The Avatar and the User

A/N: This is the re-deaux of the Sennin and the Avatar. He popped into my head yesterday, and I couldn't stop writing it until I finished. I hope you enjoy it.

As a note, mostly everyone in this story is older, including the main cast.

Also, I am working on the next chapter for Legacy, as well as JotWE, so don't worry. If you're a new fan, sorry, but this kinda shit happens a lot with me.

Two men stood on both sides of a large, opulent door, their burnished gold and crimson armor flickering in the dim torchlight, the flame motif matching the portal exactly. Their hands were gripping the handles of unwieldy ceremonial pikes, the gold far too heavy to be used as an actual weapon.

They stiffened at the sound of heavy cloth brushing across the ornamentally tiled floor. The sound came from a figure, so swathed in a black cloak that the fringes fluttered across the floor, trailing a small cloud of dust behind him. A sharply beaked hood hid his face in shadow, leaving nothing to be discerned by anyone else.

As approached the door, the two guards lowered their stances and dropped the pikes into an x-formation across the door, barring the way.

"Halt, Stranger!" One of them spoke in a loud, commanding tone. "What business do you have with in the royal palace at this time?"

The figure spoke in voice that managed to be soft and sibilant, but deep and threatening at the same time. "I have an appointment with the one who sits on the Ember Throne."

The guards stood again, bring their pikes back into position. "Proceed." They both said.

The man strode passed them with a confident jaunt, pulled the handle of the left-hand door open slightly, and vanished within like a shadow.

As soon as the door shut solidly, both of the guards relaxed with sighs of relief. "Spirits, I've seen that guy come and go four times, and every time he manages to creep me right out of my skin."

The other responded with a slight chuckle. "What do you expect? He's the Fire Lords 'Fixer' after all. If you weren't such a coward, maybe you wouldn't shake like a leaf in his presence."

"Shut up, Chang."


It was dark inside the throne room, giving it an ominous feel that was similar to walking into an abyss. The throne was brightly lit, though not as bright as it would be during the daytime. This gave it the illusion that it was the only thing in the room, playing on the psychological effect of the being the only thing that mattered.

The throne was simple, four crimson pillars that had golden dragons flying along them. Sitting underneath the dragon's tails as they made the roof, was a man.

He had his hair pulled into a topknot, held tightly in place by a ceremonial headpiece of golden flames. The man himself was tall and strong, his amber eyes cunning and alight with barely hidden anger.

"Welcome, Assassin." His voice was silky and smooth, like poisoned wine.

The Assassin simply bowed.

The Fire lord narrowed his eyes, but spoke again. "I have called you here to fulfill your purpose again. There is an enemy who has raised his head with power to defeat me…if left untouched, that is."

The assassin crossed his arms and asked, "Who holds the power to de-throne the most powerful Firebender on the planet?"

The fire around the throne flared as the Fire Lord's anger peaked. "The Avatar. He has shown his head once again, daring to fight against me."

The cloaked man nodded once. "And what does this have to do with me?"

The Fire Lord snapped his fingers. Two servants garbed in fine clothes befitting their stations as butlers of the Fire Lord stepped out of the shadows of the throne, both carrying heavy chests, inlaid with gold and precious jewels.

They set the chests on the ground, before pulling back the clasps and opening them to reveal their contents.

Gold shined with in, rows and rows of the expensive metal.

"Double your usual fare at the usual rate. You will receive half now, and the rest when you present the Avatar's head to me on a platter." The Fire Lord smirked as he saw the Assassin fixate on the gold. What mercenary could resist such temptation?

The Assassin strode forward and closed the lid of one chest, picking it up with ease belying it's weight and size, before it disappeared into the folds of his cloak. "You have piqued my interest, Lord Ozai. I will see to it that you receive his head, arrows and all."

The Fire Lord hid a jubilant smile. His plan was succeeding. "Very good. He was last seen heading to the Northern Water Tribe, in the company of two Southern Water Tribal's. Admiral Zhao is sailing the largest Armada in Fire Nation history to conquer the Northern tribe as we speak. He will distract the Avatar, allowing you to do what you do best."

The assassin bowed. "It will be done." He exited the room via a different door than he entered, leaving the Fire Lord to smile widely.

All according to plan.

Outside of the Throne Room…

Once the door to the throne room had closed, the Assassin sighed heavily and rubbed his head. "Spirits, I hate that guy."

His voice was different, no longer sibilant, but still deep.

