It was a sunny day in Boston when Carey Walked on to the SS Tipton. "I'm glad you're here." Kurt her ex-husbands said. "Well you did ask for me to help you and to sing my greatest hits." "About the greatest hits." "I can leave." "They are great I love them." He lied straight to her face. "Ah Carey and Kurt Martin welcome." A woman said to them. "My name is Samantha and are there any questions." "Yes what room are we in." Carey asked.

"The Mermaid suite." "What kind of room is that?" Carey asked again. "is has one bedroom..." "Just one bed?" Caery asked. "Yes." "I am going to punch you in the face." Carey told Kurt. Later that day Carey and Kurt sang for the gust on the ship. After that was over this happened… "Are you going to make me sleep on the floor just like our marriage?" Kurt asked Carey. "If I could I would, but I can't because they have cameras in our room to see if we are married or faking it to get paid." Carey replied.

"Good because I do not like sleeping on the floor." "Say did they hear what you just said." "No they did not because they can't hear what we are saying they can only see what we are doing." "O thanks for the heads up." "Kurt you would not need me to tell you everything if you just read the pamphlet." "Why are there cameras in every room?" Kurt asked. "Well it says because people pretend to be married to get gigs and because of our son Zack Martin." Carey read out loud. "That hurts." "You think." Later that night… "You better not try anything I need to sleep." Carey warned Kurt. "I won't Sweet Thang." "Now I know where Zack gets it from." Carey said madly.

"Good night Kurt." Over the loud speaker all the guest heard this. "Attention guests now the cameras can pick up sound so be careful what you say have a good night." The loud speaker turned off. "Grr." Carey said. "I thought you wanted to sleep." Kurt asked jokingly. Carey just gave his a glance which spoke for itself. "Ok I will shut up." They both went to sleep and then Carey snuggles up against Kurt during the night and he liked it and so did she.