Kurt came running into the Tipton. "Carey did you see the cover of music weekly?!" Kurt shouted. "No, but did you see the cover of Wordzilla!?" Carey shouted. Kurt shoved the magazine in her face. "Kurt Martin voted the hottest musician of the year." Carey read. Then Kurt read the magazine Carey gave him and he fainted. After he woke up they decorated the ballroom for the wedding.

The next day Carey tried on her old wedding dress and it was too small. Then London saw Carey crying about her dress and London took Carey shopping. When they got back Carey felt much better about her dress problem. Then Carey put on the dress and went down stairs. "You look so beautiful." Maddie said. "Thank you." Carey replied. Zack and Cody were helping their father get ready. "Are you excited to get back with mom?" Zack said with a nudge to Kurt's shoulder. Later that day it was time for the wedding and everyone rose for the bride. "Does anyone have any reason these two should not be wed say something now or forever hold your peace." The pastor said. "I do." Conrad Simpsons Kurt's manager said. "Why not?" The pastor said. "Well Kurt needs to stay with the band!" "Well I am staying in the band in the fall and spring!" Kurt shouted.

"Well I don't like this either!" Carey's father shouted. "I don't care what you think you did this at my first wedding!" Carey shouted. "Well lets continue." The pastor said. "Kurt do you take is women to be you wife again." The pastor asked. "I do." Kurt said while holding Carey's hands." "Carey do you take this man to be you husband again." The pastor said. "I do." Carey replied. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. They kissed and danced to the song "In my Remains by Linkin Park." To end the story Kurt and Carey live at the Tipton Kurt tours in the fall and spring. Zack and London got married and so did Cody and Baily. Carey still works at the Tipton and wrote some new songs. The End.