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Chapter 3: The New Students

"So you failed again to confess huh Rito?" Naruto asked as they sat down in their class. Rito laughed sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Hehe, yea." He said before looking down before breaking down in anime tears. "I don't know how many times I've failed now." Naruto patted him on the shoulder.

"No worries Rito." He said smiling, "I'm sure one of these days you'll get to it." Rito slightly smiled before remembering something.

"Oh hey Naruto." He said. "It seems like things between you and Lala are pretty good. Did something happen?" He asked. Naruto just sighed, but smiled.

"Seems like I'm getting used to having that girl around me." He said as Rito looked at him. Rito smiled as he saw that Naruto was beginning to give the girl a chance. Honestly, he liked both of them. It definitely made the house livelier that's for sure. He thought it would be great if they got together. Though due to his blood loss, he could do without the girl walking around the house naked every morning.

"All right everyone." The elderly teacher walked into the classroom. "Everyone get seated already." He reached the front desk and adjusted his glasses. "Eeeh, it's somewhat sudden to happen in the second quarter, but we have a new transfer student." Everyone was paying attention at this point.

"A transfer student?" Risa questioned.

"It's rare to have another one when we just had Lala-chan." Mio chimed in.

The door opened as everyone looked forward. In came a teen with white hair in the front, with black in the back. His eyes were a brownish-red color. All in all, this new guy resembled like another pretty boy Sasukue in Naruto's opinion.

"This is Ren Elsie Jewelria-kun." The teacher introduced. "Everyone, be nice to him."

"KYAAAAH!" Came the cries of many of the females in the class. "A bishie!" Many of the girls had large blushes on their faces as they stared at their new classmate. Then in a blink of an eye, the boy disappeared. "Huh?"

"I finally found you, Lala-chan." The voice came from Lala's desk. Everyone turned and saw that Ren had appeared before Lala and was holding her hand. "My bride."

"HUH?!" Everyone in the classroom chimed.

"My dear..." Ren started, "I recognized you at first sight. The way you shine cannot be hidden even in a large crowd. You were so beautiful when you were playing in the palace garden. Your smile shed light into my heart just like the sun." He placed his hands dramatically in the air. "And now! Your dazzling shine is even more beautiful after all these years. You really are a goddess!" Ren continued on with his speech as everyone looked on with confusion.

"Hey, what's going on?" Risa asked. Mio blushed slightly.

"A guy from the past appeared?!" She said excitedly. "I bet Uzumaki and Lala are involved in a complicated love relationship." She gossiped to Risa. Risa smiled and took hold of Naruto.

"That's fine by me." She said as she started nuzzling the blonde who was beginning to turn red. "I'll take care of Naruto. In every way imaginable." She said as her lips touched his ear, while her hands started traveling slightly south of the border.

"W-W-What are you talking about?!" Naruto cried out as he got out of the girls grip who laughed loudly at the blonde's reaction.

"Ah! Once again a heartfelt meeting! I'm glad I came all the way to this remote region." Ren said. "Now Lala-chan! Let's share this joy together!" Lala smiled as she cocked her head to the side.

"Erm…. Who are you again?" She asked innocently. Ren blanched and fell on his face. Dramatically he began to inch his way up from the floor.

"No…. It can't be." He said, "You don't remember me?" He asked. "We played together a lot when we were little….." He got up. "….Welll…. It's ok. I won't be discouraged by this….. Because…. I'm a man!" He declared. Most of the males ooo'ed and awwwed at how manly the new guy appeared. Naruto just sweat dropped.

"By the way Lala-chan, I heard about it." Ren said. "They say that you're being fooled by an evil man." He pointed dramatically. "That's right! It's you, Naruto Uzumaki." Everyone looked towards where his finger was pointed.

"Heh? Me?" Came the voice of the elderly teacher. "I'm not him." He said pointing at himself.

"Ah. Excuse me." He then pointed at Naruto. "Then it's you!" He cried out glaring at Naruto who put on a face of innocence.

"Me? I'm not Naruto Uzumaki?" He said while grinning in the back of his mind.

"Huh?" Came the voice of Ren. "Ah. Excuse me. I apologize." He then began to accuse every single male student in the classroom of being Naruto Uzumaki.

"You know." Rito started. "That was kinda mean." He said, but Naruto saw that the boy was grinning as well.

"Mah, who cares?" Naruto said, "Keeps him off my back for a while."

"You foul being!" Ren came running back at Naruto. "You are Naruto Uzumaki!" He accused. Naruto blinked.

"No I'm not." He said pulling out his wallet. "Look here." He said handing him his identification.

"Rito… Yuuki…" He said as he looked at the picture of the blonde that was on the card. Rito blanched as he heard the name. "I must apologize once again." Ren said with a bow. "Forgive me. But do you know who Naruto Uzumaki is then?" He asked. Naruto nodded.

"Sure." Naruto said smiling. "It's this guy." He said pointing to Rito who went wide eyed.

"B-b-but I'm Rito Yuuki!" He cried out.

"Take out your identification and show it to him." Naruto suggested. Rito quickly pulled out his I.D. and handed it to Ren who just looked at the card.

"YOU!" He cried out dramatically pointing at Rito. "Your're Naruto Uzumaki!

"HEHHHH?!" Rito paled as he took back his card. Even though his picture was on it, it still read Naruto Uzumaki. He glared at Naruto who was whistling innocently.

"Let me tell you about the intimate relationship Lala-chan and I once had." He said as he pulled out a picture. "Look." He said as both Naruto and Rito looked at the picture of what looked to be a younger Lala and Ren. But Ren was wearing a dress.

"Ah!" Lala said as she came over to look at the picture, "This is me, when I was little."

"Why were you dressed as a girl." Naruto stifled a laugh. Lala clapped her hands.

"Ah! I remember now!" She said, "You're Cry-baby Ren-chan!" Ren just smirked.

"Thank you for remembering me, Lala-chan." Ren said as he remembered their past. "Yes…. Lala-chan teased me and dressed me up saying I looked like a girl…. She experimented her inventions on me almost everyday…. Lala-chan was really a naughty little angel." Naruto blanched.

'More like a hideous demon.' Naruto thought, 'Glad I didn't know her then.'

"But," Ren continued. "Lala-chan promised me."


"Then! If I get manly one day, will you marry me?!" A younger Ren asked hopefully while wearing a maids uniform.

"Okay. Only if you get manly though." A absentminded Lala responded as she continued working on another one of her inventions that she would experiment on Ren.

End Mini-flashback.

"Did you really say such a thing Lala-sama?" Peke whispered to her.

"Hrmmm…." She thought. "I don't know. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't." She replied honestly. Ren turned to Rito.

"Do you see now?!" He declared. "How deep our relationship is?!" Rito was crying anime tears as he was repeatedly saying how he wasn't Naruto Uzumaki. Ren turned back to Lala. "Lala-chan. I'm not asking for an immediate answer. I want you to look at how manly I've grown as a classmate." He said "And you'll eventually realize, who is really suitable to be your marriage partner…"

"E-Erm…. Can I start the lecture now….?" The teacher asked awkwardly.

"Please go ahead!" Ren cried out with a pose. The teacher cleared his throat.

"Hrm? Oh yes, I forgot to mention." The teacher once again adjusted his glasses. "We have one last transfer student to add to the class."

"EHH?!" The class surprisingly cried out.

"Another one?!" A random student asked as others whispered amongst themselves.

"Please come on in." The teacher said. Everyone looked as the door opened. Naruto blinked as he recognized the girl. Lala's eyes went wide with excitement.

"Hello." The girl said politely. "My name is Kyouko Kirisaki." Every males eyes had hearts in them while the girls were fascinated that they had a famous female actress among them. "Please take care of me." She said with a bow.

"Alright." The teacher said, "Please find a seat." The girl nodded her head with a smile as she hopped down the aisle and sat down in the seat right next to Naruto.

"Hi again!" She said cutely to the blonde who smiled at the girl.

"Uh…. Hi?" Naruto said awkwardly.

Kyouko blushed and smiled cutely at the boy. "Please take care of me Naruto-kun!" Naruto nodded his head slightly, unsure as to what he could have said at that moment before he felt a small amount of killing intent honing in on him.

Everyone else was looking at Naruto in complete jealousy…. Well mainly the males were. Rito just quirked an eyebrow wondering how the blonde knew the famous actress.

"Ah…." Ren sighed. "You see Uzumaki." He said to Rito. "The love that they are beginning to blossom will soon happen with Lala-chan and I." Rito formed a tickmark on his head.

"I'M NOT NARUTO DAMMIT!" He cried out.

"So Naru-….?!" Kyouko started before everything in front of her turned pink.

"NEEHHHHH?!" Came a chipper voice. "You know the real Magical Kyouko-chan?! It's really her!" Lala cried out in a fan girlish voice. Literally there were stars and bright lights surrounding the girl as she was looking at the celebrity. "Oh my gosh! Please be my friend!" Kyouko taken aback looked at the girl slightly confused.

"H-Hai?..." She stammered.

"AAIIEEE!" Lala cried out happily. "There are so many things that I wanted to talk to you about!..." This went on for the entire class period while the elderly teacher cried anime tears in the corner of the classroom muttering something about him not being a good teacher anymore.

"So that's why you seemed so familiar." Naruto said finally realizing who the girl he had saved was. Everyone else dead-panned as they looked at the blonde. Kyouko didn't know whether or not she should be angry or relieved that Naruto didn't know who she was. But, that just meant that Naruto had saved her previously with no other intention than just to just save her.

Everyone else say down with their lunches as they ate. "What kind of moron doesn't recognize the most famous television actress in our age group?" Saruyama asked. Naruto shrugged.

"Dunno." Naruto said. "One who doesn't really watch TV." Everyone sweat dropped at the blonde's simple response.

"By the way…." Kyouko said hesitantly. "Are you two a couple?" She asked as she saw Lala nuzzling Naruto's arm affectionately. She really hoped that wasn't the case, if so, then her plan to get closer to the blonde might be ruined. Naruto just shook his head.

