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Chapter 2: Shinobi vs. Suitors vs. Memories

Sunlight entered into the room and onto the blondes whiskered face. He began to stir as the light reached his eyes. He slowly sat up in his bed rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He yawned loudly and stretched out his muscles in his body only for his hand to land on something soft and round. Naruto blinked and gave the odd object a squeeze only to receive a soft moan right next to him. He whipped his head over and looked to the source of the noise, only to get a large nosebleed. Sleeping right next to him was a beautiful, naked Lala.

"GYAAAAAAAIII!" Naruto shrieked as he fell off of his bed landing his head. The girl slowly opened her eyes. Rubbing them she slowly sat up and looked at Naruto.

"Oh." She said, "Good morning Naruto-kun!" She said brightly.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE?! SCREW THAT! WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!" Naruto yelled as he covered his eyes to try to retain what modesty that he had left. Lala cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"Eh?…. I wanted to sleep with Naruto-kun." She said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Peke then popped up from under the covers as well.

"And it's hard for me to stay as Lala-sama's costume all the time. I need to rest!" Naruto still had his hands over his eyes.

"Well whatever!" He cried out, "Just put on some clothes!" Lala nodded before looking down a little.

"Ano….. Naruto-kun?' She said, " Why do you have something poking through your boxers?" She asked. Naruto let out a manly 'eep!' and turned around covering his morning problem. "Mah mah Naruto-kun! I want to see!" She cheered out as he launched herself towards the blonde who was doing his best to dodge the flying girl

"Don't come any closer! And don't stare dammit! And cover yourself up!" He yelled out just as the door opened.

"Sorry Nartuo. But we wanted to make sure that you weren't late for schoo-?!..." Rito said with a smile, until he saw the dress attire from both individuals in the room. Mikan behind him blushed at what the scene implied.

"Sorry to disturb you." Rito said quickly as he shut the door. A tickmark formed on Naruto's head.

"Wait! This is just a misunderstanding!" He cried out as Lala just looked at the blonde with a cute smile on her face.

"Damn that woman." Naruto sighed as he walked with Rito down the road to their school. Rito and MIkan were nice enough to let Naruto and Lala stay at their house for the time being. Naruto felt bad for inconveniencing them, but both Rito and Mikan insisted that they stay after Naruto got done with explaining what had happened to his apartment.

"Soooo… You and Lala huh?" Rito asked while Naruto audibly grumbled.

"No…. not me and Lala… She thinks it's me and Lala, but there is no me and Lala." Naruto said. Rito looked at his new housemate.

"But I thought that she told me that you two were fiancées?" Rito said. Naruto sighed again.

"She wants us to fiancées, but how can I marry her? We just met last night!" Rito nodded his head in understanding. Things like marriage take time, cute as the girl was, Rito felt slightly for the poor blonde. "And now she's going to stay until I agree to it…. Man, this is why Shikamaru always said that women were troublesome….." Rito raised an eyebrow.

"Shikamaru?" He asked. Naruto nodded.

"Yea, another friend of mine from where I used to live." Rito glance up at this. It wasn't too often that anyone had heard the blonde talk about where he was from. All he thought he knew was that he came from the United States a few years ago. He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Naruto sigh again. "Hey Rito," He said, "Thanks for putting up with us for right now. I promise I'll pay you back for everything." Rito just smiled at the blonde.

"Don't worry about it." He said waving the blonde off. "Things were getting too quiet in the house anyways for my tastes." Naruto smiled at the boy as they entered into the school. They continued walking when Rito all of a sudden froze up. Naruto arched an eyebrow before following the boys' gaze.

'Ah…. So that's it…' He thought as he saw what had frozen his new friend. Haruna Sairenji. The pretty class representative in their class. Naruto smile as he smacked the gawking boy upside the head.

"So you gonna say something to her or are you just going to drool over her?" Naruto asked grinning. Rito went wide-eyed.

"W-W-W-What are y-y-you t-t-talking ab-about Naruto?!" He asked half shrieked. Naruto grinned.

"Well you like Sairenji-san right?" He asked getting Rito to snap straight to attention. "Why don't you go talk to her more?" Rito looked at the ground as if he were ashamed.

"W-was I that obvious?" Rito asked hoping that he wasn't. Naruto smiled.

"Yea… You kinda were." He said, "But with this class, the only other person who I think would even know would be Saruyama-san." Rito looked slightly relieved to hear that come from the blonds' mouth. He felt Naruto pat his shoulder encouragingly. "Don't worry Rito." He said, "I'm sure that you'll be able to talk to her soon." He said with a smile causing Rito to smile himself.

"Yea…" He said as they both went to their seats. The elderly teacher in the front of the classroom adjusted his glasses.

"Eeeeh," he slurred, "It's rather sudden, but we have a new transfer student." He looked to the door. "You may come in." Everybody turned their heads towards the door.

"Okay!" Came a cheerful voice that made Naruto freeze. In walked a familiar pink-hair alien wearing their school uniform. "Woo hoo, Naruto-kun!" She cried out basically shoving the elderly teacher to the floor. "Now I'm a student here in your school too!" Everyone turned to Naruto and watched as his head hit this desk with a large crack.

Rumors started to spread through the school about the gorgeous new transfer student and her interest in the blonde American. Many of the guys were jealous and tried to confront Naruto, only for them to be found later in the girls locker rooms while the girls were changing. This effectively led to their painful demise by beatings from righteous woman fury.

Naruto was right now lying down on the roof, slightly glaring at Lala upside down. "Alright." He said, "Let's hear it. Why are you here?... And why did you tell people that we were living together?" He asked. Lala shuffled her feet around nervously.

"Eh… But…" A blush then adorned her beautiful cheeks. "I just wanted to be beside you all the time Naruto-kun." She said smiling softly. Naruto blushed slightly at the way she looked before another thought came into his head.

"How did you even get in the school?" He asked. "You're an alien right?" Lala nodded her head.

"That was easy." She said in a sing-a-song voice. "I asked the principle and he said 'You're cute, so sure'…. That's what he said anyways." Naruto sweat dropped

'That man rivals Ero-sennin.' He thought.

"But don't worry! I didn't tell anyone that I'm an alien." Lala said. Naruto nodded.

"Yea that would be a problem if you had started saying stuff like that." Naruto said thankful that she had at least that much common sense.

"It's not just that Naruto-dono." Naruto looked up and saw some familiar looking swirly eyes on a head ornament in Lala's hair. "Lala-sama is the princess of Planet Deviluke! If the public knew about if, her life would be in danger!"

"Peke?..." Naruto asked getting a happy nod from Lala.

"Yep! Peke transformed to this uniform! Don't worry everything will be alright!" Naruto sighed but smiled. Damn if this girl wasn't the most optimistic girl he had ever met.

"Yea… Alright." He said getting up. "Come on lets go, we should probably get back." He said walking towards the stairwell only for the bright pink haired girl to glomp onto one of his arms.

"Kay!" She said as she nuzzled his arm. Naruto sighed again, but he smiled as he saw that the girl was happy.

Naruto and Lala were about to enter into the classroom again before two pairs of hands reached around Lala and viciously began to knead her breasts and her ass.

"My, my Lala-san." An awed Risa said as she publically groped the girl. "You boobs are nice and round!" Then she felt something else. "Ooooo! And you're not wearing a bra! So daring Lala-san!" She giggled.

"Her hips and butt are so shapely as well Risa-chan!" Mio said as she groped the cheeks.

"Ano…. Hello there!" Lala smiled, apparently not even bothered by the fact that the two girls were basically molesting her. Risa smiled wide.

"Hiya!" She said, "I'm Risa Momioka, and this here is my friend Mio Sawada." She pointed to her four-eyed friend who waved at Lala.

"Nice to meet you two!" Lala chirped. Naruto palmed his face. Honestly, every time a new girl entered into the class, these two would squeeze the hell out of them. Narutos eyes snapped wide open as he felt a pair of hands roaming up and down his own body.

