Chapter Twenty-Eight

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~~Begin Chapter~~

"Where the hell are we?" Vassilij asked as they wandered through the mist of the green lands.

            "We're in the Misty Green Lands," Freuer said staying in front.

            "Weren't we supposed to meet our friends at the edge of the plateau?" Arty asked.

            "We decided to keep continuing to Koten's lair, making way for you," Russano said. "I'm here just because they told me to stay with all of you."

            "Okay…" Alex said. "It's been three days, how far until a forest or something?"

            "We'll be into the Forest of Koten in a few hours," Freuer said. "Didn't you notice how it's a bit more arid here then from a day ago?"

            "Yes, you're right it is a little more arid," Selena said. "You know I think I'm getting the hang of my power."

            She put her hand on Russano and she started to transform into a dragon, spiky and grey with orange eyes that were like fire. She spread out her long wings and mist rolled around from the motion. She flapped it a little then started to fly upwards a smile came to her large dragon snout. She then slowly went back down. She walked around a little getting used to the motion of a dragon but then she started to shrink and went back to her human form. She blushed brighter than a cherry and all the guys turned around.

            "There's still a little bit of a problem though," she mumbled as she hid behind Russano. Russano tore of some of the large cloak he had and gave it to Selena.  "Thanks…"

            She put it on like a toga and stayed near the back with Ashleigh and Lyra. She looked at Russano and said, "Couldn't you have just uh made me new clothes?"

            "No, I don't have that power, but your dragon, Bruce, he has that power," he said. Artemis handed Selena her coat.

            "Here you can wear this, it may be a little more comfortable than that toga," Artemis held back a snicker. Selena took the jacket.

            "Thanks," she said as she put it on over the toga. Hearing the repressed snicker from Artemis she said, "Don't make fun of my toga!"

            Artemis just nodded, still grinning like an idiot as she tried to hold back the floods of laughter ready to break the dam.

            "And you think I'm bad," Alex muttered. Artemis just glared a bit at him and hit the back of his head.

            "Alright you two love birds, stop fighting before you start a storm!" Vassilij said separating the two.

            "Excuse me?" Artemis asked. "What did you say?"

            "I said stop fighting before you start a storm," Vassilij said. Artemis shook her head.

            "No, you said 'alright you two love birds,' now that's not right, Vassy!" Arty said. "That's just wrong! Alex is the last guy I'd ever want to date!"

            "Oh so he's still on your list of eligible guys to date?" Katrina asked. Arty turned to her.

            "What? Jeez, no! Ra, not in a million years, he's not on the list!" Arty said. Alex seemed a little hurt but quickly covered.

            He said, "She ain't on mine either! I'd rather date Selena than her!"

            "Hey! Is that an insult here?" Selena asked standing tall ready to fight if needed.

            "No, no," Alex said. Artemis walked over to him.         

            "No, I think it was, Selena," Artemis said. "Saying I'm worse than you and they way he put it seems he thinks you one of the worse as well…" Artemis pushed him a little, "Is that what you think, Ali?"

            "My name is Alex, moron, not Ali," Alex said. "And I didn't mean any offense to you Selena, I'm sorry."

            Selena walked over to him and slapped him. He held his face a bit as it reddened.

            "What the heck was that for?" Alex asked in a loud voice.

            "For calling Artemis a moron and insulting her earlier," Selena said.

            "If you insult her consciously or unconsciously again you'll be pounded so deep in the ground God will be the only one able to get you out," Artemis promised him. Then she walked on.

            Alex lagged a little behind nursing his reddening cheek. Selena could really slap hard. Vassilij walked along with him.

            "Sorry you went through that, mate," Vassilij said.

            "Hm, y'know if Artemis wasn't so damned sensitive when being teased about something like that then this wouldn't've happened!" Alex said.

            "No, mate, if you hadn't unknowingly insulted Selena, then it wouldn't have happened," Vassilij said.

            "Alright the mist is starting clear up!" Jen said happily.

            "Right oh!" Spike said. He skipped ahead a little bit. "The forest isn't far now!"

            "Yeah let's pick it up a little," Will said. "Let's hurry up, home is still a ways into the forest!!"

            Jude and Brendan went after them. Freuer ran ahead of them and blocked them from going further. They looked up at him a little confused, Freuer said, "Don't go so quickly, you four. You know there's still the forest gates, and the Gryphon."

            "Oh yeah, hehe, the Gryphon, uh Freuer," Will began.

            "Can we sort of, uh I dunno maybe sneak in?" Spike finished.

            "Why?" Jude asked. Then Brendan nudged him in the ribs and Jude realized. "Oh yes, let's sneak in, it's much funner!"

            "You two snuck out didn't you? You didn't tell your parents you were visiting the Frost Tribe did you? They knew that it was that time of year again for Fire Frost didn't they? And you still went anyway? I think you deserve to face the Gryphon of the Forest Gates and let him wreak punishment on you!" Freuer said waving his hand a bit to emphasize words.

            "His punishment will be child's play compared to Mum's punishment," Will said digging in the ground sheepishly with his foot.

            "The Gryphon is an angel when it comes to punishments compared to Mum," Spike agreed.

            "Then let my punishment be shed off your shoulders," a deep voice said. Freuer turned around and saw a huge gryphon standing behind him. It was the Gryphon of the Forest Gates, keeper of the Gates and Manager of Inter-Lands affairs between the Forest and other lands.

            "Gryph, hello again," Freuer said he bowed a bit. Gryphon bowed as well.

            "Greetings, Freuer, how are you this season?" Gryphon asked as he sat down. The Gryphon was as tall as a forest tree. It's wings were tucked behind him but at full wingspan it did well as shade. It's huge eagle like claws slowly scratched at the earth a little unconsciously.

            "I am doing well, just taking these humans and these leprechauns to the forest," Freuer said. The Gryphon looked behind Freuer and saw the humans and Russano standing there in awe. The Gryphon bowed immediately and back away.

            "No toll for the humans or for the leprechauns if they be friends of the humans," Gryphon said.

            "They are," Rain said stepping forward. They all entered through The Gates. The Gates looked like vines, large vines intricately intertwined into the post that arched up over the wood doors. In the center of the arch was a red stone a large round red stone.

            "What is that?" Artemis asked Russano.

            "It's the symbol of Koten, the Guardian of the Forest," Russano said. "Now don't ask any creature any questions, usually humans know everything about Crypto-Earth."

            "Alright," Artemis said as she walked on. Artemis looked back as they entered the forest and saw just the Green Misty Lands, it was as if the gate was never there. "Where'd the gate go?"

            "On this side of The Gate, the Gate is not seen, there are many hostile things in the Green Misty Lands," Russano explained. "The creatures of the forest have to see out to make sure all is safe. In the mists hide vermin, rats, weasels, wolverines even! And some people have heard reports of a Wolfneck being born in the Misty Lands, but others think it may be in the forest. Others say the Doragon Mountains or they say it may be born in the Tundra."

            "Wolfneck?" Ashleigh asked.

            "All will be explained later," Russano said. "Let's just continue on."

~~End Chapter~~

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