"No, we aren't. We're-…." He started before he was interrupted.

"We're engaged!" Lala cried out happily. Kyouko's eyes widened as she saw her world shattered right there.

'Engaged?!' She thought as she saw everything that she had imagined Naruto and her doing fall into pieces. Naruto gently shrugged the girl off.

"Lala." He sighed, "You really gotta stop saying stuff like that. You know that we're not engaged." Kyouko perked up at this as hope shined back into her eyes. "And no we're not dating either." Naruto said as he saw the girl open her mouth only for her to pout cutely. "We're just friend for right now." Lala still pouted as she stared at the blonde.

"That's right!" She said, "For right now. But soon Naruto-kun, you will learn to love me as much as I love you!" She cried out as she glomped the blonde getting a yelp out of him as she nuzzled the crap out of him. Kyouko looked relieved.

'Well….' She thought, 'At least Naruto-kun is on the market for right now…..' She glanced at Lala. 'But she's got a pretty good head start on me…. But that doesn't matter. I'll attract Naruto-kun in my own way!' She thought determinedly.

Throughout most of the day, Naruto was laughing at Rito's predicament. He was constantly being hounded by Ren who was trying to prove to Lala that he was more of a man than him. He would answer questions quicker in class. He would run laps around Rito left and right. He even stuffed his face faster than Rito did who lost his appetite. He was currently hounding him in the halls something about going to the bathroom the quickest.

"STOP FOLLOWING ME DAMMIT!" He yelled at Ren. "FOR THE LAST TIME I'M NOT NARUTO!" He pointed at the blonde prankster. "HE IS!"

"You can't fool me again Naruto." He scoffed. Rito just slapped his face with the palm of his hand.

"Listen, if I'm Naruto, then why is Lala hanging all over him instead of me?" He asked getting a confused look from Ren.

"Well… I just supposed that they were really good friends that's all." He said honestly. Rito had a vein that was twitching rather violently on his head.

"Well then watch this." He said motioning to Ren. "Hey Lala." He said getting the girls attention.

"Yes?" She asked looking at Rito.

"Naruto told me today that he really is in love with you and that you should show him your love by hugging him as hard as you can." Naruto's eyes widened when he heard this.

"EHH?!" She cried out, "REALLY?!" Naruto sweated as he looked at a grinning Rito before he was wrapped up in a bone-crushing hug.

"I LOVE YOU NARUTO-KUN!" She yelled out as Naruto thought he heard a few of his bones crack as he tried to inflate his lungs with oxygen, trying, but failing. Rito just grinned as he looked over to Ren who looked shocked.

"Yuuki-san…." He said in a low voice. Naruto and Lala glanced over to him. "YOU LIED TO ME NARUTO!" He cried out pointing at the blonde who just grinned painfully.

"Mah, mah. Sorry about that." He said waving him off. "It was just too good of an offer to pass up." He smiled while Ren's blood boiled.

"That's it!" He cried, "I demand we have a match right now to see who has the right to have Lala!" He pointed dramatically at Naruto who just sighed.

"Listen Ren…." Naruto said. "Why can't you just let her make up her mind on her own?" He asked. Ren blinked.


"I mean honestly, you don't seem like a bad guy." Naruto said honestly, "Let Lala make her own decision. It's really no one's right to have her if it's against her will right?" Naruto asked smiling at Ren. Ren just paused as he listened to the blonde.

"You're absolutely right Naruto." He said seriously. "Lala-chan!" He cried out staring at the girl. "I, Ren, through my manliness, will change your heart so that we may one day be one." He declared. "For now, I must prepare to show you my awesome manliness!" He shouted out as he ran down the hall. Naruto sweat dropped.

"Geez! That guy." He said rubbing his head.

"Naruto-kun." He heard Lala from behind him. He turned around and saw that the girl had hearts in her eyes as her hands came together underneath her chin. Naruto paled as he backed up a little bit.

"Erm…. Lala?" He asked before the girl pounced.

"I LOVE YOU!" She cried out glomping to poor boy and effectively crushing him to death.

That Afternoon:

"You sure you're fine with me Kyouko-chan? Naruto asked as both he and Kyouko walked down the hallway. Naruto could feel the glares from all the male students stabbing into his back, but he really just ignored it.

"Of course!" Kyouko said with a slight blush putting her hands behind her back. She had specifically asked the teacher if it would be ok if Naruto could show her around the school so that she could spend a little more time with him.

"Grrr….. Why the hell does Naruto get in tasty situations?! Saruyama growled out. "I'm so jealous!" The horde of boys behind him could only nod their heads fervently as they continued to stare on at the two walking down the hallway.

"Say!" Kyouko started, "What do you do on your day's off?" She asked. Naruto starting to scratch his head thinking what he should say.

"Er… Nothing really." He said silently putting his ninja training in the back of his mind. "I mean, I work around town and do what I can so that repay the kindness that Rito and Miyan have given me for letting me stay at their place for right now." Kyouko looked at him slightly confused. "There was a gas explosion at my apartment a little while back so Rito and his family are letting me crash with them for awhile." He explained getting the girl to silently nod her head in understanding. "Other than that, nothing really I guess." He looked over and sweat dropped when he saw the girl writing down notes in her notebook. 'What's that for?' He thought.

She then snapped the book shut. "So." She said before she leaned forward close to his face. "Would you like to go on a date with me on your next day off?" She asked cutely getting Naruto's eyes to widen significantly.

"W-w-what?!" Naruto stuttered getting the girl in front of him to giggle cutely.

'Huhu!' She thought, 'He's blushing. He's still so innocent.' She continued to look up into his eyes. Honestly, she could stare at them all day if she had too.

"Kyouko-kun!" Came a shout causing the duo to turn their heads only to find the principle walking towards them. Both their eyes widened.

"The principle!" Naruto said while Kyouko slightly retched as she hid behind Naruto.

"Oh my my…. I hope that you come to enjoy your stay here at our wonderful insituition." He said respectfully.

"Uh,,,, Y-yes." Kyouko replied politely. 'Gegeh…. So he's really the principal here.'

"I'm sure that you will be able to teach our students a lot about the world from your valuable experiences. Please share them with the others if you would." He said as he put a hand under his chin nodding his fat head. Kyouko looked slightly surprised.

'Hhuh…' She thought. 'Maybe he's relatively normal at school?" She asked herself.

"Learning…. Is truly wonderful!" The principles breath began to become ragged. "By all means…. Include me as well!" Naruto slapped his hand to his face in slight embarrassment. "TEACH ALL SORTS OF THINGS TO ME!" He shouted out as he stripped off all his clothes minus his boxers. "WITH JUST THE TWO OF US-!"

'I KNEW IT!' Kyouko thought as she pulled back her hand ready to deal with the pervertd principal. "Geez! Why is it every single time…." She started before she stopped when she saw a fist impact the principals face sending him crashing through the window. Her eyes widened as she looked and saw Naruto sighing.

"Dammit ero-principal." He said. "Why do you have to be as bad a Ero-sennin?" He asked himself before turning back to Kyouko. "Sorry about that Kyouko-chan. He's really not all that bad…. Just a huge pervert…. Yea…. Ok…. He's that bad….. Still sorry about that." Naruto grinned sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head. The girl giggled at Naruto's reaction.

"There's nothing for you to apologize for Naruto-kun." She smiled.

"KYOUKO-SAN!" Came another voice.

'Again?!' She thought as she turned and looked at a rather good looking stuent.

"Can I have your autograph?!" He ask with a smile and a sparkle coming from his teeth.

"OH!" Cried out what looked like to be his lackey's behind him. "That's our Motemitsu-senpai!" They cried out cheering for him. "He boldly says what everyone else is too afraid to speak!" Kyouko just looked at him trying to process what was happening.

"Uh…. B-but…" She started before he appeared directly in front of her.

"Also, "I'd like to know your email. And the address of your residence!" He shouted out

"Amazing!" Another lackey shouted out. "There's nothing this man is afraid of!"

"Then please give us your autograph as well!" Another lackey shouted as all of them descended on the poor girl. "And become friends with us by all means!"

"Hold up guys." Naruto said as he started walking towards them to pull off the hormonal teenagers. "That's just getting plain creepy now." Only to be interrupted by 20 other students plowing Naruto into the ground to talk with the famous teen star.

"KYA!" Kyouko cried out as she was buried under the mound of testosterone.

"Wah! Don't push you bastard!" Cried out a fan as they all landed on the girl.

"You're the one that's pushing!" Cried out another.

Kyouko closed her eyes in pain. 'Can't….. Breathe….' She thought. Then all of a sudden, she felt a wave of air hit her as she was held against something firm. She opened her eyes only to see bright blue one's staring back at her.

"Naru….-" She started before he motioned for her to be quiet. Then she noticed their position. He was carrying the girl bridal style. She looked over his shoulder and saw that there was still a mound of boys in the center of the hall apparently still trying to talk with her.

"LOOK!" Cried out a person as Naruto was trying to sneak away. "That teme is stealing our Kyouko-chan away from us!" He shouted.

"Shit…." Naruto muttered before taking off down the hallway, other boys in tow. 'I can't let them see any shinobi training here. I'll just have to outrun them.' He focused on how he was going to get away from the crazed teen.

Kyouko in the meantime was just staring up at Naruto, a large blush on her face. 'A princess carry…' She thought. 'I've never had that even in a TV drama….'

'There!' Naruto thought as he saw an opening.

"Dammit!" A lackey said as they turned the corner. "Where did they go?" The team of hormonal boys ran throughout the hallway trying to find their target.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Kyouko were smashed together in a small locker as they saw the teens run by them.

"Whew….." Naruto sighed with relief. "Looks like we lost them Kyouko-chan!" Naruto said looking into the girls eyes.

When he looked into her eyes, Kyouko blushed a bright red. 'He's….. perfect….' She thought as she stared back into his cerulean blue eyes. She could feel every muscle running through his body. 'So… hard…'

"Well then…" Naruto started getting her attention. "Lets get outta this little space." Truth be told, he too was starting to heat up because of their close proximaty. He could literally feel every curve smashed up against his own body and he needed to get out of there before a lower part of his extremities decided to wake up. He twisted his wrist to open the locker.