"Now what's this I hear about you having a fiancé Nartuo-kun." A lusty voice whispered into his ear once again sending shivers down his spin.

"I-I don't have a fiancé Momioka-san." Naruto tried not to stutter, but Risa heard it and grinned. "And could you please stop doing that?" He asked as he tried to pull away, but the girl had a surprisingly strong hold on him. Risa slightly licked Naruto's ear.

"But Lala-san here even said that you were her fiancé." She said looking back at Lala who was just smiling at the entire situation.

"Yep yep!" She said nodded her head enthusiastically.

"Lala…. I told you before. We are not getting married." Naruto said as he tried to ignore and get away from the pleasant feeling the girl on his back was giving him.

"Nya! Naruto-kun so mean!" She pouted before regaining another smile. "Don't worry Naruto-kun! I'll make you fall for me yet!" She declared pointing at the blonde who just stared at her as if she were crazy. Risa also stared at the pink-haired girl before she started to laugh.

"My, my Naruto-kun." She said as Naruto was finally able to get away. She backed Naruto into a wall and came within an inch of his face. Naruto could feel his blood pumping rapidly as he watched the pretty girl come closer to him. He gulped when she was an inch from his face. "Looks like I've got some competition now don't I?" She said as she breathed on his mouth. She looked deep into his cerulean blue eyes. They showed nervousness, but they were dilated as well. She grinned. She knew that he was becoming aroused. She started laughing hard.

"HAHAHA!" She laughed out loud. "You are just too cute!" She said as she smashed his cheeks together with her hands. Naruto dumbly stared back.

"Huh?" Naruto said intelligently. Lala smiled and looked at the two.

"Oh! Does Risa-chan like Naruto-kun as well?!" She said excitingly. Risa smiled at the girl and her innocence.

"Who know?" She said turning back and winking at the blonde. "Come on Mio-chan. I see a twin set that needs to be examined on Haruna-chan." Mio nodded her head quickly as they departed. "See you later Lala-chi, Naruto-kun!" She called back behind her. Lala waved her hand goodbye to the duo before turning to Naruto.

"I like them." She said, "They have a lot of energy."

"I have a feeling that I am going to be using this word a lot…. Troublesome…." He said as the two entered into the classroom.

After they entered the classroom, the teacher assigned Sairenji to escort Lala around to show her the facilities. Naruto sighed as he distantly watched the overly excited girl launch baseball into space with a bat.

"Damn." He muttered, "Just how strong is this girl." He laughed when he saw Motemisu, some arrogant jock, get rejected hardcore by Lala. After that he tried to hussle the girl into being his girlfriend.

Trying to take Peke's advice she tried to get Naruto to go up to bat. Naruto shrugged and said that Motemisu was just a sore loser and started to walk away. Motemisu pissed off that some 'Yankee' blew him off, launched the baseball as hard as he could at the back of Naruto's head. Conveniently, Naruto saw a 500 yen piece on the ground and bent down to pick it up having the ball fly right over him and into the baseball coach's sack. Motemisu went wide-eyed at he saw his coach hunched over.

"Psst!..." Naruto heard from some nearby bushes. Naruto looked over and sweat dropped again as he saw Zastin in the brush trying to get the blondes attention.

"So basically what you're tellin' me is that Lala's suitors are going to come to Earth to either kill me or take Lala away from me?" Naruto asked with an eyebrow twitching. He so did not need this right now.

"That is correct Son-in-law." Zastin said respectfully.

"I told you that I am not marrying Lala! How many times do I have to say that in order to get it through your guys' heads?" Naruto said irritably. Once again like every other time Naruto said that, he was effectively ignored.

"You should be aware of this Son-in-law. If Lala-sama were to be taken by one of these suitors from your grasp, he would probably obliterate the Earth." Zastin said. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't that a little extreme?" Naruto asked. Zastin shrugged.

"Maybe so. But there once was a man who behaved impolitely in front of his highness…. And after successfully infuriating his highness, he was obliterated along with his planet." Zastin finished. Naruto frowned.

"So he's a mass murderer then." Naruto said disdainfully. Zastin looked seriously at Naruto.

"You had better mind your tone Son-in-law. His highness is a great man who has fought in terrible wars to achieve peace in his kingdom. I would suggest you show him a little more respect than that." He said a little annoyed. Naruto stared back just as serious as Naruto.

"Respect is earned by everyman." Naruto said sternly. "Just because he is strong, I will not bow down before him. He wants my respect, then let him earn it. If I want his, I fully expect the same treatment." Zastin glared at the younger boy.

"That's quite a dangerous statement to make Son-in-law." Zastin said, "In fact I would probably agree with your way of thinking if it were any other man. But tread carefully around his highness or I promise you, you will live to regret it." With that Zastin disappeared within his ship.

'So the fate of the world depends on protecting Lala here….' Naruto thought, 'Troublesome….' He continued to eat dinner as Lala and Mikan were amiably chatting away with one another. Rito was just happily munching away at his meal.

"By the way Rito." Naruto said as he pulled out an envelope handing it to him. "This should be able to cover for living and food costs for both Lala and I." Naruto said as Rito opened the envelope containing money.

"I can't accept this!" Rito said as both Mikan and Lala looked over to see what was going on. "Naruto, you're friends of ours. You and Lala don't need to pay stay here." Mikan nodded her head as Lala looked slightly confused. Naruto frowned slightly.

"But I just can't accept your hospitality just like that." Naruto insisted. "I should be doing something to contribute to you guys." Both Mikan and Rito stared at the blonde.

"Wow." Mikan said, "He's got some good moral values there….. Why don't you have any of those values Rito?" She turned to her brother and gave him a mischievous grin.

"W-what?!" Rito pouted before looking up at Naruto. "I'm sorry Naruto. We just can't accept this." He handed the envelope back to the blonde. "It just wouldn't feel right." Naruto still frowning thought about his moral dilemma. He then thought about something else.

"If you don't mind then." Naruto said looking back at Rito. "I noticed that there were a few items in the house that needed fixing. I can make any repairs to the house as they are necessary." Rito stared at the blonde for a moment before sighing.

"I… guess that would be fine." Rito replied. Naruto smiled at the boy.

"Thanks. It will put me at ease to know that I am doing something to help out around here instead of just being a freeloader." Naruto said with a smile. Rito laughed as he smiled too. Naruto then felt two large orbs smashing into his back.

"Naruto-kun!" Lala chimed. "Let's take a bath together!" She said excitingly. Naruto paled at the thought of the two of them bathing together. Rito got a slight nosebleed from the thought as well.

"And this is where I go outside and soak myself with a hose." Naruto said as he left the room leaving a confused Lala. Rito quickly followed.

"Let me join you Naruto." He said as he quickly made his way outside.

"Huh?" Lala said confused. Mikan just chuckled.

"There's no way that Naruto or Rito would have that type of courage." Mikan said. Lala turned and smiled at the girl

"Then Mikan! Let's take a bath together!" She chirped as she pushed the girl towards the bathroom. "I don't feel comfortable taking a bath by myself. I always have a lot of maids with me when I take a bath. And-…" She continued talking as she let the girl into the bathroom.

"Naruto! Naruto!" Lala said over and over again as she nuzzled his arm during lunch. Naruto sighed again, but smiled at the same time. He definitely wasn't used to all this affection that the girl was giving him that's for sure. It's not for the fact that he didn't like the girl persay….. But somehow, still after all this time…. He still had feelings for a certain pink haired kunoichi. Naruto smiled as the girl dug into her lunch with vigor.

It was also hard to find time to train with her constantly being around him. He didn't want the alien princess to know quite yet that he wasn't your typically everyday Earthling. She would always pout whenever she asked him where he had been for a couple of hours. Naruto would just chuckle as he told her that he would tell her later before turning on Kyouko Magical Girl, a popular TV show that was mainly about saving the world through burning it with fire.

Saruyama glared at Naruto and was basically shaking with jealousy as he watched Lala hang all over him. Rito just smiled lightly as he went back to daydreaming about a certain blue haired girl. Naruto then looked up and saw Mio Sawada sitting at her desk eating alone.

