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The Lie in your Truth

Harry Potter thought He knew everything he needed to know about his life and his parents. But what if he discovered that the truth he'd been told, was webbed with lies.

Now Harry finds himself with two cousins a Boyfriend, surrounded by enemies, with a serious headache. Allies become Enemies, Enemies become Allies. But one thing stays true, the truth will set you free. And the lie will end in nothing but Chaos. All he wants to do is be his self and go to school like a normal boy

Pairings: Harry/Draco

(Warning this will be a classic "Harry denies he's gay but Draco persistently chases him" fic! AND MOST CHARACTERS ARE OUT OF CHARATER!)

The Album

Harry's POV

It's a curious thing to look back on your life. Reliving every step and every decision, seeing it with new eyes and knowing none of it was true. Nothing you believed was real.

Looking at the girl in front of him, his heart ached, he knew nothing about her and yet she was family. She was his Aunt's daughter. The girl looked like her sister, but was so different. The eyes, the cupids bow lips, the perfect cheekbones. Everything a pureblood should be copied perfectly on each girls face. The other girl beside him, his sister in nearly every way, shifted slowly before launching herself into the younger girl's arms. "Lyra!" "Carina!" the sisters clutched each other tightly as if the other would be ripped away at any given moment. He couldn't help it as he reached out dragging both girls into his arms without separating them. He clutched them tightly to his chest unwilling to let go, not that they seemed to mind. The smaller of the two tucked her head under his chin and sighed contently. "Is this what being home feels like?" she asked quietly. Neither of them answered, they merely stood there embracing and just soaking up the much needed comfort.

He could hardly believe it, didn't believe it, but it was true. He had family, family that loved him, that cared for him even. And to think, none of this might have happened if he hadn't found The Album.


The Beginning of the summer

Thump- Bump- Smack- Thump- Bump- Smack- Thump- Bump- Smack- Thump- Bump-


Harry sighed in annoyance, catching the tennis ball he'd been tossing against the wall. It was junked at the start of summer, along with the rest of the sports equipment the Dursley's had bought Dudley, in an attempt to get him to exercise. Harry had rescued a few things to keep himself entertained until Dumbledore deemed it 'safe' to 'rescue' him.

If Harry needed rescuing from anyone, it more likely would be from Dumbledore himself. The man seemed far too interested in Harry's personal affairs, and never seemed to share any of the important details until it was too late. This lack of honesty on Dumbledore's part caused Harry to keep secrets of his own, however small they may have been.

Harry scowled and allowed his head to bang against the wall behind him.


"GET STUFFED YOU BLOODY FAT ASS!" Harry barked back. He'd stopped calling the man Uncle long ago and finally began fighting back last summer. It helped that all the manual labor they'd forced him to do had allowed him to fill out and develop firm muscle. There wasn't much Vernon or Dudley could bully him into now that he was physically stronger then both of them.

Harry heard the creak of the stairs and stood. He was in the mood for a good row, right about now. The door to his 'room' slammed open.

"What did you say BOY?"

Harry stepped closer looking him dead in the eye, "Get. Stuffed. Fat Ass."

Vernon turned purple in his rage literally squeaking as he attempted to restrain himself. His hands twitched as if he wanted to wrap them around his Harry's neck.

Harry watched Vernon's hands twitch with a raised brow and an amused twitch of his lip, "Careful Vernon, wouldn't want you to hurt yourself again."

Vernon had learned the hard way that Harry no longer needed his wand to defend himself anymore. It was made obvious when he'd nearly broken the man's arm after Vernon had attempted to hit him. Although it had taken several more incidents like it, to convince the man that he no longer held any power over the boy, now that he couldn't harm him. It had been a blow to the man's ego that his fifteen year old Nephew could overpower him if necessary.

"P- puh Petunia!" Vernon bellowed in rage.

He heard the clatter of a plate from downstairs and nearly groaned. Though Vernon couldn't control him anymore Petunia could as a member of his family by blood his magic bound him into obedience, muggle or not his magic forced him to comply with her wishes unless they caused him physical harm.

"WHAT?" She bellowed back in annoyance.

