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Chapter 3


Oh so Quiet


"I cannot believe we're sneaking in my bedroom." We crept up the old stairs, careful to avoid the squeaky ones. My hand was tightly laced with his.

"Well it would be a little suspect if we told Charlie we were staying the night, don't you think?" Edward whispered so quietly the sound was almost swallowed by the humming of fridge in the kitchen.

"I hate that we're leaving tomorrow," I grumbled. We'd only been in forks for three weeks, and already it was time to head back to New Hampshire. We'd spent the summer travelling: Europe, South America, and an all too short return to Isle Esme. The last three weeks in Forks visiting my father had been wonderful. Nessie was more than thrilled to be back on the reserve with Jake, but tomorrow all four of us would be heading home.

Yes, four.

The main purpose for this trip was to collect Jacob. Jake had enrolled in some automotive something or other at the community college in New Hampshire, and this would be his freshmen year. Nessie and I were both set to major in literature; my focus being the classics, while she would be studying English lit with a minor in creative writing.

Edward pushed my bedroom door open and moved silently into the room. Suddenly, I felt as though I'd been transported. I was seventeen again and caught in some daydream about a beautiful, sparkling boy. He reached out and pulled me into the room, stealthily closing the door behind him.

Though the room was pitch black, I could see his wicked, crooked grin. The one that always had me lost in my head as a human. "The things I've thought about in this very room…" his voice trailed off, but his grin grew wider.

I backed him up until the crook of his knees found the foot of my old bed. With a gentle nudge, Edward sank to the bed, and I quickly straddled his hips.

"Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there are two orgasms involved in this fantasy?" he asked as he peeled my shirt up and over my head.

"Mmm, I believe so," I mumbled as he drew my lace clad breast into his mouth. As he sucked and licked, I felt his hands move to the waist of my jeans. In a very practiced manner, he popped the button, slipped the zipper down, and sneaked his hand between my legs.

I bit my lip when I felt his fingers graze me. He tickled back and forth until I could no longer tolerate the delicate touch. I pushed my hips down and forward, hoping Edward would take the hint.

Without a word spoken, he pushed his hand beneath my panties and slid two fingers inside me. His was quick to swallow the moan with a deep kiss. Sitting atop his lap, my hips rocked forward and worked to ride his long, cool fingers. I could hear the soft sounds the old bed was making each time I shifted my position.

One hand tangled in his hair, the other gripped his shoulder. Airy pants tumbled from my mouth as my belly began to burn and tremble.

Edward's free hand found a fist full of my long hair, and he tugged it roughly, giving him full access to my throat. "God, I love it when you do that, Edward." Being such a delicate, fragile being had been such a hindrance to our relationship. Before my transformation, neither of us could really express our physical needs; now we both relished in some of the more…boisterous aspects of our sexual desires.

I growled—a little too loudly— when he pushed a third finger inside me. Suddenly, he stopped his ministrations. My eyes grew wide for a moment as we listened to the sleepy mumblings of my father across the hall. Soon enough, he settled again. I giggled and planted a kiss on Edward's nose and rolled my hips to let him know he was free to continue to work me towards that first climax.

Edward picked up the pace, pushing and pulling his fingers in a wicked rhythm. I started to lose control. My hips bucked and the noise coming from me sounded like a low tone whine.

With both my hands, I pushed him back on the bed while his fingers fucked me into frenzy. His free hand reached up and firmly squeeze my breast, eliciting a rather un-lady like grunt. I froze. My body went rigid for a few beats, and then I felt the rhythmic pulsing of my muscles clenching and uncoiling around his fingers. He slowed his pace but continued to pump his fingers into me until I opened my eyes and took a deep breath.

He withdrew his fingers, swiftly, and quietly flipping us so that I was lying on my back. My jeans were quickly laid to waste somewhere on the floor beside the bed. Edward hovered over me; his breath was hard and shallow and warm on my face.

"You have no idea how many nights I lay here with you, soft and human, and tempting, wanting nothing more than to be inside of you. To make love to you. To take you. To fuck you." He thrust forward and slid home.

"I wanted you, always. So much. I wanted to feel your naked body against mine."

To emphasize his point he let the full weight of his body sink into mine. I loved the pressure, the feel of every line, the skin on skin contact. He moved slowly but each movement was raw and powerful. He kissed my face and my chest. His tongue drew patterns across my shoulder. The pressure of his body sliding with mine brought me to the edge quickly.

"Oh fuck, harder, Edward! I'm…close."

He pulled back and shifted onto his knees. He pulled my hips toward him and ground against me, hitting all the right places. Reaching forward, he clutched the head board and slammed into me. I had to work to keep the scream caged.

"Ung, so fucking good," I moaned as Edward rocked forward, squeezing my hips.

His face took on a look I knew well. He was seconds away from coming. I licked my lips and pushed up to meet his hard thrust. Suddenly, his mouth was on my neck, his teeth biting down. I felt the hot sting of his venom push past my skin and into my tissue.

I screamed out as my orgasm hit me. Waves of venom raced through my body, mine and his mixing and coursing through my veins. I felt his tongue sweep across the mark and then he was gone.

"Shit! We woke Charlie!"

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