"Sawada-san." Naruto called out beckoning the girl over to them. She looked up through her specs and walked over. "Where's Mimioka-san?" He asked. "Usually you two are together most of the time right?" Mio nodded.

"Yea." She replied, "But Sasuga-sensei said that he needed to talk with her about something today after class." Lala put a finger to her mouth in thought.

"Ooohhh! That's right. I remember that!" Lala said. Naruto motioned for the girl to sit down.

"Why don't you eat with us today then?" Naruto offered. Mio happily accepted the offer and sat right down with the group.

A few minutes later, Naruto felt his phone vibrate. He took it out and checked the screen only for his eyes to widen.

"Hmmm?" Lala said. "What is it Naruto-kun?" She asked. Naruto just put his phone away and smiled at the girl.

"Oh nothing!" He replied with a foxy grin. "I just need to go use the restroom real fast."

"Oh. Ok then!" The girl chirped as she went back to digging into her food and talking with friends. Naruto quickly left the room and headed down the hallway breaking into a sprint.

'Whoever did that to Momioka-san is dead!' Naruto thought remembering the photo along with the text that it came with to his phone. It was a picture of a tied up, hanging Risa with her clothes slightly torn. The message was plain and simple.

'Come to the Physical Education storage unit alone or she dies!'

The blond growled as he picked up his speed looking like a blur to most students whom he passed.

"You know." The figure said as he inspected the flawless skin of the unconscious Risa. "She's not Lala, but she's still super cute." He said as he groped one of her breasts. "I suppose I could have some fun before Uzumaki arrives." He said and with a press of a button on his remote control, more tentacles started to come down from the ceiling gripping tightly around her breasts and her womanhood. As the tentacles roam her body, she let out soft involuntary moans causing the figure in front of her to grin wickedly.


"YOU!" the figure turned around and saw Uzumaki glaring at the man in rage. The figure smiled. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING SASUGA!" Naruto yelled.

"Hmmm…." The PE teacher said, "You're a lot quicker than I thought you would be Naruto Uzumaki. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded you coming a little later though." With that the PE teacher began to change in shape

"HAAAAH!" He shouted out as his human body turned into something a little more reptilian. Naruto stared at the creature in front of him.

"So….." Naruto said slowly. "The only reason I can think of that you're doing this is for Lala correct?" The creature chuckled.

"You're smarter than you look boy." He grinned wickedly. "Some lowly Earth scum like you will never become the successor of King Deviluke. That privilege belongs to me and me alone." Naruto glared at the creature.

"What have you done with Sasuga-sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Oh don't worry about him." The creature laughed as he pointed to the corner of the room where the teacher was currently unconscious. "I needed to borrow Sasuga's form…. Something called mimicry. You know it's a lot of work to disguise myself in human shape." He laughed again. "But I digress. I am a diplomatic being you know. I am offering you the chance to null your engagement to Princess Lala. If you won't accept the bargain, I won't return this woman to you. Though, that would wo-?!"


The creature blinked as he was now face to blade with a six-foot windmill shiruken that had just embedded itself an inch away from his face.

"GYYYYAAAAAA!" The creature cried out jumping back about six feet. "WHO THE HELL KEEPS A WEAPON LIKE THAT ON THEM?!" He shouted out. "FUCK THAT! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU PULL THAT OUT FROM?!" Turning to Naruto only to wince at the amount of killing intent that was being directed his way.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Naruto asked quietly. "You think you can come to my planet, come to my school, abduct an innocent girl, all so you can get a fucking title to your name?!" Naruto pulled on a wire as the giant Shiruken came flying back to his hand. The blonde crouched over and got in a stance. "I will kill you right where you stand." The blonde said as he threw the giant weapon one more time at the alien.

"W-W-WAIT!" The creature cried out in fear as he dodged the bladed weapon one more time. "AIIIIIIEEEE!" He screamed with fear running away only to get punched in the face hard. "OW!OW!OW!OWOW! I THINK YOU BROKE MY NOSE!" He screamed as he was rolling around on the floor holding his face.

"Well then get ready." The blonde said as the alien looked up and gasped as he saw ten different Naruto Uzumaki's in the storage room. All of them were smirking as they cracked their knuckles. "Cause we're going to break every fucking bone in your body." They said. The alien visibly pissed himself.

"M-m-mercy…." He squeaked out only for the next five minutes to let out only screams of pain.

"Hmmm….." Naruto said to himself. "Maybe I went a little overboard here." He looked down at the broken alien on the ground at his feet. After a thorough beatdown, the alien had shrunken down to a small creature and was currently moaning and twitching in pain. Naruto turned as he heard someone running towards him.

"NARUTO-KUN!" A pink haired girl glomped the blonde, pressing her impressive bust into his face. "So this is where you were! Why are you hiding in such a weird place?" She asked. As Naruto was finally able to pull the girl off of him he gasped gratefully for the air that he was finally able to breath.

"It seems as if one of your suitors decided to come and collect you." Naruto said as he pointed down to the ground. Lala looked at the creature in confusion.

"Ara? Who is that?" She asked.

"It appears to be a Balkean." Peke said. "They are said to have an excellent mimicry ability, but their body power is extremely delicate." Naruto nodded his head.

"So that's why he was so weak." Naruto said to himself.

"Lala-sama." Peke said, "If I'm correct, wasn't Ghi Bree a Balkean?" He asked. Lala got a look of disgust on her face.

"Ack! Ghi Bree! Bah! He's the worst!" Lala said before looking down at the creature again taking in its appearance. "Why is he so beat up though?" Lala asked.

"I beat the crap out of him." Naruto said. "He was threatening to take you away just so he could be king." Lala stared at the blonde for a moment before smiling. Naruto continued. "He also was going to do terrible things to Momioka-san too" Naruto said pointing to Risa who was still unconscious before widening his eyes. "Shit!" He said. "Momioka-san!" He cried out as Lala too widened her eyes.

"Risa-chan!" She cried out, "What is she doing here?' She asked. Naruto had taken out a small blade and was cutting the half-naked girl down from the tentacles.

"That thing was using her as a hostage. Said if I didn't give up being your fiancé, then he was going to take her instead." Naruto growled as he laid the girl down gently. Lala quickly looked over the girl.

"….So….. what did you say?" Lala asked tentatively. Naruto had taken off his jacket and was covering the girl up.

"I basically said fuck that! I wasn't about to let him take you or Momioka-san." Naruto said, "He didn't care about you at all. He just saw you as a prize. Like hell was I going to let that slide." He then felt a hand come upon his own. He looked up and saw a smiling Lala in front of him.

"I'm happy." She said, "You never denied the fact that you really weren't my fiancé." She giggled. "That means that you care for me even if it's just a little." Naruto stared wide eyed at the girl while blushing slightly before standing up and turning away scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

"Yea well…. What are we going to do about this guy here?" Naruto asked as he poked the alien on the floor with the tip of his foot. Lala too stood up.

"Hrmmm." Lala put a hand under her chin in thought before pulling out her Dedailer. "We can use this!" She said brightly, "Slosh Slosh Warp-kun!" A second later a duck-like toilet appears from her phone. "I'll flush him down and deport him from Earth!" she said as she picked up the Balkean. "Don't you ever come to Earth any more Ghi Bree!" She said harshly before dumping the creature in the toilet activating it. Naruto just sweat dropped at the odd looking device.

Lala sat in the infirmary confused as to why the love of her life would act in such a way. He had saved Risa, that was all there was to it….. But he still didn't want any of the credit that he deserved for it. Lala had never met anyone like Naruto before. Her cheeks started heating up the more and more she thought about him.

She then noticed movement coming from the girl in front of her. Risa opened her eyes. "Are you finally awake Risa?" She asked smiling. Risa looked around for a moment confused as to where she was.

"Lala-chi?..." She said. "What…. What happened?" She asked.

