The Goddess of Misfortune's good luck was yet to be found.

Gumshoe sat on one side of the large pane of glass, staring helplessly at the woman on the other. He longed to say something, to tell her to hang in there because it'd all be alright in the end. She'd get through, as she always had, and then her luck would turn around.

Looking at the state of her however, he knew those words would be useless. Her hands were covering her eyes, though it was clear they were damp with tears. Her newest uniform – that of a librarian – was not in its usual cheery state. The white shirt was crumpled, flecks of dirt present along the sleeves, and the red feathers that usually decorated her personage were askew, looking as though the slightest movement could topple them to the ground.

Her glasses sat on the bench in front of her, lenses cracked and threatening to fall out any second.

"Maggey," Gumshoe said quietly, hand touching the glass.

The one in question did nothing in response.

"I'll work out what really happened," the detective told her. "I promise I will, pal! You didn't kill that girl… you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I'll prove it, I swear on my badge."

It perhaps wasn't the brightest thing to vow on. With the badge he was just able to scrape the pay for his rent and enough instant noodles to last him. Without it… he shuddered to think. But none of that came to mind when his eyes rested on the women, with a strong desire to cheer her up somehow.

To his relief, her head slowly lifted, her arms flopping onto her lap after wiping her eyes quickly. They were red, a contrast to her now pale skin. "Th-Thank you, Mr Gumshoe," she said. Her eyes cast downwards, and she let out a soft sigh. "But there's no point. Please don't waste your time on me, sir."

"Huh?" His heart sunk in his chest quicker than he'd thought possible. "Maggey… you didn't kill her! I know you didn't, finding the truth would never be a waste!" By then he'd risen, looking at her desperately. His face was so close to the glass that he could see it fogging up with every breath he exhaled.

"There's no point," she repeated. Her voice was quiet, and he strained to catch what she was saying. "We both know I'll just end up here again; maybe in a few months, or a few years, but it'll happen." Her voice had begun to shake. "I've already caused enough trouble for everybody. At first I thought it was all just bad luck, but this is my forth time being accused of murder. Maybe I should just stop trying." Her head was in her hands once more.

"M-Maggey… you don't mean that."

"I do, sir. I'm not worth it."

He fell back into his seat, shoulders slouched and a helpless expression plastered across his face.

She couldn't be serious. He just wanted to run into the room and pull her into the tightest hug he could. He wanted to stop all her tears, to tell her that she was amazing and that none of what happened to her was her fault in the slightest. He wanted to promise her that her bad luck would go away, and that she'd be able to live a normal life like she deserved.

But most importantly of all, he needed to let her know that she definitely was worth it. She was worth every single piece of effort he'd put into solving the case.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't put any of it into words. He settled for the next best thing he could say. "I'll get you out of here. I promise."

The detective stood on his feet again, raising his arm in a salute. He watched her, waiting silently.

It took a moment, but she at last peeked through her fingers. She managed a small smile as she too stood, copying his stance as a lone tear trailed down her cheek.

At the same time, both drew their arms downwards.

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