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Never Gonna Leave This Bed...

...Unless My Stomach Decides to Try to One-Up Aubrey Posen

The pool table was probably not going to survive the night. Beca watched as Fat Amy and Kolio danced on top of it singing out to the people clustered in the house's living room. She had kicked Stacie and Unicycle off of it earlier when things looked like they were about to break the PG-13 Rule that was in place in all common areas. No exceptions. The table was not normally in the living room to begin with, but there was no stopping a drunk Donald when he wanted a stage and between him, Unicycle, and Kolio, they managed to lug the thing to the far side of room. Beca was standing off to one side near the front door with a drink can in her hand leaning against the wall. The music was turned up even louder when a new song began. Luckily, the house was far enough back from campus that they probably wouldn't get a noise violation. Probably.

Tori and Zoe, the two freshmen Bellas they had just initiated earlier that night were already mingled in with the crowd, laughing with the boys and holding their red Solo cups in the air as they danced to the music. After the Hood Night party in the Greek Theater for all of the a cappella clubs burned itself out, the Treble-makers and Bellas moved their party back to the house and pulled out the karaoke machine and another keg. The furniture was pushed to the side of the room and everyone was dancing in the depression in the center of the floor where three couches usually were.

"Be-CAW! Hey, hey, Be-CAW!" She heard her boyfriend yelling over the crowd and covered her face, trying and failing not to laugh at him. Jesse only called her that when he was drunk. Fat Amy once called it his 'beastly mating call like that of the wild emu' which...well, that might not be wrong and definitely made her laugh harder when he did it. He popped up in front of her, grinning wildly. "Damn, girl."

He did some strange hip thrust before she realized that he was dancing and singing along to "Sexy Chick" with Amy and Kolio. She rolled her eyes and took a sip of the spiked Coke she was drinking to cover up her smile.

"Oh, come on, you know you like this song." Jesse said, holding out a hand to her as he danced. His energy was contagious and she was having a hard time not taking his hand to a fool of herself with him. He was smiling from ear to ear with his cheeks flushed red and dressed in a blue shirt, tight dark jeans, and one of the eighty pairs of Converse he owned. His whole body was practically screaming at her to touch him...everywhere. "Yes, I can see ya, cause every girl here wanna be ya. It's David Guetta, Bec. You love his music. Come on. Dance with me, sexy chick."

She finally gave in, letting herself be pulled into the crowd and dancing with him while he sang to her. One song turned to another five and somewhere after that she ended up losing track of Jesse and found herself in the middle of the small mob of dancing drunk people. Cynthia-Rose was doing a very interesting grinding thing with Denise while Jessica and Ashley literally 'busted a move' right there on the living room carpet with a weird drumming motion and lots of bouncing. She went to take a sip of her drink only to realize it was empty. Squeezing through the crowd, she looked around for her boyfriend, but couldn't spot his dark curls. In the cramped kitchen, she found an impromptu beer pong game taking place on the island with Donald and Lilly on one end and Jesse and Greg on the other, both still had most of their cups left.

"Oh, oh, celebrity shot! I'm giving out a celebrity shot." Jesse yelled, handing the ping-pong ball to her. She held it in one hand and looked from the little beer soaked ball to her boyfriend with a questioning eyebrow. "She is the queen of beer pong."

Beca could not remember ever actually playing the game with Jesse for him to know that, but she couldn't say no and tossed the ball down the island. She hit one cup's rim and with a little bounce the ball plunked into another. Yeah, she was the queen of beer pong. Her face was assaulted by the blue shirt Jesse was wearing as he engulfed her in a jumping victory hug.

"Yay," she gave a little, half-sarcastic cheer and patted his shoulder with the hand that wasn't pressed between her boobs and his stomach. He kept his arm around her shoulder as he pulled back and she spent the rest of his (losing) game tucked into his side, cheering him on and giggling when Lilly sank balls one after another. Before they could start another round, she wiggled out from under his arm and said, "I have to pee."

When she came back, Jesse wasn't in the kitchen and Kolio had taken his place in the game. Lilly pointed her toward the living room. Beca couldn't find him among the people dancing and he wasn't (oh thank goodness) on the pool table. One of the Bellas grabbed her and pulled her back into the dancing throng of people. She humored them and danced.