"You collapsed near the tennis club's room." Lala said remembering what Naruto had told her. "They said it's anemia." Risa sat up digesting the information that she had just heard. She let out a slight 'eep' as Lala glomped the girl as well. "Either way, I'm soooo glad that you're safe Risa-chan!" Risa looked at the girl still confused.

"Erm… Were you the one that found me Lala-chi?" Risa asked. Lala smiled but shook her head.

"Nope!" She said cheerfully, "It was Naruto-kun." Risa's eyes widened when she heard the blondes name. "He was really worried about you too." Risa's eyes softened.

"Uzumaki…..-kun?" She asked herself as she felt her heart begin to race within her.

"Eh?" Lala cocked her head to the side in confusion.

The weekend had finally come and Naruto couldn't have been happier. He needed a break from all of the weird things that were happening at school…. Or in his life. Things started off pretty hectic though. Naruto finally met Rito's father, Saibai Yuuki, who was a Mangaka. Naruto was impressed with the speed that the man was able to produce his works. The man was very kind though. He welcomed both him and Lala into their home without even so much of a question why.

The man was on a strict deadline though and he and his team weren't going to make the deadline, until Lala came out with a crazy invention that speeded his employees performance rates. But by the time that they were done the employees were spent, causing them to rethink their career choices. But once again, Lala was able to find assistants to his father, namely Zastin and his henchmen.

This also was the time when the small alien Pryuma retired due to injury. He had been in a critical accident when his ship, (looked like a fly), was swatted out of the sky by an annoyed Naruto Uzumaki.

It was morning now and Mikan had woken up early to get breakfast started. She walked downstairs only to sniff the air. "Huh?" She said as she entered into the kitchen. Food was already sizzling and the table was already set. She looked up and saw Naruto at the stove with an apron on, humming happily as he flipped some of the food into the air only to catch it again on the pan. "Naruto?" She asked getting the blonds attention.

"Ah. Good morning Mikan-chan!" Naruto said brightly. "How are you this morning?" He asked. Mikan looked blankly at the blonde for a moment.

"G-good. What are you doing?" She asked.

"Just making breakfast for everyone." Naruto said. Mikan blink.

"But, I usually do all of that Naruto. You don't need to worry yourself with that." Naruto just smiled.

"Nonsense." He said, "As I said before, if I'm staying here without paying you guys for rent, I should do these kinds of things for you guys." Mikan stared at the blonde before letting a smile roll onto her face.

"Thank you Naruto." She said before looking at the food. "Oh wow. We usually don't have that kind of food here to often." Naruto grinned.

"Yea thought I would spice things up today with a normal All-American Breakfast." He smiled. "The food is almost ready, so do you mind going and waking up both Rito and Lala?" He asked. "Lala should still be in my bed so…" Naruto blushed as he went back to the food. Mikan stared at the blonde.

"Naruto…. Do you and Lala-san…. You know?..." She asked awkwardly getting a little red herself. Naruto shook his hands back and forth.

"It's not like that!" He said, "Some how though, she always finds her way into my room and come morning….. She's always there." Naruto sighed. Mikan looked at the blonde before shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh. Ok then. I was just curious cause I know you're engaged and all…." She trailed off as Naruto gained a tickmark on his head.

"We're not engaged dammit!" Naruto yelled as Mikan giggled as she left the room to wake up the other residents of the Yuuki household.

"Mmmmm!" Lala moaned as he ate the food. "Naruto-kun, this is so good!" She said with stars in her eyes, her face barely an inch away from Naruto's face. He just chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head slightly embarrassed at the attention again. "I didn't know you knew how to cook this good!" She said.

"She's right." Rito said. "This is very good. It's not too often we get to eat this type of food either." He smiled. "Where did you learn how to cook this?" He asked.

"Been livin' on my own forever." Naruto said nonchalantly. "I needed to eat right? I just practiced with some recipes until they turned out good. This one was from when I was in America." Naruto said. In truth, he had actually learned how to make the breakfast in Japan, but to sell off that he had lived in America before, Naruto learned how to make a few American dishes.

"I might just have to have you cook more often Naruto." Mikan said as she bit into some bacon. "This is very good." Naruto chuckled as he too dug into his meal.

"So Naruto," Rito said, "What are you up to today?" He asked.

"Going to fix up a couple of things around the house." He said, "And then I'll do some yard work." Rito felt slightly guilty that the blond was going to be working in the house the entire day.

"Why don't I help you with that so then it will get done faster?" Naruto nodded his head in thanks to the boy.

"Then I want to take Lala shopping here." He said. Lala stared confusedly at the blonde for a moment before stars once again entered into her eyes.

"REALLY?!" She asked. Naruto nodded.

"I want to get you more variety of clothes so in the chance of Peke running out of energy, she won't have to work so hard." He said before being tackled by an overly excited girl who then squeezed the heck out of him.

"Oh Naruto! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She said over and over again. When she finally calmed down even Peke said her thanks of his thoughtfulness. Naruto nodded his head before turning to Mikan.

"You mind coming with us today Mikan?" He asked getting a confused look from the girl.

"M-me?" She asked pointing at herself. Naruto nodded.

"Yea…." He said putting his hand behind his head. "I don't know too much about girls clothes and was wondering if you could help us out?" Naruto asked. Mikan smiled and nodded her head.

"Ok. Sounds like fun." She said. "I needed to pick up a few things anyways." Naruto nodded his head and smiled. "You want to come as well Rito?" Naruto offered politely. Rito blinked before thinking about it.

"I should probably get out of the house….. Alright I'll come as well." He said. Naruto grinned.

"Perfect. Then lets get those chores done so that we can get outta here." Naruto said getting nods from everyone and a very excited 'YEA!' from the Deviluke princess.

"Well that was a huge mess." Naruto muttered as he went down the street with a bag of groceries in his hand. Mikan had forgotten that she needed some ingredients for dinner that evening and asked Naruto if it wouldn't be too much trouble for him to go to the store and pick up the items.

Earlier the group had gone out to buy Lala some normal clothes only for Peke to waste most of her energy copying various fashion trends. Lala almost ended up naked in the middle of the street before Naruto, Mikan, and Rito were able to get her into a fitting room of what looked to be a lingerie store. Naruto chuckled when he remembered how Rito had seen Sairenji in the same store as well. All switches in his head were basically turned off when he saw the pretty girl.

After that, they ended up going to the aquarium to sate Lala's interests, only for Lala to have given not only the penguins a Soldier: Berserker Deluxe pill, which gives the individual 100 times their normal energy, to the penguins causing them all to fly. But also, she was found somehow riding on the back of a shark naked, while the entire floor flooded with sea water.

Naruto chuckled lightly as he remembered watching Rito just about to confess the Sairenji, only to have been hit in the face with a penguin.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU OLD PERVERT!" Naruto heard a feminine voice yell. He looked up and saw a beautiful brunette running his way. She had short hair, her eyes were blue. She had shapely legs that made the average male just want to bend over just a little bit to get a better look. Her large bosom was bouncing vigorously as she ran away from whatever was chasing her.

Naruto peered past the girl and smack his head with the palm of his hand.

"KYOUKO-CHAN!" A fat short man who was only dress in his boxers ran after the girl. "PLEASE SIGN MY BODY!" He yelled. This man…. Was the principle to Naruto's high school.

"KYAAA!" Kyouko screamed as she tripped onto the pavement. The principle took no time at all to leap himself into the air diving at the girl. Kyouko pointed her finger at the man as if to do something but stopped when she saw somebody walk in front of her.

"You Ero-principle." The blonde said. "You're worse than my sensei!" He yelled out as he launched a kick at the fat man with an outie, launching him into the night sky.

Kyouko stared at the back of the blonde who had just defended her watching as he dusted the dirt off of his shirt before turning around and offering a hand to her.

"Are you ok?" He asked. Kyouko was captivated by the teens blue eyes. She tried to speak, only for nothing to come out of her throat. So she settled for nodding her head and taking the offered hand in her own. The blonde smiled warmly.