He strode through the halls with a purpose, dodging late-night servants who were cleaning the floors quietly. He came upon one specific room, glancing around to check if the coast was clear, before slipping inside silently and locking the door behind him.

In the room, sitting next to her bed, brushing her long ebony hair with an ornamental brush and humming a soft tune, was Azula, crown Princess of the Fire Nation and Heir to the Throne. She smiled as she watched the shadowy figure approach her from behind.

He took the brush from her hands and sat behind her, beginning to brush her hair himself.

"So, how did the meeting with my father go?" She asked in a soft and warm tone.

The assassin sighed in exasperation. "I hate that guy so much, Azula. I want to just kill the bastard whenever he speaks to me."

The Princess grabbed the hand with the brush gently, forcing him to stop. "I know the feeling all too well, my love. But don't fret, we will be rid of the treacherous bastard soon, if all goes according to our plan."

She stroked his hands gently as he ran his other hand through her hair. "Must you wear such cumbersome clothes whenever you visit?" She asked suddenly.

The man laughed. "Sorry about that. You know how much I dislike people staring at me."

Azula turned around in the seat, releasing his hands as she did, bringing them to his hood. She pulled it down gently, staring into his eyes as they were revealed.

They a sharp, but gentle blue, like cut sapphires set with obsidian. A trio of pale vertical scars ran over his right eye, with the orb itself undamaged.

His skin was tanned as if he spent much of his time in the sunlight without the heavy cloak on. He had a sharp nose and thin but full lips. Three whisker-like marks on each cheek gave him the appearance of a mischievous canine, and the twinkle in his eyes did nothing to debunk that. His hair was blonde and spiky, long enough to hang above his shoulders.

Azula rubbed the marks on his cheek, smiling as he made an almost animalistic purr. "I like looking at your face, Naruto. It makes me happy." She giggled in a girlish way that would leave her servants in shock.

He leaned forward and captured her lips with his, hands trailing up her sides to her hips, staying there and pushing her forward.

They broke apart after a minute, where he smiled at the breathless Princess. "And I like to make you happy, my Princess. Anything for you."

The Princess smiled in a warm, loving way. "Soon, my love, the war will end, my father will be gone and my mother will be back. And I'll be right by your side, even after we have accomplished our ambitions."

Naruto smiled and brushed a hand over her cheek. "And there will finally be peace, for all of us."

Azula gained a lustful glimmer in her eyes as she threw her hands around his neck. "You said you like making me happy, right Naruto?"

She leaned into his ear and whispered softly, "Then make me happy."

The force she used to throw herself at Naruto pitched them both off of the stool onto the ground, where they rolled around, giggles and shuffling echoing through the room.

The Northern Water Tribe…

As they floated on a boat through the ice capital of the Northern Water Tribe, Aang, Sokka and Katara could hardly believe the difference between the two tribes.

Whereas the Southern was a large floe covered in pitched tents, the Northern was made out of a large iceberg, carved by the greatest Waterbender artisans ever to grace the world.

As Appa, the large Sky Bison floated gently through the canals, the teenagers' heads would not stay still, looking at everything and anything in pure awe.

Katara's vision landed on a simple wooden gondola, two people sitting on it, seemingly in deep conversation that brought smiles to their faces. These two were unique out of all the people she had seen, and that was saying something.

The woman had long white hair that was curled and held upon her head in an intricate bun, and she wore the thick fur coat that most Waterbenders wear, though it seemed to by of higher quality than normal.

The man had spiky golden hair that hung above his shoulders freely, with tanned skin that was nowhere as dark as those of the Water Tribe, but seemed to be more colorful, somehow.

He wore odd robes that Katara had never seen before. They were thick with many layers, and colored in a palette of white, dark blue and black.

As she watched, the man's eyes met hers as he turned his head, leaving her feeling her cheeks flushing. His eyes were like sapphires, a lighter blue than her own but still startlingly blue.

A small smile crossed his face as she winked at her, before turning back to the white-haired woman next to him.

The gondola passed out of sight around a corner, and a breathy sigh next to her made Katara jump in surprise.

Her brother, Sokka, lay next to her on Appa's furry beaver-like tail, watching with a blush on his face as the two disappeared. "Man, she's like an angel…" He murmured longingly.

Katara gazed at her brother in worry. Was that what she looked like? That was creepy as hell.

As they passed under a bridge, a shadow passed over them, landing with a slight thump into Appa's saddle, making enough noise to alert Aang, Sokka, Katara and Momo, their flying lemur.

Sitting in the saddle with a grin on his face was the blonde man, looking for all the world like he had been there the entire time. "Welcome to the Northern Water Tribe!"

