You've got your ball

You've got your chain

Tied to me tight tie me up again

Who's got their claws

In you my friend

Into your heart I'll beat again

Sweet like candy to my soul

Sweet you rock

And sweet you roll

Lost for you I'm so lost for you

You come crash into me

And I come into you

I come into you

Touch your lips just so I know

In your eyes, love, it glows so

I'm bare boned and crazy for you

When you come crash

Into me, baby

And I come into you

"Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews Band

Sequestered - Chapter 20

The morning light is soft as it filters into Regina's bedroom through partly drawn curtains. It's enough to bathe Emma's body and make her fair skin glow. Regina smiles even before her eyes have time to adjust to the brightness in the room. Regina doesn't remember falling asleep, but she is grateful for the warmth of Emma's body underneath her. Regina slowly retracts the arm wrapped tightly across Emma's ribs and pulls her head back from Emma's bare chest, to prop it up with her on hand. Regina's abdomen remains pressed against Emma's side, as she takes in the sight of the woman in her bed, a true sleeping beauty, she thinks with a smirk.

A new and surprising feeling begins to invade Regina's senses. It curls its tendrils around her veins and climbs into her nervous system causing her pulse to race. Her brown eyes, looking like pure clove honey in the morning light, widen with realization and her body flushes with heat. Content, Regina thinks almost bewildered, I feel content. It is an altogether new sensation, and Regina can't ever remember experiencing it before. A memory fades in from somewhere far away, from a place she tricked herself into thinking was a dream. Regina remembers the warmth of the early afternoon son on her face, the smell of fresh rain on soft green hills, of her horse riding fast through the woods, Daniel hot on her trail. Laughter. Joy. Ignorance, Regina thinks before turning away from the memory. But this was different and she knew it. Every other time in Regina's life had been mired with some level of pain or loss or sacrifice. Not this. Not Emma. This was . . . Right. It was true. Regina suppresses her smile even though no one is watching. Old habits.

Slender fingers flutter over Emma's bicep before landing on her skin with a light touch. Regina traces the shapes and colors. She recalls the stories she knows, and takes note of the ones she has yet to learn. She will know them all, of that Regina is sure. She is never going to let Emma get away from her again, she promises herself, at least not because of some misguided competition of wills and pride.

Emma shifts slightly under the sensation of Regina's hand drawing patterns on her skin. The movement causes the white sheet to slip exposing the rest of Emma's chest and torso. Regina can't stop her grin this time, nor does she subdue the predatory gaze that dances on her face. Regina had intended to wake Emma by bringing up some breakfast in bed, but the sight of her nude form inspires a better wake up call.

Regina slides down Emma's body and holds herself over the slumbering woman with expert strength and balance. With her hands planted on the mattress on either side of Emma's hips, Regina lowers her face slowly so as to not wake Emma prematurely, and stops short of her navel. Regina's kiss on the soft skin below Emma's belly button is hardly felt, but Regina's own body instantly surges with heat. Emma appears undisturbed and Regina's ventures slightly lower, alternating between lightly pressing her lips against Emma's skin and placing true kisses on her flesh.

When Regina makes it to Emma's pubic bone she stops to look up and assess the situation. Emma's skin is lightly flushed, but she seems to be sleeping. Regina smirks wondering what sort or dreams she might be having right now. Emma's thighs part of their own volition and Regina wastes no time settling her body in between them.

Brown eyes widen in reverence of Emma's body. Regina licks her lips when her mouth goes dry, and her eyes linger on Emma's exposed sex. Regina hadn't expected this level of arousal from either of them. She can see from the glistening flesh that Emma is just as turned on as she is - maybe more. Regina thinks again of the dreams her touch must be producing for the slumbering blonde.

Regina's lips are soft against Emma's opening, like a kiss she might place on her forehead. Regina can't stop the groan that rumbles in her throat at the taste of Emma on her lips. Another kiss and another groan. Regina's eyes slip closed automatically when she slides the tip of her tongue inside of Emma's wet center. The heat of her catches Regina off guard and she can't stop from pushing in deeper for more.

Emma's hips dig into the bed slightly and Regina's eyes spring open to see if she's awake. Emma's skin is a darker shade of pink, but her breathing looks regular and her eyes are shut.

