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The Lie in your Truth

Harry Potter thought He knew everything he needed to know about his life and his parents. But what if he discovered that the truth he'd been told, was webbed with lies.

Now Harry finds himself with two cousins a Boyfriend, surrounded by enemies, with a serious headache. Allies become Enemies, Enemies become Allies. But one thing stays true, the truth will set you free. And the lie will end in nothing but Chaos. All he wants to do is be his self and go to school like a normal boy

Pairings: Harry/Draco

(Warning this will be a classic "Harry denies he's gay but Draco persistently chases him" fic! AND MOST CHARACTERS ARE OUT OF CHARATER!)


Leo smiled as he watched Millie, Carina, and Lyra huddled together as they laughed and walked the dirt path down to Hogsmeade Leo walked lazily between Julian and Theo both of who were discussing the new possible recruits Daphne Greengrass and Tracy Davis, both girls had expressed a possible interest in their cause. Theo and Julian were discussing ways to test their sincerity.

"Mates… Day off." Leo reminded them with an amused smirk.

Julian and Theo chuckled, pleasantly surprised by the calm and relaxed attitude of their boss/friend.

"So what's on the agenda then?" Theo asked curiously.

Leo shrugged, "No agenda, let's just go with the flow. I'll follow you all. You want me to relax, let's do something relaxing, fun, and spontaneous. I'm up for anything."

The girls turned in surprise, "Really?" Lyra asked excitedly, it was her first time in Hogsmeade and she wanted to see EVERYTHING.

"Really, let's give Rae the grand tour." Leo smirked at the bouncing girl.

Lyra and Carina squealed jumping around happily, Millie laughed joyously as they each grabbed one of her arms and dragged her off.

The boys started in surprise before hurrying after the girls shouting for them to wait for them.

The group of six ended the tour in the Hogshead greeting the bartender politely. Leo had found out he was Albus' younger estranged brother, the two had a falling out over the tragic mysterious death of their younger sister and never spoke again. Aberforth wouldn't go to his brother with anything he might over hear. He honestly couldn't care LESS if someone was planning to ruin the man. He'd honestly be more likely to help. But the teens weren't ready to make that bet, so as an added precaution they threw up spells to ward off eavesdroppers.

"Oh MERLIN I love this place," Lyra laughed looking threw her purchases. She had bought something at almost every place they'd visited.

Carina chuckled lightly leaning into Theo, "We see that."

"So now that we've had time to relax and have a bit of fun, I must insist we get discuss at the very least our two possible recruits." Julian threw in lazily.

Leo sighed tossing down his chip, "Now?"

"Now," Julian confirmed grimly, "We need to be on guard with these things the second they make themselves known, we can't allow for any possible missteps. Especially when dealing with Slytherins, they're a lot more observant and adapt at reading between the lines. And body language is essentially a second language for them."

Theo nodded in agreement, "He's right Mate, and we can't allow Daphne or Tracy to get to close before determining whether they're friend or foe. Now I know for a fact Daphne's family is pro Dark side but subtle observation over the years has told me there is a distinct possibility that she doesn't share their views. Tracy is her best friend, has been since first year, she's been a bit more involved in the whispers of possible Death Eater recruits, but that could be because she feels she has no other option. Millie and I will do some covert digging to see if we can't get some more insight and if the information warrants further action we'll bring it to you."

"My observations of the two run along the same lines and you seem to be right about Tracy feeling cornered. All the Death Eater talk is limited mostly to when Crabbe, Goyle, Pucey, and Laurent are around. Other than that it's mostly awkward offhanded comments that seem to be rehearsed or automatic usually indicating that those responses have been ingrained out of habit or fear." Millie noted thoughtfully.

Julian nodded looking to Leo for his thoughts. Leo pursed his lips thoughtfully, he couldn't afford any missteps here, he had taken a risk inviting Millie and Theo. Was he really willing to take another for these two? "We'll watch them a bit longer, any indication of possible moles and we pull back and move on."

Lyra nodded, "Davis is usually in the Library Saturdays and Sundays studying for classes I'll start cataloging my observations first thing tomorrow."

