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I'm back with my series. This one is going to be my typical funny romance between Zoro and Nami.

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Chapter 1

-That Deadly Charm of Yours-

Zoro felt like an idiot.

Well, it wasn't merely just a feeling, because he was being an idiot now anyway. Here he was, dragged into her bewitching mouth for the "only God knows how many times". His feet moved automatically as if it was under a spell. His footsteps casually followed her along the street but his mouth was busy grumbling something inexplicable. He hated her for making him like a hopeless idiot fulfilling each of her folly command. So as an attempt of getting away and breaking her spell, his mind went busy searching for some excuses.

"Why don't we just go back to Sunny and forget this fuckin' stupid idea?" The swordsman finally brought up his mind after 30 minutes of thinking and re-thinking.

"I'll kill you if you dare to do that." The Navigator gave him a short answer without even looking at him.

"But Nami-" He continued, hoping that she would at least listen.

"God, what are so nervous about, Zoro?" She exclaimed, giving him a short glance over her shoulder before looking back at the busy street in front of her.

"Because it's-" He said and then paused.

"What?" She stopped in the way and questioned him in an uninterested manner.

"I hate this idea." Was all the swordsman could answer.

She sighed, somehow feeling guilty for getting him involve. But her plan must go on as this was her only chance to pursuit one of her girly desire. She looked at the other side of the road, avoiding eye contact with the swordsman, and her words came out as a reminder for both of them. "It's just a game."

"Stupid game to be precisely." He stated.

Nami glowered at him, unimpressed with his quick judgment, and at that brief moment Zoro's courage grew vast enough until he had the nerve to turn around and started to walk to the opposite direction. "I change my mind. I'm going back to Sunny."

Only then he failed miserably at getting away as the orange haired woman stopped him at the very second. "You're not going anywhere, ZORO."

Zoro could feel her hand tugging the hem of his jacket. He turned to her and was surprised to see the flash she had in her eyes. She looked at him furiously and hissed in an ambitious manner. "I'm getting that diamond, no matter what."

"What if somebody finds out?" He asked, looking worried, and it was rare to see Zoro putting that kind of face.

"Are you scare, Zoro?" She addressed, slowly releasing her grip.

"N-No!" He yelled in defense. A large sweat appeared on his forehead as he babbled. "I mean, you know, if- I mean..."

"We'll think about that later." She flatly said and then started to march down the street again, leaving the swordsman 6 feet behind. Her words were firm as she spoke. "As long as you and me just shut up and pretend like nothing happen then it will be just fine."

Zoro knew he couldn't get to anywhere, so he quickly followed her and started attacking her with questions. "Why me? Why not that idiot cook?"

"He'll get the idea wrong, and it'll cost a lot more trouble after that." She answered.

"Why not Usopp?" He asked again.

She rolled her eyes. "He's not good enough to be my match."

"Why not Chopper? Or Brook?" He kept trying.

"Oh please, Zoro..."

"Then why not Franky?"

Nami stopped again for a moment and puffed a distraught breath of air. "Zoro, listen, since I realized that I'm very much attractive so I have to find a match that fits my quality, and you know, I see you as a man who's-" She paused and a warm sensation crept slowly over her cheeks.

"What?" He waited for her answer with a dumb puzzled look.

Nami folded her arms in front of her chest and leaned closer to his body only to check whether he was genuinely being clueless or was just making up some game with her. "Zoro, over the past couple of years sailing and bumping into people's nose, you always knew what was in the mind of most women when they first saw you right?"

"What?" He still looked puzzled.

"I mean first impression. Your look or err- bod- I mean appearance, whatever."

"Whatt?" He demanded and it seemed that he was indeed being genuinely clueless.

She shook her head in disbelief and started to walk again. "Forget it. This is exactly why I'm choosing you."

"You mean, I scared them?" Zoro went after her and was still questioning her point.

Nami only ignored him and had no interest at all to bring out the topic. She remembered one of Usopp's comments back then, saying that Zoro was too ignorant to even think about his good looking feature or perfectly built body. He was too determined with those fighting and endless training. Yeah, she forgot how stupid he had always been.

Nami reached to the side-way of the busy street and approached a florist. She picked a bouquet of fresh white roses and decided to buy it for herself. She gladly took the chance to smell the perfectly bloomed flowers and smiled inwardly.

"Can I go back?" Zoro's sudden voice brought the navigator's mind back to reality.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" She barked.

"Argh! I can't believe I'm doing this for you." He groaned.

"You owe me money, so be nice, do what I said, and I might recalculate your debt."

Zoro fought back so Nami responded back, and was given by another Zoro's argument, and she did the same. All way down the street, Zoro and Nami began their endless bickering. People who passed by thought that they were some common young lovers. And after a while, they both finally reached to their destination.

It was an old chapel.

Both of them stood in front of the old yet well maintained building and stared at it for a couple of seconds. Nami turned her head to Zoro and gave him a cunning smile.

Zoro looked back and ensured her one more time. "Are we really going to do this?"

She nodded. "Yes Zoro, we're getting married."

-end of chapter 1-

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