Regina's tongue returns to Emma's wet entrance and the heat of the moment makes Regina's actions turn bolder. She grips the insides of Emma's thighs and pushes them up and apart to get better access. Her tongue is hot, but not as hot as Emma, as she pushes in as deep as she can go. A soft breathy moan slips from Emma's lips as she tries to keep up the appearance of slumber. She had woken as soon as she felt Regina rustle in her arms.

Emma keeps her body motionless and her breath even, but each thrust of Regina's tongue deep inside of her is making it almost impossible to keep up the game. She wants to tangle her fingers in Regina's hair and pull her hard against her. She wants to tell Regina to suck her clit hard and make her come, but she doesn't. She tries to keep still.

Regina watches Emma like a hawk as her tongue moves in an increasingly erratic rhythm. Each tiny inflection. Each time she holds her breath for a second too long, sends a wave of heat through Regina's body. Emma's hips move slightly with each slow thrust of Regina's tongue, but Regina's teasing, and her own focus on seeming asleep, keep her climax at bay. It is at once the most maddening and most exquisite experience Emma has ever had.

Regina's hand travels underneath her own body until she finds her wetness. As soon as her fingertips brush over her hard and swollen clit, Regina moans into Emma. This time Emma has to bite her lip to keep from screaming, and she shuts her eyes tight to keep them closed. She doesn't know how much longer she can play this game. All she wants to do is come hard on Regina's tongue.

Regina tries to keep the fingers on her clit moving slowly, but she is so turned on that her pelvis is grinding down of its own free will. The wet heat of Emma in her mouth, arousal dripping from her center, and the much needed friction on her own clit is making it impossible for Regina to concentrate. She slips the tip of her middle finger through her soaking wet fold and teases her own entrance. Her body reflexively bears down and her clit rubs against her palm. It's too much and Regina moans into Emma. Her rising orgasm feels only seconds away. Each roll of her hips adds to the growing heat inside of her, and it threatens to spill over and consume her.

"Please." Emma whispers. Her eyes shut tight and her bottom lip secured firmly between her teeth. The need drips from the small word of supplication, and it nearly sends Regina over the edge. Regina's hips move faster and she groans causing a delicious vibration through Emma's core.

"Please Regina, please." Emma whispers again, hips moving fast, begging Regina to give her the release she has been yearning for. Emma's patience wears thin and she grabs the back of Regina's head hard, bring her mouth to her needy and throbbing clit. Regina's lips wrap tightly around Emma and her tongue moves fast over the hard bundle of nerves. Emma only keeps from screaming when she remembers they are not alone, and redirects the energy to tightening her hold on Regina's hair.

Regina grimaces at the pain in her scalp which hastens her climax. Regina's body thrashes and Emma knows Regina is coming. That realization sends Emma flying over the edge. Hard.

"Don't stop." Is all Emma can muster through gritted teeth. Both hands now in Regina's hair, keeping her head still as she grinds her clit into her mouth. Regina's tongue keeps moving despite the rush of wetness she feels, and in a moment Emma's body stiffens again. Another wave of pleasure claims her tense body. Regina has to wrap her arms around Emma's thighs to keep her still, as a third and more intense orgasm claims her. Emma bucks against Regina's face and her teeth tear into Regina's Egyptian cotton pillow case. She has never felt anything like this, and her body writhes until the pleasure becomes painful and she squeezes Regina's shoulder to signal her to stop.

Regina's disconnects her mouth from Emma and her body drops against Emma's leg, her head landing in Emma's shuddering center. They both struggle to catch their breath, and Regina hopes to regain the feeling in her jaw.

After several minutes of panting and trembling, Emma's eyes finally open and she coaxes Regina to climb up her body.

"Fuck." Emma whispers, her eyes still closed and her arms wrapped around her lover's warm naked body. "You been practicing?" Emma asks jokingly.

"Perhaps." Regina responds with a crooked smile, and places a soft kiss along Emma's jaw line.

"A girl could get used to this you know?" Emma says with a huge toothy grin, her eyes still shielded behind closed lids. She has never felt so satisfied in every sense of the word.

"Well that is my plan dear." Regina responds, her voice sounding very much like the Evil Queen.

"Devious." Emma jokes, and her eyes finally open to taken in the mussed beauty of the woman she is hopelessly in love with. She leans in to kiss Regina's lips, and the exchange escalates quickly.