"Greengrass usually hangs out by the fountains in the afternoon with a few Ravenclaws and Slytherins on Sundays, Millie and I can start 'studying' together nearby." Carina mused.

Leo nodded, "And we'll all keep an eye out during classes in between."

"Great, it's settled, back to lunch?" Lyra asked with a hopeful little smile.

The others laughed and continued talking about trivial nonsense and catching up on regular day to day nonsense. Planning the demise of their 'esteemed' Headmaster didn't leave much time for being regular teenagers. It was a relief to just kick back and be young once in a while. These moments were rare and precious.

"Dammit!" Leo hissed glaring after the blonde, he'd just put his foot in his mouth again and pissed off the temperamental boy.

Millie sighed threading her arm around his and leading him away from the scene. "I guess this is progress, you're not ripping anyone's head off unnecessarily."

"Fuck off Mill," Leo huffed, though he didn't take his arm back.

Millie rolled her eyes in exasperation, "I seem to have spoken to soon."

"Sorry," he grumbled quietly so no one else could hear them, as they walked into the Great Hall passed the Slytherin Table.

Millie nodded minutely, "Theo believes Daphne may be of some use Boss, any thoughts?"

Daphne straightened minutely subtly watching them from the corner of her eye.

"We'll discuss it at a more convenient time in the future I'd like to hear from everyone though my decision will be my own." Leo drawled lazily. "Anything else?"

Daphne relaxed looking anxious for a moment before returning to her food as they sat at the Gryffindor Table with the rest of the 'group'. Julian, the twins, and Theo all nodded their greeting.

Tracy who'd been not too far away at the Slytherin Table bit her lip eyes darting to them hopefully.

Millie shrugged, when she noticed Theo's hand twitch on the table indicating she had the girls attention, "Nothing that's proving useful or to our advantage."

Tracy deflated looking dejected before hesitating and standing quickly, she turned and moved quickly away from her group at the table, who were what Leo and his friends had labeled 'Death Eaters to be'. All their observations pointed to their unwavering loyalty to Voldemort. She stood awkwardly behind them at the table fully aware that she had all eyes, including the glare of her previous group, on her.

"I want to help." She blurted out nervously.

Leo paused turning to look at her with a detached careless expression as if her desire held no importance to him, "And?"

Tracy paled and floundered for a moment, "I could help, please, give me a moment of your time and I can tell you how, please I-"

"Look Ms…"

"Davis," Theo supplied never taking his eyes off his girlfriend who was ignoring the whole situation as she stared into his eyes while playing with his hair, flawlessly playing the part of the 'happy couple in the honeymoon phase' they'd decided if they played up the sappy sweet couple that may make the teachers or student spies to uncomfortable to spy on them while they passed information to each other. The two were the main source of communication between the two houses when Dumbledore was getting to nosey.

"Ms Davis, we're very busy and while I appreciate your interest I find it hard to believe you can be of any use to me that Theo or Millie can't." Leo drawled his eyes ran up and down her body thoughtfully before he raised a cool brow, "No nothing useful."

Tracy flushed in humiliation as students around the muffled their laughter, "Please, just a moment of your time." She pleaded eyes full of desperation.

Leo glanced at Millie pointedly, no one noticed the quick drop of her eyes, "Millie join us, we'll take pity on the poor girl, I've nothing of importance at the moment and this may be good for a laugh or two later."

Tracy flushed even darker at the slight but lowered her eyes in submissive gratitude, she needed to prove she could be of use. It was her only chance.

Millie nodded obediently and stood following Leo out, trailing just behind Leo, but in front of Tracy.

Leo led them to an abandoned classroom and entered first, Tracy paused allowing Millicent to follow before her before entering herself.

"Well done Ms Davis I'm impressed by our devotion to our cause, but tell me, why we should allow you to join us?" Leo drawled transfiguring a chair at an empty desk into a plush silk armchair and taking a seat. Millie cast a cleaning charm on the desk and leaned against it at his side.

Tracy paused looking surprised.

Millie tilted her head in amusement, "It takes a desperate soul to expose their true allegiance, before procuring a solid ally, to the enemy."

