her eyes.

Sarek spoke, restating what he had earlier in the earth tongue, "Forgive me T'sai, but…how do you know the human tongue?" he was suddenly skeptical that the people before him were who they claimed to be.

"T'Lyn wife of Surak spoke this language with me."

The Vulcans began to murmur, until Sarek raised his hand, "Come T'Sai, Osu…Allow me to take you to refreshments, I am sure you need rest from your long journey."

"That is agreeable." She replied and motioned for Nirak to come forward, "This is he who is my husband, Nirak."

Nirak grinned at him, "Are you sure we are in the right place?" he asked in their ancient tongue, "He doesn't look anything like you." He reached up and pinched Sarek's cheeks, "But he is cute for a grand baby."

T'Sen shook her head, "I should have left you on Seleya."