"Wait." Regina says breaking the kiss, and keeping Emma from rolling her over onto her back.

"What's wrong?" Emma asks, moving her body off of the other woman just in case she is hurting her.

"Nothing, I just have a boy to feed." Regina says with a smile as she motions to the clock by the bed. How so much time has passed Emma had no idea, but suddenly her stomach rumbled with the realization. "And I looks like I have a . . ." Regina's eyes go wide and she stops herself from speaking the rest of the sentence. They had never named this.

"A girlfriend to feed too?" Emma asks, flushing dark red and looking adorably sheepish. The word sounds right, Regina realizes and her heart races nearly out of her chest. Regina nods slowly. Yes, she thinks, a girlfriend.

"Well good morning Henry." Regina greets the boy, not hiding the surprise in her voice. "What's all this?" She asks as her eyes scan the usually impeccable kitchen.

"Hi mom!" He says excitedly, brown hair dusted with flour. "I made breakfast!" He announces, as if it weren't clear from the unholy disaster he had made in the kitchen. "Where is Emma?" He asks looking behind Regina.

Regina can't respond, she is overwhelmed by the scene. Henry's idea of making breakfast usually involved a glass of chocolate milk and strawberry pop tarts. It was the only junk food he was allowed to have.

"How did you even know how to do this?" Regina asks, ignoring his question and staring, mouth agape, at the spread on the counter. There were pancakes and fruit and toast and scrambled eggs, and bacon, and for some inexplicable reason, sugar cookies with icing. Regina notes that everything appears at least slightly burned, but lovingly arranged on a mix of serving platters.

"I learned from watching you." He responds with a roll of his eyes and slight shrug of his shoulder. He used to spend hours observing his mom in the kitchen, and the memories had come flooding back as soon as he started pulling out bowls and stuff from the fridge.

"Whoa!" Emma exclaims when she walks into Regina, who is still standing shocked at the kitchen entrance.

"Hi Emma!" He says excitedly when the pajama-clad woman walks in and grabs a piece of the bacon.

"Hey kid." She greets with a smile and bites into the extraordinarily crispy bacon. "That's good." She compliments with another smile.

"Here you sit here, and mom you here." He instructs, directing Emma and his mother to the placemats on the small eat-in kitchen table.

"Coffee too? Nice." Emma smiles and takes the warm mug in her hand.

"Hot chocolate." He corrects with a smile.

"Even better." Emma responds and takes a seat.

"Regina?" Emma asks when the stunned woman doesn't move from where she has been standing like a sentinel guarding the kitchen entrance.

"This is wonderful Henry." Regina says with a warmth in her smile that creeps all the way up to her eyes.

Henry sits after his mother and helps himself to an exaggerated helping of eggs. Regina allows him to fill his plate without a word of correction.

"Henry, there is something I want to talk to you about." Regina begins, as she takes an over-buttered piece of toast for herself. Emma looks up from the forkful of salty eggs she is devouring.

"Ok. Me too mom." He says excitedly.

"Emma and I... We... Emma is going to be living with us." Brown eyes glance at Emma, whose cheeks are growing increasingly pink. "I love her very much, and I hope that you will too." She says with a small gentle voice.

Henry's smile is wider than Regina's when she is finished speaking.

"Okay!" He responds almost giddy with excitement.

"Henry, people in town might talk... they might say things about us... they might say things that aren't nice..." Regina's voice trails off, only just then imagining what small-minded fools her former subjects had been. Doubt rushes through her like a riptide.

"Why? Because Emma's a girl?" He asks incredulously. Henry had already heard worse about his mom than whatever people might say now. He wasn't worried. Not even a little bit.

"Yes Henry, people might make jokes or say mean things." Regina starts, realizing now that she was not prepared for this conversation, and maybe not even this situation.

"I don't care about that." He says matter-of-factly.

"Well do you have any questions?" Regina asks when the boy remains so serene that she is sure he hasn't understood the message.

"No. Why would I have questions? Emma loves you and you love her, right? And Emma is gonna live here and you're gonna get married." He says, following the natural chain of events he imagines.

Emma eyes widen. She is feeling caught off guard by Regina's conversation, and Henry's summary of her future. Sure she wanted to be with Regina long-term, but the word marriage had just sent a chill through her spine. That was a lot of commitment for a person that had never even managed to care for a houseplant successfully. The moments tick by in awkward silence. Even Regina doesn't know what to say. That is what she wants, even if it is too soon.

