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(S1 Theme)

"Nightmare in Dream World"


Ash was getting closer to his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master every day. In the Pokemon World Tournament, he had managed to beat many opponents, barely breaking a sweat. Technically, he was supposed to be in first place, but there was still one more competitor he had to face. The winner got to battle a mysterious person to see if they were worthy of being the best, as opposed to the Champions League he had heard about. All he had to do was win one more round, and he would be officially the Kanto League Champion! He couldn't believe it! He impatiently looked at the screen where matchups were shown, and, as if on cue, he was called to the Grass Field. He leaped down to his side of the battlefield.

Everyone he knew was rooting for him to win, from Misty to Yvonne to Ramona to Professor Violet to Tianna to Mikey to Giselle, and even Paul.

"Go, Ash! You can do it!" Brock shouted.

"Show whoever you're up against why you made it this far!" Jeanette cried, her Bellsprout nodding in agreement.

"Come on! You didn't come all this way just to lose it all!" Butch added in. All of Team Rocket had returned after Giovanni disbanded them, but they had all turned over a new leaf altogether.

"Show this guy how you do it in Kanto," Trip advised from above. "Remember to just stick to the basics, and you'll win."

Dr. Zager was also rooting for him. "Make us proud, Champion Ash!"

James cheered louder than most of the audience. "You took on Operation Tempest! This is nothing!"

Jessie stared at him. "Need I remind you that we were the ones who saved the world?"

James sunk his head in shame. "...Oh. Well, the point is, he can do it!"

"The legendary slayer Ash Ketchum will definitely win," Tobias predicted. "No doubt about it."

"Take him or her down!" Georgia cheered.

"His little Pikachu is really strong. He's gonna win, I just know it!" Sho cried.

"That's right! The twoip is gonna clean sweep dis guy before he can even open his Meowth!" the Scratch Cat Pokemon praised.

"Give them the fight of their lives!" Paul shouted.

"Show them the power of believing in the strength of your friends, and trusting and loving them!" Nat raised her fist towards him.

"Ash is not a little kid anymore..." Iris cried in Damien's shoulder.

"Ash, Ash, he's the best! If he can't do it, Gary certainly can't!" Gary's former cheerleaders had joined Ash's side a few days before.

"Ash, we choose you to be the champion, so do your best!" Taylor encouraged him, breaking into applause. Like most everyone, she couldn't wait to see who Ash was up against.

Ash nearly teared up at almost everyone he knew, as well as total strangers, cheering for him. "Thanks, guys..." White smoke formed on the opposing side of the battlefield, breaking his thoughts. and it soon cleared to reveal not one, or even two, but three masked figures, all with long white hair and black and grey ninja suits. Everyone immediately stopped cheering when they saw Ash's opponents and their signature Pokemon in front of them. Ash stared at them in horror. He thought he had gotten rid of them!

"Let's make this quick and painless, shall we? After all, his precious Bur - " the one in the middle began, before Pikachu rushed in quickly at the Pokemon to the right. But then the ninja at the leftmost side teleported in front of him and kicked him away hard.

"PIKACHUUUUUUUU!" Ash yelled, shaking the nervous wreck of a Pokemon. Pikachu wake up, drenched in cold sweat. It had all been a dream...

Ash wrapped Pikachu into his arms and comforted him. "It'll be okay, Pikachu. Nothing will hurt you." Pikachu squeaked lightly, before drifting back to a more peaceful sleep.


For the next couple of days, Yvonne had tried (and failed) to capture the Pokemon that Professor Violet had wanted. She hadn't told anyone about them; she wanted them to be surprised when they saw them. Not much else out of the ordinary happened, until they went to a Pokemon Center in Viridian City.

"Ash, it's been a while since you've contacted Professor Oak. You should see how he's doing," Yvonne suggested out of the blue.

Ash immediately took her up on the offer and turned on the videophone in front of him, with Yvonne on his side. He wondered why she wanted to see or talk to Professor Oak so badly. The old man appeared on the screen, shattering his thoughts. A smile split his wrinkly face.

"I see you two are getting along just fine!" Professor Oak stated, much to their embarrassment.

Misty crossed her arms. "Yeah. Perfect," she scoffed. Electrode stared at them in confusion. The professor looked ready to burst out in poem, but Yvonne stopped him with, "Professor Oak, did Professor Violet send you the Kalos region data?"

Dawn frowned in the background. "I wanted to hear another one of his poems..."

Xavier went to console her. "Maybe next time," he assured her.

"Ah, yes! She actually remembered this time!" Professor Oak began. "She also sent me the data for the 'DW Project'," Professor Oak answered.

"The DW Project?" Ash was curious. Furret scampered over to the screen, squeezing itself between the two of them and squashing its face on the screen.

Brock folded his arms. "What did I tell you about butting in?"