Tracy nodded, "I don't want to be a Death Eater." She blurted out, "I'm frightened of the violent and barbaric ways they chose to use to obtain they're goals. I'm a healer by nature, it's my expertise. When I graduate I'd hoped to be a Healer at Saint Mungos. If I were to join the Death Eaters I wouldn't be able to stomach it. If I'm forced to, I know my fate will be a grim one."

"They'll kill you," Leo stated factually never letting his thoughts show.

Millie nodded slowly, "She would be useless. Voldemort has no use for Healers, not unless they're healing him. And he only trusts his inner circle for that. He believes that if they were hurt to the point of needing a healer they are of no use to him anymore. She'd be eaten alive if she were to join."

Tracy nodded, "I can be useful," she pleaded desperately tears springing to her eyes.

Leo stood slowly walking to stand in front of her. He took her chin in his hand and lifted until he was looking in her eyes, "Yes you can. From now on you'll sit with us. You will stick close to Millicent and Theo at all costs. Your one of us now, not exactly top ranked but protected. We'll be keeping an eye on you, any indication that your leaking information to either of our enemies and that protection is gone, understood."

Tracy nodded quickly fighting the urge to hug the boy, "Completely, you won't regret it, I promise."

"Let's hope not," Leo pulled her into a hug, "I would hate to have to through you back to the wolves."

Tracy hugged him tightly as if she were holding onto her very life. She trembled lightly promising herself she would do anything she could to earn his trust. After all he held her very life in his hands now, and as a Slytherin she was going to do everything she could to make sure she didn't give him a reason to crush it.

Tracy followed dutifully behind the other two as they reentered the hall. Leo waved her over silently telling her to sit across from himself and Millie. Tracy nodded and moved to comply. Theo and Carina shifted over making room for the girl.

"Carina, Lyra, Julian, this is Tracy, we'll be keeping an eye on her," Leo drawled. The others nodded murmuring their greeting.

Tracy sat cautiously as if expecting them to laugh and tell her to leave.

"Sit," Leo ordered firmly.

Tracy sat immediately and stiffly.

"Relax," Lyra murmured in amusement bumping the girls shoulder lightly. "No one's going to hurt you."

Tracy nodded jerkily glancing around nervously her eyes landing on Daphne. The girl looked uncomfortable sitting alone near the furious group of (Not quite) Death Eaters.

"We'll be talking to her later," Leo drawled absently, eyeing his lunch distastefully.

Tracy glanced at him nervously, "She's my best friend," she mumbled nervously.

"And we'll decide if she can help us later," Millie mused sipping her pumpkin juice as she flipped through her Transfiguration text. "Now we eat."

Tracy bit her lip looking down at her plate, "she's adapt at Charms work, Professor Flitwick wanted to have her evaluated by an expert he believes she could be a Charms Prodigy." Tracy explained hurriedly.

Leo and the others observed her calmly with blank expressions.

"Your loyalty to your friend is intriguing," Leo admitted he was surprised she was pushing so firmly, especially with how worried she was about losing their 'protection'. He obviously wasn't going to let anything happen to the girl. But he knew desperation could make people do things you wouldn't expect. He wouldn't trust her completely just yet.

Tracy blushed ducking her head, "She's my best friend," she repeated.

Leo nodded thoughtfully setting down his fork, "Well I'm full."

The others nodded pushing away their own plates and standing. They walked out of the Hall passing the Slytherins as they went. Leo ordered Tracy not to look back. He wanted to see how loyal Daphne was to her friend.

They went through classes Tracy becoming increasingly distressed at the lack of contact with her friend, though she didn't outwardly show it.

Daphne did her best to distance herself from the angry Slytherins. She stuck close to Draco who'd long ago distanced himself from the group. He'd throw concerned glances at Tracy, who'd been ordered to work with someone from their group in classes, and angry glares at Leo. He smoothly ignored the boy, by focusing on whoever he was working with.

"Daphne," Leo called, as he passed her on his way out of their final class.

Tracy looked up at him hopefully.

Daphne, looking frazzled and distressed, paused and looked at him, "Yes Potter?"

"Tracy wanted to speak with you, care to join us?" Leo drawled off handedly.