Aang hopped from Appa's head into the saddle with an excited grin. "Hi! My name's Aang! It's nice to meet you!"

The stranger smiled and held his hand out to Aang, who shook it enthusiastically. "My name's Naruto. I'm a traveler visiting Chief Arnook for a while. Who are you two?"

The last question was directed to Sokka and Katara, who blushed at the attention she was getting from the handsome man. "I'm Katara, daughter of Chief Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe. And this is my brother, Sokka."

Naruto smiled at them happily. "Well it's nice to meet you guys. I've heard many stories about the travels of the Avatar and his friends, though I think they lied about one important aspect."

Sokka scowled. That was his manliness on the line here! "Oh yeah?"

The blonde man brought a hand up to Katara's face, running a finger down her cheek, making her blush heavier than before. "They obviously downplayed how beautiful you are, Katara. They said you were a pretty, down-to-earth girl, but I can see they were lying."

Katara felt hurt for that, and her brother and Aang scowled, though for different reasons. "They obviously didn't realize that you are angel sent from heaven because the Spirits were jealous of your beauty, the fools." He continued in a soft tone.

Katara's blush came back full force, while Sokka and Aang scowled again, though for very different reasons.

Naruto seemed to come back to himself, and cleared his throat awkwardly. "Ahem. Anyways, I'll see you guys at the banquet. Enjoy the city."

He stood and jumped from the saddle, landing on one of the ice streets and walking away, though not before waving.

Katara touched her cheek in what seemed like awe, before both Sokka and Aang muttered, "I don't like him."

That Night…

The three teenagers sat at their table of honor in the grand banquet hall, directly to the left of the Chief's table, where he sat with by himself, waiting for the hall to quite down.

Once the chatting had subsided, he stood and proudly raised his arms high. "My fellow Tribesmen! It is with great honor that I present to you…the Avatar, and our brother and sister from the Southern Water Tribe!"

The hall rang with cheers as the three stood and bowed, before sitting once again.

Arnook spoke up again. "And now, to show our appreciation of their visit, a show of Waterbending skill from our greatest Benders, Master Paku and his students, including my daughter Yue and her fiancée!"

Several pots were placed in a row behind Arnook, filled to the brim with water. Master Paku, a man with a stern face and balding head, followed by several of his students, both male and female, strode before the hall and bowed, before beginning their show.

First, they bent the water into a myriad of intricate shapes and designs, using the multiplicity of their numbers to do more together than they could do alone.

The student's finale was a mock battle of hurling ice shards at each other, barely dodging the deadly spikes as they passed near their bodies.

Then, the white-haired woman jumped from behind a dais of ice, pulling the ice back into water and beginning a fierce battle with Waterbending.

Without warning, a roaring dragon made of rushing water burst through the dais, drawing ooh's and aah's from the crowd as the two Waterbenders began to battle the dragon.

Naruto appeared underneath the dragon, obviously controlling it with a fierce look. The dragon hit Master Paku and pitched him across the hall, where he flipped and hit the ground, pretending to be unconscious.

The woman and Naruto battled it out for about ten minutes, before she created a heart made of clear ice that enchanted the dragon, who wrapped around it protectively, giving off one last roar before being turned to ice by both Naruto and the woman.

The hall rang with cheers as Naruto, Paku and the woman-who was obviously Yue- bowed in front of the crowd. Whistles broke out as Naruto grabbed Yue and held her perpendicular to the ground, kissing her full on the mouth.

While Aang cheered, Sokka scowled and Katara felt her heart drop. When they came back up, Naruto waved to hall along with Yue, though her eyes locked onto Katara's, and she winked.

The Southern Water Tribe girl blinked confusedly and the white-haired Bender mouthed 'Later'.

Later That Night…

Katara paced next to an ice bridge, about two blocks outside of the apartment they had been given, waiting for Yue to show.

A hand descended on her shoulder, surprising her and causing her to jump and spin, hands coming up in the beginning Waterbender stance, only to realize that the person behind her was the one she was waiting for.

"Oh, sorry…um…what did you want to talk about?" She stammered for a moment.

Yue smiled gently. "I saw the way you looked at Naruto today, on the gondola and at the banquet. I know when someone's enamored with my betrothed; I've seen it plenty of times."

Katara blushed heavily, nearly fainting from the rush of blood. "Uh, um…sorry?"