Professor Oak merely chuckled as Furret backed away a little. "Furret wants to know, too! The DW Project, according to Professor Violet, is a device which brings Pokemon into an alternate world of dreams."

"Pika Pika!"

"I bet Pikachu wants to try it out!" Ash guessed. Pikachu nodded its head excitedly.

"Then you're in luck, because Muk just arrived from the Dream World, and he turned out just fine! Granted, the DW Project is still in its beta stage, but it still works really well! All you have to do is send your Pokemon over," Professor Oak told him.

Yvonne frowned. "Ash gets all the glory? Not fair."

Professor Oak sighed. "I was afraid of this. You're all going to have to come here in person if you wish to try it out."

"Fine with me," Yvonne replied, as Misty grabbed her Pokemon from Nurse Joy. "Dream World, here we come!"

"We're going to Pallet Town," Ash put his hands over his mouth to suppress his laughter. "The Pokemon are going to the Dream World." Yvonne's response was to take his hat off his head and hold it high beyond his reach. Ash growled as he jumped reached for his hat. The blonde smirked down at him as she dangled it above him. "Now who's laughing?"

"Hey, give it back, you - " Ash and Yvonne both were jabbed by Croagunk, who led the way to Pallet Town while dragging them to Pallet Town.


Dawn stared at the Poison/Fighting type in disbelief. "Wow, you were right, Brock. Croagunk does make a great leader!"

"What did I tell ya?" Brock basked in her praise.

"Well, it's more than you can say for Ash, I'll admit that much." Misty smirked.

Before they went to the lab, Ash went to visit his mom. They all helped around the house, ate her cooking, then came to Professor Oak's laboratory.

"You've arrived, and just in time, might I add!" Professor Oak was excited. "Tracey is out doing research right now, but his Venonat is available to start the process. Follow me." He led them to the ranch, where all of his Pokemon were relaxing. Xavier, Dawn and Yvonne were particularly surprised. They didn't know he had so many Pokemon. Ash had his Tauros all hide from them, but his collection was still impressive nonetheless.

"First." Professor Oak snapped them out of their trance. "Send out all of your Pokemon..." He looked at Brock, who had Furret, Electrode, Fennekin, Geodude, and Croagunk out. "Just bring them over here." All of them, along with Surskit, Froakie, Pikachu, Azurill, Talonflame, Litleo, and Piplup sat on the behemoth Torterra. The others were thrown out of their Poke Balls soon after. Of note was Dawn's newest addition, a white candle with yellow eyes and a purple flame on top of its head.

"Cool, I have one of those! Wanna see?" Xavier looked at Dawn.

"Sure! Litwick would, too, I'm sure!" Dawn answered, as Xavier threw his Poke Ball. The two Litwick held hands and merged their flames. They then spit flames out at each other, causing them both to glow and the flames on their head to grow bigger.

"Creepy," Misty commented.

"I'm starting to see why Professor Violet was never a fan," Yvonne added.

Even Professor Oak seemed to find it a little weird, because he immediately got Tracey's Venonat to put them to sleep. It then followed suit on the others, except for Primeape, Scraggy, Noctowl, and Krookodile. Professor Oak quickly explained that the project didn't work for dark types, or Pokemon with sleep-nullifying abilities, before putting small devices on each of them. That meant that the four of them would immediately miss out on the Dream World. The rest of them were immediately transported away.

"How long will they be there?" Dawn wanted to know.

"They should be back in no more than an hour," Professor Oak assured them. "In the meantime, I'll set up everything else so that you can watch them from a screen until they get back to where they were."

Ash turned to his Pokemon. Krookodile looked to the side with its arms folded, Scraggy pulled up its "skin" and let it fall repeatedly, Primeape threw a fit, and Noctowl just stood there, perched on the ground.

"So, it's just us five for now." Ash simplified the current situation for them. He felt weird without Pikachu, but he could live for an hour or so.

"What are you going to do for one hour?" Yvonne questioned him. "I can't see you just sitting there with the others."

"You're absolutely right." Ash returned his Pokemon to their balls, before he got out of the lab and into Route 1, Yvonne close behind him.

"What reason could she have for following him?" Misty turned to the others, who didn't answer.


In a lone island, the Pokemon were all investigating their surroundings. Some of them, especially the bigger ones, looked bored, but the rest of them couldn't have been happier. In front of them was a rainbow bridge.

"Pika Pikachu?" Pikachu stared at the path, before walking on the bridge. The rest of them followed suit.

They were soon led to a giant tree with an entrance. Just as the smaller ones were about to enter it, Snorlax fell over in front of the hole and feel asleep immediately. Piplup, the two Litwick, Fennekin, Froakie, Seadra, Electrode, Gogoat, Glalie, Gible, Torkoal, Snivy used all of their strongest attacks to try and wake it up, but it didn't even seem to feel it. Furret suddenly jumped on its belly and started using it as a trampoline, before some of the other little ones joined in. Pidgeot, Unfezant, Staraptor, Faiaro, Swellow, Geodude, Togekiss, and Vivillon raced around them, with Electrode joining in soon after (with the help of Magnet Rise, of course). The rest of them were sparring against each other.