"…Ara?" He blinked before trying it again. And again…. And one more time….. before frantically trying to jar the door open. "Ah shit…." He said getting Kyouko to blink. "I-I think that we're stuck in here." He said. Kyouko's eyes widened. "Oi!" Naruto shouted through the locker slits. "Is anyone out there?! We're stuck in here!" This continued for the next 3-5 minutes or so. "Damn…" Naruto sighed. "Sorry about this Kyouko-chan. I didn't mean for things to end up like this." Kyouko smiled at him.

"It's ok Naruto-kun." She said, "I've actually really enjoyed myself today." She then leaned her head into the crook of Naruto's neck causing the boy to inhale sharply.

"Kyouko-chan?" He questioned.

"You really are different from everyone else aren't you Naruto-kun." She said as she inhaled the blondes scent.

"Ara?" He said with a blank look on his face.


"WAAHH!" Both of them cried out as they fell out of the locker in each others arms.

"There you are Kyouko-chan!" Came a bubbly voice. "And Naruto-kun is here too! YEAH!" Both Naruto and Kyouko looked up to see a overly excited Lala crouching down besides them with what looked like to be a growling Risa right next to her.

"What the hell were you doing to my Naruto-kun?!" Risa growled as she saw Kyouko's arms wrapped around the blonde, her left hand dangerously close to his cute ass. She grabbed Naruto by the cuff of his shirt and pulled him upright. "Idol or not, the only one who is allowed to fondle Naruto is me!" She shouted and to annunciate her declaration grabbed Naruto's package.

Naruto froze. He had no comeback or plan as to how he would get out of this situation. His mind completely crashed and would not reboot. Kyouko blushed furiously.

"Mimioka-san!" She cried out while Lala just looked on in confusion before looking at Naruto's face.

"Oh I see!" Lala cried out. "That's Naruto-kun's on/off switch! Let me try! Let me try!" She said as she bounced over to the duo.

Now, even though Naruto's mind was on the fritz, one equation did add up. Lala's insane super strength + Naruto's ball = Not a man anymore…..

"Ara?..." Lala blinked as she looked at the thing in Risa's hands. Risa blinked as well. Instead of Naruto being there, Risa was now holding a scarcrow that was dressed like Naruto. There was even a cucumber as the place where Risa had been fondling Naruto's boys.

"Wh-What the hell happened?!" Risa said. "I just had him!" Kyouko. blinked. She hadn't seen anything either.

Then all three heard something on their left… They looked over and saw the blonde trying to tip toe his way away. He froze as he felt their eyes gaze upon him.

"WAAAAHHHHH!" He screamed like a manly little girl running away leaving a trail of dust behind him. The girls he left behind could only blink before they too began the chase.

A few days later:

"Geez." Naruto muttered, "Of all the perverted stuff to come up with, we have to do a animal café." Saruyama had declared earlier that day that for the Sainin High School Festival, the entire class was going to be doing an animal café. Just about every boy in the school was ogling over the girls in their provocative appearances.

Lala, Risa, and Kyouko all bounced over to the already red faced blonde who had also noticed other parts of their bouncy bodies. Lala was wearing some sort of leopard costume while Risa had on another gray cat costume, and Kyouko was wearing a tiger costume. All three of them asked Naruto what they thought of their costumes as Naruto's eyes bulged at their incredible busts bouncing up and down. Naruto almost lost it and managed to get away from the girls. He was now walking down the halls carrying around a stack of papers advertising for the animal café.

'Shit.' He thought as he started running the other direction. 'I forgot the tape.' If he had been paying attention, he would've heard the boisterous voice behind him.

"Hey you!" Said a beautiful blonde girl. "I'm Saki Tenjouin from 2-B!" She declared closing her eyes and placing her head in front of her chest haughtily. "I'll give you permission to date me!" Only to stare in utter disbelief as he darted away.

'He i-ignored me?...' She thought. 'Th-this can't be happening!' She thought before another idea came into her head. 'He must be shy.' She thought with a little grin. 'That's okay. I'll just seduce him with an adult sex appeal.'

"Kiss?..." Lala questioned as she looked at Risa. Kyouko also looked at the girl with a slight blush on her face.

"Yea you know?" Risa said smiling at the girls. "Its always been a tradition here at Sainin High." Risa grinned evilly as a plan had popped up into her head on how to win her favorite blonde male. "Whoever gives out their kiss the first, that boy will fall in love with them." She chirped as she saw Kyouko slightly blush and Lala smiled excitingly.

"Really?!" She asked innocently getting Risa to nod.

"Yep, yep! And then that boy will be theirs and theirs only." She said with a grin. Lala started jumping up in the air excitingly.

"Yea! Naruto-kun will finally love me!" She cried out happily.

'Not if I can help it.' Came the thoughts of the other two girls. Kyouko looked down.

'This is it….. This is my chance to show Naruto-kun….. my feelings…..' Determination running through her eyes.

"So do we have a girl pact here?" She asked putting her hand out causing the other girls to do the same.

"YEA/YES!" They cried out. Risa just smirked.

'Sorry Lala-chi, Kyouko-chan, but if it's this kind of game….. I'll win.' She thought giggling.

Unbeknowest to the girls, another individual heard the pact. 'Hmmm….. So the first one that they kiss, that boy….. No man!... will be considered theirs…..' He thought before grinning. 'Lala-chan….. I will prove my manliness to you by being your first kiss! Just you wait and see!'

Naruto walked out of the store with a bag of supplies. He was in charge of erecting the tables and chairs for the festival. He looked down at his cell phone to check the time.

"Oh my." Came a flirty voice behind him. "The wind's being mean and you can see something that you shouldn't be seeing!" Saki said as the wind lifted up her short skirt showing off her black laced panties. Behind her were her two servant girls with fans who catered to Tenjouin's every whim.

"I gotta get going if I'm going to be able to make it to that job I got tonight." Naruto said out loud as he ran away, not even glancing in the girls direction. Saki paled.

'Not just once…. But twice!' She thought. She clenched her fists. 'Fine then! I guess that this calls for direct seduction! Lala, you will not beat me!' She growled as her two servants looked on in slight confusion.

Later that day:


The sound of a hammer going at it resonated the classroom. Naruto whipped the sweat from his brow as he looked at his handy work. He tested out the chair to make sure that it was stable enough to hold a good amount of weight.

"Looks good Naruto-kun!" A feminine voice came from the door. He looked up and smiled.

"Thanks Kyouko-chan." He said, "I hope that it will meet everyone's needs." He stood up and stretched out his body. Kyouko stared at the blonde for a moment before a blush came to her face.

"Come on girl.' She thought to herself. 'This is to get rid of the competition. You enrolled specifically for this reason.' She steeled her resolve and started walking over to Naruto who was putting the chairs next to the tables. She reached up and started to massage his shoulders.

"Huh? Kyouko-chan?' He asked confused, "What are you doing?"

"You just looked tense there Naruto-kun!" She giggled cutely. "Don't worry Naruto-kun. I'll take extra care of you." She whispered in his ear causing the blonde to widen his eyes slightly. She grinned as her hands went from his shoulders round front to his chest.

"Kyouko-chan?!" Naruto cried out, his face was now crimson as he pulled away. Kyouko cutely put her hands behind her back, pronouncing her sizable breasts even more.

"Yes Na-ru-to-kun!" She said as she made a concise step allowing her bust to bounce every bit of the way. She noticed how Naruto's eyes followed them every step and inwardly smirked. Naruto backed up into the wall as Kyouko walked even closer until their bodies touched.

"W-W-What are you doing?!" He stuttered as she traced her fingers along his upper body. Naruto could feel the girls large breasts smash against his chest causing blood to start flowing to a particular organ of his.

"My, my Naruto." She said lustfully, "Who knew you had this kind of body underneath all these baggy clothes." She teased as the boy in front of her was reduced to a stuttering mess. She then felt something hard rub against her womanhood eliciting a small moan from the girl. "Hmmmmm" She said as her hands started to move down south. "It looks as if someone is liking this." She smiled as her hand gripped his tool causing Naruto to let out a 'eep!'.

Kyouko was loving this. The power and control that she currently held over his body. True, she honestly could have any guy that she wanted, but she didn't just want some guy…. She wanted Naruto. Most guys just loved her cause she was cute and famous. Naruto on the other hand, didn't care about who she was or even how pretty she was, he was nice to her just to be nice. She had never met anyone quite like Naruto, and to hell if she was going to give up on an opportunity like this. She grinned as he moaned when her hand stroked him through his clothes. She chuckled at the blonds futile resistance as he tried to move away. She brought her other hand up around his neck and brought his face directly in front of hers.

"Neh. Naruto-kun." She said as he stared directly into her shining blue eyes. "From the first time that we met, I knew that I wanted to be with you." Naruto 's eyes widened. "You've been the only thing that had been on my mind since that moment we first met. I can't concentrate on anything else." Her face began to close in on Naruto's as he tried to move his head back only for the firm grip of Kyouko's hand to prevent him from doing so. "I enrolled in this school just so I could get closer to you." Her lips were practically brushing his. "So…. Say that you'll….. be mine…. Naruto-kun." She whispered as she went in.


Kyouko jumped back away from Naruto as the second she heard the door moving. Her face was flushed red as she pretended to be tidying up materials within the classroom. Naruto utterly confused looked at the door and saw a blonde girl standing there in the doorway. Naruto noticed that she looked shaken though.

"H-help… Me….." She said quietly as she moved forward and landed on her knees. Her hands between her thighs. Kyouko looked at the girl.

"I-I think that's Tenjouin-senpai from the Sophomore class right?" She asked as Naruto snapped out of his confusion and moved forward with concern.

"Hey." He said, "Are you alright?" He asked gently not wanting to startle the girl. The girl shook from side to side.

"I'm… feeling hot…. And painful…" She said. "Aahn…" She moaned as she leaned back giving Naruto a view of her panties. "It's all….. because of you….." She panted out with a large blush on her face. Naruto stared at her blankly.

