Hide And Seek

18 years old

I stood staring down at my mothers lifeless body, watching the blood slowly pool around her on the wooden living room floor.

Before I turned and ran.

I always knew there was something dangerous about him.

My mother always pushed my concerns aside though, she never saw the animal that he really was. Instead she fell in love and moved to a little house in the middle of the woods with him. A place I was stuck looking into his cold eyes, where I was stuck with the icy shiver that passed through me every time he smiled.

Now she was dead. And I was alone in this world.

I kept running.

My hair whipped around behind me. Branches scratched tearing at my skin. Goosebumps rose on my arms and I didn't turn around. I knew that when he found the house empty, he would come looking for me. I wouldn't be allowed to live.

My movements became jerky with panic and I caught my foot on a branch and fell, banging my head against a tree.


Silence, the only thing I could hear was my heart pounding erratically in my chest. I held my breath.

"Bella! I'll find you, you little bitch!"

Knowing that it was a promise and not a threat, I got up and ran faster.

All I could see was green flashing past me.

Finally ten minutes later I arrived at the road, the only road that led through the woods. At that moment a black car appeared from around the bend, I ran out to the middle of the road frantically waving my hands, begging for it to stop.

It did with a screech from the brakes. I ran over and ripped the passenger door open, sliding in.

"What theā€¦" The man sitting beside me held his hands up in surprise. But there was no time to explain.

"Please just drive. Go, GO!"

He followed my orders, stepping on the gas. I caught myself on the dashboard as I was jerked forward. Sliding down to the floor I prayed that this nightmare wouldn't last forever.