After about a half-hour, they were all tuckered out. As if on cue, the sky grew dark and stormy. Many Gengar and Mismagius appeared right before their eyes, all charging up Shadow Balls immediately. All of the non-Dream World natives urgently prepared a special attack to counter them, and the moves collided, causing a huge explosion. They all heard what sounded like a sword grinding against metal, followed by Furret, Vivillon, Shishiko, the two Litwick, Froakie, Surskit, Glalie, Totodile, the two Quilava, and Oshawott groaning in pain. Swellow and Unfezant blew away the smoke, but saw only the ghosts. What else had attacked them?


Ash and Yvonne had changed into different outfits: Ash had on the outfit he wore during his travels in Hoenn, and Yvonne wore her standard outfit. Her hair was fixed into a French braid. They stared at each other for a few seconds, before taking a walk.

"Pika!" a voice called from behind him. Ash looked, but all he saw was Yvonne. "Pika?" Ash stared at her as if she was a rabid Umbreon.

"I thought it'd make you feel better," she admitted to him. Ash sighed as he turned back around and kept moving. It was relatively uneventful, although Yvonne did see a Pokemon she wanted: Kadabra. Before Ash could react, Yvonne sent out her Sableye and had it use Will-O-Wisp to burn it, followed by Shadow Claw, which weakened it. She then gave an empty Poke Ball to Sableye, who hovered towards the psychic type and dropped the ball on its head, sucking it in. After three shakes, it was captured. She picked up the ball and simply clipped it on her belt.


Ash turned to Yvonne again. "That was so funny I forgot to laugh! Do Raichu next."

"First off, I can't do Raichu. Second, it wasn't me this time," she said, pointing to the right. Indeed, there was a young dirty-blonde girl with a black dress on, a Pichu by her side. Both of them seemed to be training hard.

"I wonder if she just started," Yvonne mused, before they heard rustling in the woods. She then sent out her newly caught Kadabra and tossed it a berry to heal its burn and recover. It was engulfed in a faint glow, which covered its wounds. When the aura disappeared, it looked good as new. Kadabra then thrust its spoon towards the bush and moved it away. Behind it was a pair of redheads with bright red suits, matching sunglasses, and black dress shoes. They had a flamboyant air about them. The Pichu and its owner tried to run to the other side, but two others that looked similar to them emerged from the front of her. Yvonne's jaw dropped in shock, something that didn't go unnoticed by Ash.

"You know these guys?" Ash turned to Yvonne, who addressed his concern.

"These guys are Team Flare. They're an organization from Kalos whose goal is to make money by any means necessary," she explained. "Guess they thought they could slip under the radar by heading to another region."

Ash groaned. "More of these organizations?" He gritted his teeth. First Team Rocket, then Magma and Aqua, then Galactic, then Plasma, and now them? "They're gonna have to change their name to Team Scared after we beat them!"

"Right on about the first part, girlie," one of the Team Flare members responded. Yvonne folded her arms, and the man looked down at her. "Oh, I wasn't referring to you."

Ash fumed inwardly at the name he was called as his left hand reached for a Poke Ball, while he pointed forward with his free hand. "Pikachu, Thunderbolt behind us! Squirtle, douse their - " That's when he remembered that the two Pokemon were at the Dream World. The duo in front of Ash and Yvonne sent out two Houndour, while the ones cornering the third wheel sent out a pair of Magmar.

"Noctowl, I choose you!" Ash cried, sending out the wise owl.

The Team Flare members all murmured to each other in approval, saying things like "Not bad" and "That could work". Ash had his Noctowl use Hypnosis on one of the two Houndour. It emitted red rings from its eyes towards the hound Pokemon, causing it to snooze. The other Houndour leaped towards Yvonne's Kadabra, who flashed its spoon into its eyes, before warping away from its fiery fangs. The blinded Houndour landed on its feet and squinted its eyes. Yvonne then requested a Charge Beam. The Psychic Pokemon's spoon glowed a sparking yellow, before a thunder beam emitted from it to the now awakened Houndour. It nimbly leaped above the electric attack, formed a dark ghostly ball in front of itself, and hurled it at Kadabra.

"Ally Switch!" Yvonne yelled, at the same time Ash called for an Air Slash. Kadabra and Noctowl both switched places in a flash, so the Shadow Ball just phased through the flier. Said Pokemon beat its wings a few times and released a blade of air towards the still airborne Houndour, hitting it and sending it crashing. For Kadabra, it used another Charge Beam on the undamaged Houndour, who retaliated with a Flamethrower. The two attacks collided, causing an explosion.

