Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter (J. K. Rowling does) nor Buffy (Mr. Whedon and Mutant Enemy do). This is probably a good thing.

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a Harry Potter/Buffy cross.

September 1, 2017

Platform 9 3/4s was packed to the brim with students heading to off to start the school year. Cages with owls teetered on trunks while parents gave their children final hugs before boarding. More than a few could be caught staring at some of the wizarding world's most famous heroes. The Potter and the Weasley families were both there to see their children off. Also of note, but only to die-hard blood purists, were the Malfoys. Soon however, the goodbyes were done and the last student boarded the train.

Buffy stood misty eyed as the Hogwarts Express pulled away from the station.

"She'll be home for Christmas," a deep voice murmured into her left ear as arms encircled her waist.

Buffy leaned back. "I know. It's just that's she's so young to be going off to boarding school."

"A magical boarding school," her husband of almost fifteen years reminded her. "It is our way. You of all people should understand that she needs a proper foundation in the magical arts."

"I know. It's just hard letting go."

"Of course, if she follows in your illustrious footsteps she will be home by the end of the week," he smirked.

"Ah hm, and why would that be?

"Well, she could burn the gym down or perhaps blow the whole place up," he said. "You were expelled twice if I recall. I almost pity the faculty. Perhaps we should send an owl and warn them?"

"Cute. I didn't start school demolition until I was fifteen. She's only eleven," Buffy pouted and turned around in his arms.

"But precocious," he said before releasing her. "And already the quite troublemaker."

"She's going to end up in Slytherin isn't she?"

"Gryffindor," he said sourly. "There has never been a more troublesome house."

"You still hold a grudge after all these years."

"Only a small one. I'm sure I'll get over it in another decade or two."

"Come on. I'll buy you a butterbeer before we pick up Toby from Dawn," Buffy laughed as she and her husband left the station.

Several yards away the Potters and Weasleys prepared to leave as well.

"Harry, Ginny, Lily, and I are going to do a bit of shopping before we head home. Can we meet you and Ron at the entrance in about an hour?"

Harry didn't answer. He couldn't. He hadn't, in fact, heard a word that Hermione had said.

"Ron, did you just see what I saw," he said quietly.

"I couldn't have. It's just not possible. He's dead, right. I mean we all saw the body."

"Ron, what couldn't have you seen," Ginny asked her brother.