"Huh?" He asked intelligently. She nodded and grabbed his hand.

"Yes… here." She said as she placed his hand on her breast as her shirt had somehow fallen off both of her shoulders. "And my heart is beating so fast…." Naruto's eyes bugged out.

"W-WH-WHAT?!" He cried out as Kyouko just stared in shock at the girl's boldness. Saki inwardly smirked.

'Heh. It's working!' She thought. 'Now time for the kill.' She grabbed the blonde's face and started pulling it towards her own. Naruto's arms were flapping like a bird everywhere.

'What the hell?!' He thought, 'I basically have super strength compared to that of a human and I can't get out of the grip of a teenage schoolgirl.' He did manage to regain some composure though as he put his hands on the girls shoulder effectively stopping her. She looked at him in surprise as Naruto took a deep breathe. "Listen Tenjouin-senp-….?" He started.

'NO!' Saki thought, 'I will not be rejected by some commoner!' And with that she pulled the blonde harshly towards her startling the blonde….. She would have kissed him right there if it weren't for the three bodies that had collided into her knocking the girl back.

A few minutes earlier:

"Lala-chi, you're not serious are you?" Risa asked as Lala was currently looking in every room for Naruto. She turned to the girl with a look of confusion.

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?" She asked. Risa just stared at her for a second.

"You can't just go up to him and kiss him!" she said, "You have to set the mood. You know really get into it." Lala cocked her head to the side.

"Mood?" She asked while Risa nodded. She had to spell this out carefully for the girl. If not, she would just go up and kiss the blonde without a second thought. And Risa couldn't have that happen right now.

"Ah Rito!" Lala cried out seeing the boy walking down the hall. "Do you know where Naruto-kun is?" She asked. Rito just looked up at her and thought.

"Er… I think he's in our classroom right now." He said, "Why?" Lala smiled.

"I just need to find him that's all." She then turned back to Risa only to find that said girl was missing. She looked up and saw the girl sprinting down the corridor towards their classroom. Risa looked back and grinned.

"Sorry Lala-chi!" She shouted. "But Naruto-kun is mine!" With that she turned the corner. Lala stood there for a moment registering the words that she had just heard before adorning a cute pout on her face.

"Poooouuuuu!' She pouted

"LALA-CHAN!" Came a masculine shout. Ren had lunged at Lala. What he didn't expect was for her to side step him and take off.

"GYAAA!" Rito cried out as Ren tackeld Rito. Unable to stop his momentum, Ren's lips met with Rito's for a brief moment. Both of their eyes widened.

"GYAAAAA!" They both screamed out as they dry heaved and tried to wipe away the little moment they had between themselves.

"WHAT THE HELL ASSHOLE?!" Rito cried out grabbing Ren by the collar. Ren did the exact same thing.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU MOVE YA BASTARD!" And with that the two started exchanging fists with one another insulting the other to the best of their ability.

"RISA!" Risa heard Lala shout from behind her. The girl picked up her pace as she ran along the hallways.

'Shit!' She thought, 'If Lala-chi even see's Naruto, she'll just absentmindedly kiss him just for the heck of it.' She made the last turn as she ran into the classroom. She glanced around quickly as she saw Kyouko with a shocked expression on her face and then seeing some blonde bimbo trying to seduce her Naruto-kun. At that moment Lala ran into the room. Both girls glared at each other for a moment before they both lunged at the blonde.

Kyouko stared as she saw both Risa, then Lala rush into the room They glared at each other for a moment before the both of them started moving towards Naruto.

'Shit!' She thought as she felt her body moving as well. 'I won't lose!' And with that the girl jumped as well.

Naruto barely had any time to even blink as Saki took hold of him and forced him to her face before…..


Three bodies collided with them as Saki went flying off towards the back somewhere. Naruto blinked as he felt three pairs of lips touching his cheeks. He looked down and his face lit up as he saw that Lala, Kyouko, and Risa were all kissing him. Too much for him to handle all at once, the poor blonde passed out as the three girls continued to lie on top of him.

"Ara?" Lala said as she felt the blonde go limp. Risa sighed.

"Looks like it was a tie after all." She mumbled. Kyouko just nodded her head also frowning slightly. Then Kyouko's face picked up.

"But did you see how red Naruto-kun's face got when he saw that it was us?" She asked giggling. Risa smirked.

"It was sooooo cute!" She cried out.

"I love it when Naruto-kun blushes like that!" Lala chimed into the conversation. The three then went on to talk about how cute the blonde was, while Naruto lay on the floor unconscious.

Saki on the outside of the classroom though was fuming. "Ugh… That bitch…. How could she?..." She said as she tried to gather up her crumpled clothes. Her servants in the back were looking at her, both depressed for her.

"Saki-sama." The one with the glasses said. The other girl was crying while she had a tissue up to her eyes.

"I feel sorry for her…" She said. Saki still fumed.

"I CAN NEVER FORGIVE HER!" She yelled out and continued yelling for the rest of the day.

Day after animal café:

Naruto sighed as he walked to school by himself. The animal café happened the day before and to say the least….. It was actually the most liked attraction that was there at the school. All of the funds that were collected went to the class and they had made a sizable profit from it. Naruto sighed as he remembered basically what was a stripping contest between Lala and that Saki girl who had tried to kiss him the other day. Naruto had to guard Lala for the rest of the day after she had adorned on that whip cream outfit. He smiled.

'That girl really is troublesome…..' He thought.

"Naruto!" He heard from behind him. He looked around and saw Rito running up to him. When he finally caught up he panted for a bit regaining his breath.

"Sorry about that Naruto." He said sheepishly. "If I had gotten up earlier then I would have left with you." Naruto chuckled at the boy who looked around for a moment.

"Where's Lala?" He asked. Naruto shrugged.

"I dunno," He said, "All I heard was that she had something to take care of and would be missing school today." Rito just nodded his head as the two head off towards school. "By the way Rito." Naruto said, "How was having that little ecchi moment with Sairenji-san the other day?" He asked getting Rito to go wide eyed. "I saw you were basically groping the girl publically." Rito's face turned bright red. During the festival, Naruto saw that Rito had accidentally fallen and groped the poor shy girl receiving five fingers to the face in return.

"I-I-IT'S N-NOT WHAT YOU THINK!" He stammered out getting Naruto to laugh. He looked up.

"Speak of the devil." Naruto said. Rito looked up as well and saw Haruna at the street corner waving to the both of them smiling.

"Good morning Yuuki-kun, Uzumaki-san." She said politely. Both Naruto and Rito greeted the girl.

"NARUTO!" Came a shout from behind them. "WHERE'S LALA-CHAN TODAY?! IS SHE SICK?! I DEMAND YOU TELL ME!" Naruto sighed as he knew whom it was. Both Haruna and Rito turned just as Ren shoved Naruto roughly. A puff of smoke emitted from the blonde surprising everyone.

"Oh…. Wow…. That's pretty brave of you RIto." Naruto said. With the smoke cleared, everyone looked and saw that Rito basically had his face shoved in Haruna's pink panties, with both of his hands squeezing her plump rear. She stared at the boy for a moment.

"AIIIEEEEE!" She cried out and slapped Rito hard who just fell down to the ground saying something about how it was an accident. Haruna ran away as Rito tried to apologize. He turned to Ren who was just confused and socked him in the face for ruining his moment with his Haruna-chan. He grumbled as he and Naruto walked together towards school.

"You know that did look like you did that on purpose." Naruto said.

"HOW WAS THAT ON PURPOSE?!" Rito cried out "IF ANYTHING, WEREN'T YOU THE ONE WHO WAS BEING PUSHED?!" He then thought about it. "Actually…. I could have sworn that you were pushed." He looked at Naruto, "How did you do that?" He asked. Naruto sweated internally, but chuckled outwardly.

"Mah, mah." Naruto waved him off, "And it looked like it was on purpose cause you totally had both of your hands underneath Sairenji's panties." Naruto said getting Rito to stammer again, "Outside….. Alright that's an accident. But, dude…. You totally went inside." Naruto laughed as he saw his friends face light up like a firecracker.

"I-I-IT WAS A MISUNDERSTANDING!" He shouted as he chased after the blonde.

The day went by slowly as Naruto attended his classes. As much as he wouldn't normally think, class without Lala was… kinda boring. Kyouko was gone due to a shoot that she had to do. Risa, who was normally groping Naruto by this point of the day had some other responsibilities she needed to attend to. She was also kept busy with Sairenji in the tennis club that often kept her busy.

Though, it was pretty entertaining to watch Rito stumble over and over again trying to apologize to Sairenji. He chuckled as Rito yelled out his apology about groping Haruan's soft butt further embarrassing the girl.

School was finally over and Naruto started heading back to the Yuuki household. Rito said that he was going to try and apologize to Haruna one last time before it was too late. Naruto laughed as the boy headed off to find his one true love leaving Naruto alone. He thought about what he should do for the next few hours.

'Might as well train.' He thought. It was getting harder and harder to find time to train while keeping it quite from Lala and the rest of the household. It wasn't that he didn't trust them… But still wasn't quite comfortable with them knowing that he was… well…. different….. He chuckled to himself. 'Man I'm such a hypocrite….' He thought before sighing. 'Lala is a freaking alien princess, and they accepted her immediately….. Man I feel like a coward…. I'll tell them soon…. Just not today….' He thought as he took off into the forested areas. There weren't a lot of areas where he could train without alerting people, but there were a few just outside of the city.

A few hours later: Nighttime

"Damn Ero-sennin…." Naruto mumbled to himself as he reached the door to the Yuuki household. "Never knew such a weird jutsu would be so hard to master." He opened the door and walked in. "I'm back!" He called out only for his eyes to widen.

"NARUTO!" A ton of people shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Lala, Kyouko, and Risa were in the front of the group smiling brightly. Naruto saw that Zastin was in the back waving fans back and forth. Mikan and Rito had let loose a bunch of party poppers. Even Rito's father was there clapping his hands. Even Haruna Sairenji was there. Naruto stared at them dumbly.