Meanwhile, the Pichu trainer was struggling with the two Magmar. Her Pokemon avoided each attack they dished out, but was already getting tired. Ash saw how much trouble she was in and released Scraggy to the field beside the tiny mouse. "Scraggy, Double Focus Blast!" The little Fighting/Dark type formed two light blue orbs in each hand, each one growing to the size of Wigglytuff, before hurling them at the two Magmar, who had Pichu cornered. The Magmar seemed relatively unharmed by the powerful fighting type attacks. The first Magmar charged towards them, and Scraggy's right leg glowed a bright red-orange as he jumped towards Magmar. Before the Hi Jump Kick could connect, Magmar warped out of the way and reappeared behind Scraggy, who was about to crash.

"Noctowl, lift up Scraggy!" Ash's Noctowl flew towards Scraggy, but the second Magmar blocked its way with a glowing fist. The girl told her Pichu to do Thunder Wave, and her Pokemon sent a small jolt of electricity at the offending fire type, but unfortunately, it also hit Scraggy.

"Sorry!" the black dress wearer called. "Pichu, Thundershock!" Another jolt of electricity, little stronger than Thunder Wave, arced over Magmar, who simply took the attack and retaliated by spewing flames at it. With Magmar distracted, Noctowl was able to pick up Scraggy and fly in Ash's range so that he could recall Scraggy. Pichu's tail caught on fire, and it ran in circles and yelled its name repeatedly. Ash and Yvonne stared, a drop of sweat forming on each of their faces as the Team Flare members snickered.

"That had to be the weakest electric attack in the world," Ash told her discreetly.

"That's an understatement," Yvonne agreed, turning back to her Kadabra, who was being double teamed by the two Houndour. Noctowl was flying over to its side with an Extrasensory attack at the ready. The multicolored attack hit both of the Houndour, but didn't affect them. They just stood in their positions in confusion.

"The Houndour family are also Dark types, which are imm - "

"Focus!" Ash interrupted his blonde partner, not in the mood for a lecture. He immediately sent out Primeape to help assist Pichu, who had just gotten knocked down by a Fire Punch attack. Yvonne saw a window of opportunity to attack the Houndour, who had just regained focus. Kadabra was charging up another Charge Beam attack in its spoon. For some reason, the one Houndour in range of the attack just stood there, even as the electric attack was unleashed. It then unleashed a powerful burst of flames at its lookalike companion, who just let the flames engulf him. As the other Houndour was taken down, Ash stared at it and Kadabra in shock.

"Flash Fire!" Yvonne informed Ash simply, as a large stream of flames spewed from the able Houndour's mouth, surrounding both Kadabra and Noctowl.

"Crobat, Gust!"

"Noctowl, Air Slash and fly up!" Ash yelled, as his Noctowl's air blades pushed the fire away in separate directions, and whatever couldn't be blown away was avoided by Noctowl. It was only a matter of time until the flames were weakened, which allowed Yvonne's Kadabra to overpower it with another Charge Beam and hit the user. From above, Ash's Johto flier sent more air blades at the back of Houndour, taking it down.

Meanwhile, Primeape and a Magmar had grasped each other's hands, each trying to push the other back. The other Magmar was getting ready to stomp on Pichu, along with a pink Shellos sprawled on the ground next to it. Their trailer stood there in shock. Ash quickly recalled Primeape, causing its opponent to topple over because of gravity. He and Yvonne then recalled Noctowl and Kadabra, before replacing them with the paralyzed Scraggy and Sableye, respectively. Yvonne called out a move called "Shadow Gem", which consisted of Sableye forming glowing gems in front of its body, covering them with ghostly energy, and then hurling them at the Magmar who was about to stomp Pichu and Shellos.

Scraggy froze in place as sparks formed around it, so it had no choice but to take the flames from the Fire type Pokemon that had just tripped after a power struggle with Primeape. The flames washed over Scraggy as Ash shouted its name in concern.

"Scraggy, pay him back!" Ash cried, trying to ignore the smirks of the Team Flare members. A faint dark purple aura momentarily appeared in the middle of all the fire, before Scraggy launched from them and gave Magmar a few punches, followed by a hard headbutt, fainting it. Yvonne's Sableye had just extended its shadow to strike the other Magmar and take it down. Both of them were promptly recalled.

"All right, we beat em!" Ash cried, as the guys in red stood there in shock, still smiling. "What's so funny? We beat you!"

"You'd think that, wouldn't you?" another voice called from behind the two Magmar owners. The source turned out to be a guy wearing a similar outfit, but his hair was styled diffferently. "It's a good thing I came when I did. You two can retreat now." The owners of the Houndour did as they were told as Yvonne and Ash focused on him.

"We're not going anywhere," Yvonne retorted, having forgotten about the retreaters.

