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Chapter 5


50 years ago:

Underground Auction

Dreams? More like NightmaresWorlds

Most Haunted Book

17th March. 11pm-1am

Last chance.

I read the notice which came through the front door. I chuckled as I stuffed the small leaflet into my pocket. I then looked at the clock to read 10.30pm.

"I better not catch those miscreants, otherwise there will be hell".

I put my dark shades on and my black trench coat and left the house for this magical book.


50 years ago:

"Hurry up Jaden" I shouted as I left the library.

I wrapped my coat around my body and waited for Jaden to come outside.

"Yeh yeh I'm on my way!" after Jaden walked through the door he too wrapped his coat around his body and shivered.

"Hey Fujiwara look over there It's Trueman" I slowly looked and growled a bit.

"Yes...there he is...I still cannot believe that he wants to sue my company all because I am destroying that stupid book...Dream's More like Nightmares...what a stupid name for a book!" I walked off in a huff down the street as he walked down a ally way. I looked behind my shoulder to see Jaden looking in front of me before staring at me.

"Hey thanks for giving me half of the company know I will put it too good use" Jaden smiled.

"No problem, here lets take the short's almost 2am." I began to make my way down the street but bumped into someone.

"Sorry didn't see where I was-" I slowly looked up and glared at at the man before me..."Trueman, you can't keep away can you?" He chuckled and opened a book before giving me one last smirk..."Now it's time to say goodbye to this world and say hello to the book you are about to burn" I couldn't even blink before darkness consumed the life out of me.

"Fujiwara wake up!" I groaned as I was shook insanely by Jaden.

"what happened?" I slowly got up and looked towards Jaden.

"Where the hell are we? wait...Where is Trueman!?" I again looked towards Jaden who was panicking because he had no idea what happened. I shook my head and rose to my feet and gave him a reassuring smile. "Let's just look around and see where we are"...

It had been a good hour of walking and we still had no clue in where we were,

"How long have we been walking for?" Jaden sat down and looked at his watch which was froze. I looked to my left and carried on walking.

"I'm not sure...let's keep searching for clues", I turned around as Jaden spoke and nodded.

"yes alright" I helped Jaden back to his feet and then began to walk near a old run down house.

"what's that?" I looked ahead and found that the end of the road was darkness had consumed it.

" might want to read this" I looked towards Jaden who had handed me a note..."Where did you get this?" I looked him in the eye as he pointed over to an area in the street.

"I found it" over by the wall" I opened the note and looked at the hand writing.

"wonder what it says?"…

If you wish to escape you must find yourselves two human sacrifices...It will be difficult seeing as your trapped under the floor boards in an abandoned house... and considering aswell that your in my book...dream's? more like nightmares...looks like it will be nightmares for you both.

I sighed and scrunched up the piece of paper.

"He just will not give up until we are dead" I was just about to punch the first thing next to me when I realized it was Jaden.

He then looked to me and spoke in a frail but confident voice, "How long are we stuck here then?" Jaden then looked down towards the floor as I stood up straight and answered his question...

"Well, it says find two human that is what we will do...I don't care how long it takes...I will get my Revenge!"...


"It's great...reading a story book with two new characters in...or should I say three..." I watched as Fujiwara was shouting at how he was going to get his revenge...little did they know that it will be me pulling the strings from the inside of the book...yes, the last book of it's kind and I was about to change the history of the book and world...all it took where a few words.

Fujiwara: Present:

"There you have it...that is how me and Jaden got trapped..." I looked towards Rose who had a few tears in her eyes...Of course...I did not want to tell her about the best part, the sacrifice that she was going to be in so myself and Jaden could get out...she was going to trust me and find out all by her self...and that I was going to toss her out the first chance I can get...well it will be her dream to find a connection with one such as myself...but it will also be her nightmare because this is the last time she will ever fall in love...