Yue giggled gently, a delicate hand over her mouth. "There's need to be sorry, Katara. I know Naruto is very handsome, and it's not your fault to feel like that. But let me tell you something…"


"Naruto," Chief Arnook asked, with a small tremor of nervousness in his voice, "I need to ask you a favor…"

Naruto smiled and clapped the burly chieftain on the shoulder. "Unless you're asking to borrow more money, you have no reason to be afraid, Arnook."

The Chief laughed nervously. "Right, right…anyways, how do you like Yue?"

Naruto quirked an eyebrow. "She's a very kind, sweet and caring girl. She'll make a very lucky man very happy someday. Why do you ask?"

Arnook scratched at his beard, refusing to meet Naruto's eyes. "How would you like to be that very lucky man?"

The blonde gave him an incredulous look. "Are you seriously suggesting that I marry your daughter, a girl I've never talked to for more than ten minutes at a time?"

Arnook sighed and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, turning to face him for the first time. "I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm desperate! Han's family is pushing for a marriage and they're gaining support!"

Naruto shook his head. "And what's that problem with that?"

The Chief fell to his knees and cried out, "I hate that kid! He thinks that, because his family is one of the more affluent families in our Tribe that he's entitled to everything! He's arrogant, mouthy, and not even a Waterbender! The times I've watched him fight, he shouts out his intentions and pays for it! He's an idiot!"

Naruto pried the Chief's vice-gripped hands off of the front of his robes, before throwing his hands in the air. "Alright, fine! I'll do it!"

Arnook began to literally cry with happiness. "Thank the Spirits! Thank you so much!"

The blonde actually struggled to push the chieftain off of him, before he thrust an upright finger in his face. "But!" He shouted seriously. "I want to see if we connect! If we don't, and I'm not saying we won't, she has the right to choose whoever she wants."

Arnook wiped his eyes and nodded happily. "Alright, alright. Let's introduce you for real, huh?"

Naruto nodded with a sigh. "Alright. Let's go."

The two men walked through the ice palace, heading for the center, where a large hot spring sat, surrounded by plant life. Against the wall, leaning back with an anxious look on her face was the white-haired princess, an average looking Tribal uncomfortably close to her face.

He seemed to be bragging to her about his prowess in the bedroom, something she would get a 'taste of when he became chief'.

Arnook's face became red with anger, and he stormed over to Han, grabbed him by the back of his collar and pulled him off of his daughter.

"What do you think you're doing?!" He roared angrily.

Han cowered before the Saber-Toothed Moose-Lion that was Arnook, before pulling a small amount of spine out of his ass. "Watch how you handle me, Arnook! My family owns half of the Tribe!"

If possible, the chief's face became even redder. "Why you little-!"

Naruto hopped in between, somewhat fearing for Han's life. Somewhat, because he didn't really like Han and it'd be kind of funny to watch the Chief rip him apart with his bare hands. "Whoa! Hold on there! Cool off a little, Chief. You can't kill him, no matter how appealing and relaxing it may be."

He then turned around as Arnook went through a few breathing exercises. He picked Han up, setting him on his feet and brushing him down. "Now, why don't you leave and let the chief cool off before he does something he might regret at some point in the very distant future, okay?"

Han 'hmphed' and straightened his collar imperiously. "I won't let some peasant tell one of the richest men in the Northern Water Tribe what to do! Get out of my way!"

He threw his hands out to push Naruto out of the way, but the blonde was tired of his attitude.

He knocked one of Han's hands aside, grabbing the other and twisting it behind his back, making the arrogant punk cry out in pain. "Alright, I tried to be nice, but if you're gonna be a little ass, I'm going to treat you like one, so listen carefully."

He leaned over until his mouth was close to Han's ear. "You may think that having money will make me not want to hurt you; you're very wrong. If I see you pushing yourself on another woman, any woman, I will cut off what makes you somewhat of a man and will cauterize the wound when you are still conscious. Do you understand me, punk?"

Han nodded quickly, whimpering in pain. Naruto muttered, "Good." And pushed him away.

Han was not done yet, however. He pulled a curved bone knife from his sleeve and hurled it at Naruto's back with a roar.

Within the blink of an eye, Naruto's hand had flashed up and caught the knife, which had not even come close to hitting Naruto's back, instead almost going over his shoulder, where it would've hit Yue.

Han gaped before shuddering in fear as visions of his death in various violent ways began to flash before his vision. Naruto approached him with the knife held tightly in his grip, the bone audibly cracking.

He kneed Han in the stomach, then the nose, before grabbing his right hand and twisting it out to the side, where he drove the knife deeply into Han's shoulder, eliciting a scream of pain from the weak Tribal.