"Fine. Have it your way," the newly arrived man responded calmly, before sending out a bipedal chicken-like Pokemon that was red and yellow in color. It had feathers that formed as its hair, which also extended to what looked like chest armor. Speaking of "extended", it also had a V-shaped crest which was an extension of its head. Fire cloaked over its grey, featherless hands. All of their jaws dropped; Yvonne's in shock, the younger girl's in fear, and Ash's in nostalgia. Before any of them could even make a move, Blaziken seemed to warp in front of each Pokemon that was out and punch them with fire covered hands. Sableye, Shellos, Pichu, and Scraggy all went down. Out of the four of them, only Sableye was actually able to take the attack. The three of them recalled their Pokemon.

Yvonne brought back Kadabra with a bright smile. "Good thing I saved him." The girl in the black dress shook and slowly sent out her Venipede, while Ash released his Primeape.

"Primeape, use Close Combat!" Ash's pure Fighting-type ran towards the Fire/Fighting type and throw multiple punches and kicks at it, and it retaliated with copying the Pig Monkey's actions, but with flare.

"Can't take the heat?" the Blaziken trainer taunted, as Primeape sweated and struggled to keep up. Yvonne's Kadabra carefully observed Blaziken and aimed a wave of psychic energy at it, but the Hoenn starter jumped into the air, making the Psywave explode on a tree. Blaziken then landed on the ground - hard. Cracks formed on the ground and shook it, sending everyone - both human and Pokemon - off balance, right before seismic waves headed towards them. Primeape jumped over them, while Kadabra teleported away from harm's way. Venipede just stood there and took the attack. Blaziken then jumped in front of Primeape and kicked it back on the ground, right in front of a seismic wave. Kadabra appeared right beside the sprawled Primeape, but it would soon wish it hadn't.

Blaziken landed on the ground once again and unleashed another earthquake, this one more powerful than the last, and sent Kadabra flying to a tree. Primeape got up, now in a blind frenzy, and charged towards Blaziken once again. Meanwhile, Kadabra was trying to recover.

"My, your Primeape certainly has power," the Blaziken user complimented, before diffusing it with an insult. "But without the flair to back it up, it's nothing."

Ash gritted his teeth as the two fighters were engaged in yet another Close Combat war. He watched their movements carefully. Ash noticed that Blaziken was using its hands much more than its legs, and also that its kicks were blocked or dodged more often than its punches.

"Low Sweep!" Before either Blaziken or its master could comprehend what was happening, Primeape crossed its right leg over its left, and then made a backward circular sweeping motion and tripped Blaziken. Yvonne's Kadabra then outlined the fully evolved Pokemon in a light blue aura, before slamming it on the ground. The little girl's Cherubi aimed a Leech Seed attack at it, but it just guarded against it with its flaring hands, before getting up, growling in pure rage.

"Not bad." The user of the dual type Pokemon tossed a swirly white, red and black stone at it. "But you're about to witness its true flair...its true power, so to speak."

Ash and the girl looked confused, while Yvonne just looked shocked. "! Anything but that!" She gasped as a rainbow-colored sphere surrounded Blaziken, followed by pink and orange flames swirling around the barrier. It eventually faded to reveal a different looking Pokemon in its place, though it still looked much the same as Blaziken, just darker. Other than that, its red and tan feathers were replaced with black and scarlet colored feathers, respectively. Its featherless hands were now clawed, the V shaped crest on its head had formed into a single horn, and blistering Vs of fire were on its wrists. Its most notable feature, however, was its "hair", which had formed into an X around its face.

Ash was just downright baffled. "B-Blaziken can evolve?" Yvonne was too stunned to answer. When they shifted their focus back to the battlefield, Kadabra and Primeape were already sprawled on the ground, struggling to get up, while their opponent just stood there. Ash took out his Pokedex to scan it, but it disappeared out of sight before he could even point at it. Yvonne was also looking through her Pokedex. She repeatedly muttered "Trick Room". As she was fiddling through her tablet, Blaziken's new form appeared right in front of Kadabra and delivered multiple punches of fire at Kadabra (or maybe they were flaming chops, it was going too fast for anyone to tell).

"Primeape, get it away! Mega Punch!" Ash's Pokemon ran towards it and the completely charred Kadabra, but the mysterious Pokemon just warped behind Primeape, crouched slightly, and delivered a sweeping kick too quick to see coming on its back. Its next spot was above Primeape, where it kicked down on Primeape and sent it crashing on the ground.

"Teleport!" Yvonne's Psychic Pokemon disappeared from its spot, as did the Fire/Fighting type. The unknown Pokemon reappeared about ten steps away from Primeape, which is where Kadabra had landed. Kadabra could only recoil in shock as the type-disadvantaged Pokemon rammed into it and pushed it away, before spitting a weak burst of flames at it, taking it down. Both Primeape and its ally were recalled and replaced with Scraggy and Sableye.

