Here is a poem for all of you people who like poems. Enjoy!

I don't own the picture, I found it randomly online.

Cold,Cold Winter's reign

Waltzing winds, Sliver storm

Echoes of laughter in the roar of icy gales

Shining white, Glowing iceberg – blue

Risen from the lake, Soaring in swirling gray sky

Jackson Overland Frost,

Cold hands, Warm heart

s ~ S ~ s

Dark, Dark Nightmare's domain

Twisted shades, Darker than Black

Paralyzing cackles in the numbing night

Horrors forgotten, Hell reborn

Fallen Hero of Golden age

Kozmotis Pitchiner Black

Cold eyes, Warmth but a memory

s ~ S ~ s

Lonely, Lonely encompassing abyss

Pure nothingness, nowhere known

faint traces of a whisper speaking of kinder times

Never so many, Never so unseen

Silence in a crowded room

Me, Myself, and I

Cold cheeks, Warm tears

Yes, I know, rather sad, but eh. I hope you liked the poem! Reveiw please!