Hey, thank you for reading. I'm not sure how this story will go, so please let me know what you think. I am always up for hearing any thoughts, whether it's good or bad. I appreciate criticism always, for I want to improve my writting skills. Any ideas, please let me know. I would love to hear from you, thanks. Hope you enjoy.


White, stone stairs lead up to the marble mansion. The large French doors, open. The dark hallway calls to me. Whispering my name. Wanting, no needing me to come inside. A dark figure moves in the hallway. I jump, before he backs up into the darkness of the house. His voice ringing out into my head.

"Elena," He whispers while dragging my name out.

I take a step forward.

"Come here." His voice compels me.

My feet walk up the stairs, while my mind refuses. A few feet from the doors, but so far away. My curiosity takes a hold of my feet, dragging them the rest of the way inside. Taking a few more steps inside, the door slams shut behind me; illuminating the room to the fullest. I was standing inside of a large entry way, with two staircases on both sides, leading me to the next floor.

"Elena." His voice calls.

I hurry toward the voice, up the stairs, and I turn down the hall. The light dims and another light illuminates through the hallway, from a room up ahead. I take slower steps this time, as I get closer to the door, I stand in the doorway.

A large bedroom stands before me. A large four poster bed on one side, with what looks like expensive satin sheets on top. A couch and lounge chair lays in front of a fire place on the opposite side of the bed. A large window overlooks a small town below. A movement catches my eye from the flicker of the firelight. The man. He was sitting in the chair, facing away from the door; the chair angled toward the large window and fire place.

"Come here, Love."

His voice dark and cold. My feet carry me to him, as I take a seat on his lap. I felt a smile creep upon his lips as he wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer. His cologne intoxicating. His voice compelling. His strength, stronger than anyone I've ever known. His dark hair, perfect. His blue eyes, like the ocean.

"How do you like our place?" He whispers, nipping at my ear.

"Our place?"


I look to his face and smile, "I love it." I kiss his strong, yet soft lips and he moans softly.

Setting his drink down onto the side table, next to the chair, he grabs a hold of my waist pulling me closer to him. It is only now that I realize what I am wearing. a long, strapless, satin red dress. His hands move down my thighs to the end of the dress, grabbing the material and forcing it up my body.

My mind starts to fuzz and my body begins to pull away from itself. I feel as if I'm splitting in two, but I don't. The man gives a small look of worry towards me, and then picks me up in his arms. Carrying me over to the bed, he lies me down and sits next to me.

"What….What's going on?" I ask, head still spinning.

The man looks down upon me, "Hush, lovely Elena. We will be together soon. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." He then kisses me upon my forehead, before all goes dark.