"Scraggy, Focus Blast!" Light blue orbs formed in Scraggy's hands and expanded to the size of its head, but not before paralysis overtook it, and as if things couldn't get worse, the orbs exploded in its hands, causing a great deal of damage to it. Sableye grinned as it ran around Scraggy, unaffected by the explosion.

"Uh, Ash? MegaBlaziken is over there!" Yvonne pointed diagonally to her right. Indeed, it hadn't moved an inch since Primeape and Kadabra were recalled, though it looked like it couldn't wait to deal the smack down to the next Pokemon that dared oppose it. The little girl's Venipede was biting its feet, but its attacks did nothing.

"I have eyes, you know!" Ash snapped back at the blonde, as he recalled Scraggy. "I choose you, Noctowl!" The owl Pokemon returned, ready for another round. "Use Hypnosis!" At the same time, Yvonne's Sableye was asked to use Power Ball. It was another combination of Shadow Ball and Power Gem, but this time, Sableye formed a dark ball, before then hovering gems around it and hurling the finished attack at Mega Blaziken, who simply sidestepped the attack. It found itself in front of Noctowl, who was getting ready to use Hypnosis, but the mega Pokemon just cloaked its fists in electricity and punched it with both fists before it could pull off Hypnosis. Like Scraggy before it, it ended up unable to move.

"Noctowl!" Ash called, as the Fire/Fighting type gave his Pokemon one last Thunder Punch. The Pokemon without a type weakness hovered towards MegaBlaziken, but it disappeared. Every time Sableye turned around, Blaziken would be right behind it. Yvonne would call out move after move, but to no avail. The speedy Pokemon tapped Sableye on the head, and it turned around to see Blaziken's claws cloaked in a pitch black aura. It immediately slashed the dark ghost with it, almost taking it down.

"Sableye, Recover!" Yvonne cried, as her Pokemon began to glow. Blaziken rushed towards it, only to encounter a terracotta-colored crocodile-like Pokemon with black stripes, a white belly, and most notable of all: sunglasses.

Two rings of stones were swirling around said Pokemon, before they launched towards the enemy, who somehow weaved around each and every one of them. It was almost like it saw the attacks coming before they were actually executed.

"Krookodile, use Earthquake!" Ash ordered, as the Dark/Ground type's tail rose in the air, before slamming on the ground, unleashing tremors and seismic waves towards its opponent, who merely jumped over it, its fists cloaked in fire.

"Dragon Claw, now!" Krookodile's claws glowed a light blue as it swiped at Mega Blaziken, the two attacks colliding with each other. The two of them were struggling for dominance, when two eerie balls of light hit Krookodile's enemy, dazing it. It momentarily uncloaked its fists, allowing Krookodile to easily strike it in the torso with its Dragon Claw attack and get breathing room. The fiery Pokemon shook its head a few times, before focusing on the two part-Dark types.

It snapped out of confusion already? Yvonne thought, as Ash replaced his Krookodile with Primeape, who looked ready to keel over any minute. Sableye dashed behind Primeape, before going towards MegaBlaziken.

The man commanding the Mega Pokemon sighed. "Haven't you caught on by now? Speed Boost means my Pokemon goes faster until it beats you all." He watched as his Pokemon simply gave Sableye a flaming uppercut...turning it to white smoke? The smoke obscured its vision as Primeape got it with a powerful punch on the same spot that Krookodile slashed it. It looked a little healthier than when Ash had sent it out.

"Sorry, I only had a few Oran Berries," Yvonne told Ash. "But it's better than nothing, right?"

The Team Flare member's Pokemon tumbled over, but quickly righted itself and ran towards Primeape again. It ran past it, stopped in front of Ash, and...flicked him, causing him to roll over clumsily. It then went back to Primeape and repeatedly punched it, alternating between fire and thunder. The two girls ran towards Ash to see if he was okay.

"I'm fine..." Ash assured them, as they helped him up. "Thanks. Primeape, Low Sweep again!" The Pig Monkey Pokemon was too beaten and worn out to even do a thing, so all it took was one uppercut to send it flying, before it landed on its back. Ash recalled the pure Fighting-type, before replacing it with Krookodile once again. Krookodile looked up at Ash's face and reeled back in shock.

Yvonne pointed to MegaBlaziken and its trainer. "They're at fault." Krookodile growled at them as not two, but four rings of stones circled around it. MegaBlaziken once again weaved around them, but it wasn't expecting Sableye's Power Gem to also be thrown in, so a few stones had managed to graze it.

Ash turned to the girl, who still wasn't doing anything. "Don't just stand there and let them win, do something!"

"But I'm not nearly as good as you - " she began, before Ash cut in with, "By letting them do whatever they want, you're just giving up! You suck for letting them run over you! Did you make it this far just to tell your Pokemon - and the world - that their trainer's a coward?"