Daphne's eyes lit up hopefully, "Of Course, see you later Pansy."

Pansy nodded warily, flicking her eyes over to Julian.

Julian smirked winking at her before turning back to Theo.

Pansy flushed and ducked her head hurrying off.

Leo led them to the same classroom as before, and entered. Julian then Theo followed, Tracy and Daphne trailing after.

Leo transfigured his chair again and sat staring at the red head contemplative.

"Tracy tells me you're a Charms Prodigy,"

Daphne flushed, "Professor Flitwick has suggested the possibility."

"Are you adapt at casting Charms?" Leo pressed raising a brow.

Daphne twitched nervously, "I seem to catch on quickly yes and I can cast quite a few that many only ever learn after Graduation."

"Impressive… show me." Leo insisted.

Daphne hesitated before pulling out her wand, "I just mastered the Cave Inimicum charm, but my Caterwauling Charm is still stronger would you like me to show you one of them?"

"Cave Inimicum?" Leo asked Julian frowning, he'd never heard of the spell.

Julian whistled obviously impressed, "The Cave Inimicum Charm is essentially a ward. Though it doesn't keep anyone out for long, it merely give the castor time to either escape or hide whatever incriminating evidence they're trying to hide in the first place. Right useful Charm to have."

"And you can cast it?" Leo directed the question to Daphne.

The girl nodded nervously.

Leo raised a brow, "Show me. I'm going to send this note to the twins to meet us here, you cast the Charm and we'll see how well it works."

Leo calmly scribbled out a note and charmed it to fly off to the twins who should be down the hall waiting for them. The note slipped under the door disappearing from sight. Daphne flicked her wand in an intricate manner murmuring the charm. The door glowed a pale blue before returning to normal. They sat in silence for a minute or two before bells rang out clearly. Leo gestured for Theo to begin counting.

Ten minutes later the door jerked open and a confused Carina peeked in before entering with Lyra, and Millie following after both frowning curiously.

"Sorry we're late the door was stuck and we kept missing it for some reason," Millie admitted in embarrassment.

Daphne nodded, "It's my own little twist on the spell a notice me not tied in for extra precaution."

"I'm impressed," Leo admitted as he stood, "But tell me, why so interested in our cause? Do either of you even know what we stand for?"

Tracy faltered, "I know you don't side with He-who-must not-be-named. I know you don't side with Dumbledore. And from small observations I gather that you stand somewhere between them. You seem to fight for freedom to choose. Freedom to choose our own path, something both light and dark wouldn't allow for."

"The dark side doesn't use Charms, they use Jinx and hex's the darker side of Charms work. I prefer to spend my time weaving peaceful and soothing charms and spells. When I was a small child and first learned about charms, I gathered every book I could find on the subject. Looking through books I learned about Charm weavers. Researchers who weave charms into objects, to make them do magical things, things that make people happy. Like moving paintings, color changing flowers or ribbons, plush toys that expand or shrink based on a certain word or phrase. I want to make people smile or laugh with my work… I don't want to taint such wondrous thing with hate and violence." Daphne whispered quietly.

"Hmm, how did two harmless little things like you wind up in Slytherin," Millie mused softly.

Tracy smirked, "We were able to hide our passions for this long, and we're selfish enough we'd do anything to keep our passions pure. That is our one condition, we will not use our talents to harm others not unless its life or death. Not unless it's absolutely necessary."

"Sounds fair," Theo agreed looking back at Leo questioningly.

Leo nodded, "Seems we have ourselves a Healer and a Charms Mistress everyone."

Tracy hugged her friend, the two nearly slumping to the floor in relief.

"You both must swear an oath that you won't reveal anything we tell you, an oath of Silence." Leo warned the two. Both girls nodded moving forward to make the oath.

They went through the process quickly yet carefully so there would be no mistakes. Leo finally led them out of the classroom and up to the seventh floor. He stood in front of the ROR and smirked at the two girls, "Welcome to headquarters."

He ushered everyone in before entering himself.

"I thought you didn't trust us completely yet?" Daphne asked looking around in awe.