She caught Amy's arm while she did a wild dance move and tugged her over. "Have you seen Jesse?" she yelled over the music.

Normally, she wasn't so clingy, but the last time she lost Jesse at a party he had led a five man streaking expedition across the quad with the battle cry "We are the Kings of Campus!" As nice as her boyfriend's ass looked, she was rather territorial about it and some random girl walking back to her dorm that was taken by surprise by a group of half-dozen naked screaming boys didn't need to check it out, thank you.

"Yeah, yeah, I think he was talking to one of our new girls, uhh, Tori? She was trying to put the moves on him, but he shut that down like a theme park." Amy added a hand gesture to articulate the veracity of his putdown.

"Thanks, Amy." Beca looked around and caught sight of Tori's red-blonde hair across the room and made her way over. She could hear Jesse saying something over the music, but couldn't understand him. Once she got closer she saw that her boyfriend was pinned in the corner of one of the couches with Tori inching closer and closer.

"Hey, nerd," Beca said, falling into Jesse's lap and wrapping an arm possessively around his neck and completely blocking the other girl out. Hey, she never said she wasn't petty. Tori mumbled something about a new drink and practically ran from the living room. Jesse let out a sigh of relief and downed the rest of the beer he had in his cup.

"Thanks, Bec," he said, setting the cup down pulling her around to face him.

She raised an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

"Yep." He nodded seriously with half-lidded eyes and ran his hands up her sides, dipping under her shirt to rub his thumb across her hip. "I thought she was going to eat me."

"It was a close call, I'm sure. But don't worry, I have a whole arsenal of Hilary Swank moves now that I have actually watched Million Dollar Baby. If I can take out a middle-aged man, a freshman shouldn't be a big deal. They may be taking our new oath a little too far though." Beca smirked at him as Jesse gave her a confused look.

"You mean their vocal cords won't be ripped out by wolves if they try to sleep with me? Bec, that was deterrent to keep them from jumping me every chance they get."

Beca laughed and pointed out, "That didn't work so well for me, now did it?"

"Well, you are categorically rebellious. It's the eyeliner." He was grinning up at her and snaking a hand under her shirt to brush a thumb across the skin of her hip.

"And the amazingly scary ear spike," she reminded him with a smirk, brushing her hair back from her ear so that it was visible. "But, yeah, new oath says 'And I promise to never make an enemy out of Treble-maker except in the throws of competition and only put my loyalty to the Bellas above their friendship...or may my vocal cords be ripped out by wolves.' I couldn't exactly make them swear not to get Treble-boned when...well, like half the house is sleeping with each other. Plus, we needed it on the books that we have to get along with you guys so that we can coexist in the same house without killing each other. And we all agreed that wolves ripping out your vocal cords was still a very resonating image and it was keeper. For the sake of tradition, of course."

"Very nice," he agreed, his eyes laughing at her as he inched his hand a little farther up her shirt.

She almost wanted to she just how far he would go before he realized he was about to break the P-13 Rule. He stopped just at the bottom of her ribs and winked at her. She scowled back at him and kissed him hard. Take that, she thought

"Yeah, have to uphold tradition," Beca said when she pulled back, only lacing the comment with the tiniest bit of sarcasm. "Aubrey might come back from Grad School Hell to kill me if I don't."

Both laughed at the thought, ignoring the fact that no matter how much Aubrey had mellowed out after the ICCAs she was still Aubrey Posen and wouldn't hesitate to murder Beca in her sleep if the Bellas fell apart on her watch. The day the girls had moved into the Treble house, Aubrey had stomped up to the front door, threw it open, and demanded to know what the hell was going on. It was the middle of summer and Beca did not enjoy standing in the Georgia heat for the entire ensuing argument because Aubrey refused to step foot in 'that disgusting wormhole that could hardly qualify to be called a house.' Beca was sitting on the front step holding her head after an hour of listening to pre-reformation Aubrey when Fat Amy walked by carrying a box and half-whispered "We have penetrated their defenses. Prepare for full force invasion." Aubrey had stopped mid-sentence with a finger waving in front of her and burst out laughing. She hadn't minded their new living arrangement so much after that, but didn't go out of her way to come visit. Beca wasn't heartbroken over it.

