Korra's POV

I was sparring with Mako for the upcoming charity match. Every year I would kick off the Pro Bending Tournament with a fundraising match in which I would participate with two other players. The money collected for this game would be given to a charity of my choice.

The Firebender threw a punch forward and I easily dodged it, twirling around and sending a water whip that knocked him back. He grinned at this before his punches became more fluent, one right after the other. One hit me in the chest and I was forced back. I let out a growl when he winked at me.

"Enough with the games, Mako," I snapped.

"Careful what you wish for," he warned smugly.

I growled once again and sent a water whip that coiled around his ankle and dropped him right on his back. Instead of getting mad, as he used to before we got married, he just chuckled and got right back up. I sighed. He used to be a lot more fun when he was a jerk.

We continued to spar, throwing water and fire attacks at one another until both elements collided, creating a wall of steam. I stayed alert, trying to figure out where he was coming from only to be tackled from the side and onto the ground. But I never did actually hit the ground. I was on top of Mako who still had that stupid grin on and his arms were securely wrapped around my waist.

"Mako!" I cried when he started to tickle me, making me laugh. He chuckled at this and flipped me over so he was on top of me before giving me a soft kiss. "May I remind you, we're in public," I muttered against his lips.

"Oh, you're one to talk," he teased.

"Why are you in such a good mood?" I grumbled, not bothering to argue with that comment.

The Firebender raised a brow at this. "Can't I appreciate having such a wonderful wife?" Mako asked innocently.

My eyes narrowed. "Ok, spit it out. What do you want?" I asked.

He chuckled again and gave me another soft kiss. I smiled against his lips before flipping him over so I was on top of him. Mako blinked a few times at this and I let out a small laugh.

"Avatar Korra," a page announced, he was a scrawny man with grey hair and some thin rimmed glasses. His eyes behind the specs were somewhat apologetic for interrupting the moment. "I have something for you."

I sighed and got up, taking the envelope with a nod toward the page before he scurried away. I started to read the piece of paper, when a pair of warm arms wrapped themselves around me again, momentarily distracting me while Mako trailed kisses against my neck, making me shiver in the process.

"Stop," I told him gently, turning my attention away from the letter. "I can't concentrate when you do that." Like he didnt know that.

He chuckled again before leaving me to go practice a couple of moves with Bolin who had just arrived. I smiled at that and shook my head. Who would have known that a jerk like that was actually such a softie?

I turned my attention back to the note, reading the first couple of lines. My brow furrowed as I continued before I felt my blood fill with ice and my body completely tense.

I didnt think. I didnt care. I quickly ran over toNaga and hopped on, my practice uniform still on, not bothering to change. I didn't have time, I needed to get to the airport. Now.

"Korra!" Mako called. "Korra, where are you going?"

I didn't even answer, just took off at full speed to the Fire Nation main airport, the rain soaking me completely. I hopped off Naga, asking one of the guards to take her back to the Pro Bending stadium if I wasn't back in thirty minutes. I went inside and asked for a flight to Republic City only to be turned down.

"What do you mean there aren't any flights to Republic City?" I practically yelled. It was the twenty first century for the love of the Spirits! There had to be a plane that was going to Republic City. There just had to be.

"I'm sorry, Avatar Korra, but the weather is making it impossible for the planes to take off," the clerk insisted. "We just can't take the risk." To her credit, she did look sorry. But I didn't have time for this.

I let out an annoyed sigh before going back outside and getting back on Naga. I had to get to Republic City. Then it hit me. Airplanes may not be able to fly in this weather but…I knew another method of transportation.

Urging Naga on, I went to the hotel where Tenzin was staying and was slightly relieved to see that he was there. Thank the Spirits!

"Tenzin, I need to borrow Oogi," I told him as I got off my polarbear dog, skipping the formalities and getting straight to the point.

"Korra, you're soaked!" the Airbending master cried.

"Can I borrow him?" I asked again, rolling my eyes and fidgeting impatiently.

"What do you need Oogi for?"

"Tenzin, can I borrow him or not?" I finally snapped. He blinked a few times at me, taken aback, before slowly nodding. I gave him a small smile. "Thanks. I'll bring him back," I told him, heading over to the stables and getting the sky bison ready.

"Korra, where are you going? It's raining. You'll get sick!" he called after me.

"Thanks Tenzin!" was all I answered with as I sat on the large beasts head. "Oogi, yip yip!"

With a roar the sky bison took off into the sky. I pet his head, telling him that we needed to hurry. He roared once again and picked up his speed. The rain beat against me but I quickly remedied that, Bending the water droplets away. But despite the lack of cold water against my skin, I still found myself shaking.

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