"I'm glad." He said, "I'm sorry about that guy. He's usually better than that, but I guess that you were too pretty for him to handle." Kyouko's face turned a deep red as the blonde admitted that she was pretty.

'What the hell?!' She thought. She knew she was pretty. She had tons of fans everywhere. She was going on her sixth season of being a teen idol. And here she was acting like a fangirl to this boy whom she didn't even know.

"Y-You know that man?" She asked finally getting her voice back. Naruto just sighed.

"Unfortunately yes." He said, "He's the principle of my high school." He rubbed his temples with his fingers. "It's really embarrassing most of the time. So I'm sorry about that." He sighed. Kyouko stared at the blonde for a moment before letting out a small giggle.

"It's alright." She said "At least nothing happened." She smiled at the blonde who in turn smiled back at the girl. 'At least I didn't have to do anything in front of all these people.' She thought relieved that she wouldn't be yelled at again by her manager about the importance of keeping her physiology a secrete.

"Well I'm glad you're ok." The blonde in front of her interrupted her thoughts. "Be careful though alright. Take care." The blonde said with a wave before he gathered his things and started walking away. Kyouko blinked for a moment before she realized that the blonde was actually leaving.

"W-WAIT!" She cried out running after the blonde. Naruto turned around and blinked as he watched the girl run back to him.

"My name is Kyouko Kirisaki." She said smiling bowing politely to the blonde. Naruto put a finger to his lips.

"Kyouko….. Now why does that sound familiar?..." Naruto asked himself as the girl looked at him slightly surprised. She was a major celebrity throughout all of Japan and here was a boy who didn't know her name…. She didn't know whether to feel flattered or relieved that he didn't recognize her.

"Anyways….." Naruto said gainging her attention again, "Nice to meet you too Kirisaki-san. I'm Naruto Uzumaki." He said giving his own little bow. Kyouko smiled.

"Call me Kyouko." She said waving a hand in front of her face. Nartuo smiled and nodded.

"Alright, but you gotta call me Naruto then deal?" He asked giving the girl a wink. She smiled and nodded her head. She started to shuffle awkwardly in front of the blonde earning her a look of confusion.

"Ano…." She started as her face started to turn red as she played idly with a single strand of her hair. "I was wondering if I could maybe buy you buy you something to eat for saving me?" She asked as she looked down at the ground. Naruto blinked before smiling.

"Kyouko-chan." He said, "I didn't help just because I wanted something in return. I just wanted to help that's all." He said getting the girl to look up at him in surprise. "Plus if I don't get these groceries to Mikan-chan right away, she might just carve me up with that kitchen knife of hers." Naruto said smiling while putting a hand behind his head.

"Mikan….-chan?" Kyouko deflated a little, "I-is she your… girlfriend?" She asked. Naruto looked at her blankly before smiling waving a hand in front of her face.

"No, no. Nothing like that." Naruto said. "Mikan is the little sister of a friend who I am staying with." Kyouko's spirits raised up as she learned this news about the blonde.

Naruto looked at his watch and his eyes went wide. "Oh shit!" He cried out. "I really gotta go or Mikan-chan really will kill me." He turned and started to run down the street. "It was awesome meeting you Kyouko-chan! I hope we can talk again!" He yelled as he ran away.

"W-wait…." Kyouko tried but the blonde was long gone by now. She looked at the ground and held her hands to her chest. She then noticed that she was breathing a lot heavier.

'What is this?...' She thought to herself. 'Why am I feeling so weird right now?' Her face heated up as she imagined the blondes face in her mind. "Naruto…. Uzumaki….." She said slowly and quietly as she made her own way down the road. "…. I wonder….. would my manager?..." She mumbled to herself as she walked down the road.

A few days later:

'Just how powerful is Lala?' Naruto thought to himself as he sank lower into the bath. Only a day ago, the annual seaside summer school was about to be canceled due to a typhoon that was rolling into the vicinity. Lala had been overexcited for the trip, but when she heard that it was going to be canceled, she began to throw a fit before flying out to confront the typhoon. Naruto was slightly amused by the inventions that she had tried to use to halt the progress of the force of nature, that was until Lala got really mad and yelled at the typhoon to go away. The force of her voice canceled out the destructive winds of the storm and soon the environment became sunny once again. This left a gapping Naruto to only stare at the princess in shock at what she had accomplished.

Naruto sank deeper into the bath at the resort that they were staying at. 'She doesn't look as if she would be that strong…..' Naruto thought. 'And this is the daughter to a tyrant….. I'm not so sure if I could beat him anymore….' Naruto based the Deviluke king's strength on Zastin. He was supposedly the strongest swordsman that their empire had to offer. While Naruto saw that he had very good technique, the man was easily fooled and would be easily led into deception. He wouldn't have lasted long against Zabuza that was for sure. Naruto was fairly confident that he could beat Zastin in combat just from what he had seen. Meaning that the King would only be stronger by a bit….. But now that Lala performed that feat…. He knew that he wouldn't be able to beat Lala in strength…. But he wasn't so sure about combat. Maybe the girl was a natural genius when it came to that kind of stuff. She did always make some pretty dangerous inventions.

Naruto sighed. 'Looks like I'm gonna have to up my training again.' Naruto thought as he looked around seeing if the coast was clear before quickly donning on a robe to cover his body. 'Don't need people to ask about where I got these scars after all.' He thought as he left the bathing facility.

He sighed as he remembered that it was required of the students tonight to go on the 'Dare' assignment. Basically it was pairing up a boy and a girl to navigate in the dark and find arrive at a shrine at the top of the mountain. The only thing was that there apparently would be scary people dressed as ghosts and monsters and such blocking the way trying to scare the kids down the mountain. Now, Naruto would never admit that he was afraid of ghosts to anybody, but these weren't real ghosts…. They were just people dressed as ghosts. Naruto sighed again as he headed down the hallway. This trip was really hurting his time that he needed to spend on his training.

"Hmm…. 13?" Naruto said as he reached his hand into the box. The female who also had this number would be his partner for the 'Dare' assignment.

"Awwww…." Lala pouted as she looked at Naruto's number."I wanted to go with Naruto-kun." She said as she held up a number 15 instead.

"Haha! Never fear Lala-san." Saruyama laughed out loud as he gazed over Lala's wonderful body. In his hand he was also holding a number 15. "I'll protect you!" He said as steam left his ears. His face had turned red as he thought of different scenarios that the two could end up in.

"No thanks!" Lala chirped shattering any fascinations that the hormonal teenager had. He cried anime tears in the corner at how Lala dismissed him so easily.

Naruto glance over and saw that Rito and Sairenji were both paired up together causing the blonde to smile at that. He wished the best of luck to his new friend.

"Oh Naruto-kun!" Whispered a lustful voice in his ear causing the blonde to stiffen. He knew immediately who this girl was and shuddered as he felt her breath blow out on his ear. He slowly turned around.

'Dammit.' He thought, 'I hate it when I know that I'm right.' He was looking into the lustful eyes of Risa Momioka. She smiled sweetly as she wrapped her hands around the back of Naruto's neck causing the teen to blush even more. Risa grinned, she loved the way that she was able to control men sometimes.

"Please take care of me Naruto-kun." She winked at the blonde before leaning up and whispering in his ear. "You know….. It's going to be so dark out there. If you get lucky….." She left the statement hang as she pushed her body up against the blonde's.

"M-Momioka-SAN!" Naruto stammered out trying to back away only for him to trip backwards taking the girl with him.

"Kya!" She yelled as well as she landed on the blonde. "Itai…." She said rubbing her head as she sat up before letting out a slight moan and looking down to see the cause. Her eyes widened as she saw that her legs were straddling the blonde's face whose eyes were wide as dinner plates as the girls white frilly panties where place along his lips. Risa just grinned and slightly moaned as the blonde lips vibrated against her womanhood. "My, my Naruto-kun. I was hoping you could wait just a little longer until we were out in the forest…. But I suppose we could just start things here." She laughed inwardly as she saw the blondes face turn almost a neon red before somehow he managed to slip out from under her.