Leo smirked, she was a smart girl, "I don't, but even if you wanted to show someone else this room you wouldn't be able to, only I can make it appear." It was a lie, because Carina, Lyra, and Julian could as well, but she didn't need to know that.

Daphne nodded in acceptance. Tracy was too amazed at the room in front of her to pay much attention.

"Alright for the most part, until we can trust you'll be given basic information that won't cripple us if it was to get out, but we still don't want you spreading around alright?" Leo explained.

Tracy and Daphne nodded firmly, "Right."

"For now your mission is to gather information, the more you know the better. Keep your ears to the ground and do your best to be subtle. I don't care what house they're in you hear something you think me need to know make a mental note and keep an ear out for more, understood?" Julian ordered crossing his arms as he gazed at them seriously.

The two nodded grimly as they were given orders and told what to listen for.

At the end of the day they went back to the dorms with Millicent and Theo feeling satisfied with their chosen path.

Halloween came and went without much fuss surprising Leo as the last few years it had mostly been a dark time for him. He found having his cousins near and safe brought him comfort on the dark day with Thanksgiving nearing Leo felt his stress level rising since Daphne and Tracy had joined their little group he'd had several others approach him about joining his cause, most proved untrustworthy or they were merely looking to join the 'cool kids' or 'popular group'.

Tracy and Daphne had been surprisingly helpful in weeding those few out, and had been the ones to scathingly inform the trouble makers that they weren't running a social club.

Tracy had been the one to bring him Proof that Neville was in Dumbledore's pocket, she'd managed to snap a picture with Colin Creevy's camera of Neville and Dumbledore speaking hurriedly in front of Dumbledore's office before hurrying inside. Daphne confirmed the Patil Twins providing a memory of the girls passing information on his cousins to McGonagall.

All in all, Leo hadn't regretted bringing them in yet.

Unfortunately for him, the girls were growing brave, and their observation skills weren't focused only on the other students.

"So are you and Malfoy a secret couple Boss?" Tracy asked curiously as she dealt out the cards for another game of Bullshit. She'd developed a fondness for the muggle card game and enjoyed the challenge of playing against Julian, Theo, Carina, and Daphne.

Daphne looked up an interested spark in her eye, "I've been a bit curious about that as well. Ever since the scene in the Hallway really, it didn't really seem staged but many students were wondering if it was a lovers spat or something."

"No," Leo sighed his relaxed mood slowly edging toward annoyance.

Daphne eyed him shrewdly, "Doesn't really answer the whole question does it Boss?"

"Plain and simple, No I'm not involved with Malfoy, and no I'm not gay, one word answers it all, no." Leo sighed flipping the page in his defense text. Julian and the Twins shifted subtly fighting the urge to laugh. The two girls had been hinting towards this for a while, ever since the confrontation with Draco after Leo spiked his 'dates' tea with Fungiface Potion causing the boys face to grow a foul smelling fungus.

Tracy smirked slightly studying her cards casually, "Bit defensive aren't you?"

Leo snapped his book closed and slammed it on the table beside him glaring at the wall as he tried to reign in his temper.

"Touchy too," Daphne giggled.

Leo grabbed the couch pillow he was leaning on and hurled it at the girl angrily.

"Merely stating an observation Boss," Daphne defended innocently after dodging the pillow.

Leo scowled, "You two are treading on thin ice."

Julian waved him off, "Calm down Boss you should be use to the accusations by now, and besides, Julius Archibald is STILL in the hospital growing Fungus. If you weren't jealous of him dating Malfoy go slip him the antidote and free the poor bastard when the Nurse is in the store room doing inventory."

"I told you, the git offended me personally, it had nothing to do with Malfoy," Leo snarled, to be honest Leo couldn't answer as to why he felt offended by Archibald but he did. And he didn't fell like forgiving the boy yet. Besides Malfoy was still visiting him so he wasn't really suffering enough for Leo's tastes. Maybe when the blond stopped visiting, he'd CONSIDER letting the boy heal.

Carina shot him a skeptical smirk, "Right of course he did, funny how they all seem to offend you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Leo demanded. He didn't like the smug look on her face.