The girl blinked a few times, before sending out her Trapinch. It opened its mouth and created a gust attack, which was merged with Stone Edge to create a stone tornado that headed towards Team Flare. The Pokemon that evolved via a weird stone fought back with Flamethrower, which turned it into a flaming rock tornado and pushed it back.

"Protect!" the girl commanded, as her Trapinch formed a green barrier around itself, protecting the three of them from the improvised attack. Ash thought it looked somewhat like a contest move, one May would do. Of course, hers would have looked better. He then snapped out of his thoughts as chunks of earth beneath them cracked and rose. The green barrier disappeared, as did the attack, but the mega Pokemon was nowhere to be found.

"Trapinch, use Gust again, but around all of us!" the youngest one of the group commanded, leading them all right beside their Pokemon. Trapinch repeated its course of action. This would prevent them from any attacks aimed at the trainers. A burst of flame behind Ash was headed towards the six of them, but this time, the wind blew it away, dispersing it into small embers.

"That's more like it! Show them who's boss!" Ash encouraged her, but in one blink of the eye, he found Sableye, Trapinch, and Krookodile on the ground. That's some speed! They couldn't even see Team Flare's Pokemon anymore. Anytime one of theirs tried to get up, they would get taken down by an attack that none of them could even see coming.

"Yvonne, didn't you say Kadabra had Trick Room?" Ash reminded her.

"That's what I thought, too," she replied in defeat. The small girl looked confused for some reason. Finally, when their Pokemon fainted, MegaBlaziken got ready to finish them off with a huge fire attack, when streaks of wind suddenly appeared above them all. They heard what sounded like wings quietly flapping, followed by spores scattering. The three of them looked up to see what it was, but by then, the noises stopped, and the wind streaks were gone.

"Huh? There's nothing there..." Ash mused.

"That's not all...look," Yvonne pointed around herself. The troubling Hoenn (or at least used to be, as far as he knew, this new Blaziken form was not native to Hoenn) Pokemon was stunned, while the Team Flare members were asleep. Yvonne held back a burning urge to take care of them herself, before settling for calling the police on them. Ash would have to ask Professor Oak and/or Gary what he knew about MegaBlaziken later on, if the latter wouldn't be such a douchebag.

"I sure didn't expect to beat them," the girl commented. "By the way, my name's Salem." Just as she gave out her identity, an Officer Jenny appeared on her motorcycle and parked just in front of the stunned MegaBlaziken. She reached out to them with her handcuffs, before the air got unbearably hot. It was then that a nine-tailed fox appeared. It flicked its tails, sending small embers through the trees and causing a forest fire.

"Arcanine, Flash Fire!" Officer Jenny cried, sending out an orange puppy-like Pokemon with black stripes and a black nose. It had a tuft of fur on its head, chest hair, and a bushy tail, all of which were tan. It glowed crimson for a brief second before all of the fire that was spreading attracted towards it, powering it up. Team Flare and their Pokemon were already gone.

Officer Jenny didn't even stay to chat, she just drove away on her motorcycle, her Pokemon running beside her.

"I can't believe they escaped," Salem voiced her thoughts.

Ash smiled. "Officer Jenny will catch them soon enough! Professor Oak has a healing machine at the lab. Let's go!"

Ten minutes later, they rushed to the lab to get their healed, and Salem went off to continue her journey. Ash and Yvonne then met up with the others, who were watching the Dream World on a screen set up by Professor Oak and his Rotom (Note: He got Rotom during the Unova League, NOT Da!.). It sometimes showed static, but they still had a good idea of what was going on.

"Professor Oak, how many more minutes are left?" Misty wanted to know, as the screen turned to static again.

"About ten. Unless they can beat that Pokemon within that timeframe, the Dream World will never be safe again," Professor Oak replied, before looking behind him to see Ash and Yvonne. "Oh, you two are back! How did it go?"


The ghost Pokemon were all taken down, but one still remained: A sword attached to what looked like a piece of cloth. It had taken out nearly every single one of the opposing Pokemon. None of them knew how to counter it: It had an answer to almost everything they tried. Most of them would have still been up if they hadn't been caught off guard by unexpected Destiny Bonds from the Mismagius and Gengar. The sword swung itself towards the ones that were still up, chasing them down, when a white barrier appeared around every one of them.

A white winged figure with blue and red patterns on its torso appeared in front of them. Pikachu, Psyduck, and a few others gasped in shock. It couldn't be...

The winged figure then wagged its finger at the sword before a huge burst of light energy covered the sword Pokemon, dealing it a lot of damage. By the time the attack was finished, it was on the ground, and the clouds in the sky cleared. The winged creature chanted a few times before a bell appeared over them. The bell chimed a melody, revitalizing them completely. Snorlax slowly sat up, having been asleep the whole time. Without a word, the winged creature flew around the tree, berries dropping from it. The white Pokemon flew towards the rest of them and gave them one each. Snorlax swallowed his whole, while the rest of them ate at least one bite, before they were transported away from the dream world. Somehow, the Pokemon that had defeated the mysterious sword had transported out, too.