"Huh?..." He asked.

"Lala-chi found out that today was your birthday silly!" Risa giggled as she went to give Naruto a hug. "Oh my." She said as she smelled him. "Someone needs to bath." Naruto chuckled sheepishly.

"Sorry about that." He said as he rubbed the back of his head. "I just got done from my workout so…" He said before Risa grinned lustfully at the blonde.

"Well then Naruto-kun." She said seductively as she started to unbutton the top of her shirt. "How about I come and join you." She opened part of her shirt and gave Naruto a good view of her cleavage. "I can wash your back for you." She grinned as she saw Naruto stutter and go red. "….Or did you have another area that I could wash in mind Na-ru-to-kun!" She said as she trailed her fingers along the blonde's stomach.

Naruto's mind went into overdrive as he thought of a naked Risa behind him lathering his body with soap. Steam started coming out his ears as he took off upstairs. "NOIT'SOKAYIGOTITTHANKSI'LLBEDOWNINASECOND!" He yelled and with a slam of the door he disappeared into the bathroom.

"WHAHAHA!" Risa laughed out loud as everyone chuckled at the blonde's reaction. "Oh my gosh! I love him! He's just too fun to play with!" She laughed out.

"Risa-chan!" Kyouko tried to admonish, but she too was giggling. "That's not very nice." Risa grinned.

"Maybe." She said coyly, "But, did you see his face! It was soooo red! He was so cute!" Risa said as she was laughing. Kyouko couldn't help it anymore as she too started laughing with the girl. Lala just looked confused.

"Why was Naruto-kun like that?" She asked innocently. Mikan sighed.

"Don't worry about it Lala. I'm sure you'll figure it out later." She said as she headed back into the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

Naruto was done bathing quickly and soon the festivities commenced. Mikan had spoiled Naruto by making an unholy amount of Miso Ramen. Basically it was like a dream come true to the teen as he inhaled bowl after bowl. When they were done, they started playing games and talking animatedly.

Naruto was surprised when the people within the household gave him presents. He smiled sheepishly as Kyouko and Risa fought over who would give their present first to the boy, only for Lala to pop right in front of the blonde.

"Hey Naruto-kun!" She said excitingly. "I prepared a present for you." Naruto smiled warmly at the girl as both Kyouko and Risa fumed.

"Lala-sama went to outer space by herself to find you a present Naruto-dono." Zastin said informing Naruto. Naruto just blinked.

"It exists only on the Planet Plantas." She said, "It's a very rare flower throughout the entire universe." She started blushing. "I saw how well you took care of the flowers out back…. And I really wanted to give it to you as a present…" She said lovingly. Naruto couldn't help but turn a little red himself at the emotions he was feeling from the girl. Then he realized something.

"You idiots." He deadpanned as he slapped his hand to his forehead. Confused by his words, both Lala and Zastin looked over only to find Risa, Kyouko, and Haruna all staring at them weirdly.

"You guys…. Are aliens?" Kyouko asked slightly hesitantly as the other girls looked at each other. Risa just shrugged.

"I guess it makes sense right?" She asked getting both Naruto and Rito to fall flat on their faces.

'Well that was easy to convince them.' Naruto thought. Rito was thinking along the same lines.

"It does make sense why Lala acted so differently not knowing the customs and all." Haruna surmised. Lala looked at them with a huge smile.

"You mean you don't mind?" She asked happy to see their reactions. Risa just came behind her and groped her breasts.

"Mind?" She asked playfully. "If all aliens have this killer figure that you do, why the hell would I mind?" Lala giggled as Risa continued to publically grope her.

"I think it's kinda cool that I'm friends with an alien." Haruna said. Lala smiled brightly and glomped the girl as well. Everyone turned to Kyouko as she looked down slightly nervous.

"Kyouko-chan?" Naruto asked seeing the girls reaction.

"Umm…" She said nervously. "I too have something to say…." Everyone looked at the girl as she mustered up the nerve. She closed her eyes. "I'm also and alien!" She cried out. Everyone's eyes opened.

"EHHH?!" Lala cried out smiling glomping the girl. "Really?!" She smiled at Kyouko who looked at Lala confused. After a moment, she too smiled.

"Well…." She said, "I'm actually half Earthling, half flame." She said as she snapped her fingers and a ball of flame lit up the room. Everyone just stared in awe at the girl and her ball of flame.

"T-Then, those weren't just special effects on your show?" Rito asked while Kyouko simply stuck out her tongue cutely.

"YEA!" Cried out Lala as she continued to nuzzle the girl. "Now we have so much more to talk about!" Kyouko just smiled at the overly excited girl. She might be a rival in her love, but they were still friends regardless.

When things had calmed down a little more, people then began to give Naruto their own personal gifts. Mikan had baked a cake for Naruto, which they all enjoyed. Haruna had given Naruto a book on how to take care of delicate breeds of plants.

She had said that she noticed Naruto talking a little more about flowers and such to Rito in school and thought it would be a great gift (Real manly subject to speak about in school right?). Next, Saibai had given Naruto a preview into his next epic manga book. Naruto smiled, even though he never really got into the stuff, it was nice of the man regardless. Zastin had even gotten Naruto a present. Naruto opened the gift and saw that it was a handle of some sort.

"That, Naruto-dono, is a beam saber." Zastin explained. "I figured since you will one day be the King of Deviluke, you will need to know the art of combat. It requires the use of one's own personal energy. I personally will teach you how to utilize this weapon, for Earthling's cannot weild such….. a?-…" He started when a light blue blade came out from the hilt. Zastin stared wide-eyed at what the blonde had just done. Naruto merely put some of his chakra into the hilt and BAM! Blade shot out of the hilt.

"Woooow!" Lala said in awe. "Naruto-kun you're so cool!" She glomped the boy affectionately causing two other girls present to let out a slight growl. Zastin was still staring at the boy in amazement.

'Strange…' He thought, 'I could've sworn that Earthlings were not capable of doing such things without great assistance.' Eventually, Zastin shrugged it off and said that he would be Naruto's personal instructor in the art of swordplay.

Rito had ended up giving Naruto a new video game and promised to help him learn how to play it. Risa had ended up giving Naruto a little scrapbook, so that he could fill it with pictures and have everlasting memories with his friends. Naruto smiled warmly at the thought that was put into the gift…. Until he opened up the cover of the book. Turning bright red, he promptly slammed the book shut. When everyone saw his reaction, they asked about what was inside. All he did was shake his head quickly while smoke came out of his ears.

He turned his head and gave the girl a slight glare who just winked at him. "You can use them and think of me whenever you need release late at night." She whispered into his ear as he turned bright red again causing the girl to laugh loudly.

Kyouko had ended up getting Naruto a week's paid vacation to a remote tropical island along with 10 friends. Naruto smiled warmly at the girl and gave her a quick hug in which she relished and almost refused to let go. Risa grumbled something about injustices in the world and not receiving her own hug.

Lala was the last one to give Naruto her gift. She grabbed his arm and started to lead him outside. "It's in the backyard! Come look!" Naruto smiled as he was dragged by the stronger girl to the backyard.

"Yea, sure." He said before he noticed a vine wrap around one of his legs.

"Oh CRAAAAPPPP!" He yelled out as he was dragged into the air. He blinked when he was just held up in the air by the vine. He looked over and saw the larges flower he had ever seen. It had many vines as its stem, and also had a huge mouth and razor sharp teeth.

"How is it Naruto-kun?!" Lala asked enthusiastically. "Isn't it really cute?!" Naruto blinked again as the girl.


A large tongue came across the blonde's entire body leaving the blonde soaking in drool. "Huh…. Yea…. Real cute….." He deadpanned before the flower started to nuzzle him a little. After a moment, the blonde smiled. "I suppose this will work out." He said as he patted the what looked to be like a carnivorous flower.

"It's amazing!" Saibaisaid. "You got a really nice present!" His son, Rito sweat dropped.

'Riiighttt….' He thought. Mikan just smiled.

"Good luck taking care of it Naruto-kun!" She shouted out. The flower finally put the blonde down who was just grinning. After whipping himself off, he went over to Lala who was just confused a little by his actions.

"Naruto-kun?" She asked before her eyes widened as he embraced her in a warm hug.

"Thank you Lala…..-chan." He said causing the girls eyes to widen before she felt him start to shake.

"…Naruto-kun?..." She asked as everyone looked at the blonde who was trembling. Then they all saw it…. Tears were running down his face.

"T-Thank y-you everyone!" He said as he clung onto Lala trying to fight back his emotions. He choked out a laugh. "T-this is the be-best and first birthday I've ever had." He hugged the girl in front of him who was silent in confusion.

Everyone looked at the blonde for a moment before all of their eyes softened. "He's been alone all of his life." Mikan said softly, "I guess it makes sense that Naruto-kun's never had a birthday." Everyone else nodded as they continued looking at the blonde.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun!" Lala said in front of him bringing him in front of her to look him in the eyes. "From now on…. We'll always celebrate your birthdays together!" She chirped as Naruto's eyes widened. He smiled at the bubbly girl.

"Thank you Lala-chan." He said again and scooped the girl up in her arms getting her to elicit a squeak. He swung her around a little before wrapping her in another hug. "Alright guys!" He cried out, "Let's get back to the party!" Everyone smiled while two girls had enough.

"NARUTO-KUUUN!" Risa and Kyouko cried simultaneously. "I want to be hugged like that too!" With that, they launched themselves at the blonde, clinging onto whatever part of his body they could.

"H-h-hold on n-now!" Naruto cried out as he tried to maintain his balance. But the girls were just as vicious as ever.

"I was here first Risa! Leave him alone!" Kyouko shouted.

"Not on your life. He's mine!" Risa shouted back.

"Yea! We're all friends!" Lala giggled on Naruto's back. Both Risa and Kyouko glared at the girl.

"Get off him!" They cried together, and so began the battle of the Naruto for the evening.

Later that night:

Naruto stirred when he felt something come into his bed. He groggily opened his eyes as he saw a wide-eyed Lala in mid step staring back at the blonde. Naruto' s eyes too went wide when he noticed that the girl was naked yet once again. In her arms, she carried a sleeping Peke.