"JESSE! Dude, you ready?" Kolio called from by the make-shift stage.

Beca felt herself being hauled up and out into the crowd before she knew what was going on.

"Just stand here, okay? This will blow your mind. I swear." He left her right in front of the crowd, which had stopped dancing and stood watching the boys. Jesse bounded onto the pool table which made Beca wonder if he really was as tipsy as he had been acting. Kolio, Donald, Benji, and Unicycle (who was back from the wilds of Stacie's bedroom) all lined up behind him with extra microphone.

This cannot be good, Beca thought as she looked up at her boyfriend. He was grinning down at her like she was the only person in the room and she had to bite her lip to keep the smile from splitting her face. This was definitely going to be embarrassing.

*The boys behind Jesse started a hard fast beat and while he tapped his foot along with his head nod.

"You're such a motivator, got to get your way. So sick of saying yes sir, yes sir. You're such an instigator; you wanna play the game. Take it or leave it, that's her, that's her." Jesse knelt down on one knee on the table, getting a cheer from the crowd as he smirked at her. "Your body rocking, keep me up all night. One in a million, my lucky strike!"

He stood with a turn as the crowd joined in. He was bouncing and grinning down at her as he sang and she mouthed 'I'm going to kill you" with the most serious face she could manage. He just shook his head and continued sing with his hand snapping in time and an elated look on his face.

"Took me inside and then she rocked me. She keep me up all night, this is what it sounds like whooooa, oh oh oh. My lucky strike. Whooooa, oh oh oh." He added more hip thrusts (it seemed to be his move of the night) and looked at her like there weren't fifty other people crowded before him. He had sang to her before, but this was not her boyfriend Jesse who hummed along to the song she had playing while they lay in bed on a late Saturday morning or who air guitar-ed to a random girl on the street. This was Jesse, a cappella performer and Treble-Maker who could totally rock Lincoln Center and have the entire crowd coming out of their seats with his voice and his energy. "She said I'll feel you later; go ahead and fantasize. She makes me want it right now, right now. And I can't wait another minute. I can't take the look she's giving."

The wink he gave her made the whole room scream and she rolled her eyes. That was her wink, ladies.

Amy nudged her and yelled loudly. "If I had that hot piece of man meat, you couldn't keep me off the table."

"Oh, I can barely restrain myself." Beca responded in a monotone. Benji took over for Jesse momentarily because no one wanted to hear him try to hit that note. Adam Levine, he was not.

"Took me inside and then she rocked me. She keep me up all night, this is what it sounds like whooooa, oh oh oh. My lucky strike. Whooooa, oh oh oh." Jesse did that thing. He called it his signature move. Stacie called it an open invitation for women to jump on that. He drug his hand down his neck and rocked his hips around with the beat as he tapped his heels to the ground. Restraining herself suddenly got harder. She grinned up at his and he gave her a blazing smile. The boys wrapped up the song and Jesse jumped off of the table to land in front of her. She let him kiss her 'movie-style' and focused on not falling over as he swayed. How he had sung that whole song while he was that tipsy, she didn't know.

"Hey, Jesse! Awesome song man, but Greg is passed out in the girl's bathroom and someone dyed his highlights orange." Unicycle looked expectantly at Jesse. Beca broke their lip lock and stood them back up.

"Not his problem tonight." She took Jesse's hand and drug him away before anyone else could have a minor disaster that they just had to solve.

Jesse followed her with raised eyebrows. "Not my problem, huh?"

"Drunk rules. If you're drunk, you'll probably only make it worse." She turned him down the hall to her room. "Nice of you to give everyone a musical version of our sex life, by the way."

He pressed her against the wall and crowded against her. She could smell the cheap liquor and beer that he had been downing all night and just a hint of his cologne. "They already know about our sex life, Be-ca. They live in the same house."