"I'll see you at the starting point!" Naruto yelled out as he ran covering the front part of his pants.

"Awww…" Lala said again, "I wanted to do that with Naruto-kun." She pouted again. "….Why was Naruto running weird? Does he have to pee or something?" She asked only to get blank stares back as if to say 'Are you an idiot?'. Lala blinked as a hand came and patted her on the head.

"Awww! Lala-chi!" Risa said as she was fondling the princess. "You're so cute and innocent." Lala just blinked in confusion as she let the girl continue to grope her breasts.

"Honestly." Naruto said, "I think the landlady of the resort gets off on hearing teens scream in fright." Risa merely glomped his left arm, effectively placing it between her breasts and grinned as she saw the blonde let out a slight blush.

"Oh don't be that way Naruto-kun." She said, "We'll have lots of fun, you'll see." Naruto glanced over to the girl before letting out a light chuckle.

"Yea. Alright." He said, "Let get going then." Risa nodded her head as the two set out on the path to the shrine. Risa held out her lantern into the darkness to try and see what was in front of her.

"Geez!" She said squinting slightly, "It's pitch dark out there. I can barely see anything." Naruto nodded his head. He could smell and hear many different people moving throughout the forest.

After a minute or two both of them watched as other couples ran right by them screaming in fright. "Look!" Risa said, "Those are the students who went ahead of us!" She was right. Naruto frowned slightly though as he saw a cowardly Saruyama sprint like a bat out of hell past him.

'What was all that shit about protecting Lala?' Naruto thought as he sighed. He knew that Lala would be alright, he just hoped that she wouldn't get lost out there.

"RRROOOOWWWWLLLRRRRR!" A werewolf all of a sudden jumped out of the trees in front of Naruto and Risa.

"AAIIIIEEEE!" Risa shrieked as she hid behind Naruto for safety. Naruto looked at the creature.

"Wow." He said nonchalantly as he looked over the monster costume. "You guys really worked hard this year. " The monster in front of him sweat dropped.

"Grrr?" It growled questioningly before Naruto took hold of Risa and continued walking.

"Come on Momioka." He said, "There's nothing to be afraid of." Risa opened her eyes and looked up at the blonde who was smiling down into hers. How was Naruto not scared? She blushed slightly as she gazed into his blue eyes. "Don't worry Mimioka-chan." Naruto grinned not realizing the effect that he was having on the girl. "I'll protect you." Risa's eyes widened and something within her snapped. They continued walking for a while, but Risa was in another world. Her heart was racing throughout her body and she felt her legs were beginning to weaken.

"I'm sorry Lala-chi….." She whispered. Naruto turned his head.

"Huh? You say someth-ING?!" Risa grabbed Naruto and pushed him against a tree. Her hair was covering her eyes and she was panting. Her body was tightly against the blondes as he could feel every curve that the girl had. In return, the girl could feel the lean muscle that the boy had. She could feel herself get wet as she felt another part of the blonde's anatomy rest against her body.

"M-M-Momioka-chan?!" Naruto cried out, "What are you doing?!" Naruto tried to lean his head back away from the girls oncoming face, but his head was stopped by the tree trunk behind him.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun." She said as her face drew nearer, "But I can't let Lala-chi win." Naruto's eyes widened. "You're the perfect guy Naruto-kun. I can't let you slip through my fingers." She whispered as her lips hovered over Naruto's. His hands were visibly shaking as her lips drew near. Risa inwardly smiled as she felt another part of Naruto wake up at her actions. "It's only a matter of time before you'll start returning Lala-chi's feelings for you Naruto-kun…. I can't allow that…. You see… I've already fallen for you." With that she was about to close the gap between the two.

"HIEEEEEK!" Both Naruto and Risa's heads snapped around as they saw multiple monsters running away in fear from something. They stared at the monsters running away before looking confusedly at each other.

"Ah! There you are, Naruto and Risa." Hearing Lala's voice Risa quickly got off of Naruto and looked up. Naruto looked over and saw Lala walking over to them…. Along with three hauntingly looking vicinage's behind her.

"Lala-chi…. Who are they?" Risa asked with slight concern. Lala blinked.

"Oh, this?" She asked turning to a hovering object that had a wicked grin. "I projected ghosts using a hologram. 'Deru Deru Vision-kun!'. I read a book about ghosts in Rito-papa's house." Naruto glanced at the thing for a moment.

"You made this?" He asked getting a happy nod from the pick-haired girl. "That's pretty impressive Lala." Naruto said getting a surprised look from the girl before her face started to turn red.

"If you say things like that, I'll turn red Naruto-kun!" She smiled as she stuck out her tongue cutely. Naruto thought he heard a small growl come from Risa. But when he turned to her, he found that she was smiling innocently.

"AAAAIIIIIIEEEE!" All three whipped their heads around as they saw Haruna Sairenji running at them screaming at the top of her lungs. She appeared to be swinging an unconscious Rito as her weapon of choice.

"Haruna/Sairenji-san!" Risa. Lala, and Naruto yelled. The girl glanced up at the three before seeing the ghost like apparitions behind them.

"AAAAAIIIIEEEE!" She screamed again as she threw Rito at the projections hitting Lala's invention.

"ACK!" Lala yelled as her hands were on her face in despair. "My 'Deru Deru Vision-kun!'." She cried out. Naruto looked at the invention and saw it spark for a moment.

"Ah shi….!-" As he rushed over and grabbed both Lala and Risa


The three of them went flying through the air and crash landed at what appeared to be the top of a staircase. Their clothes were still smoking but Lala couldn't help but let out a giggle.

"Naruto-kun, you're amazing!" She said excitedly. "How did you know it was going to explode?!" Naruto sighed.

"I think I've been through enough to know…." He said remembering a lot of Lala's previous inventions. Risa was holding her head trying to get the ringing to stop from going off in her ears. They all looked up when they heard clapping in front of them.

"Congratulations!" Cried out the principle as he stood in front of them. The landlady along with the other employees were also there giving them a round of applause. "You're the only group that got through the entire 'Dare' this year!" All three looked on in confusion.

"Wait…." Lala said as if she were trying to remember something. "I thought the thing was that whichever couple made it to the goal in the 'Dare' would surely become a couple…." She then looked at both Naruto and Risa. "So what would happen if it's like this?..." She gestured to all three of them. Naruto and Risa both went wide-eyed. Naruto turned red as Risa let out a perverse giggle. Lala cocked her head off to the side. "Ara?"

The next day:

"Oh wow….." Saruyama drooled as he watched many of the class girls jump up and down in the ocean. Today was the student's apparent day off, not like everyday already was, but they were allowed to go and play on the beach. "It's so bouncy out there." His eyes were glued onto many different pairs and sized of boobs that he saw bouncing in the water.

"Saruyama," Naruto said, "If you keep staring like that, the girls will soon notice it." Naruto was lying on the beach underneath an umbrella relaxing from the heat. He had on his swim trucks and a button down shirt along with a pair of sunglasses.

"They'll be flattered that I'm staring!" Saruyama adamantly defended his perversion. "It builds their self-esteem to know that they have such wonderful bodies!" Naruto and Rito just shook their heads in slight dismay.

"Just give it up Naruto." Rito said sitting next to him. "He's always been this way."

"What do you mean?!" Saruyama asked, "Every normal male here should be oogling at these beautiful women right now!" He yelled out pointing at the girls in the water who had heard him.

"Geez, what a pervert." Whispers ran across the girls as Saruyama paled at the chance for himself to get anywhere with the girls.

"W-w-why?" He asked as his body turned white before crumpling into ash and being blown away by the wind. Naruto and Rito just laughed as they saw their friends' reaction. "By the way Rito." Saruyama miraculously appeared normal next to the boy with a slight smirk on his face. "I'm sure your imagination is running wild seeing Sairenji in a bikini huh?" He asked elbowing his friend. Rito's face lit up light a candle as he started waving his arms frantically, all the while staring at Haruna's body.

"W-W-WHAT A-ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" He cried out causing both Saruyama and Naruto to laugh out loud.