"I just severed one of the most important tendons in your shoulder for moving the arm. You may get healed, but will never be able to use it to it's full range again." He hissed menacingly. "And the best part is? I can't be punished for it. By the Laws of the Northern Water Tribe, I could legally kill you for not only attacking me, but almost hurting the Princess. You should be glad I'm only hurting you like this."

A hard chop to the back of Han's neck knocked him clean out, and he collapsed to the ground bonelessly. Naruto took the blade in both hands, giving it a vicious twist, shattering the bone blade into shards.

Behind Arnook, Yue gasped. The blade was a traditional weapon, given to sons by their fathers when they were believed ready to be a warrior. Breaking one of those signified that he wasn't worthy of being a warrior any more.

Naruto turned back to Yue with a slightly ashamed look on his face. "I'm very sorry Princess Yue, for losing control like that. I hope you can forgive me."

The white-haired Princess looked pensive for a moment, before she smiled a tentative smile. "There's nothing to forgive, Naruto. If you hadn't caught that blade, I could have been seriously injured. I should be thanking you."

Naruto smiled, relieved. "Thank you, princess."

Yue giggled into her hand. "You can call me Yue, Naruto."

Naruto scratched the back of his head nervously. "Can we, maybe, get to know each other better? From what I've seen, you're a very sweet and caring girl, and I like to get to know you better."

The princess blushed, before nodding shyly. "I'd like that."


Yue smiled in remembrance, her hand going to the choker around her neck. "Three months later, he carved this necklace for me."

She showed the necklace to Katara. It was a made of bone, carved in the shape of a spiraling whirlpool.

"He was so sweet to me. Nervous whenever we went out, always being the perfect gentleman…it was so nice after being handled with kid gloves most of my life." She said, smiling softly.

Katara scrunched her face in thought, a look that was very cute on her. "But what does that have to do with me?"

Yue giggled, already imagining the look on Katara's face. "Well, Naruto has a situation were he's taking on multiple wives, if only to satisfy the various lords around the Nations and his need for love."

She leaned into Katara's ear and whispered, "And I don't mind sharing."

Katara nearly fainted from the blood rushing to her head. "But what about Naruto?"

Yue outright laughed. "He's a male! What do you think he thinks about it?"

The Next Day…

The next day, the three teenagers involved in Aang's quest to master the elements were stopped in the search for Master Paku by a long line of people, wrapping about half-way around the block, originating at a building that had steam wafting from the inside.

Aang poked a Tribal in the back, making him spin around to identify the one prodding him. "Oh! Avatar Aang, what can I do for you?"

The young Avatar peered over the line of chatting and impatient people, asking, "What's going on? Why are there so many people waiting outside of this building?"

The Tribal blinked at them blankly, before remembering that they had arrived yesterday. "Oh, it's Naruto. He runs a massage clinic when he visits, and they're god-send after weeks of hard work. He does this thing with hot stones that just relaxes you to the point of sleeping." The Tribal stared off into space, seemingly lost in his recollections of the experience.

The Gaang gave him a strange look, before deciding to check it out for themselves. They walked ahead of the line, through the doorway to see four Tribesmen and women lying on their fronts, wearing only a towel draped over their backsides to cover their modesty.

A collection of hot stones rested on their backs as gentle harp music played in the background.

Naruto himself was standing next to a woman, holding a smooth stone between the palms of his hands. A small glow suffused his hands, before he took them away and placed it on the woman's back, eliciting an almost aroused moan of pleasure from the woman.

Sokka's sharp eyes noticed the technique he used to heat the stone, and his eyes went wide as he pointed dramatically at Naruto.

"You're a Firebender?!" He shouted loudly.

Naruto smiled and nodded. "Kinda."

"Bu-b-b-but we SAW you Waterbend last night! No one except the Avatar can do both!" Sokka declared loudly.

One of Naruto's clients grumbled out, "Would you shut up, kid? No one cares if he's a Firebender."

A series of affirmatives sounded out from all of the other clients. Naruto shrugged. "I'm not really a Firebender, or a Waterbender. Or really any other kind of bender. The Avatar can bend all the elements, and is pretty much the link between our world and the Spirit world. Me, on the other hand…well let's just say I'm special and leave it at that. I have a special power that allows me to bend all of the elements, some of which are not called elements here, such as metal, wood or crystal."

The three gaped at him, but only Katara looked thoughtful. That's what Yue was talking about last night…

Aang moved his jaw soundlessly, before weakly whispering, "What?"

