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Note: Camelot Ltd is the company owned by Uther Pendragon, and Arthur, Morgana, Merlin, Gwen and even Freya work there. Details will come along with the chapters. Thanks.

The sound of children giggling could be heard in the vast grounds of a playground, complete with swings, slides, see-saws and everything a child could possibly want. It was nearly deserted, save for a little boy with sandy golden hair and sweet dimples every time he smiled and laughed, and a little girl with hair as black as night and clear green eyes that startled adults with the clarity of the gaze that pierced through their souls.

"Arthur! Come and push me on the swing!"

Her playmate obligingly ran over to her as fast as his short legs could carry him and with an adorable, toothless grin –for he had just lost his front teeth, and was very proud of it- pushed her gently so that the little girl swung up in the air, little pigtails streaming behind her and into Arthur's face.

He giggled, "Morgana that tickles!"

6 year old Morgana slid gracefully from the swing and turned to face her 7 year old best friend, a mischievous grin starting to grow on her pouting lips. Young Arthur knew when he had lost, and he knew that an evilly grinning Morgana was not someone you wanted to go against. So he did the only thing he could do; he turned and scrambled to the safety of his father, Uther sitting on the bench, dozing peacefully, though perhaps not for very much longer.

Morgana gave chase, her lighter frame giving her a slight advantage. "Arthur, come back here you chicken!"

He turned back and smiled, running all the while. "No way! You're just going to tickle me! You know how ticklish I am!"

"Arthur!" The footsteps ceased. Puzzled, he turned around. No Morgana.


26 year old Arthur slammed straight up from his bed, panting heavily, perspiration sticking his blonde hair to his forehead. He closed his eyes. Just a dream. Morgana's not gone; she's here. Always have been, always will be.

A pale hand started to feel his forehead. "Arthur, are you all right? I saw you thrashing about in your bed." Morgana frowned, tenderly pushing back his sweaty hair. "You look like you have a fever, you're burning up."

Arthur caught her cool hand in his absentmindedly, shaking his head to dispel her worry. "I'm fine Morgana, just had a dream that's all." He cocked his eyebrow, "Why are you dressed like that? Are you going somewhere?"

She rolled her eyes and flipped his covers off, not even flustered at the sight of her surrogate brother and best friend in boxers and nothing more. She turned and flung open the curtains, allowing sunlight to flood into the dark room. Arthur always insisted on having thick curtains or 'I won't be able to get my beauty sleep', or so he said.

Arthur watched the elegant line of her back through the form fitting black dress she was wearing, wondering for the hundredth time what man would be able to resist her alluring looks and form. He shook his head, it was a wonder she wasn't engaged or even married yet.

Morgana, unaware of his thoughts and scrutiny, continued on even as she started to rifle through Arthur's closet, picking a dark grey suit and green tie from the multitude of designer suits filling his closet. "We have to attend the board meeting at 10 remember? Uther said he'd skin us alive if we showed up late." Turning to face him, an annoyed look marred her perfect brow. "Why aren't you out of bed yet? It's 9.30 and you're not even dressed!"

Crossing the room over to Arthur's bed again, she pulled him up with a surprisingly strong grip and shoved his suit carefully into his arms in one fluid motion. An amused Arthur allowed the woman he considered the rock in his life to physically herd him into his spacious bathroom, all the while giving him orders.

"I'll be downstairs with your coffee and your breakfast ready to go. The driver's already waiting with the car so you better be down in 15 minutes Arthur, or I'm blaming you if Uther decides to fire one of us." And with a dramatic slam of the bathroom door in Arthur's face, she flounced out of the room, not a strand perfectly swept back hair out of place.

Arthur just stood in the bathroom for a while, staring at the door in disbelief. Shaking himself out of his stupor, he hurriedly took a shower, shaved and brushed his teeth and shoved himself into a clean pressed white shirt and slid into the suit Morgana chose for him. As he arranged the emerald green tie and combed his hair, he smiled. She certainly knew what colors worked best on him. Knowing Morgana, she probably saw that the green would bring out the sky blue in his eyes and that the charcoal grey of the suit would contrast wonderfully with the green, altogether giving him a smart, sharp look.

A rather unladylike shout sounded from below. "Arthur! We're going to be late! You better haul your arse down now before I shove you out of your bedroom window!"

He flung the door open and stomped down the wooden staircases as quickly as he could, grabbing a pair of gleaming black shoes motioned by an impatient Morgana waiting by the door, bright red clutch in one hand and the other clutching a stack of files. No doubt reviews of the issues to be discussed in today's meeting. Dropping a kiss on her cheek and a quick 'thank you', he relieved Morgana of majority of the files and took her by the hand into the Bentley.

He glanced at his watch. 9.45. Damn. They were going to be so late. Leaning forward, he spoke to Damian, their driver. "Er, Damian, old chap, we'd love you forever if you'd break the speed limit and get us to the company in 10 minutes, please?"

Damian chuckled and revved the Bentley, used to the young Master's request, familiar with the strict rule Uther Pendragon had about punctuality. "Of course, Master Arthur."

Arthur fell back into his seat, breathing easy at knowing that Damian would never fail them. Morgana glanced at him amusedly before grasping his hand and squeezing it gently. He squeezed back, grateful that she was there with him, wherever he was. He'd be lost without her.

True to Damian's words, they reached Camelot Ltd in record time, though they probably broke about 10 speed limits and traffic rules. Oh well. Better that than face Uther's wrath. Arthur gallantly helped Morgana out of the car and they stepped through the gleaming glass doors and into the grand foyer of the company. Already, staff and officials were rushing to start the day, stopping briefly to greet the Executive Director and Director of the R&D Department respectively before whirling away to complete their tasks. Such was the iron control of Uther that everything and everyone ran like a well-oiled machine in every department, thus making their company one of the most successful not only in Britain but in the international market as well.

Arthur and Morgana finally made it into the elevator, and soft lounge music played as they waited for the elevator to take them to the 66th floor of the building. Arthur sighed in relief, 9.55. They were going to make it.

Morgana, seeing that Arthur was finally relaxed, leaned in and whispered into his ear, just as the elevator doors dinged! open to reveal their respective offices. "Arthur, I kind of lied when I said that the meeting was at 10."

They walked out, waving 'hi!' to a smiling Merlin chatting with Freya, a pretty intern who had just started at the office. Arthur turned to Morgana and raised a brow quizzically. "What do you mean you lied?"

She paused at the oak door to her office, turned to face him and smiled saucily. "The meeting starts at 10.30 darling, not 10. Cheers!" And with an offhand toss of her glossy black hair, she disappeared into her office, leaving a gaping Arthur standing in the middle of the room, with Merlin gasping for air as he laughed and clutched at Freya's desk for support.

And Gwen, who had just left from passing a memorandum to one of the clerks 10 floors down, started at a loud bellow that reverberated tthroughout the entire floor, yelling what she could have sworn was "MORGANA!". She stopped in her tracks and looked up at the ceiling worriedly before shaking her head and rushing to the elevator to get up to the 66th floor. And all the while she hoped that it wasn't an ogre that Morgana and Merlin somehow managed to create wreaking havoc. But as she stepped out of the elevator and found only a still laughing Merlin grasping at furiously blushing Freya's hand, she felt her own forehead, feeling a little clammy. She shook her head even as she pulled a bottle of Advil from her desk and popped two pills into her mouth before closing her eyes. Some days, Gwen was sure she'd go crazy working at Camelot. Creaking an eye open to peep at Merlin, who finally managed to stop his fit of giggles, she immediately shut her eyes and groaned, leaning back into her chair. Yup, she was such a goner.