Hetalia of the Dead

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Chapter Thirty-Five

"Ludwig, whatever you're thinking – stop," Gilbert snapped after a few seconds of complete silence. "We don't need their vaccine."

"You do if it works," Ludwig replied. "Have you not heard what they're saying? If they're trying to develop a cure, that means there isn't one already. Meaning, I'm as good as dead. This way, my body will be put to good use to help other people. Think of it as me donating my body to science."

"But you're not dead!" Gilbert roared. "You're still as alive as I am. I refuse to let you become a lab rat."

"What I do with the remainder of my life is not up to you," Ludwig snarled. "It's up to me, and I want to do this. Using myself to potentially save everyone will do myself, Feliciano and someday you, Gilbert, proud."

"Feli won't be proud that you're throwing your life away," Gilbert hissed, forgetting that everyone was watching and listening to their argument. "He sacrificed himself to save you, or have you forgotten?"

"I hate to say this," Lovino interrupted. "But I agree with the potato bastard. There is no cure out there. And if by some miracle there was, he'd never get there in time. Sure this means Feli died for nothing, but I bet he'd rather Ludwig die with his body being used for something that could save the world, than die and be out on the streets killing and hurting other people. I think my brother would be proud of Ludwig using himself to help others."

"Thank you, Lovino," Ludwig smiled. "That truly means a lot to me."

The Italian blushed, pouted then looked away. "Don't think anything of it bastard."

Ludwig chuckled then turned to Matthias. "So how about it? My body for the vaccine for everybody here? Deal?"

"Sure, but only if you're okay with it?" Tino said, worry written all over his face. "We don't want to force your hand or anything."

"I'm completely sure I want to do this," Ludwig confirmed. "Let my death have meaning."

"I say we go out and catch a zombie," Gilbert moaned. "There's plenty out there."

Ludwig turned to his older brother. "And have other people be hurt in doing so? Doing that would be pointless. I know you're against this Gil, but please understand, I have to do this. I can die knowing you're safe."

"But yet it's ok for me to live knowing what I've let you do to yourself?" Gilbert cried. "That's cold and selfish."

"And letting me turn into a zombie and putting everyone else in danger is not selfish?" Ludwig whispered. "Gil, if that happened, you'd have to kill me yourself. I know what that feels like; ending the life of someone you love, having to look them in the eyes as you deliver that final blow. I don't want that for you, too. I don't what that image carved into your mind for the rest of your life. At least this way, I can help people. Imagine all the pain and suffering that can be erased if these men find the cure using me? Other families won't be torn apart. People won't have to make these difficult decisions for their loved ones. Maybe the world could go back to normal."

"You're all I have left," Gilbert croaked, his face wet with tears. "Mother, father, grandpa. I can't lose you too."

"I'll still be alive in your heart," Ludwig said softly. "And look around. Everyone will be there for you. You'll never be truly alone."

"He's right," Francis interjected, eyes swimming with unshed moisture. "You'll have us. Family is not about shared blood. Family are the people who gave you their unconditional love, who will support you no matter what."

"We'll be there for you," Eliza added. She looked up at Ludwig with nothing but fondness. "We'll take care of him, we promise. We may not all agree with what you're doing, but we'll respect your decision. No matter what, I know Feliciano is looking down on you. Oh, he'd be so proud of you."

"I hope so," Ludwig smiled. "I feel like I'm channelling his love and selflessness."

Suddenly, he felt arms wrapped around his body and a white haired head in his shoulder, where his shirt was quickly turned wet. With a content sigh and tears of his own, Ludwig wound his arms around his brothers shaking frame. The words "I'm sorry" and "I'll be fine" were muttered between them over and over again, in both English and German.


Later that day and everyone had been given the vaccine; everyone had moved to the canteen and had eaten so much, that people were having difficulty moving. Once the plates were removed from the tables, everyone was getting ready to leave, wanting to find one of the pick-up points as soon as possible. Gilbert stayed behind for a few extra moments, saying his final farewells to his brother. Eliza was waiting for him, so they could go back to the mini bus together.

"We'll meet you there," Alfred told them as the other members of their group went outside, axe given to him from Ludwig in hand. Gilbert and Eliza nodded.

Inside the lab, Ludwig sat alone, his large hands wringing together nervously. Since making his decision, he found that the virus inside him had taken a backseat and wasn't crippling him with nausea and pain, almost like it knew what was happening. The German glanced up when he felt someone sit next to him.

