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It was late one night during Christmas holidays. All of the Gryffindor sixth year men were sitting on the floor of their dormitory, drinking butterbeers and playing a game that wasn't for the faint-hearted.

" Alright Boy Who Lived, hold 'em up behind your back. How many men have you seriously considered dating?" Dean asked.

"Argh, guys! I'm not gay, I'm just bloody terrible with females! Do I have to answer?"

"Yes Harry, now shut it or drink up. Either way we'll find the answer, sober or plastered." Ron retorted, quite drunk already for not answering which year he started fancying Hermione.

"Fineā€¦ Guess on."

"Three!" Neville shouted.

"Bloody hell, Neville! Is that how many you have fancied?" Seamus sniggered.

"Sod off!" Neville countered.

"Ooohhhh, Neville swore! We should have recorded that!" Dean pestered.

"Does anyone want to know the answer? I can keep a secret." Harry joked.

"Tell us mate!"

"Oi, fingers out from behind the back!" Seamus screamed.

Two fingers were extended. This came to a surprise to all the men, well except Harry.

"Who then, mate? I know Neville wants to know" Dean asked, wiggling his eyebrows at him.

"Look, no one said anything about telling who I fancied, just how many." Harry replied defiantly.

"It's got to be Ron! It's the only bloke Harry is ever around enough to fall for!"

"Shut it Seamus!" Ron roared out. "Let him talk!"

"Well, he is right about Ron. But I also fancied Seamus. That's why I was so cross at him last year when he wasn't speaking to me."

Before he could say another word, Harry was mouth to mouth with the Irish sixteen-year old. Harry had never kissed another bloke before, so he let Seamus take the lead. This was all new to him, since kissing Cho was horribly wet and disastrous. Tongues were caressing another, hair was grabbed, and oxygen was apparently not necessary.

After finally breaking apart, every guy in the room was silent and gaping at their roommates. Glancing at each other, they left for the common room. Harry and Seamus were alone, finally.

"Why didn't you tell me you fancied me? Harry, it's always been you I fancied, I just couldn't tell you. Gays don't exactly have a good reputation in the Wizarding World."

"My sentiments exactly."

Before the moment was ruined, they started making out again, stopping only for breath. The alcohol mixed with raw lust was leading the two men to uncharted waters. Their groping continued to go farther south.

Pausing at Harry's zipper, Seamus gave him a questioning glance. Harry's only reply was a slight nod of his head. Undoing the fly, Seamus pulled out Harry's uncircumcised member. It was already pretty hard and a good six inches. He licked it from the hilt to the tip. Harry moaned in response. The wetness caused it to grow to its full potential of nine inches. Seamus looked in awe at the sight before him. Soon enough, he started to suck him off.

Harry never felt this sensation before. Seamus' tongue kept flicking off his head and down his shaft. A tension was building in his groin that caused him to moan unconsciously. After a few more mouthfuls, Harry's seed was spilling down Seamus' throat.

Speaking for the first time since their first kiss, Harry asked Seamus, "How men have you done that to? Hold out your hand."

Only one was extended. Harry knew right then and there that this was an event that was to occur between only them. He didn't want anyone else, and neither did Seamus.

"How about this time tomorrow night, but it's my turn to please you" Harry laughed after a lengthy kiss with Seamus.