"Speaking of girls….." Saruyama trailed off as he gazed over to a certain pink-haired girl playing in the water with Sairenji, Risa, and Mio. "How are things in the Deviluke department Uzumaki?" He asked with a slight grin that caused Naruto to snort.

"Nothing." Naruto said plainly. "I keep telling her that there's nothing really between us, but she insists that one day I'm going to change my mind in marrying her." He could hear Saruyama clenching his teeth in frustration.

"Oi! What the hell is wrong with you man?!" He yelled at the blonde. "You have a super hot chick basically throwing herself at you, and you're telling me that you don't want to hit that?! Are you gay?!" He shouted. Naruto squeaked a pinky in his ear clearing out the ringing sound that he was hearing.

"There's more to a girl than just boobs and a nice ass Saruyama." Naruto said nonchalantly. "If you don't take time with these kinds of things, you could really end up hurting someone in the end. I don't want to be that person to make a girl cry." Saruyama looked at the blonde with slight confusion.

"Alright, I guess I can understand that." He said, "But why not give Lala a chance? I mean, she seems pretty nice and all." Naruto sighed.

"I'll admit, it's hard to stay anything but happy when you're around her that's for sure." He smiled as he watched the girl in the water play joyously with her friends. "But, I have my reasons as to why. And no it's not because I'm gay." Naruto sent a sharp glare to the black haired boy who was just whistling innocently.

Rito just laughed sheepishly at their conversation. Honestly, he wasn't sure why Naruto was so against going out with Lala at least. She seemed to be a very nice girl after all. Though she did have a lack of moral discipline when it came to modesty within the house. And her food cooking skills were still left to be desired, and most of her inventions that she made were a complete and utter failure… Alright there were a lot of problems there. But she was a very nice girl. Naruto was right, it was hard not to put a smile on whenever she was around. Rito would've probably been just as jealous as Saruyama was if he wasn't so in love with Haruna.

"Naruto-kuuuuun!" Lala cried out in the water. "Come play with us!" She waved the blonde over who just smiled softly. He waved the girl on to keep playing eliciting a cute pout from the girl. Naruto smiled before narrowing his eyes as he saw something coming from the side.

"KYYYYAAAAA!" Cried out various girls throughout the water as their bikini tops were stolen leaving the girls to cover up their breasts with their arms. All of the males on the beach had hearts in their eyes as they tried to glimpse at the girls' flesh.

"KYAAA!" Haruna screamed as her top was also taken off.

"Huh? Lala Said as her top also came off. Just then she felt a breeze pass by her as she saw Naruto chasing after the bikini thief. "Naruto-kun?" She asked.

Naruto quickly ran after the thief. He was moving much too fast for normal people to see him so he wasn't too worried about that. He made a dive as the thief tried to change directions in the water, but Naruto had a good hold of him.

"Gotcha!" Naruto yelled. But as soon as he had a good hold on him. "W-W-WHOA-A!" He cried out as the theif took off in a random direction.

"Naruto-kun!" Lala yelled out. "Peke!" She ordered only for the machine to be hesitant.

"But Lala-sama," she said, "We are surrounded by people. We can't follow after him if we don't want to be identified." Lala silently growled at that.

"Fine!" She said as she started running over to the nearby trees. "Then we'll start from there." She said as she pulled out her D-dial and summoned 'Sniff-Snif Trace-kun.'.

"WHOA THERE!" Naruto shouted out as he tried to control the now identified thief as a dolphin. "TAKE IT EASY! I'M NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO YOU!" But it was fruitless. The dolphin seemed to have its own plans dealing with Naruto. He looked up and saw that they were headed directly towards a mountain.

"WAAHH!" He almost didn't take a breath as the marine mammal descended deep into the water heading for what looked like to be a cave. Naruto blinked as they traveled further and further into the cave. He hoped that the dolphin would reach whatever place soon, and said whatever place had air, cause he was getting uncomfortable not breathing.

They started to ascend up and Naruto saw light coming from the surface of the water. He blinked as they surface, Naruto taking in fresh air once again. Looking around he, he glanced back at the dolphin whom had led him to the edge of the water. Looking up he saw another dolphin that looked as if it had been beached there. Naruto blinked.

"Is this what you wanted from us?" He asked the dolphin. "You wanted us to chase you so we could help your buddy?" The dolphin clicked his response while nodding his head. Naruto just chuckled as he exited the water. "Smart animals aren't you?" He said as he channeled chakra to his muscles and lifted the beached dolphin and place her back into the water.

The two clicked excitingly to each other as they danced around jumping in and out of the water. Naruto smiled as he saw the two interact with each other. He looked up into the sky. It looked as if he were in the center of a hollowed out mountain. He then felt something wet rub in his hand.

He glanced down and saw it was the dolphin that had brought him here. He clicked noisily as he nodded his head. Naruto didn't know exactly what the dolphin had said, but he smiled and understood its intention. He patted the dolphin affectionately.

"Don't worry about it." He said smiling. "Now go on. Get outta here. Go and grab something to eat. I'm sure your friend is starving." The dolphin nodded his head as if he understood the blonde's words and the next second, the both of them were gone. Naruto sighed contently. "Well…. I might as well check out this place." He said as he got up and dusted off his shorts.


"Here! Here! Dasu!" The dog-like machine said as he wagged his tail excitingly. After a few ecchi moments that the little machine had led Lala and Peke, they finally appeared to be making some ground as they stood at the base of a mountain. Lala looked in front of her curiously.

"You mean Naruto-kun is inside of the mountain?" She asked getting another excited nod from the dog.

"Yep! Yep!" He said as he ran around in circles. Lala just put a hand up to her face in thought.

"Hmmm…." She hummed thinking about what she could do next.

"What do we do now Lala-sama." Peke asked her master. Lala's eyes then brightened as she snapped her fingers.

"Alright! That's it!" She smiled as she took out her D-dial and summoned another one of her inventions. What came out was a larger machine with hands and legs. But the machine had a drill for a head. "'Dig-Dig Drill-kun!'" Lala shouted happily. "Could you please dig through this mountain for us so we can find Naruto-kun?" She asked politely. The drill machine saluted the girl as he turned around and started digging into the mountain.

"Dang." Naruto said to himself, "This place is huge." He had been running up different tunnels left and right for a while now. He didn't think that here would be this many turns in this apparent labyrinth of underground tunnels. He saw a light coming from the end of the tunnel that he was in. He stopped at the edge.

"Whoa." He said as he gazed across the gigantic cavern. Naruto looked on and guess that it had to have spanned at least over 30 miles. He glance off to the side and saw there was water there. "Must be some underground waterways over there." He mumbled to himself as he took off running down the wall of the cavern. Naruto was thankful that he had his shinobi skills as he moved throughout the cavern. Smooth as it may have looked from above, the shinobi was jumping from ledge to ledge.

"Huh?" He said as he looked ahead and saw what appeared to be ancient structures. He arrived and noticed that the most of the buildings had already fallen apart. Only support beams and some walls still held the structure somewhat upright. "People used to live down here?" He asked as he started walking through what he guessed was an ancient village.

Naruto entered into some of the buildings there, only to see that time had literally destroyed most of the objects on the insides of the structure. He glanced around a while more. There was something that was oddly familiar about this place. He couldn't wrap his head around it. Most everything here though was buried under thick layer of sand. He was guessing from the rolling tides of the ocean maybe?... He didn't know.

Something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He walked over to the object sticking out of the sand and bent down and pulled it out. His eye's widened as he stared at the object in his hand. Quickly channeling chakra to his left hand, a kunai appeared within. He placed the objects right next to each other. Naruto's kunai was any standard shinobi's kunai. The other object he had in his hand was what looked to be a very warped version of one. It had rusted over due to the amount of abuse that the environment had inflicted upon it.

"It can't be…." Naruto dropped the ancient kunai and sprinted in a direction. He vaguely had an idea where he was going. 'Nononononono!' His mind shouted as he made familiar turns throughout the crumpled village before slowing down to a particular building. He looked down on the ground in front of him. It was half buried in the sand. The color had long but faded. But Naruto could still see the marks from the engravement.