Naruto shrugged again. "I don't really know why, it's just something I'm able to do."

Katara tapped her chin thoughtfully. "So you know how to use all of the styles?"

The blonde nodded. "Yeah. I've trained for years to master my abilities, so I know most of the styles."

The Southern Water Tribe girl perked up. "So does that mean you could teach Aang and I Waterbending?"

He shrugged again. "Probably, though I am more of a jack-of-all-trades, I really don't specialize in one discipline. You'd want a master to learn from, though I could teach you a few things."

Katara and Aang's eyes began to shine and as happy grins spilt their faces. Naruto gave them a weird look before clapping his hands. "Alright you guys, switch with the other group in the hotsprings, tell them to get out and get dressed or I'll dump ice water on their heads."

He thrust his hand into the air and clenched his fist, the rocks flying from the Tribesmen's backs and gathering in front of him. "Look, if you and Aang want some tips, I'd be happy to give them. But I'm kinda busy right now, so unless you want to wait in line for a long time for a massage, you could find something else to do."

Naruto began to think. "Although…Katara, I could use your help. I could teach you a few things about the healing aspects of Waterbending. I use most of them in my massage techniques."

Katara's eyes began to sparkle once again. "Really?"

Naruto shrugged. "I don't see why not."

The girl pumped a fist into the air and whooped. "Yes!"

Three Days Later…

"Now, on of the most difficult things to master as a bender, of any discipline, is high-speed movement, or even flight." Naruto lectured to Aang and Katara, who stared at him with rapt attention. "Now, when I mean flight, I mean without the use of tools, like Aang's Glider Staff. Just using pure elemental manipulation to fly. The easiest one to use is fire, as the propulsion aspects make it easier to move through the air. For example,"

Naruto crouched and jumped, ejecting fire out of the bottom of his feet so that he hovered above them, not touching the ground at all. He cut the fire, landing on the slightly melted ice with a thump. "See? Now, it's a lot harder with Waterbending. A master of Waterbending, to fly, would have to bend water out of the thin air to the bottom of their feet, using it as a platform of sorts to jump. To go even farther, a master would be able to bend the water molecules out of the air in front of them, making them jump farther."

"Now Naruto, you're not trying to teach my students advanced bending techniques, are you?" A stern yet amused vice said from their right. It was Master Paku, watching Naruto trying to teach them about master-level techniques.

"Of course not, Paku! I'm simply demonstrating the possibilities of mastering the aspect of control in bending forms." Naruto replied without a beat.

The old man chuckled. "Well, I doubt you will need to give Katara many pointers. I've never had such a prodigious student before. It is my bet that within the week, Katara will be a master in her own right." The Southern Tribeswoman smiled proudly. "Aang, however…"

The young Airbender was manipulating a snow ball through the air, laughing while Momo chased after it in a frenzy.

Naruto shook his head and chuckled. "Just make him know how important it is for him to learn this, or make it fun. I think that would keep his attention for awhile."

Katara, blushing slightly, spoke up. "Hey, Naruto? I think I may have pulled a muscle in my back. Can you help me get rid of it?"

The blonde laughed loudly, grinning widely. "Of course Katara! Any excuse for helping you out!"

The Waterbender flushed brightly while Aang rolled in the snow, making a snow angel.

Four Days Later…

Naruto, Yue and Katara were sitting outside of a small café, sipping hot tea, before something grey and clumped together fell from the sky into Naruto's cup.

He peered into the tea, watching as a clump of ash mixed with snow melted in the hot liquid. His visage became stony as the girls stiffened. "It's seems it's that time…" he muttered to himself, though the girls easily caught it. He stood from the table and raised his voice as more ash fell form the sky. "Sound the general alarm! Bring those unable to fight to the shelters and ready the warriors! Make your way to the gathering points!"

A horn rang out through the village, and the young, old and unable to fight were escorted to shelters hidden in various points around the village. About an hour later, the first ships of the Fire Nation Armada were spotted entering the village's sight, and they didn't stop coming. The fleet was so massive that the sea was filled with metal warships, the black smoke puffing from the smoke stacks.

Several skiffs, small, flat rafts that were propelled by Waterbending, with a team of Waterbenders on each, skimmed over the sea. The Waterbenders worked in concert, creating large spikes of ice that punched through the bottom of the Fire Nation ships, disabling them.

For the ones they disabled, another two took it's place.

With a single command, every ship fired the onboard ballistae, throwing heavy lit stones and clay pots full of fire.

