Author's note: Basically English is not my native tongue, and I grew up with Chinese-cultural upbringing. Please forgive me for any typo or grammar errors.

In this chapter I leave out the full details on the dream after I was turned into the evil white tiger. I was hoping to give more details to it as a form of retelling the dreams.

Summary: "Huh? Is that why I am sleeping in the living room.?" I questioned. "Of course, this make sense to me now." I continued without waiting for a response. "If I die, It will be easier to get me out of the apartment." I joked grinningly at the two persons in front me.

Disclaimer: All Beauty and the Beast characters belong to Disney. Only the original characters belong to me. The story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual individuals or events are coincidental.

Beauty and the Beast: The Story Writer

By beautyding

Chapter 5: The choice

I woke up laying on a mattress in the living room at my home. My body was weak and I could hardly move. The room was spinning like hell when I tried to push myself up. Failing to get up, I leaned back on the mattress hopelessly. I could only roughly remembered about been very tired and my eyelids were twitching madly while I was at school. "When did I came back home?" I pondered.

While still leaning on the mattress, once the spinning sensation stopped, I glanced at the wall calender nearby. Immediately, it came to me in an instant that a week had gone without me having any knowledge of it. "How could this be possible?" I mused.

Beside the wall calender, where the wall clock was, I could saw that it was afternoon time. I tried to push myself up but I found no strength in me and my head was spinning as if I'm sitting on a merry-go-round which was spinning extremely fast.

"You should lie down." I heard a man's voice spoke but I did not saw who had spoken. I leaned back with my eyes closed and waited until the spinning was gone. "What happen to me?" I asked.

"You were having high fever for days." The man answered.

"Fever?" I mused out in a whisper.

"Yes and nasty fever you have gotten. Your body temperature almost reached 40 degree Celsius." The man continued to speak.

"Who are you?" I asked weakly.

"I am a friend of your uncle. He told me about you, everyone think you are going to die, so I came to check on you 2 days ago." The man spoke calmly with concern in his voice.

"Am I dying?" I asked almost in a sob.

"No. Of course not. I'm here to make sure you will get well soon." The man smiled at me as I finally opened my eyes to look at him.

I smiled back at him after realizing who he was. "Hi, doctor Ku."

Doctor Ku was a Chinese sensei, who was very friendly and has a very high knowledge of medication. His medicines were extremely bitter but they worked effectively. Because of the extremely bitter taste nature in all his medicines, he was known as doctor "Ku" (which means bitter in Chinese). Nobody could remembered his real name anymore, even after his death in many years to come.

"You have been drinking my medicines for 2 days now. Although the fever has gone down, you are still weak since you have not been eating solid foods for days." Doctor Ku paused for awhile and continue.

"The medicines you had taken previously in the first few days, from the other western doctors were of no uses to you. They were making you more worse and weaken your body." Doctor Ku frowned eyeing down at the spittoon he was holding.

"But not to worry now. The medicine I have given you, make you puked out all of them." Doctor Ku smirked while walking towards the kitchen holding the spittoon in both his hands. The stench from the spittoon told me I do not want to know what was in it. Just knowing those stuffs came out of my mouth make me shivered.

"Why am I at home if I am really so sick? Should I not be admitted to the hospital?" I asked in a questioning way. Doctor Ku frowned at my question when he was back in the living room. He was about to say something but someone else spoke before he did.

"You think they will spent money if you are dying?" I heard a familiar voice spoken sarcastically.

"Huh? Is that why I am sleeping in the living room.?" I questioned. "Of course, this make sense to me now." I continued without waiting for a response. "If I die, It will be easier to get me out of the apartment." I joked grinningly at the two persons in front me.

"Haha! This is a funny one! I never know you can joke!" The familiar voice laughed.

"Guess I have to make changes from now after making the choice to come back." I sighed.

"What do you mean by that?" The familiar voice asked in an questioning manner but with concern.

I looked towards the door entrance and smiled faintly at my uncle. "I never thought you cared."

"I uh... I do but I don't know how to ..." My uncle trailed off, looked at me and sighed softly. There was something else he was trying to hide from me. I could not understand why this was so difficult for him back then (the truth was finally told after many years later. Although his is my uncle, we are not blood-related. If he was to interfere with my affairs back then, it will be deemed improper for him).

"He did asked me to come visit you." Doctor Ku spoke gently.

"Yeah, I know." I sighed softly, closing my eyes.

"Uh... you still have not answered my question girl. Now, where is your manner uh? You better show me some respects!" My unce grunted thinking I was about to fall asleep.

I blinked and rolled my eyes at him. "I'm hungry!"

"Uh... I think you should at least give her something to eat before intimidating her?" Doctor Ku frowned.

"Yeah, of course. This was why I went out earlier. I brought fish porridge. Is this okay for her?" My uncle showed the things he was holding for the doctor to examine.

Doctor Ku nodded and gestured towards me. "She is still weak. You have to feed her."

My uncle frowned and glanced at me for a moment before shaking his head in a mumble. "No! I uh can't do that uh wait. Give me a second." Without waiting for any responses, my uncle stormed out of the apartment and returned back moments later with a little girl.

The girl looked at me and I was dumbfounded after realizing who she was. She looked at me with disbelief. "You want me to help feed her?" She gasped after reaching a nod from my uncle.

For awhile she looked at me with fear in her eyes, unsure of what to do. I could felt her struggling with her thoughts. Finally she replied, "Alright, but I can't stay long. My mother do not want me to be around her. You know what she is, don't you?" She looked at me with disgust.

My heart literally ached, inwardly I felt cringed and hoped that she will just leave. I turned my head away and pushed myself up stubbornly. "I can feed by myself." I gasped through my teeth.

My uncle and doctor Ku looked at me and frowned. The girl was shocked at my reaction but managed to keep herself calm. "Hah! Feed yourself then!" She stormed off as fast as her legs could brought her.

For a moment there was a short silence. Doctor Ku was the first to speak and helped me to lean my back against the wooden foot of the sofa, while my uncle helped to bring the coffee table nearer to me. I ate slowly with the sudden strength that was in me. The anger gave me enough strength to feed by myself.

Finally, after finishing eating, I leaned back on the mattress and sighed. "I was having dreams lately."

"Dreams?" Doctor Ku mused out loud, while my uncle just listened patiently.

"Yeah. As a matter of fact, I was given the choice to live by returning back or die by staying in the garden." I laughed.

"Care to tell us more about it?" My uncle asked with concern.

"Sure if you want to know." I gave my uncle a half smile and retold the dream till the parts, where I was turned into a evil white tiger but drowsiness hit me and I fell asleep.

End of chapter 5