Howdy! Long wait I know but ill be back on track in a couple more weeks.

Here's a short one for ya! Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Two years and 6 months ago, my mother died.

I've spent that two years and six months running. Playing hide and seek.

With him. With James.

Jacobs still here, barely. Yes, we're madly in love but he's almost 28 now. I can see he's in a place where he wants to settle down somewhere. I can't settle. My life in the last 28 months has been nothing but peeking round corners, keeping the curtains closed and ducking my head every time someone walks past and it makes me feel so pathetic.

But right this second, I'm in a supermarket toilet holding onto a little stick.

Any second it'll reveal my future and I don't really know what I want it to say.

My eyes are closed. I know it's been three minutes already, probably more.

Okay deep breath in and out. I'm looking…