After the initial shock, Emma can't help but picture her life here as Regina's wife and Henry's stepmom. Somehow, as insane as it sounds, it feels right. As if a piece of herself had just clicked into place. When Regina finally makes eye contact with her again, a warm sensation coats her chest. Yes, she can do this, or at least she is sure as hell going to try. Emma wants to say something but her words feel trapped in her throat, so instead she smiles at the boy across the table.

"We will see what happens in the future Henry." Regina breaks the silence with her slightly unsteady voice. Henry's reaction is somehow unsettling to her. She had expected him to be angry or surprised or curious or something, but instead he is acting like her relationship with Emma is the most natural thing in the world. Her chest swells with pride at her loving son. Maybe for once something in her life would happen smoothly.

"Can I tell you my news now?" He asks, putting down his third serving of bacon. Regina's shoulders relax and she takes a sip of her sugary hot chocolate.

"Of course." She says feeling a knot of anxiety loosen from her stomach.

"I found my real mom!" He exclaims, and the happiness is quickly sucked out of Regina's soul as if someone had flipped a switch. Emma watches the color drain from Regina's face and quickly interjects.

"Hey kid, maybe you guys can talk about this later?" She suggests, and tries to move the boy off the obviously upsetting topic.

"No! Why?" He responds, a shriek breaking out at the end.

"Henry," Regina interjects, "we can talk about this in private." She warns, feeling the ache of humiliation that he is bringing this up again, and in front of Emma no less. He hadn't mentioned the hunt for his '"real mother" in weeks. In fact he hadn't mentioned her, or the cursed book his teacher gave him since Regina had returned from jury duty. Regina thought it had all been put behind them, that the distance had repaired the beginning of a rift in their relationship, but now here it was again and it was even more painful than before.

"No! Please just listen!" He argues, frustration clear in his voice. "I got a private detective from the Internet-"

"Henry, please." Regina begs, her face having returned from ghostly white to a dark flush. Regina stands from the table and collects her plate to keep Emma from seeing the tears in her eyes.

"Mom just listen!" He responds, feeling almost physically weighed down by his inability to explain.

"Kid, really, I think now is not a good time." Emma whispers, her face as red as Henry's but for a different reason.

"No one ever listens to me!" He yells and Regina finally turns from the sink, cheeks streaked from her tears. She waits for him to spit it out. To destroy her heart. To tell her that he is leaving to find some strange woman who has never loved him, when she has spent ten years being his mother, making sure that he had everything, including her unconditional love.

Henry's face betrays his horror at his mother's reaction. This is not how it expected it would go, he just needs to be able to explain. Emma stands and crosses the kitchen to hold Regina who seems like she might physically break apart from heartache.

"Mom, I-" Henry tries to speak, but he knows he is going to say the wrong thing again, and instead he jumps from the table and sprints upstairs to his room.

"Regina, he is just a boy trying to figure things out." Emma says, holding Regina's head to her chest in comfort. Regina holds back from unleashing the full weight of her sorrow, but she allows herself to rest against Emma a moment. The pain her heart is far larger than her sense of shame.

"He hates me." Regina whispers with almost tangible agony. The words crush Emma's heart.

"He doesn't hate you. Sometimes, when you don't know where you came from, you have this never-ending need to find out. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you, he is just curious." Emma speaks the words of her own heart. Of her own desire to know her parents. To know why they left her. Emma looks up at the ceiling to stop the tears from coming.

The sound of Henry running back down the stairs and into the kitchen breaks their embrace.

"Henry-" Emma starts to warn, but the boy produces a banged up box and flops it on the counter in front of them.

"I hired him months ago to find my real-" Henry stops himself. "To find my birth mom." He corrects. "The stuff got lost and it only got here yesterday. Just look at it." He implores, brown eyes wide and pleading.

Emma moves forward when Regina seems like she is going to start crying again. Regina looks away at a far point on the wall, and Emma cautiously opens the box. Henry nods at her in encouragement, and she pulls the papers out of a Manila folder.

Several moments pass and Emma hasn't spoken. Neither has Henry. Regina slowly turns her head to find out why.

