The prince looked to the ceiling, there were so many bodies around; it was as if it had rained blood in that room. The dining hall was spattered with blood, entrails hanging from everywhere they could. The long white table cloth that ran down the table had words on it; words written in skin, blood, organs, and other various parts that belong inside the human body. "I love you, Froggie."

"Ushishishishi!" He laughed, it took an entire staff to paint this room, which he first had to cover in white, to make it that much more evident. Each head, all twenty five of them, was on a plate on the table.

When Bel left the room, he changed from his normal bloody Varia uniform into a black suit, with a collared shirt beneath, the crimson that now spattered the room usually used for eating. He left a white rose, now a rust color from being drenched in blood, on the frog's bed with a note. "Get dressed, nicely, and meet the prince in the dining room. Ushishishi!"

He stood at the door, waiting. Twenty minutes later, a frog, lacking his hat, came in. He looked divine in his black dress shirt and leather jeans, teal hair falling slightly in his face. "A-ara… what is it this time Bel-senpai?" the bored tone in Fran's voice made the prince's grin grow even wider.

"I painted you something, Ushishishi!" The sadistic prince stepped out of the way to allow his lover to open the blood spattered doors to the dining hall.

A half-shocked, half-happy expression spread across the frog's face. He opened the doors to examine Bel's "artwork". "A-ara… senpai… did you make this by… hand?" his eyes ran over the bodies and the writing. Pieces of dismembered corpses hung around the hall like decorations and intestines were used for streamers. Fran loved it, the perfect, twisted present from a perfect, twisted, face prince.

"Ushishishi! The prince painted this for his froggie with his hands and his knives!" The blonde grinned, an excited tone in his voice.

Fran was awe-stricken, but touched. He pulled Bel down and crushed their lips together, "Thank you, Senpai. I love it."