The projectiles sailed through the air, leaving smoke trails so thick that they nearly blocked out the moon.

Arnook stood next to several rows of Waterbenders, each of them in the same stance, including Arnook himself, Katara, Naruto and Aang.

"Wait for it…" He muttered to himself, "Wait for it…NOW!"

At his command, every Waterbender went through the same series of movements, ending with a surge of water shooting upwards, forming into a large shield of thick ice.

The projectiles smashed into the shield, only a few of them getting through, the majority being blocked entirely. The fleet drew closer, readying to drop troops over the walls and begin the sacking of the Northern Water Tribe.

"Aang! Katara! Head to the Spirit Oasis! Protect the Koi at any cost!" Naruto shouted at the two.

"But what about you?" Katara yelled back as they ran to the Oasis.

"I'll catch up later, don't worry!" He reassured her with a wink, before turning to wall, where the ships began to drop the heavy metal doors in the front of the ships. "It's time to fight."

The Spirit Oasis…

Yue and Sokka sat nervously around the Oasis, watching the two koi fish circle each other in the water. The sounds of battle made them sweat heavily, worry evident on their faces.

The sound of footsteps on the bridge made them jump, before the voices of Aang and Katara made them sigh in relief.

Yue noticed that someone was missing, more precisely, her fiancée. "Where's Naruto?" She asked worriedly.

Aang sat next to Oasis with a look of concentration on his face. "He said he was going to catch up! I going to ask the Spirits if they'll help us with the invasion, watch my body!"

Within a minute, Aang had slumped over, dead asleep.

The two Water Tribe women watched over Aang worriedly, before a cry of pain originating from Sokka startled them.

The Water Tribal lay at the feet of a tall man, his head bald except for the top knot on his head. He had a heavily scarred eye, and the remnants of cuts and bruising littered his face. It looked like he had been in the middle of an explosion.

"The Avatar is away from his body…perfect." He said in a low, dangerous voice.

Katara scowled at the Fire Nation Prince. "Zuko!"

Yue gave them both strange looks. "You know him?"

Katara nodded sharply. "This maniac's been chasing us all around the world, trying to capture Aang!"

The two Princesses, from both Water Tribes, readied a Waterbending stance, making Zuko scoff. "What can to princesses do to me? I'm the heir to the throne of the Fire Nation!"

Yue and Katara gave each other determined looks, before hurling spikes of ice at Zuko, and the fight commenced.

Zuko quickly found himself overwhelmed. When ever he would attack, one of the girls would block while the other attacked, and he found himself dodging wildly, trying to avoid crushing attacks.

His anger became too much for him, and with an angry roar, he project a massive blast of fire at the two girls.

Embers of his attack floated through the air, and he felt a small hope that he had incinerated the two…before a whip of water shot out and smacked him right across the face.

Blinded by the water and pain, he didn't see the orb of high-speed water slam into his head, throwing him back into a wall of ice, where the two girls bent the water around him to form spikes that suspended him in the air. Zuko hung there, unconscious and limp.

Yue and Katara breathed a little easier, starting when Sokka groaned loudly. "Ugh…what happened?"

Katara laughed slightly in relief, before helping her brother to his feet. "Zuko knocked you out and tried to take Aang. Don't worry, Yue and I stopped him."

"As if stopping a banished prince is worth any merit."

A smooth and arrogant voice snarled from the bridge.

The three Tribal's spun around, coming to face nine men, one of the dressed in the armor of an Admiral, and the others in Elite Firebender Armor.

Before they could even think to fight, a dark figure appeared in between them, kicking them apart. With speed that they couldn't hope to fight, the three Water Tribe teens were dazed and unconscious on the ground.

The dark figure stood above Aang, malice glittering within ice-cold blue eyes. "And here's the Avatar…such a worthy prize."

Through the haze of pain, the voice Katara, Yue and Sokka heard seemed familiar, but they had never seen a man who wore a beaked hood or heavy black robes.

Behind the man, Zhao nodded at one of the elites, who unsheathed a dagger quietly and approached the hooded man silently.

The sound of a blade being sunk into flesh nearly made the three vomit, and the look of surprise on the Assassin's face as the light died from his eyes hurt their souls.

The Assassin collapsed to the ground, dead.

Zhao smirked nastily at the fallen man, before pulling a burlap sack from his armor. He bent over the Oasis, snatching the white koi from within and stuffing it into the sack.

The two Waterbenders felt a horrible drowning sensation as the world seemed to bleed away of all the color.

All around the North Pole, Waterbenders suddenly found themselves powerless.