Emma's face is pale and blank, and Regina can't stop herself from moving closer to see what Emma is holding.

A sharp intake of breath from Regina's lips breaks the silence. She can hardly make sense of what her eyes are seeing. It's Emma's picture and hospital records. Emma's hospital records. . . No. . . Henry's birth records. They are one in the same.

"But. . . How?" Regina stutters.

"She's my mom." Henry explains with a tentative smile. "You brought me my birth mom, and then you guys are gonna get married and I'm going to have both of you." He finishes, smile claiming his face in earnest. It was the best possible scenario Henry could have ever imagined. He would have both of them and he would never have to choose. He had so many questions for Emma and he couldn't wait to ask them.

Emma flips through the small stack of papers. It was all there - the hospital records, the legal documents giving Henry up, it was all in her face but she still failed to believe it. This is impossible, she thinks, and she hardly feels it when Regina takes the file from her hand to review it herself.

"Oh my God." Regina whispers when she finds the adoption paperwork. This was real. This wasn't some twisted hoax. Emma was Henry's mother. . . her Henry. Regina stares up from the evidence to look at a similarly stunned Emma. A memory flashes in her mind, and Regina remembers one of the woman's tattoos. It is barcode on Emma's ribcage. Under her heart. It is only in this moment that Regina realizes the numbers under the code are the same as Henry's birthday. When she had asked her about it, Emma had appeared hesitant but explained that it had been her first tattoo and that she had gotten it when she was eighteen. Regina had asked about its significance. It had seemed crude, while all her other tattoos were polished and artful. Emma had told her that she had picked it out of a book when she was drunk. . . that it hadn't meant anything. Regina hadn't pressed the matter, but she knew there was more to the story. She had no idea that this would be the story. It was simply unbelievable.

Henry is practically beaming up at his mothers when they finally look at each other and then down at him. He opens his mouth, but decides it is probably too soon to ask when exactly they plan on getting married so he can change his name to Mills-Swan.

Emma turns away from the ecstatic boy to look at Regina. She can't imagine what she is thinking, or how she feels. She suddenly fears that Regina won't want her anymore. That this will just be too much. Regina snaps out of her daze as much as she can, and meets Emma's gaze. Her heart leaps at the love she finds in them, and the love she feels in herself. It is as if the knowledge of who she is has deepened her affection. Changed it. Multiplied it.

"So you're gonna stay right?" Henry asks when he can't tell what's going on between his moms.

Emma waits for Regina's answer.

"Well?" Regina asks when Emma doesn't respond, a tired smile turning up the corner of her mouth. This is insane, but Regina can't imagine anyone better than Emma to be Henry's biological mother.

"If your mom wants me to, and if its ok with you." Emma responds smiling down at him. At her son. At the child she thought she would never know.

"I do." Regina whispers, and the women stare at each other once more. Shock still keeping any more words at bay.

The morning is as unseasonably warm as the evening before, but it doesn't keep Mr. Gold from wearing his black wool coat. It shields his back from the wind as he sits on the bench across from the clock tower. His cane taps an unusual beat on the hard cement. It is a song from so many years ago. A lullaby from his childhood.

Every rap of his cane feels like another chasm added to the cracking prison walls around him. Each second is one closer to finding his son. He had begun losing hope of course. It seemed that nothing had worked out the way he planned. Henry hadn't really taken to the book as he hoped, and Gold knew that there was a window to this. . . to breaking the curse. If he didn't get Emma here within that window, the opportunity might have gone forever. He would be trapped here like a rat in a maze for all eternity.

It seemed as though fate had paid him a kindness. Aside from the unusual route of having Emma show up to jury duty, despite the wrong name on her notice and getting Regina to go at all, it really hadn't been so hard. Even after the misplaced package with the information about Henry's birth mother and having lost track of Emma for months after the trial, his plan had remained more or less in tact. This curse was going to break and he was going to get Bae if it was the last thing he did.

Gold sits back on the bench and thinks of his son. It had been torture all of these long years, knowing only bits and pieces of Bae's life and hardly being able to help. The boy had gone through some turbulent times. He had changed his name several times and lived in almost every part of the country. I will always find you Bae, Rumple thinks to comfort himself. Soon he would have his boy and he can finally make up for centuries of time lost.

It won't be long now, he thinks again with another tap of his cane. No, it won't be long at all.

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