Vernon almost flinched at her tone, "The BOY is doing it again!"

"BOY!" She snarled, "Clean the Attic, NO LUNCH!"



Harry was shuffling through the old boxes in the Attic. He really needed to learn to control his temper. Maybe he wouldn't always wind up in situations like this. Petunia had informed him that they were donating all her Mothers and Fathers old things to charity. The neighbors had donated their sons old things now that he was off at college, and Petunia would be Damned if anyone thought themselves better than the Dursley's so Harry was to pack up all her parents old things and pack them into the back of Vernon's car to drop off after work tomorrow as a 'Family'. Harry was also informed that 'No he was most defiantly not invited'. Dudley had of course thrown a tantrum when he learned that he WAS going. He'd claimed they liked Harry better. Harry had laughed at the futile attempt to make his parents change their mind. At his laughter his Aunt informed him that he'd be fixing the fence tomorrow for bullying his cousin. He'd promptly stopped laughing and stomped off to his cell er 'room'.

Harry sneezed as dust puffed in his face again as he moved a heavy box of books. Harry had been working on the room for 3 hours and found tons of cool stuff that use to belong to his grandmother he now had old records (Wizards still used Record players, No electricity), a classic acoustic guitar, and an antique Jewelry box he'd hidden in his room to take with him when he left. He figured he may keep the jewelry for his kids when he had them or maybe his future Wife.

Wiping sweat from his brow, Harry frowned when he saw a medium sized box in the far corner covered in a thick layer of dust, he hadn't seen it before. Curious he walked over and crouched down before it. Gently he whipped the dust and pried open the lid to look curiously at the contents, shifting through it he found an old worn photo album, two lockets, two velvet boxes, a diary, and another thick leather book that was unmarked save for the imprint of a Lily on the cover. Harry raised an eyebrow and set the box aside to hide in his room, he'd look through it later.

~Later in his room~

Harry had managed to save a lot of valuable things from his Aunt's greedy clutches and in the end had allowed the rest to be packed up into Vernon's stupid shiny new car his promotion provide him with. He ran his hand over his grandfather's authentic brown leather jacket it fit him perfectly so he'd immediately tossed it in his closet before Dudley or Petunia could snatch it away. Merlin knows Dudley would ruin it trying to make it fit him, and Petunia would probably pawn it or something.

Harry folded the jacket neatly hiding it carefully in his trunk before pulling the box from earlier toward him. Reaching in he found the Lockets from earlier and pulled them out to examine. One of the lockets was silver in the shape of a heart carved to look like wings, and the other was a dull gunmetal color in the shape of an oval with a floral design carved into it. He opened the heart and nearly lost his breath at the picture of his mother at seventeen wrapped in his seventeen year old fathers arms. The two covered their eyes peering out of the picture curiously before waving happily at Harry. He swallowed thickly fighting back tears as he closed the locket setting them aside. He reached in again pulling out the velvet boxes, both turned out to be wedding bands. One engraved with the name Lily the other Violet. Harry frowned assuming Violet was his Grandmother. Petunia never talked about her parents, they'd passed a few months before his parents. Harry didn't even know his Grandparents names. He carefully replaced the rings in their boxes and hid them, lovingly wrapped in his Fathers cloak, in his trunk.

Finally he pulled out the old Album, looking it over Harry could barely make out the worn gold script on the shabby old brown cover. He frowned in confusion at the words it looked like a woman had written it, though admittedly his Grandfather could have paid to have it done professionally.

Petunia, Violet, and Lily Evans, my Girls

Harry gently opened what he now knew to be an old Family Photo Album. The first thing he saw was a picture of three smiling little girls. Harry dropped the book and stepped back in shock.

"BOY Stop that racket!"

"Bugger off Vernon!" He shouted back trying not to sound shaken. He licked his lips nervously and crouched slowly to pick up the Album with a shaking hand. He opened it, and starred in shock at the girl in the middle, who looked startlingly like someone he knew. Only with long straight dark blonde hair and a darker complexion, but it was familiar all the same.

What. The. Bleeding. Hell.