Zhao guffawed loudly as he hefted the sack into the air. "Hahaha! At this moment, with this act, I have become Zhao the Conqueror! Zhao the Invincible! No one will stand in my way now!"


An angry shout stopped Zhao's monologue, coming from a large man with graying hair and a beard, and an enraged look on his normally relaxed face. "Iroh! I should have known your sympathies would get in the way of my conquest."

The large man, named Iroh dropped into an aggressive stance, anger evident on his features. "Zhao! Put the Spirit back, now! Harm a single scale on the koi and I will unleash the pain upon a thousand-fold!"

Zhao looked around himself, to see that Zuko, Katara, Yue, Sokka and Aang had gotten to their feet, all with stony visages and in threatening stances.

With a growl of anger, he opened the sack, allowing the White Koi to fall back into the water with a splash. The moon gained it's color back, as did the rest of the world.

Rage blossomed on Zhao's face, and before anyone could react, he swung his arm down with a roar, a blade of fire springing from his fingertips, descending on the unsuspecting koi.

A hand, covered in black, white and blue armor wrapped around Zhao's wrist, jerking it up and away, making the flames shoot up in the sky. Angry blue eyes narrowed onto Zhao's. "That's not going to happen!" Naruto shouted.

He bent Zhao's wrist to the side, delivering a punch to Zhao's stomach, twisted Zhao's arm over his head and roundhouse kicked the Admiral away.

Iroh leapt into action, four blasts of fire erupting from his fists into the Elite Firebender's faces, the metal crumpling around their heads.

Naruto dodged a strike from a Firebender, grabbing his wrist and twisting it behind his back, before wrapping an arm around his head and bending him back, kneeing him in the base of the spine, using the momentum to hurl him into another.

Naruto stopped another by punching him in the ribs, flipping him over his back, jumping and stomping on his ribs, before launching the Firebender into the last, whom Iroh chopped in the back of the neck.

"Naruto!" The Water Tribal's and Aang shouted happily.

The blonde smiled and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry I'm late, I got caught up by a squad of Firebenders."

Iroh, now back to his usual attitude, laughed deeply. "On the contrary, Naruto, I think you got here right on time!"

The four teens looked confused as Naruto and Iroh traded laughs and jokes. "Whaat? How do you know him?"

Naruto pointed at Uncle questioningly. "Uncle? We've been friends for a long time. Hey, Iroh, did you get that tea I sent you for your birthday?"

Iroh began to drool at the thought of that tea. "Jasmine blackberry tea…so good…"

The blonde chuckled at that. "I guess so."

His face fell into an angry glare. "It's time to put an end to this invasion…and to my secrecy."

Sokka glanced at the others. "What do you mean?"

Naruto gave them a serious look. "I've been hiding as a mercenary working for the Fire Nation for a long time. It's time to show where my allegiances really lie."

He strode off over the bridge, Iroh following him. The other teens glanced at each other and shrugged unanimously, before following them as well.

Naruto walked to the top of the ice wall, watching as the Fire Nation ships hurled fire balls at the North Pole. A haze of energy appeared around him, and his roar echoed out.


All movement froze.

Naruto took a running leap off of the wall, water shooting out of the sea and creating a trail of ice in mid air, allowing him to skate through the air on a rampart of ice.

He trailed by several ships, fireballs flashing out of his hands and mouth, causing the munitions the Fire Nation used to explode, destroying several ships.

Naruto skated by more, blades of wind slicing through the metal hulls of the ships, sinking them quickly. He flipped off of one trail of ice, landing on another as a fireball fired from a ship smashed into the other.

He decimated the entire fleet with spears of ice, blades of wind and miniature suns fired from his mouth and hands, until there was only one ship left.

The Admiral's ship.

Zhao had just made it back from the Pole, having defeated Zuko by blinding him with snow and then melting the bridge underneath him. He climbed aboard, before explosions drew his horrified attention.

He watched in terror as his fleet, the largest fleet in Fire Nation History, was decimated by one man…and not the Avatar.

Naruto formed the ice into a ramp, using it to fly into the air. He shot flames out of his feet, hovering in midair high above the ship. He brought his hands to his the corners of his mouth, inhaling heavily.

With a flash of light, he exhaled a gigantic ball of pure lightning out of his mouth, which pierced the ship all the way through, before it exploded in a grand fireball.

Back in the village, the entire populace cheered wildly as the last ship was destroyed, more than a few gaping in awe.

They celebrated, hugs and tears of joy rampant.

The Invasion was over.

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