Meanwhile, in the lab, the humans all heard loud crashing noises from outside.

"Time's up!" Brock announced, as they all rushed to the ranch. Every single Pokemon sent to the other world was back, with one addition. The creature that had defeated the sword Pokemon hovered in front of Misty, who was stunned beyond belief.

"Togetic? But...I thought you were in another dimension!" Misty couldn't believe that her baby was back here. Togetic cried out in happiness.

"Apparently, that 'other dimension' was the Dream World!" Brock pointed out. Misty and Togetic hugged as Pikachu stared at them in what looked like jealousy.

"Pikachu, how was the Dream World?" Ash inquired.

"Pika Pika!"

Togetic chanted something to Misty, who looked confused. Brock translated for her. "Togetic's come back to this world because the rest of the group are strong enough to protect themselves by now! A Pokemon called Honedge had been terrorizing them for quite some time, so she trained them to become strong, all to see you, Misty! But first, she had to save the all of our Pokemon, before coming back here!"

"Furret! Fur!" Furret cried indignantly, glaring at Togetic and Brock.

"Sure, sure." The doctor/breeder smirked.

"What's a Honedge, anyway?" Ash wanted to know, as Misty was assuring Togetic that Azurill would never replace it. Yvonne showed a picture to him on her tablet. "Oh..."

As they waved goodbye to Professor Oak and continued their journey, Togetic perched itself on Misty's head. Pikachu attached balloons to itself and got on Ash's head. Crobat (who was called back to replace Electrode) and Togetic then hovered in front of their trainers, with Pikachu following suit. Its balloons were keeping it afloat. Crobat subtly sent blades of air to pop the balloons, causing Pikachu to crash on the ground.

"Pikachu? You okay?" Ash crouched in front of him as Misty and Brock laughed.


Ash carried it, before thinking a little. "I wonder if Butterfree went to the Dream World with his mate..."

Yvonne sharply turned to him. "You had a Butterfree?"

"Yeah, but I let it go when it fell in love. With a pink female Butterfree, to be exact. I knew I had to let it go with the one he loved. No one can capture my Butterfree, though, because I never officially released it, only set it free," Ash explained, and Yvonne turned pale. "What's wrong?"

He had a Butterfree and didn't tell me? I spent days trying to catch the two of them when one of them is still technically under his ownership? Professor Violet won't like this... Yvonne thought. "Oh! That's great that you let it go!" She forced a smile.

After a couple of random battles, they headed to the Pokemon Center, where two people familiar to only Ash, Brock and Misty had just arrived from the front of the desk, two multi-tailed Pokemon by their side.

"Suzy! Zane!" Brock was glad to see them again. Croagunk came out of its ball, waiting for him to flirt with Suzy, but it never happened. Vulpix jumped into Brock's arms, glad to see him again.

"Hey, Brock! Long time, no talk! Who are all of your friends? I know Ash and Misty, but not the others," Zane told him.

Brock introduced them all to each other, and Suzy looked at him. "I think Vulpix wants to come back to you."

"Really? I was only looking after it," Brock told her.

"I wouldn't have bothered, it might have been Ash's at some point," Yvonne muttered.

"What? I told you that was the last wild Pokemon to be recruited!" Ash retorted.

"Yeah, and you conveniently left out Ambipom and Butterfree," she countered.

Just then, Brock's Pokemon were brought back to him. Vulpix and Fennekin were carried in his arms, Furret was curled around him, Geodude hovered around him, Crobat was perched on his head, and Croagunk just stood behind him, confused.

"Don't ask. Please, don't ask." Xavier looked at Suzy and Zane.

Brock then rushed to a videophone and contacted his brother, who Brock once again had to introduce to most of the others. Forrest had asked to borrow his Croagunk, who looked mortified. He had never left Brock's side! He said he needed it to counter grass types, which had been more and more common these days. That was when Brock remembered that because of the upcoming PWT, gym leaders were no longer restricted to using only their types until then. He agreed to trade it in for a few days. It was then that Forrest suggested trying out the Safari Zone if any of them needed more Pokemon, seeing as many Pokemon from other regions had migrated there.

"One could always use more Pokemon for their collection," Xavier stated, and the others agreed.


Two days later, they (minus Xavier, who had work to do, so he left the group for a while) had arrived at the entrance of Fuchsia City's Pokemon Center.

"Well, guys, ready to catch more Pokemon?" Dawn turned to them.

"Yep! As they say, gotta catch 'em all!" Ash smiled.

"Who says that?" Yvonne questioned, as they walked into the building...


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