"Cynthia Rose did buy everyone ear plugs for Christmas." She couldn't say if it was specifically for them because her room was on one side of Cynthia Rose's room and Stacie's was on the other. It was fifty/fifty chance. She slipped out from under his arm and walked to her room, expecting him to trail along.

Morning breath was always worse after a party. The soft puffs coming across Beca's face stank sharply of booze. She shoved an elbow to make Jesse turn over. He sat straight up instead.

"Wha tim'izt?" Beca wasn't sure if he was still asleep or still drunk.

"Early. Go back to sleep." She pushed him back down and burrowed into his chest. His stinky hangover breath wasn't in her face that way. They were staying in bed all morning, no matter who broke what last night. Her hand came to rest on his hip. "Why aren't you wearing underwear?"

"Door's locked an' ever'one's drunk. Wh'cares?" He slung an arm around her shoulders and snuggled into the pillows. Seconds later, he was pushing her off and scrambling over her. Flinging open the door, he ran toward the girl's restroom to the right of her room.

Beca flipped over and sighed. Sleep was such a precious thing to waste. She rolled out of bed. The head rush it gave her made her sway a bit. She reached out to catch herself on the desk and her hand landed on Jesse's boxers. She picked them up. His blue shirt was under them. Shrugging it on over her panties and bra, she ambled down to the kitchen to get a glass water. On her way back to the bathroom, she did a survival check. No dead bodies. Pool table was broken. They needed a new front door. It looked like someone had attempted to escape sometime during the night. The breeze coming through was airing out the house at least. It needed it. So bad.

She came into the bathroom just in time to see an amazing display of puk-otechics come out of her boyfriend's mouth. Gross. "This is why I always wear underwear to bed."

Jesse pulled his head out of the toilet long enough to look at her. He glared at the boxers she held out to him. "I can't mo-"

Beca cringed as he added more of his stomach contents to the bowl. "Well, I'm not putting them on you."

She sat down on the lid of the commode next to the one he had claimed.

"I hate you so much." He managed to get out before anything else escaped his mouth. Hovering over the bowl, he clumsily pulled the shorts on. The elastic snap echoed through the bathroom. He sighed and rested his head against the seat. It was the girl's bathroom, so there wasn't mold anywhere, but she seriously doubted anybody had gotten around to cleaning it anytime in the last month since they had been back.

"That's disgusting." Beca told him. He was incapacitated again before he could respond.

Beca heard footsteps thundering down the hall. "Morning sickness! I hear morning sickness! Prego alert!"

Fat Amy appeared in the door way. She frowned down at Jesse. "Oh, darn," she said before turning and yelling "False alarm!"

Beca snorted through her nose. She stuffed the glass of water at Jesse. He waved it off.

Fat Amy came to stand on the other side of him and looked down into the toilet. "Liquor before beer, man."

"Shut up, Amy." Jesse flushed the toilet before Amy attempt to read his fortune with the chunks floating around in it. "Why is she here?"

"You are in the girl's toilet. Are you struggling with identity? Because they have surgeries for that kind of thing now."

Beca was trying really hard not to laugh. Jesse rested his head against the rim again. She cringed, but didn't say anything. If he wanted to get E-coli, he could spend another week with his head in that toilet.

Someone down the hall yelled, "Hey, when did we get a dog?"

Beca put her head in her hands. After Benji's last magic trick gone wrong, all animals were banned from the house. Having two hamsters on the loose (two expectant-parent hamsters) was so much fun to explain to the exterminators before he found the family of ferrets living in the basement. There was no explanation for those. No one was getting a dog. She had enough to deal with without trying to keep a pet alive on top of it.

"I'm going to get rid of the dog and cook breakfast. You want Hangover Sausage?" Beca asked. Jesse nodded pathetically.

"Whoa." Amy held up her hand. "Hangover Sausage isn't code for...ek-erk, is it? Because that is straight up nasty after what I just saw down there."

Beca rolled her eyes at the lewd motion Amy made. "No."

Amy shrugged and left the bathroom. Jesse sat down on the floor to give his knees a break. Wouldn't Amy have loved to hear that? There was something wrong with that girl.

Beca smiled down at her boyfriend. "You could have been naked. You're welcome."

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Never Gonna Leave This Bed...

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