"Ahh! Lala! What are you doing?!" He cried out. The girl blushed slightly as she looked down somewhat embarrassed about being caught.

"Ano…." She said, "I just wanted to sleep with Naruto-kun…" She said with a pleading look in her eyes. Naruto stared at the girl for a moment before sighing. He got up and went to his drawer, pulling out a T-shirt and a pair of boxers.

"Here." He said tossing the clothes to the girl who caught them. She looked at them for a second before looking back at the blonde in confusion. "If you're going to be sleeping in my bed tonight, at least put those on." He said. Lala stared at him for a moment before getting a large grin on her face.

"Kay!" She said excitingly. She put Peke down and quickly put on the clothes. Naruto laid on the bed only to soon be followed by Lala. Lalal quickly snuggled up to the boy who just smiled and put his arm around the girl. She looked up at him as he tightened his grip on her slightly before smiling and started to nuzzle the boy even more.

"Night Naruto-kun." She said happily as she eased into his body happily feeling his warmth. Naruto smiled.

"Good night Lala-chan." He said closing his eyes.

The next morning:

Naruto slowly opened his eyes as light struck his face. He felt something heavy breathing on his chest and looked down. Remembering last night he smiled before frowning again. 'She took off her clothes in the middle of the night again.' Naruto sighed as he gently woke the girl up.

"Lala-chan." He said, "We have to get up or we'll be late for school." Lala slowly blinked her eyes as she woke up before she shot straight up in the bed holding the sheets to her chest. She had a huge blush on her face as she went wide-eyed.

"KYAAAH!" She screamed as she ran out of the room with the blanket wrapped around her. Naruto just stared at her retreating figure.


"Hey Lala-chan?" Naurto said as they were on their way walking to school. The girl hadn't spoken to the teen since whatever happened that morning. Naruto was really worried that he might have upset the girl. "I'm sorry about earlier…. Ummm….. Is there anything I can do to get you back into a good mood?" He asked. Lala continued walking calmly down the street with her bag in front of her.

"I'm sorry, Naruto." She said after a moment. "It's not like I'm angry or anything… It's just…. It was kinda embarrassing….." She admitted. Naruto stared at the girl

'How was it embarrassing?' He asked himself. 'You do that on average about every other night. Hell you walk around naked in the house after every bath you take.' He looked down as he tried to figure out what was wrong with the girl.

Rito just walked side by side with Naruto looking around awkwardly. "…..Soooooo….." He said. "Did I miss something?" He asked as they continued down the road. Naruto sighed and told him that he would tell him later.

"HEEEY!" A shout came as both Lala and Naruto looked up to see Mio, Risa, and Haruna. Rito went to pieces and started blushing as soon as Haruna greeted the boy.

"Good morning," Lala said happily, "Haruna-san, Risa-san, Mio-san." Everyone just stared at her as if she were crazy. "Shall we move on? We don't want to be late for school." She said as she started walking ahead humming a tune.

"Eh?..." Haruna said.

"Erm, Okay….." Mio replied. Everyone else sweat dropped.

"W-was Lala-chi like that before?..." Risa asked as they started making their way to school.

A few minutes later:

"Geez!" Naruto berated himself as he ran back to school. "I can't believe that I forgot that homework assignment." The blonde continued sprinting hoping that he wouldn't be late to class.

"Tenjouin-sama." A girl with a long brown pony tail said. "We must hurry if we don't want to be late to class."

"OHOHOH!" The cocky blonde laughed out in her rich girl laugh. "Rin, you know I can't even begin my day without a cup of cappuccino." No matter how many times her servants had made the cup, it just never compared to the quality that came from a simple coffee shop a block away from the school.

"Saki-sama." Another girl with glasses said, "We really must hurry." Saki sighed.

"Oh alright." She said as the three started running for their school. Just as they were crossing a street the wind picked up.

"KYAA!" Saki cried out as her drink spilled all over her. "Now what am I going to do?!" She cried out in dismay.

"TENJOUIN-SAMA!" Rin cried out as she darted back for the girl. Saki looked up and saw a large semi-heading for her. Fear instilled into her body and paralyzed her muscles. She stared as a deer would at headlights at the oncoming truck.

'NO!' Rin thought as she ran for her master. 'I'M NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!' Saki couldn't breathe. She couldn't think. All she could do was watch the vehicle move closer to her…..

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" A voice cried out. Her head turned slightly only to feel a hand push her to the side hard. In slow motion she turned her head as her body was flung out of the way, only to see a blonde haired, whiskered teen in midair. The next thing she knew, the truck his him hard sending the blonde flying. Saki landed in the arms of Rin as she caught the girl from hitting the pavement.

"Tenjouin-sama!" Both Rin and Aya cried out, "Are you alright?" She received no response. Saki continued looking out at the truck that had now stopped.

"W-w-was that N-Naruto Uzumaki?" She whispered before snapping back into the reality that had happened. She whipped her head the direction blonde was flung. "Where is he?!" She cried out worriedly as she looked around panicking.

"Tenjouin-sama?" Rin asked. Aya was just as confused. Saki turned on the both of them.

"Rin! Aya!" She said urgently. "We must find him! He needs medical attention after that!" Both Rin and Aya nodded there heads and ran off to look for the blonde.

"Damn it!" Naruto gritted his teeth as he pulled out a piece of grill from his arm. "I'm gonna need to get that wrapped." He said to himself. True, he had suffered through a lot worse, but you try getting hit by a semi going 80 kpm. It's going to hurt regardless.

As soon as the blonde hit the pavement from the semi, he rocketed off down the nearby alley's. He didn't need people witnessing him surviving an accident like that. That would just get him too much attention that he just didn't want. After a few blocks of running, he stopped to catch his catch his breath and take out the piece of metal in him that had been bugging him for a while.

"Damn girl." He muttered as he unsealed his medical kit and taking out the bandages. "What was she thinking just standing there in the middle of the road?" Naruto's eye's then sensed something headed his way fast. He quickly put up a tiger sign and muttered:

"Meisaigakure no Jutsu!"

And with that, his body then blended into the surrounding area. Not a second later a girl with a long pony tail and a kendo stick appeared.

'Wait.' Naruto thought. 'That's…' He vaguely remembered the girl from his school. She was wearing their uniform, he could have sworn it was that girl who always hung around that blonde who had tried to seduce him a few weeks back. What was her name… Tenjinin or something. Naruto just watched as the girl cautiously looked around.

Rin saw something on the ground in the corner of her eye. Bending down, the girl picked up the bloody object.

'Shit… Rookie mistake….' Naruto thought as the girl inspected the item. Her eyes narrowed.

"I know you're here!" She said as she continued to look around. Naruto's eye's widened. How did this girl know? He was surprised that the girl was able to track him down this far, but there shouldn't be anybody who was that good on this planet. She continued carefully scrutinizing the surrounding area.

"I don't know what happened back there." She said honestly looking around. "But I will find out. If you did indeed save her…. You have my gratitude…. But if you in any way mean to hold this to your own benefit…. I will dispose of you." Naruto saw the look in her eye. She was lying…. She was lying…. She had never killed before…. But that didn't mean that she wasn't willing to when push came to shove.

"There!" She cried out as she slashed the position where Naruto was at only for a puff of smoke to arise. When it cleared she looked down and saw a trashcan was dented in as she hit the metal object. Naruto had substituted with the object and then took to running up the side of the building to get away from the perceptive girl.

'No way!' He thought, 'There shouldn't be anyone like that in this world let alone our school…' He reached the top and started jumping roof to roof heading towards the school. 'Dammit! I let my guard down! Dammit! I'm making rookie mistakes left and right!' He berated himself all the way to the school.

Rin glanced around the alley no longer feeling the presence she had once sensed. She looked down and picked up some bloodied wrappings. "I'll find you…. Naruto Uzumaki…." With that, she headed back to meet with her master and Aya.

"Naruto-kun." Lala said as she walked by him. "Are you alright?" She asked. She noticed that Naruto was using more of his left arm than usual.

"Mah, mah Lala-chan. I'm fine." Naruto smiled at the girl.

"Ah Lala-chan!" Came the voice of Ren who appeared before the princess. "You're beautiful as always! Your beauty is indeed the jewel of the universe! I mean, you're a masterpiece of God!" Ren started shouting out other lame pick up lines to the girl only for her to duck behind Naruto. Naruto quirked an eyebrow.

"Lala-chan?" Ren asked slightly surprised at her actions. The girl held onto Naruto as she peered behind his back blushing.

"No…" She said softly. "Please stop it. It's embarrassing…!" Ren looked like he had just kicked a puppy.

"UWAAAH!" He cried off screaming. "I'M SORRY!" Naruto slightly sweat dropped before looking back at Lala.

'What's going on with her?' He thought now getting slightly worried about the girl. Everything that she was doing wasn't adding up.

"YOU?!" Naruto heard from behind him. Turning he saw a shock looked Tenjouin in front of him. She held a hand in front of her chest shyly as she started walking over to the blonde. Her servants were right behind her, Naruto noticed though that Rin was watching him very carefully. Sake walked up to the blonde and started touching his body.

'Well she doesn't know the concept of personal space does she?' He thought.

"Your really ok…" She whispered amazed and grateful at that the boy in front of her was still alive. Naruto adopted a face of confusion. Lala adopted a real face of confusion.

"Err…. Tenjouin-senpai." Naruto asked awkwardly. "Is there something that you need?" Saki looked up at the blonde into his blue eyes.

'They really are captivating.' She thought for a second before realizing what she was doing. Shaking her head quickly she looked at the blonde again. "How are you ok?" She cried out. "I saw you get hit by that semi." She shouted as Lala behind her gasped. Naruto cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"Semi?..." He asked. "Tenjouin-senpai, what are you talking about?" He asked. He saw that Rin slightly opened her eyes surprised what the blond said. Saki stood in front of the blonde baffled.

