"Fine if it means that I won't be a 'big jerk' I'll come back," Jack sighed, secretly happy that these new people even WANTED him back here. Now he had two places he needed to go to visit friends. It was an exciting new concept to him, that there were still people that believed in him. Dipper and Mabel both breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, looking at each other and grinning.
"Dipper, stop copying me," Mabel protested, smiling.
"YOU'RE the one copying ME," Dipper replied, poking her in the stomach, causing her to fall back down into the mud, laughing. Jack watched the two, starting to overheat.
"Uh, you guys? I really have to be going," Jack started to say, getting interrupted by the twins messing around again. Jack, at this point, began to get dizzy and leaned heavily on his staff. Dipper and Mabel were still arguing about who was copying who, when Jack fell to the ground, breathing unevenly.
"Jack?! Are you okay?!" the twins asked, rushing to Jack's side.
"He's freezing!" Mabel exclaimed.
"Well duh! He's kinda JACK FROST," Dipper replied, snapping at her. Mabel stopped for a second and grinned.
"Oh, yeah! Duh!" she said and bonked herself on the head. "What should we do, Dipper?"
She looked back down at the collapsed teenager.
"I don't know. Maybe we should put him in a freezer?" he suggested, poking Jack.
"Would that even help? I mean, it's kinda small for him. He's really tall; if you haven't noticed, Dipper," Mabel responded, looking at him. Then, Dipper recalled the freezer at the haunted convenience store. "Maybe..." He trailed off, glancing at the direction of the convenience store. Or where he believed it was. "Uh, Dipper? If you're thinking about the convenience store, it's the other way," Mabel said, pointing the opposite way he was looking. "Oh. Right."