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After the Rain




"We've never really talked about any of this before," Edward mused. And it was true, we hadn't.

"You've made it pretty clear that sex, in all its forms, is a closed subject." I felt like I needed to remind him that I was not the one responsible for thwarting that particular conversation.

"I know, and maybe that's stupid of me. Perhaps having a little understanding of your needs, your desires will prove helpful to me."

What?He seriously wanted to have a discussion about sex, on a county road, in the middle of a storm?

Edward watched, with some amusement as my brows pushed toward each other, my head tilted in confusion, and my mouth popped open. After a quick beat, he continued, "Bella, tell me what you dream about when you dream about me."

Deep breath and…exhale. I could talk about this with Edward, the man I would soon be marrying. I could do this."Only if you tell me." And I swear to God I sounded like a complete flirt.Where in the hell had that come from?

"Fair enough. Ladies first," he said in a honey smooth voice, gesturing with his hand for me to proceed.


I replayed that conversation from that night often. I didn't want the venom pumping through my new body, my new mind fogging the memory our first intimate experience. Pulled over on the side of a county road, rain violently falling around us, Edward and I had divulged to one another our sexual fantasies.

Then—at that moment as a human—I was sure the feel of his hands on my body, his fingers sliding into me, coaxing me to the brink was the closest thing to heaven I'd ever get. I was wrong. So very wrong.

End Notes:

Okay that should be enough to get you started. For those of you that have read Building Storm, you know where this is going. Each chapter will play out a fantasy that was discussed between Edward and Bella on that county back road before their wedding.

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