"I saw you get hit by that semi!" She cried out as she grabbed the front of Naruto's uniform. "You pushed me out of the way to save me and you got hit instead!" Saki cried out desperately. She needed this confirmation from the blonde somehow. She wouldn't be satisfied until she did.

"Ummm….. Senpai?" Naruto asked awkwardly. "You must be confused senpai. I was here with Lala-chan for most of the morning. Right Lala-chan?" He asked the girl behind him who let out a cute eep, confusing Naruto even more, but she did nod her head in confirmation. "There you have it senpai." Naruto said smiling as the shocked girl in front of him dropped her hands and stared at nothing. "Sorry senpai, but we have to get going." He said with a wave of his hand. "I'm glad you're ok though!" Naruto said brightly as he and Lala walked down the hall.

Saki stayed motionless for a second before falling to her knees. "Saki-sama!" Both Rin and Aya cried out as they checked to make sure the girl was alright.

"If….If that wasn't Naruto….. Then who was it?..." She asked softly. "What…What if I'm the reason….. someone died?" Both Rin's and Aya's eyes widened.

"Saki-sama we cannot confirm that!" Aya said quickly. "No one was found injured at the site of the accident!" This could cause her master a serious mental breakdown if she didn't get closure that everyone was alright.

"She's right Saki-sama." Rin confimed. "We just don't know the details." Saki stayed motionless before the both of them saw tears running down her beautiful face.

"I…I-I don't know how I could live… If someone died for me!" She started crying into the ground. Aya was immediately went to comfort her trying to calm the girl down. She turned to Rin who was just staring at her master crying on the ground.

"Aya." She said after a moment. "Take care of Saki-sama." With that she turned and started walking away.

"Rin!" Aya cried out. "Where are you going?!" She asked. Rin only turned her head towards the girl.

"To find some answers." She replied.

On the rooftops:

"What is it, Naruto?..." Lala asked. They were currently on the roof of the building. Naruto didn't know what was going on with the girl, but he needed to find out. "You wanted to have a talk with me?" She asked. Naruto nodded his head.

"Yeah." He said before the wind picked up blowing up Lala's skirt and showing off her hott pink panties.

"Eep!" She cried out as she quickly held her skirt down. "….. Did you see it?" She asked. She looked at Naruto's blushing face. "My… You're ecchi." She said holding both of her hands to her face as she blushed deeply. Naruto gapped.

'What the hell!' He thought, 'She was always cute, but this is getting ridiculous!' He walked up to Lala and felt her head with his own forehead. "Do you have a fever or something?" He asked as Lala turned a bright shade of red from their close proximity. "Lala… You're burning up." He said as he stepped back.

"Now that you mention it," Peke mentioned, "Lala-sama's body temperature is higher than usual…" Naruto looked confused.

"But you feel fine right?" He asked.

"She seems to have caught the 'Korotto flu'." A voice cause both Naruto and Lala to turn around. They saw a pretty brunette walking towards them. She was wearing a ruffled pink shirt that did little to hide her huge bust. She had on a black mini skirt along with thigh length boots. She was also wearing what looked to be a lab coat.

"You're Mikado-sensei from the nurses office right?" He asked getting a slight nod and a smile from the woman. "Korotto flu?" He asked. "I've never heard of it."

"It causes a person to suffer a slight fever and behave with a totally different personality." She explained. "It's pretty rare. She probably caught it from another place in the universe." Naruto blinked.

"She did go to that planet the other day….." Naruto said before his eyes widened. "How do you know about Lala-chan?" Naruto asked sighing. Mikado blinked.

"Her tail speaks for itself right?" She asked. "She's a Devilukean if I remember correctly." Naruto's right eyebrow was twitching.

"That means you're an alien right?" He asked. Mikado just smiled as she brushed her hair back.

"Yes." She said. "It's not that unusual you know. People form other planets live on Earth. Humans just don't know about it. My job is to heal them." Naruto sighed.

"Of course it is…." Naruto mumbled. "Dammit. This thing is just getting bigger and bigger."

"Here." Mikado said handing a vial with some sort of chemical inside. "I'll give you this. It's flue medicine that I prepared. She'll be back to normal in no time once she takes it." Naruto looked at the nurse for a second before politely bowing.

"Thank you Mikado-sensei." Naruto said as he quickly gave the girl the medicine.

"Usually I charge for it…." Mikado said, "But I can't take any money form my cute students now can I?" She asked. Lala then began to sway as she fell into Naruto's arms. "Oh yea….. The medicine should be knock her out for the next six hours so make sure you take care of her ok Uzumaki-kun!" Mikado-sensei winked at the boy. "You can even use the infirmary if you wanted some alone time with her." She giggled.

"What the hell kinda sensei are you?!" Naruto yelled at the teacher who just giggled.

Naruto laid the girl upright next to the wall. "Sensei, I would like to speak with you if I could." Naruto said as he walked over to the doctor who just cocked her eyebrow.

"Really Uzumaki-kun?" She asked. "I'm flattered, but we hardly know each other!" She giggled with a hand placed before her mouth. Naruto's right eyebrow was twitching violently. His eyes shot to the side.

"Of all the mother fuckin' times!" He yelled out as he flipped over a leg sweep bringing one of his hands to the ground and twisting his legs around an oncoming object, twisting it effectively out of the grip of his attacker. The blonde then flipped backwards taking the object in his hands before landing on his feet. His eyes sharpened as he saw Rin in front of him staring at him in shock.

Mikado just blinked at the quick little interaction the two students had before grinning. 'Well, well….' She thought. 'This should be interesting.'

"You are….. Kujou-senpai correct?" Naruto asked as he held the kendo stick in his hand. "What is it that I have done so that you would attack me?" Naruto asked as soon as the girl nodded her head. She stared at him as if she were analyzing the teen.

"I wanted to confirm something." She said. "And it seems as if my assumptions were correct." Naruto looked at the girl confused. "You were the one who save Saki-sama today." She said. Naruto looked at her for a moment before sighing.

"Are you still on about that?" Naruto asked. "Listen senpai, I've already told you that I had nothing to do with that." Naruto said as he massages his temples with his hands.

"Then why is there a blood stain on your uniform." She asked. Naruto didn't move as he paid attention to his right arm. He then felt that it was slightly damp.

'Damn it.' He thought, 'Must've opened when my hand hit the ground.' He slowly lowered his arm as Rin brought out the piece of metal that was embedded into Naruto's arm.

"I found this near the site of the accident." She said as she held it up for him to see. "From what Lala-san had mentioned earlier, you've been favoring your left side today correct?" She asked rhetorically.

"…..I see." Naruto said slowly his mind going a mile a minute. "So what do you want?" he asked honestly. He was getting pretty annoyed by the entire event and just wanted it over with.

"I want to know how supposedly a normal high school student is able to survive getting hit by a semi going 80 Kpm." She said sharply glaring at the boy. "I want to know why you saved Saki-sama."

"Oh my!" Mikado said as she held up a hand to her mouth in fake innocence. "Does that mean that Uzumaki-kun is-….?" She started.

"Mikado-sensei. " Naurto said, "Forgive me, but I don't think it will be necessary for you to finish that sentence." Mikado blinked at the tone of Naruto's voice. "But, I will say this. No… I'm not…. I was born and raised here." Rin's face showed confusion before she narrowed her eyes.

"So you are hiding something Uzumaki-san." She accused. Naruto sighed.

"We all have our secrets senpai." Naruto said. "But to answer your question. Why did I save Tenoujin-senpai?..." He paused. "Well…. Why not?" He asked. Rin just blinked. "Do I need a reason to save someone who is in trouble?" He asked again. "I did it cause I wanted to, nothing more, nothing less." Naruto smiled catching the girl off guard. She stared at the boy for a moment before once again gaining a suspicious look.

"I'm sorry Uzumaki-san." She said, "But, I just cannot accept that answer." Naruto looked at her confused. "I might have believed you if you hadn't moved the way that you did when you disarmed me. You move too much like an assassin for me to leave this alone. Prepare yourself Uzumaki-san." With that she rushed the blonde, this time reaching behind her back and into her shirt, she pull out another kendo stick. But with a quick 'shrk!' A long blade was revealed. She lunged for the blonde boy.


She blinked as she saw that her blade was being held back by a smaller blade that the blonde had produced.

"So I was right." She surmised as she looking into the boys eyes. "You are an assassin." Naruto just groaned.

"No I'm not dammit!" He said as she launched a kick at the boy who just dodged it. "Man… Why are women so troublesome?" He muttered. The two clashed against one another. Blade for blade strikes were countered and parried.

'What's with his movements?' Rin thought to herself as she made another slash only for him to dodge. Turning her body quickly, she barely brought up her blade in time to defend against his quick and precise attacks. 'I can't read him…. Every one of his movements are strange and unorthodox! It doesn't make sense!' She continued to counter against the blonde's strikes.

All in all, Naruto was slightly impressed with the girl. There weren't too many people in this world that could keep up with her speed….. Or so he thought. Her swordplay was amazing. If Naruto had to guess, it would be Chunnin level. But her body, speed and physical strength, were probably less of a Gennin. Maybe at Sakura's level from back in the day. She was still stronger and faster than the normal civilian, but without conditioning your body to such a degree, the girl would never progress forward.

"Really?" He asked mockingly. "This is the best you got senpai?" Naruto asked as he dodged another strike. Rin was starting to get angry as she saw his bored face just staring at her dumbly. "I thought you would be better than this…. I guess I shouldn't have expected much coming from a girl." He said lazily as Naruto grinned inwardly as Rin's strikes began to come more quickly, but sloppy as well.

"How dare you, you chauvinistic pig!" She yelled out. Naruto bobbed and weaved between her strikes as the girl desperately tried to hit her target.

"By the way." Naruto said. "Nice panties. I didn't know that your ass could be so tempting senpai." Naruto grinned pervertedly at the girl who just blushed as she held down her skirt with one hand.

"How dare you, you beast!" She cried out as she tried to lower her skirt more.

'Alright.' Naruto thought as he took advantage of the situation and started moving. 'I guess I've had my fun….. This sucks that she found out more about me though.'


