Juanita Hernandez

Chapter 1

Mexico City, Mexico

When I was a baby my parents died, so I was left in the care of my wealthy uncle but he died. This meant my Aunt Maria had to take care of me but she abused me. Her three children Pedro, Estrella and Isabel bullied me very harshly.

I was watching a Spanish dubbed video of Disney's The Little Mermaid when my cousin Pedro came into the living room.

"Those are my video's how dare you watch them I am telling Mama" he said slapping me.

"They are not your video's they are ours because we share them," I screamed while hitting him with a cushion.

"Mama" Pedro shouted.

"Yes, Pedro?" she cried as she came into the room.

"Juanita was watching my videos"

"Juanita those videos are not yours, you are not part of this family so you have no right to watch them" Aunt Maria tutted.

"She also hit me with a cushion" said Pedro.

"I think you should go to Uncle Carlos's room with Carmen the children's nanny"

"But Uncle Carlos died in there" I pointed out.

"Well he shall haunt you for your wickedness" Aunt Maria laughed.

I was petrified while in Uncle Carlos's room, I expected his ghost to appear at any minute so I then started screaming.

"Hush now, Juanita," sighed Carmen who was grabbing hold of me very tightly so that I didn't move a muscle.

When I was finally out of there, Aunt Maria was not happy and she invited me to have a chat with her at the dinning table.

"Oh Juanita, I have had enough of you because you have blew your last chance of me loving you" she wept.

"How is it my fault that you never cared for me, I never did anything wrong. You're the one who was in the wrong," I told her truthfully.

"I don't know how you could say such a wicked thing and what you said is completely untrue anyway. I have found Santa Ana home for Catholic girls in Chippas, you will receive an education but they know you're a ill behaved girl so expect punishment"

Chippas seemed such a long way away but at least I was getting away from this harsh family.

On the day I left I hardly shed a tear and I caught a train all by myself to Chippas.