Lyra shrugged, "Nothing really, we just find it funny that every boy Malfoy shows an interest in seems to somehow wind up offending you. People are starting to notice, pretty soon poor Malfoy won't have anyone but you left. Funny how that works isn't it?"

"Your exaggerating, not EVERY guy," Leo scoffed.

Millie chuckled from her seat behind Lyra, she looked up from the braid she was weaving, "Oh we really aren't, and it really is EVERY guy."

"Meade, Blake, Conant, Armstrong, Archibald, Carrington, Elverson, Macon, Devereaux, and even Smith, Smith was actually only his study partner for Ancient Ruins by the way. Smith was hitting on Malfoy and he wasn't interested." Theo listed off smirking.

Leo flushed looking away from the others, had he really gotten angry at the other blokes over Malfoy. Was he really that agitated about being ignored? Because obviously it wasn't jealousy, he couldn't be gay… he just couldn't.

Lyra groaned, "Come on Boss, you like him, maybe you're not Gay, gay but you do like Malfoy… in that way. You're… Draco-sexual? Just him."

Leo frowned feeling uncomfortable "I don't know this is really weird." Leo admitted rubbing his neck uncomfortably. "I'm going to go lay down in the dorm."

The others sighed bidding him goodnight, they knew he wouldn't be back tonight.

Leo strolled casually down the hall, his it was near curfew but he didn't care, he'd skip any detention he received anyway. He just needed to think. All this new revelations were making his head spin. Did he like Malfoy? Did he like blokes? Could he really be gay? He didn't think so. But everything was pointing at that being the case. Could he be gay and not even realize it?

The sound of pounding feet made him pause and look up. Malfoy barreled around the corner looking over his shoulder before crashing into Leo. They both landed in a tangled heap on the ground.

Draco looked up at him panicked, "Hide me!" he panted breathlessly.

Leo climbed quickly to his feet at the sound of distant feet racing towards them and dragged the boy into a hidden alcove behind a suit of armor trapping him between the wall and Leo himself.

"Draco wait!" Smith called out turning the corner and stopping in front of the suit of armor to catch his breath. "Where…?"

Leo looked down at the blonde who was covering his mouth to muffle his ragged breathing and peering nervously around Leo at the boy out in the hall. He shifted awkwardly causing Draco to start and look up in surprise. He hadn't realized how much shorter Draco was then him now. Leo was at least a head taller than the boy. He was also much broader then the boy, Draco was thin and toned. Leo was broad and built, not obnoxiously so but enough to make a difference, defiantly enough to pinned the boy effortlessly to the wall.

The two were dimly aware of Smith quickly retreating steps, but neither made a move to leave.

"Leo?" Draco panted softly, still out of breath from running.

Leo frowned at the weird lurch his stomach gave at the sound, "Yeah?"

Draco quickly reached up and pulled him down, meeting him halfway in a burning kiss. Leo couldn't move, a fire had started in his stomach the second Draco's soft warm lips had met his. He was kissing him, and Leo was pretty sure he was kissing back. Leo braced his hand firmly on the wall behind Draco head, trying to hold himself up and grab onto some element of control as he found himself forcing the blonde back against the wall, as the fire spread to his chest. He couldn't breathe, reaching up with his free hand he tangled in Draco hair and pulled back just barely long enough to take a breath before he was back and forcing the blonde's mouth open to taste him. His brain was a scattered mess as he tried to make sense of what was happening but he brushed it off to busy tasting every part of the other boy's mouth.

Draco was grabbing at him desperately trying to find something to hold onto, putting up just enough of a fight to make Leo crazy.



Leo jerked away knocking over the armor behind him, he cringed at the loud banging that rang out in the hall, Draco covered his ears leaning heavily against the wall for support.

"I'm sorry, I need to think," Leo gasped waving his hand to put it back in place only partially to cover Draco from sight. For both their benefit, he wouldn't want Draco in trouble because of him. Leo turned and dashed down the hall toward the common room.

Well this defiantly killed any denial he made to being Gay. He was pretty sure kissing a guy and liking meant he was. Or was Lyra right? Was it just Draco? Did he care? Did he want this? Did he really just leave the boy there after kissing him senseless? Leo skidded to a halt in the middle of the hall looking back down the Hall.


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