Rin blinked as one moment she was looking at the ecchi blonde, then the next she was holding a shattered blade in her hand. She gripped the handle and stared at the blade. "H-how?..." She said she saw Naruto pull back both of his arms. Her eyes narrowed as she saw lines that had reflected in the light wrap around her. 'Wires?!" She thought as they came from all sides. They bound tightly against her arms and her legs not allowing her to move as she fell over to the side.

"Kya!" She cried out as she hit the rooftop. She saw that Naruto had started walking over to her. She tried to back away from the man. "KEEP AWAY FROM ME YOU BEAST!" She snarled out. Naruto only sighed as he grabbed the girl. She tried to kick and buck her way out of the situation, but the wires were strapped around her too tightly for her to do anything.

"Just relax would you?" Naruto said as he sat her against the wall. "Geez, why are all of you women so troublesome?" Naruto himself sat back across from the girl who glared at the teen in rage.

"SHUT UP!" She yelled out, "A beast like you who only looks down on women wouldn't know anything!" She shouted. Naruto chuckled. "What the hell is so funny?!" She demanded. Naruto leaned back and supported his body weight with his arms.

"You are." Naruto said simply. "You're a very quick person to judge." He said as the girl continued to struggle. "You know why you're in the position you are in right now right?" Naruto asked as she glared back at the blonde.

"YOU'RE THE ONE WHO PUT ME HERE!" She shouted accusingly at the blonde. Naruto only sighed again.

"Cause you lost your temper." He said getting the girl to blink. "You became so enraged with me and the snide comments that I was making that you lost your focus on your surroundings." Naruto stated. Rin was silent as she registered his words before realizing that he was right.

"You think that I actually look down on women?" Naruto laughed out. "That women can't be as strong a men? Bullshit! Hell, my obaa-chan can still probably kick my ass any day of the week. You just let your emotions take a hold of you." Rin looked down in slight shame. She had been played by such a weak little trick. "True, your speed and power went up significantly when you were angered, but you allowed me to set up my trap without you being aware of it." Naruto looked up into the sky. "In all honesty, your actually a great fighter. Your swordsmanship is almost flawless. But what you lack in is speed and power." This caused Rin to look at him.

"What do you mean?" She asked. Naruto smiled at her.

"You've got some fancy moves there senpai, but if you don't have the speed or power to back them up, you're going to find someone who does have both speed and power and lose." Rin looked down in thought at the blondes words before sighing herself.

"So I suppose this is the part where you dispose of me isn't it?" She asked sadly. She had failed her master. Naruto just blinked.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Naruto said dumbly only for the girl to glare at the teen with tears in her eyes.

"Don't toy with me Uzumaki-san!" She said. "I figured out your secret. It's only reasonable for you to silence me!" She said only for Naruto to still look blankly at the girl.

"…..Yea….. Senpai?" he said, "You're crazy. Go to a spa or something. Get a massage. Do something to get your mind off of things. I'm not going to do anything to you….. But could you please keep our little fight a secret from everyone here please?" Naruto asked with his hands out in front of the girl pleading with her.

"Huh?" She asked blankly as she looked at him. Naruto looked up.

"I already told you." He said, "I have no master plan. I'm not scheming anything. Honestly, I just helped Tenjouin-senpai cause I could." Rin stared at the blonde.

"Then how do you explain running away afterwards?" She asked a little less accusingly. Naruto just rubbed the back of his head awkwardly

"I just don't like attention like that." He said surprising the girl. "I don't need some special award…. Or some great honor bestowed upon me. As long as people are happy… Then so am I." Naruto smiled at the girl. Rin looked in shock at the blonde. Was there really such a man on the face of the planet who did things just to make people happy? No ulterior motives involved? She blushed slightly as she turned her head away from the blonde. She started to shuffle uncomfortably.

"….Can you…. Untie me now?..." She asked, "I promise I won't attack you anymore." She added quickly as she saw Naruto look at her skeptically. He smiled and nodded as he took out his kunai and sliced through he wire. She rubbed her arms and legs before she looked at the blonde and bowed slightly.

"Please forgive my rashness Uzumaki-san." She said, "Please understand, there are many who would try to kidnap Saki-sama and use her as a hostage to increase their capital gain. A man of your talents is rare to come upon and I was sure that you had ulterior motives with Saki-sama. Please try to understand Uzumaki-san." She said her head still bowed.

"Naruto." She heard him say. She looked up at the blonde in confusion. "Just call me Naruto from now on and we'll call it even. Honestly, I hate being so formal." He smiled brightly. Rin stared at the blonde again for a moment before turning slightly red again.

"Naruto…" She said getting a larger grin from the blonde.

"My, my. You two sure have gotten friendly all of a sudden." Mikado said with a mischievous look on her face. "Well I've got to say Uzumaki-kun, there's more to you than meets the eye." She smiled as she started walking away. "I'll be keep a close eye on you from now on." She sang as she disappeared down the stairs.

"Dammit…." Naruto muttered under his breath. Rin heard him.

"I'm sorry Uzumak-…. I mean Naruto." She apologized again only to have Naruto wave her off.

"Mah, Mah." He said, "Enough with the apologies already. I guess that it was going to get out eventually." Naruto stretched out as he got up. "Well, I should probably get going and bring her to the infirmary." Naruto said as she pointed to the pink haired girl who was quietly sleeping next to the stairs.

"Is she going to be ok? Rin asked slightly concerned with the bright girl. Though she might be Saki-sama's enemy, she personally wished no ill will on the girl. Naruto just nodded his head.

"Yea, she should be fine." Naruto said. "Mikado-sensei already administered something for her and said that she just needs rest. I'll bring her to the infirmary right now." He picked up the girl and started heading for the stairs.

"Uzu-… Naruto?" Rin called out. Naruto turned his head. "Please!" She said "Allow me to tell Saki-sama that you were the one who saved her!" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"I would really appreciate it if you didn't." Naruto said.

"Please!" Rin said, "You have no idea the mental trauma that Saki-sama is suffering with right now." Naruto widened his eyes. "She thinks that she is responsible for the death of another. She isn't able to handle such trauma, so I beg of you. Please let me tell her!" Rin bowed to Naruto.

"…. I never wanted something like that to happen…" Naruto said quietly, but the girl heard him. He turned his head and smiled. "Alright, that's fine." He said as the girl looked at him and smiled. "But…." He started, "You gotta promise me that you'll never bow to me again." Rin cocked her head to the side in slight confusion. "I told you I'm not one for much formalities. I adhere to them cause it's convenient, but, you should never have to bow to your friends right?" Naruto grinned. Rin's eye's widened.

"….Friends?" She asked.

"Well sure…. Why not?" Naruto asked simply before he turned to leave with Lala in his arms. "You know what Rin-chan?" Naruto asked. "I'm glad we had this little encounter…. It's nice to have someone to talk to about this kind of stuff. Get stronger and faster Rin-chan. I honestly can't wait to see how far you can you can go with your ability." And with that the blonde disappeared. Rin just continued staring at where the blonde had just left.

"Naruto… Uzumaki…." She said before smiling as she too took off to inform Saki-sama the news.

"GRRRRRR!" Rin yelled out as she was trying to push a small boulder across the training ground of her dojo. 'I'll show him next time!' She thought. 'I'll show him just how far I can go.' Both muscles in her arms and legs ached and begged for rest, but the girl refused to give up. This was about her 100th lap around the training grounds.

Unbeknowest to her, another figure had been watching her. He stepped out onto the training grounds. "You seem a little more energetic than usual Rin." He said getting the girl to stop and turn to face him.

"Father?" She asked. Kai Kujou. He wore a slim black ponytail that trailed along his back. His dress was crisp and formal. He was a servant to the Tenjouin family and was in charge of their security.

"Tell me Rin." The man said with his sharp eyes. "What happened?" He asked. Rin was silent for a moment before looking down at the ground.

"….I lost…." She said sadly that she had to tell her father of her failure. Her father had always expected the best out of her and she had always delivered….. But this time….. He simply raised a crisp eyebrow. "I lost…. In combat…."

"Really?" He asked eyebrow lifted, but regardless remained emotionless. It was rare for his daughter to lose, especially in combat. The man had trained the girl himself. There few who were able to stand up to her. There were those within the clan, but even them, the girl was high ranked. "To whom?" he asked.

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki…." She said. "I…. I had believed that he was a threat to Saki-sama….. But it turns out that I was mistaken….. I was quick to judge…. And I paid for it in humiliation…." He saw her clench her fists. "He saw through me from the very beginning of the fight. He used my emotions against me…. So that I wasn't able to think clearly….." She looked up at her father. "Not only that… but from the very beginning…. He was just toying with me…. As if I weren't a threat to him." Kai just stood there listening to every word his daughter was saying. As much as he hated to admit that his own flesh and blood had lost…. It apparently was a valuable lesson for the girl to learn…. Never to underestimate an unknown…..

"He said…." Rin started, "That he wants me to get stronger….. to get faster." Kai continued to stare at his daughter. "He told me that I need to increase my speed and my power, otherwise my attacks and defenses with my sword won't mean a thing."

"Sounds like an intelligent fighter." Kai said to his daughter getting her to look up at him. "Your technique Rin, is almost flawless…. But he is right. Against a stronger or faster opponent, it would be difficult to overcome such an obstacle." Rin let out a sigh before looking up at her father with determination in her eyes, slightly surprising the man.

"I won't let it happen again." She said as she smiled clenching her fist. "I will show him how far I can go." And with that the girl let out a yell and continued to push the boulder down its path. Kai just stood there for a moment staring at his daughter. He then turn around and walked back inside the house. When he close the door he snapped his fingers.

"Yes leader." Came the voices of three individuals who had materialized out of nowhere. All clad in black with face masks covering their identities. They all kneeled before the man.

"Naruto Uzumaki." Kai said coldly. "Find out who he is and dispose of him. He is too great of a risk factor for Tenjouin-sama to be associated with." All three individuals bowed their heads.

"Yes leader." With that they vanished within thin air out of the presence of their captain.

"Naruto Uzumaki…" He said contemplating staring out over the city.


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