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Progress Report: Sherlock Holmes

Year: Eleven


Sherlock has excellent grammar, almost to the point of being too severe when helping others edit their work and in casual conversation. He tended to fail to see the abstract and metaphorical meaning of works of literature and focused heavily on what was obvious. His penmanship is excellent.

Sherlock excelled at higher maths, including algebra, calculus, and graphing, but needs to review how to budget and spend money.

Sherlock performed well on all of his tests and assignments in this subject. He performed the dissection cleanly and neatly. His knowledge of the human body is impressive, although is limited to concepts and not how they function as a unit.

Sherlock has an excellent grasp of the concepts in chemistry, far beyond his years and is encouraged to keep exploring this passion, but very carefully.

Sherlock quickly mastered the use of equations during the kinematics unit and also excelled when learning about electricity.

Earth Science
Sherlock's lack of knowledge in this area is truly appalling. He did not know that the earth revolves around the sun. If it weren't for his final project, he would have failed this subject.

Sherlock excelled in physical geography, including soil types, climate and weather, and bodies of water, but was uninterested in human geography.

Sherlock's knowledge of history varied depending on what he found interesting and important, and he often claimed to have 'deleted' things previously learned if he deemed them unimportant or dull, which was problematic for the exam.

Physical Education
Sherlock has an excellent stride for running, and excelled in self defence, although sometimes went overboard and hurt others. Sherlock was not as successful when participating in team sports and was often chosen last.

Healthy Living
Sherlock seemed to take pleasure in describing his lifestyle of not eating and eluding to other unhealthy habits and pointing out how fit he was.

Sherlock did not take well to discussion of 'what was art', and chose to do most of his projects in a modern style, regardless of what was asked of him. I suspect he chose to do this as rebellion for being told what art is and isn't.

Sherlock plays beautifully on his violin when he wants to, but needed constant reminders to stay on task. He could work on improving his ensemble playing.

Sherlock quickly mastered computer and programming, although perhaps too well when he hacked into school records to change his brother's records.

The final project for this class was to build a piece of furniture. Sherlock made a 'carpet' (a flat piece of wood) and when he was told that would not suffice, threw a fit. This resulted in a detention, and when he finally returned to class, he spent the rest of the semester carving a violin. It was beautiful, but not furniture.

Life Skills
Sherlock very nearly burnt down the school with his end of term project, which was to bake a cake. He should stick with safer tasks until he masters a cooktop.

Final Comments
Sherlock is an extremely intelligent boy who is often a pleasure to teach, but is lacking in social skills and manners that could make him a team player. He often segregated himself from others by insulting them. He works far above grade level in most subjects, and explains his poor marks in others as them being 'dull' and not worth his time. If Sherlock applied himself, he could do wonderful things.