He stared at the letters for a moment before slowly reaching his arm out and felt the writing for himself. Tears started rolling down his cheeks as memories came flooding to his mind. He felt the roughness of the symbols carefully with his fingers.

"Please….. No…." He whispered. He clenched his fists and grit his teeth. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" He howled as an orange-like cloak surrounded his body. His canines became elongated and his eyes turned red. A crater formed in the ground underneath him from the sheer amount of chakra that was being emitted from his body. "AAARRRRRRGGGGGG!" He howled as he slammed his fist into the ground causing a giant crater to appear

"Mou mou." Lala pouted boredly, "Can't you go any faster?" She asked getting bored with walking slowly through the mountain following her invention.


"The scent the strong here. Dasu!" The mechanical dog said. "We're almost there! Dasu!" Lala adopted a smile onto her happy face.

"Yeah!" She cried throwing her fist into the air.

"AAARRRRRRGGGGGG!" She stopped as she heard the howl. The ground started to tremor as well.

"Naruto-kun!" She said worriedly, "Hurry up 'Dig-Dig Drill-kun!'." She cried out. "We have to get to Naruto-kun!" Feeling his circuits heating up, the machine revved up its gears and finally broke through the wall and into a giant cavern. As soon as the ruble was clear, 'Dig-Dig Drill-kun' disappeared and Lala shot off into the caver with the mechanical dog in her hand.

"Over there! Dasu! Over there! Dasu!" He said as he pointed the way with his nose. Lala nodded and flew speedily in the direction. After a few minutes she saw the blonde in the middle of a large crater hunched over on his hands and knees.

"NARUTO-KUN!" She cried out as she landed and ran to the teen. "Are you ok?!" She asked worriedly, "I heard this terrible roar and I thought you were hurt!" She hurled herself at the boy and hung onto him tightly. She looked up at him again when he didn't respond. "Naruto-kun?" She asked. She felt the teen sigh.

"Lala…." He said monotoned catching the girl off guard. She had never heard the boy like this before. "Please….. Leave me alone….." He requested as her eyes widened.

"But Narut-….!"


Lala was smiling brightly as she remembered the events that had just taken place in the cavern with her and her Naruto. She blushed as she remembered the intimate situation that they were in. She smiled as brightly that she had gotten to know the blonde even a little more. She realized that she really didn't know that much about him to begin with. He was kind, caring, brave, and strong. That was all she really needed to know. The fact that he cared more for others than himself, that just made her fall deeply in love with him.

She'd seen him help others. That was just the kind of person he was. He helped people and never expected anything back in return. He just loved to make people smile. Lala loved that about him. That was something that she had never seen another person do before. Helping a complete stranger and never bragging about it or expecting something in return. She snorted as she thought about all of her marriage candidates that bragged about how awesome they were or what they've achieved. They couldn't even compare to Naruto in anyway.

She had seen his gentle side whenever he was helping Rito and Mikan in the garden outside. He would take extra care of how he was handling the plants. She honestly could just watch and stare the blonde work for hours and never get tired of looking at him.

Tonight, she wasn't quite sure what had set the blonde off, but she promised that she would be there for him. When he was ready to tell her he would. She smiled as she remembered the blonde crying in her arms. Tonight, they had grown closer. Lala practically giggled as she saw this as a huge milestone in winning over the blonde's heart.

"What's got you in a good mood tonight Lala-chi?" Risa asked. It was the last night of the Seaside Summer School and Risa, Mio, Haruna, and Lala were all sleeping together in the same room. Lala just looked up at Risa and smiled.

"I just had a wonderful evening with Naruto-kun!" She said as she was practically glowing. Everyone in the room stared at her.

EHH?!" Mio said shocked, "Don't tell me this is the afterglow of a long and intimate evening?!" She said getting a shocked look from Risa, and a blushing Haruna as images of both Naruto and Lala came into her mind. Lala cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"Huh?" She said before she was shaken back and forth like a rag doll.

"DON'T TELL ME YOU ACTUALLY DID IT LALA-CHI!" Risa shouted hoping that she still had a shot with the blonde. "TELLMETELLMETELLMETELLME!" She demanded as she continued to shake the poor girl.

"Ano…. Risa-san." Haruna said shyly getting the girls attention. "I think you might have broke her." She pointed at Lala. Risa glanced back and her eyes widened at Lala's state. X marks had replace her eyes as the girl slumped over. A white soul could be seen partly leaving from her mouth.

"Lala-chi!" Risa cried out in panic. "I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!" She said over and over again trying to revive the girl.

"Naruto….-kun…" Lala muttered as she left the world of consciousness, memories of what happened not too long ago still fresh in her mind.


"I said, LEAVE ME ALONE!" Naruto yelled out knocking the girl over as he stood up. Lala sat up and all she could do was stare in shock at how the usually calm collected boy was reacting.

"You can't love me Lala." He said, "I can never love you just like you can never love someone like me… You can't love someone who isn't meant to be here." Lala saw Naruto clench his fist. "You can't love someone who is alone…." She saw tears dripping down his face. "I'm alone Lala…. I finally realize that now….. There's no way for me to go back…" Lala started tearing up as she saw blood start to leave from the blonde's hands. "All you'll get from me Lala are years of pain and tears…. I won't let that happen…. Go and find someone else to love….. Leave me be….." Naruto barely choked out as he landed on his knees staring off into who knows what.

The blond waited for the girl to get up and leave. It would hurt her. But he was willing to deal with that as long as she was happier. He wouldn't drag this sweet girl down the same road as him. He really had nothing left for him here in this world. He was alone, and nothing that he did would ever change that. He heard the girl get up. Just when he thought that she was going to leave, he felt a pair of arms wrapped around him. Surprised he looked up into her tearstained eyes.

"You're never alone Naruto-kun." She said as she looked him in his eyes. "I'm always going to be there for you no matter what. No matter what you say, no matter what you do….. I fell in love with you Naruto-kun for who you are. My feelings haven't changed the least Naruto-kun." She held his face between her hands. "If it's possible, I think I've fallen more in love with you every single day. You're a gentle person Nartuo-kun." She then embraced the blonde in a loving hug. " And you're never alone. You have Rito and Mikan as well. We're you're family now. Please, don't throw your family away." She said. Naruto's eyes widened as all of the memories that he's made with the alien princess come to the front of his mind. All the fun and enjoyable moments and memories that he created with them. Naruto clenched his jaw as more tears started to stream down his face.

Lala smiled as the boy in her arms grabbed hold of her tighter and cried in arms. Lala's eye's widened slightly before smiling warmly hugging the blond even more. She let the blond continue to silently cry in her arms.

End Flashback:

Lala smiled at remembering the blonde. The other three occupants in the room stared at her waiting for her reply.

"Arrrgghh!" Risa said, "Just tell us! Did you do it or not?!" She asked frustrated. The others girls gulped in anticipation while Lala cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"Do what?" She asked getting all three of the other girls to fall flat on their faces. "I was just able to see a side of Naruto that I have never seen." All three girls widened their eyes. They huddled quickly into a small little group.

"Alright girls…." Risa whispered. "That could mean a few things here." The other two nodded.

"But Risa-chan." Mio whispered back, "This is Lala after all. I don't think that she knows too much about that kind of stuff." Haruna nodded her head as well. The three girls looked at Lala all at once.

"Ara?" Lala asked smiling.

"Oh Lala-chi." Risa sang. "What do you mean that you saw another side of Naruto tonight that you have never seen?" She asked playfully. Lala looked at her for a moment before looking down slight smile on her face.

"Naruto-kun's always been alone." She said getting looks from the other girls. "It's hard to tell, but he puts up a pretty good front on his true feelings…. Tonight I was able to have him open up a little and fill that emptiness that was in his heart!" She smiled brightly while the other girls didn't know what the two did or didn't do. They all blushed as they had their own thoughts of Lala filling up Naruto's emptiness.



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