Not All Dream's, Cape's And Fairytale's Chapter 1


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Story Start

Today was the day and I was loving it. This was the day that myself and my friend Mai where finally moving house and all the bad but great memories would stay in their hearts forever. I was packing the boxes just as the moving guys where packing it up into a white moving van, I then picked up the box and passed it too the man who was in charge as I stepped out of the way and out of the door.

"Just put it next to the lamp shades!" I waved my hand in the air to the moving guy, He smiled and nodded before speaking to me again.

"Right, do you need any help ma'am?" he asked while putting a few boxes into the van

"I chuckled and shook my head; "I think I'm alright thank you though" I smiled politley and turned around to look at the now empty house,

"So long old life...time for a fresh start" I smiled again and locked the door, I then made my way over to the buisness agent and handed him the keys, After a few moments of a conversation I picked up my mobile phone and called Mai. I heard her laugh on the phone and then spoke to me.

"Hey have you got everything?" She asked me as I tapped my foot against the path pavement and responed.

"Yes, I've just gave the key to the buisness agent, where are you?" I tapped my leg waiting for a reply...

"I'm looking for new floorboards, we need some right?" Mai sounded rushed and waited for a response, I smiled and reasurred her while walking into my car,

"Not yet, listen I'm going over there now, I'll meet you there alright?" I got into my car and put my seat belt on and then started it.

"Okay I'll see you in about 20 mins bye!".

It had been 1 hour later and I was waiting for Mai to hurry up and get here, myself having been early was here 20 minuets ago and waiting by the door, After another 5 minuets went by I had seen a car come into my vision and the car engine crawled into my eardrums, After a few seconds I had seen Mai run up the steps with two cups in her hand, I sighed and got up and shouted her,

"Hurry up Mai!" I finally called as I pushed open the door to our new house,

"I'm coming!" the white haired girl ran over to me with coffee in her hand, She scrunched her nose up and sighed. She chuckled and turned to you,

"Looks...clean?" she smirked while I rolled my eyes.

"Let's just look inside first". Once I stepped inside and the first thing I did was open all the windows and let the nice fresh air in... I smiled and turned to Mai and spoke to her whil she told the moving guy to help her get the things from the truck,

"Let's just hope we like it..." once I got everything out of the van and into the living room and so on, I made my way to the kitchen and started cleaning, Mai did all the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms while I started downstairs,...

"Hey Rose, your gonna be scared tonight! the amount of spiders that I found in your bedroom is unreal!" I was in the middle of dusting when I heard Mai shouting and laughing upstairs, I shiverd, spiders...if I could go back in time then I would have killed them before they started mating!... I sighed and shouted back upstairs;

"You better have killed them and got rid of them Mai!" I screamed up the stairs while putting the lamp shade on the desk next to the settee, I heard her reasure me by speaking,

"I did don't worry!" I chuckled to myself and unpacked the last box, in it where things like jewellery, makeup and hair brushes, I was just about to unpack the earings when I felt a cold breeze on my shoulder...

"So...your the new guest in our house?"

I shot up and got into a defence stance... I soon looked around and saw nobody?, but...I sighed again and turned around and left the box in the middle of the floor,

Soon another hour went by when I heard Mai making her way into the kitchen. Soon afterwards I had seen Mai standing there with plates off hot food in her hand

I looked at her strangly and took the food out of her hand and spoke to her. "Did you hear that voice?" I sat down and looked up to her. She looked at me with a puzzled expression

"What voice? Rose...what's the matter?" Mai looked a bit concerned but I shook off the thought and started eating, once we had ate I told her to go clean up while I started to unpacked the last box that had not yet been touched...

I walked over to the box to find the it was now empty...? "huh? it was full, where on earth is the-" I looked down to see one single ear ring in the middle of the floor, I then bent down to pick it when I had seen something flicker underneath the floorboards, "wonder what that is" I began to bend down to get a closer look when I heard the same voice as before.

"Stay Away From That!" the voice came back and scared the hell out of me

"Whoever you are! stop messing with my head you freak!" I looked around beofre hearing him speak again this time closer me.

"A Freak am I? well, just for that...I'm going to make you forget this little encounter and what you could have found under the floorboards… oh one more thing… I'm going to make this night a little fun for me aswell" The man then chuckled, " best watch which way you look in the middle of the night..." I then looked near the curtins and saw a shadow of a man...tall and quite messy hair he had the most bight purple eyes and stern look about him..., I closed my eyes tight when a bright light came my way...

"Rose, what's up is someone in the house?!" Mai ran quickly ran over to me and shook me by the shoulders, I then opened my eyes and stared at her blankly,

"What just happened? I remember eating dinner with you and now I'm over here?" I stutterd out my words as Mai gentle sat me down on the settee.

"You just need some rest, your tired from all the work today...come one I'll help you get up the stairs" she offerd a hand but I declined it and smiled at her

"I'll sleep down here for the night, you go on up to your new room" I looked at the clock on the wall... 11:37pm, "o-Okay be safe though!" I smiled at her scared form and answered her,

"I will goodnight." I pulled a pillow to my chest and put the tv on, if only I knew this particular night would be one of the worst night's but happiest night's so far.