Tolaris tapped a few buttons and ran the standard security scan, and he glanced around the room in absolute boredom. Ever since T'Lyn had come, things had been quiet. V'Las was moping over the loss of his wife and children, Gelnon was an absolute downer, and everything seemed to be coming to a grinding halt.

He turned when he saw a flash of light, and Q was standing before him, grinning.

"Oh, someone is bored, I see." He chuckled and snapped his fingers, and with another flash of light, four people hit the deck plating. Two human women and two Vulcan males were lying on the floor, groaning from the fall. The women both had dark hair, though one was a lovely tan color. The other was pale, but slender. They were quiet lovely creatures...and so emotional...

He frowned in disappointment when the tan woman turned to the older of the two males and turned him on his back.

"Strom," she whispered. "Strom, honey, are you ok?"

The man groaned and sat up, then looked around wildly. The younger doctor was already standing and helping the pale woman to her feet. He held her close, examining her for injuries, and Q turned to Tolaris, snapping his fingers in front of his face to get his attention.

"Call S'Vec. I have some new medical personnel to take Oratt's place."

"Oratt?" the older Vulcan said. "Is he here?"

"Not anymore," Tolaris replied with a grin, and he let them fill in the blanks. He wasn't about to reveal that they had escaped; that would only encourage these new arrivals.

S'Vec was on the scene a few minutes later, and he examined the two doctors with a critical eye.

"Oh, you're the melder, aren't you?" he said to the younger Vulcan. "Got kicked out of the medical exchange and lived on Mazar...and this must be Eponine..."

"How do you know my name?" The woman spoke with a thick, fluid accent, and Tolaris raised an eyebrow.

"I know many things about you. And this...oh, this is the girl from the Dekendi medical conference..."

The tan woman paled a little and scooted closer to the older doctor, but S'Vec pulled her away and looked into her eyes.

"'ll be quite useful later on. You have good genes, my dear."

S'Vec clapped his hands together and stared at them all, beaming, then turned to Tolaris.

"My manners are atrocious. Tolaris, this is Eponine Thenardier, Doctor Yuris, Doctor Strom, and Lucy Hardister. They'll all be residing with you in the medical section. Show them to their quarters, would you?"

Q gave S'Vec a meaningful look, and then snapped his fingers, disappearing in another flash of light.


"We've been here two weeks, Strom." Lucy said placing her head on his shoulder in the infirmary. "15 cases of human women with pa'nar, and these…clones."

He shook his head, "I know history teaches S'Vec was Surak's betrayer, Adun'a more than that I do not know."

He looked back at Yuris who was sitting with Eponine. He looked at them with a silent sadness.

The door opened, and V'Las stepped in, he held up his hands, "I know you will not trust me, you have no reason to, but S'Vec is coming with his wife. You will want to speak with her, she is not what sight first appears her to be now."

He straightened, and the door opened behind him. S'Vec entered the room with an blond Vulcan on his arm dressed scantily in black. He pointed at Lucy and Strom. "You two will attend her, see if she is pregnant yet, and see to her health. This is my wife, T'Lyn." He purred and rubbed his hands up her body. She stood motionless looking at Strom and Lucy.

V'Las helped T'Lyn up on the exam table and then turned to his father, "Father the new shipments have arrived. While mother is here we should attend to them."

S'Vec nodded, "The guard is outside should you require them my dear." He kissed her and then walked out with V'Las.

T'Lyn looked at Strom and Lucy, "I am T'Lyn of the clan in Gol, Reldai. We must begin to make plans to escape this place. I fear I will not live long if we do not, none of us will."


Rory slammed his fist against the com and turned to Sevos, "War. We are in a gawddamned war. The Klingons, the Romulans, and the Federation. We are cut off, Sevos. They are giving us an ultimatum. You and I return home to take up active duty, or we are going to be court martialed."

Sevos looked to Solok and then back to his old friend. "I am staying. What S'Vec is doing is distracting the rest of the galaxy with war games as he schemes. There needs to be some sanity and we it seems are required to be that."

Rory nodded in agreement, his mind lingering on this two sons out there serving on starships, and his wife home alone. He looked around the room to the mix of humans and Vulcans around him. "Where do we go from here? I'm in."

Solok stood and held three ancient IDICS from his hand, "We go to the Forge, and retrieve Surak's greatest secret. We find Kuvak and my father, and bring them home. "

Oratt stood, "I found plans in foremother's blood, plans for a giant space station and coordinates of where to build. "

Sevos walked toward Solok and took the necklaces from his hand. "So be it."

A/N: Sensara and I would like to thank you for reading. After Parting never parted is complete you can look for both Solok's finest hour and Dark Q rising which will be continuations of this story.