Standing quickly he rushed out of his room, nearly shoving Dudley down the stairs as he ran down them. The other boy grunted angrily at him before hobbling after him not that he could catch Harry when he was hurrying, or do anything about it if he did.


She looked up from where she was doing the dishes to sneer at him, "What Boy?"

"Who's Violet?" He demanded following her as she moved to begin putting them away.

Petunia glared at him looking unimpressed, "It's a flower boy don't be Daft!" she snapped.

Harry snorted and rolled his eyes, holding up the Album, "No, who is Violet Evans!"

Petunia looked shocked as if she'd just come out of a Daze. Vernon looked up from the table frowning, and Dudley (who had just made it in the room) looked confused.

"I thought Lily was your only sister Pet?" Vernon grunted, actually setting his fork down to pay attention, it was defiantly a first.

Petunia quickly dried her hands, and took the Album with shaky hands, "Where did you get this?" she demanded shakily.

Harry shifted guiltily, "Found it when I was cleaning the Attic."

"Merlin," she breathed, with her hand over her heart, as she looked at the album in wonder.

It was Harry's turn to be stunned, only witches and wizards called on Merlin's name. "Come again?"

Vernon chocked on his Tea spitting it all across the table, while Dudley squealed like a frightened mouse.

"You're a Pureblood Harry." Petunia informed him, as if she were telling him it would rain later. She brushed her fingers loving over Lily and Violet's faces. When she'd opened the Album he didn't know, all he knew was that she'd just completely altered his reality, and she didn't even seem to realize it.

"Excuse me," Harry's voice rose. He had no idea what to do, his world was tumbling down around him and he had no way of stopping it.

Petunia grabbed his hand, and dragged him into the living room and forced him (He had to obey) into the seat beside her. She ignored Vernon and Dudley who stood in the doorway looking as if they were going through something similar to Harry in their own minds.

"My Father was a squib, I was a Squib. As was my Mother, her family came from Russia. Did you know your Paternal Grandmother was from Mexico?" she just kept talking as she flipped through the Album pointing out pictures, pausing briefly to explain them, before continuing on.

Harry was about to overload. "STOP!" He bellowed jerking his hand out of hers when she grabbed it as if to get his attention.

Petunia looked up from the album at three shocked faces.

"Lily spoke a lot about her time at Hogwarts and about James." Petunia winced looking down at the Album again.

"I didn't treat them well."

"My Father and Mother," Harry guessed rubbing his face and temples trying to relieve his headache.

She shook her head slowly, tracing Violet's face again "No, your Mother and your Aunt Violet, her twin."

"My Mother was a twin!?" Harry blinked looking at the blonde again, trying to see any similarities to his mother.

Petunia nodded with a soft smile, "They were fraternal twins. Though Violet was much like Lily only worse, she never left the Library, I believe she was in Ravenclaw."

Harry couldn't believe how easily she was talking about magic it was crazy. And the soft warm smile she wore changed her appearance drastically. He could actually see some of his Mum in her. Like her smile, his Aunt and his Mum had the same smile. He'd almost say his Aunt was pretty when she was like this.

Vernon on the other hand looked like he was about to have a seizure, while Dudley just looked floored at his Mothers behavior. Harry could understand, his Aunt NEVER spoke about magic, and she NEVER had anything good to say about his Mum.

"A Ravenclaw?" He couldn't believe how accurate knowledge of his world was, though if she was telling the truth earlier then she probably knew all this from her own parents.

Petunia nodded laughing softly, "One of the brightest witches of her time, like your mother. Nasty temper though and strict on rules she was a Prefect I believe, though Lily made Head Girl."

"By the way Harry, how are your other cousins?" She asked touching his arm lightly to get his attention.

"What?" Harry asked confused, what did she mean other cousins?

Petunia frowned looking worried, "Harry, you have met Violet's daughters, right?"

Well what do you think of my revision? I Know Petunia was even more OC but again I have a reason. She STIIL won't be in the story to often but she does have an important role later and I need her. I also made Violet blonde because I remembered Petunia was blonde, sooo yeah Lyra is going to have dark blonde hair instead of Auburn, but it'll be closer to her sister's now so whatever.




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