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Love Me Now

Onodera Ritsu sat nervously at his desk, fidgeting in his suit. That morning, his mother had given him yet another phone call demanding that he uphold his place in the Onodera family and marry An. Although Ritsu was trying to act calm, he was scared and couldn't focus.

Takano Masamune sighed as he looked around. In front of him sat all the other editors and it was glaringly obvious that they were all looking at Ritsu worriedly. The poor young editor was radiating fear and no one could figure out why.

It's not as though it's his first week here anymore.. Takano worried, and he hasn't messed up on anything lately either. Maybe I should try to talk to him?

Takano got up as he finished his thoughts and noticed looks of relief on the other editor's faces knowing that someone was going to try and fix the situation. As Takano approached Ritsu though, he realized the younger man wasn't paying attention.

"Onodera" Takano began as he gently touched Ritsu's shoulder only to back up in shock as Ritsu completely flinched out of his reach and looked at Takano with wide fear-filled eyes.

"Onodera, what's-" Takano started quickly, concerned with what had Ritsu so worked up, but was cut off as an older man entered the office.

"Ah! Ritsu!" began the man, "there you are!"

Ritsu's head whipped around to face the newcomer and he involuntarily backed up towards Takano in the process.

"F-father..." Ritsu started, "W-what are you doing here?"

It was subtle, but Takano was sure he could see Ritsu trembling. What is going on here?

"Well, son, I was just stopping in to have a word with you." Ritsu's father replied, all smiles, "That is, of course, if it's alright with Takano-san. I promise, it's important but I will be quick."

Ritsu stayed facing forward as Takano replied.

"Well...I suppose since it's important. But please don't make a habit of it. This is company time."

"Of course, Takano-san. Thank you. Come Ritsu, I saw a little empty room down the hall."

Ritsu hesitated for a second, but then quietly followed after his father.

Takano turned and returned to his seat after they left but Ritsu's father's presence had done nothing to calm him. If anything, it made it worse. Takano had a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach but he couldn't place what it was for. He hoped he was wrong.

Meanwhile, Ritsu followed his father into a small conference room down the hall before quietly closing the door behind them. He had just begun turning around when a sharp slap to the face caused him to take a step back. Ritsu slowly lifted his hand to his now-swelling cheek before turning his eyes to his father's angry face.

"You little shit, I've given you EVERYTHING and this is how you repay me?"

Ritsu took a step back, coming into contact with the wall behind him as he attempted to escape his father's wrath.

"Kohinata-san is at our house as we speak, FURIOUS because you upset his daughter by saying you wouldn't marry her! Do you know how important that deal is for us? For my company? Do you!?"

Ritsu began to shake as his father yanked him forward by the arms and threw him into a set of tables and chairs. Ritsu already knew there would be bruises on his arms and body by tomorrow. He wanted to say something, wanted to defend himself but he knew if he did it would only be worse. It was always worse...

"I gave you your freedom! When you selfishly quit my company and transferred here I let you, but this?! This is too much! You ungrateful little brat!"

Ritsu whimpered as his father yanked him up by the arms again and slammed him into the wall. Ritsu's hands lay limp at his sides and tears began to fall from his eyes as his father's hands tightened around his throat.

"Fucking disgrace," the older man began in a quieter, more menacing tone, "I should have left you at that fucking school overseas. You don't deserve to be my son. You WILL marry Kohinata's daughter, even if I have to drag you down the fucking aisle. I swear to God if you give me anymore problems I will beat you till-"

He was cut off from finishing his sentence as Takano entered the room.

"I love you son," Ritsu's father quickly transitioned the choke-hold into a loving embrace and softened his voice. "We just want whats best for you. Always."

Takano coughed lightly to announce his presence.

"Onodera-san," Takano began tightly, he wasn't fooled, "I think it's time for you to leave."

"But of course Takano-san. I wouldn't want to keep my son from his work...Ritsu? You will come over tomorrow evening, won't you? Your mother misses you. Dinner will be at six."

Ritsu nodded dumbly when his father squeezed a little too tightly before backing off. The older man gave Takano one last fake smile before leaving.