Sebastian stared at the angel in shock, not entirely sure how he felt about his new situation; it was most certainly unexpected. Sure he knew there would be a catch but he hadn't expected ...this. "He ...made me human?" he repeated and Jophiel rolled his eyes. "But ...Oh god..." Sebastian chuckled, "So, my immortality for Ciel's life?"

Jophiel shrugged, "And the bond between the two of you that means you'll definitely find one another in every life time."

Sebastian stared at him again, "really?"

The angel laughed softly, "Gabriel, would I have said so if that were not the case? You know Angel's don't lie." The immortal said cheerfully. "Now, I'd best be getting off. Michael's getting impatient and Raphael's jokes aren't helping. I'll see you around, Gabriel."

"Goodbye, brother," Sebastian chuckled and the angel was gone.


Ciel awoke with the caress of gentle fingers some hours later. His eyes fluttered open and his lips twitched as a smile formed. The younger shifted up and pressed his lips to the elder's who responded most enthusiastically. "You're so warm," the earl mumbled as their lips brushed together and their fingers laced together. Sebastian's lips curved into a smile and he pulled the young one closer. "I love you, Sebastian," he whispered.

Sebastian wrapped his arms around his beloved young master, nuzzling tenderly. "As I love you," he murmured sweetly as he sought out a kiss that Ciel was only too happy to respond to. "Ciel, my young master, let me have you." He pleaded as their foreheads rested together in an affectionate gesture of tenderness.

Ciel smiled. "I've been keeping you waiting, haven't I?" he said softly as he stroked Sebastian's cheek. He slowly began unbuttoning Sebastian's shirt, his little fingers moving down a body that he had longed to touch and feel. "Make love to me, Sebastian," he murmured. "Make the angels weep to our passionate sin. Make me scream your name as I writhe beneath you in ecstasy. Make me yours."

Sebastian was only too happy to comply.


Skin moved against skin as lips kissed flesh and breathless gasps of pleasure filled the room as tongues lapped up sweat and fingers ran across skin. Clothing was tugged off until the floor was littered with articles of clothing and underwear got lost among the sheets as two bodies moved together under the sheets.

"Will it hurt?" the childish question fell from Ciel's lips before he could stop himself but it didn't matter.

"I will make it as painless as possible," Sebastian replied trying to comfort his love. Ciel had certainly been the most wonderful being Sebastian had ever had the honour of knowing and, after a lifetime of pain and suffering, it seemed wrong to put him through more while making love.

"No," the young master said, startling elder, "make it as painful as you like. Carve the pain of waiting for you into my body."

Sebastian smiled, "yes, My Lord."


With a single snap of the hips, Ciel was crying out Sebastian's name as he was filled with the former demon's erection as tears sprung to his eyes. The boy clung to his lover with something like desperation as their bodies rocked together faster and faster. "Senastiannnn..." Ciel moaned as he bucked his hips, his hands gripping the sweaty body of the man above him. Soft pants came from both the younger and the elder of the pair between kisses, moans and murmurs of love and affection.

The lovers began to approach their climaxes and their movements became frantic, bucking and rocking into one other as Sebastian thrust harder and faster into his beloved. They held one another tighter and tighter, kissing urgently as bliss shuddered through their bodies. They orgasmed heavily, moaning into one another's mouths.

"I love you," Sebastian panted. "I love you so much."

"I have always loved you, Sebastian," Ciel replied with an affectionate smile, "and I always will."