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Takano arrived at the Onodera house at exactly 3:27 pm. Once parked, he got out and walked smoothly up to the front door before knocking. The Onodera butler answered at once and allowed the man entrance without a word before he himself left to "run errands" for the house members.

Finally all of my stupid family connections are good for something Masamune thought darkly.

Earlier this afternoon, Ritsu's mother, along with all other staff and guests, had been silently and efficiently escorted off the premises either willingly or, in Ritsu's mother's case, under the impression that a dear friend just had to meet with her right then. This left the house completely and utterly empty, except, of course, for the one person Takano came to see: Ritsu's father.

Like a predator, Takano silently crept through the house until at last he came to the room with the Onodera patriarch inside. Entering, he came up behind and slightly to the side of the unsuspecting man.

"I see you've made yourself comfortable, Onodera."

The older man jumped at the unexpected guest before shouting in surprise,

"Takano-san! What on earth are you doing here!" he exclaimed.

"Ah, well you see, there was just a little chat I wanted to have with you concerning the health of one of my employees. Onodera Ritsu."

The elder gulped before replying, "And what, may I ask, is wrong with the health of my son?"

Takano's eye narrowed and the innocent act that the man was trying to pull.

"It seems that he may have gotten hurt after you stopped by to visit yesterday. Perhaps you can explain to me how this happened?"

"Ah! Ritsu was always such a clumsy child. I'm sure he simply fell!"

Takano's anger surged from the blatant lie.

"Really?" he questioned, "is that what happened? He must have fallen hard to get all of those bruises, and around his neck too."

"Well, what can I say? I've tried to protect him but you can't save the child from his own foolishness!" Onodera chuckled, unknowingly dooming his own fate.

Suddenly, Takano shot forward like an arrow release from a bow and gripped his hands tightly around the elder Onodera's neck.

"Save him from his own foolishness?! Save him from YOU you mean! You pathetic old man! How dare you harm your own child!" Takano screamed into the elder's face while tightening his grip.

"H-how dare you!" Onodera spluttered around gasping for breath, "I w-would never.."

"Save your lies!" Takano hissed, "I saw what you did and I saw the marks that you've left on his body!"

Face contorting into one of rage, Onodera shoved Takano away from himself before rising to his feet.

"That brat deserves what he received! Never! NEVER did he do ANYTHING right! Pathetic and useless!"

Takano sprang forward again and knocked the older man off his feet and onto the ground. Placing his knee over the others neck, he slowly began to apply his weight, effectively cutting off all oxygen.

"Pathetic?! Ritsu has always and will always be a better man than you! He would never harm a child just to make himself feel stronger! He would never beat someone he is supposed to love!"

Takano stood then and, while the elder was still spluttering, held Onodera's arm outstretched before slamming his foot down on top of it. The bone broke with a sickening crack and Onodera screamed out in pain while rolling over to clutch at it.

"You and your wife will NEVER talk to or go anywhere near Ritsu again. Am I understood?" Takano demanded.

When all he received in reply was whimpering sobs from the older man Takano slammed his foot down on the fingers of the already mangled arm.

"AM I UNDERSTOOD?" He demanded again.

"Y-yes!" Onodera sobbed out.

"Good." Takano kicked harshly into Onodera's side before turning on his heel to leave the room. At the door, he paused,

"Oh, and one more thing. Onodera? If anyone asks you what happened here today.." Takano smirked, "tell them you fell."

Takano left the room then and closed the door on the sobbing man still clutching his arm on the floor. When Takano reached the front he was met by the butler who was just returning from his "errands".

"And how was your visit with the master, Takano-san?"

"It went quite well," he replied, "however, Onodera-san is quite tired from our business. You might wish to give him a moment of rest before you go to him."

The butler smiled knowingly, "Of course, Takano-san. Thank you for your visit."

With that, Takano walked to his car and returned home.

-Meanwhile, back at the apartment...-

Ritsu woke up slowly, trying to remember where he was. When he did, he blushed and started to hide his face before he suddenly realized there was no one to hide it from. Around him the bed felt cold and he couldn't hear anyone else in the small apartment. Opening his eyes fully, he looked around and realized he couldn't see anyone else either.

Takano left. He left. I'M ALONE. He...he finally decided I'm too much work, too damaged. Of course he left. I'm worthless..no one would want to be with me. No one would love me.

Ritsu started sobbing as his thoughts continued to spiral downward. Shakily, he got up from the bed and winced when he tried to straighten. With slow movements he finally made it to his clothes on the floor and started dressing. If Takano didn't want him, he wasn't going to stay here any longer. He'd go away, for good this time.

Ritsu finished dressing, albeit painfully, and made his way to the front door. With one last look around, he opened it and left.

I-I need..I need to get out of here. Ritsu thought miserably as he opened his own apartment's door. Ritsu silently cursed fate that he had to be that stupid bastards neighbor.

Walking straight to is room, Ritsu was going to simply pack and get out but remembered suddenly that he was still covered in the...evidence of his and Takano's last encounter.

I have to get rid of this feeling...just a quick shower and I'm gone. Then I'll never have to see him...ever again.

Ritsu packed up the things he would take with and placed the bag on top of his bed before walking to the bathroom and undressing. Stepping into the shower, Ritsu's tense muscles began to relax and he began to feel a gaping emptiness where his feelings for Takano used to belong. As the water poured down on him, it seemed to wash away every bit of the pain and love that Ritsu had for the other man, leaving instead a numb sensation.

Ritsu closed his eyes as a final tear fell.

Never again. I would rather feel empty for the rest of my life than feel this pain. Goodbye Takano-san.