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The blizzard raged around the town of Gravity Falls. This was quite odd, as it was the middle of summer, unless it was a wizard. Mabel always believed it was wizards. Dipper on the other hand had a different thought. He believed it was the work of a Yeti who wanted to hang out in town but didn't want to be seen. Little did the twins know that another person was watching them.

"It must be Summermas," The gruff voice of Grunkle Stan said, behind Dipper. Dipper jumped and slipped on a patch of ice and fell to the ground with a girly scream.

"Oh my gosh Dipper! You scream like a girl!" Mabel called from the snow pile she was making a snow angel in.

"What's Summermas?" Dipper asked his uncle, standing up, slipping on the ice again.

"Oh dood, it's only Christmas in summer," Soos said, standing next to Grunkle Stan. Dipper and Mabel looked at each other, Mabel breaking into a grin.

"Two Christmas'? Oh my gosh Dipper! Come on!" Mabel exclaimed, standing close to Dipper, causing him to cover one ear as she grabs his arm and starts to drag him away. When Dipper and Mabel were alone, away from Soos and Grunkle Stan, Dipper pulled his arm away from Mabel.

"Wait Mabel. Don't you find this a little weird?" The younger of the twins asked the older twin.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Dipper," Mabel responded with her usual grin.

"How about the fact that it's snowing in summer? I was looking through the book and it says Yeti's can't make it snow!" Dipper said, opening the book and showing Mabel.

"Dipper. Please. It's a wizard. Not a Yeti." Mabel said, walking away from Dipper. Dipper followed her around the corner and immediately fell down to the ground with an 'oof.' Dipper looked up to see a teenager who had bright white hair and a blue hoodie that was covered in frost. Dipper looked up and stared at the teenager.