"Last chance to say fuck it and leave with us," Gilbert said, in a last ditch attempt to change his brothers mind. "It's not like they can take the vaccine out of our bloodstreams if you do leave."

Ludwig chuckled. "I'm positive I want to do this."

"Then we could stay for a while," Gilbert continued. "I'm sure everyone wouldn't mind."

"I don't want you to see me get worst," Ludwig demanded. "I'll only get more ill and then one morning I won't wake up human. I don't want you here when that happens."

"I feel like I've failed you," Gilbert admitted. "I'm your big brother but I couldn't stop any of this."

"You're human," Ludwig replied. "It's not like you can turn back the clock."

Gilbert chuckled. "I wish I could. There's so much I want to go back and change."
"Never have regrets," Ludwig told him. "Everything you do has a reason. And don't stop yourself doing things because you think that you'll later regret it. If you want to do something, then do it. Don't let the zombies stop you."

"I'm proud of you, you know?" Gilbert smiled. "I always have been. You're a better man than me."

"No I'm not," Ludwig sighed. "I havn't done much to be proud of."

"You're potentially saving the whole of the human race," Gilbert pointed out. "Not many people can say they've done that."

"Probably not," Ludwig smiled. "Listen, Gil. Please don't be sad. Go out and be the best person you can be. Remember me with a smile and not a frown. I'll be watching you and if you dare shed a tear, I'll haunt you. I'll possess your body and make you do the most embarrassing things. And don't worry about me. I'll have grandpa and Feli."

"I'm sure they'll look after you."

Silence fell between them, neither sure of what to say. After about a minute, Gilbert spoke.

"I guess this is the time to get all sappy and tell you how much I love you and how much I'll miss you?"

"And to say goodbye," Ludwig added mournfully.

"And to say goodbye," Gilbert echoed. "Lud, I know I havn't been the best brother in the world but I honestly could not have asked for a better sibling. You're everything I aspire to be."

"There's no one else in the world I would want to grow up with," Ludwig muttered. "You're everything I am."


Eliza was leant against the wall waiting. She knew what Gilbert was going through right now, losing someone you loved. Roderich had been her world and he had been taken so cruelly away from her. The only piece of him she had left was growing inside of her. She delicately placed her hand over her flat stomach and looked loving down at it.

"We'll be ok, you and me," she soothed. "When you're old enough, I'll tell you all about how great of a man your daddy was. And how much he would have loved you. He would have done anything and everything to make you happy. You would have adored him. I . . . I miss him so much, your daddy. He meant everything to me. I miss his voice, his kisses, and his music. Oh his music, he played so beautifully. I'll tell you what; I'll find a piano somehow. I'm sure you'll have his talent. And you can play just like he did. And then you'll find the person you love and woo them with your music, just like your daddy wooed me."

Before the tears could form and fall, the door opened. She removed her hand from her belly and watched as Gilbert slowly closed the door behind him. His eyes were dry, no tear stains on his face. However, he looked like a man stripped of everything he was. His steps were no longer confident; his face was no longer lit up with youthful energy. It was like he had aged sixty years in a matter of twenty minutes.

"How is he?" she asked, unsure of what to say.

"Content?" Gilbert replied. "Not happy but not sad either. He's not scared so I guess I'm happy for that."

"He's chosen his path," Eliza said softly. "And if he feels it's the right one, we can only support him. If his sacrifice can really come up with a cure then it's to be celebrated. I would have done the same thing in his position."

"I'll miss him every day," Gilbert muttered. "But I'm proud. He's doing this for all of us."

"For everyone on the planet." Eliza said with a small smile. "Come on, the others are waiting."

"Eliza," Gilbert said once the Hungarian woman began to leave.

She turned with an expectant look on her face, green eyes full of kindness. She tilted her head in curiosity. With two steps, Gilbert stood in front of her. He placed his hands gently on her face and leaned in close. Eliza had time to gasp before his lips covered hers. It was a gently and warm kiss, full of so many emotions, they couldn't be counted. She didn't have the heart to push him away as one of his hands twirled in her hair.

When he pulled away, she could only stare at him, shocked, a shaking hand covering her lips. "Gil?"

"Eliza, I . . . I love you," Gilbert admitted, pouring out his heart to her. "I have done ever since I had my first lesson with you. I thought it was a silly childish crush that you get on your hot teacher but over the years, I realised that it wasn't some dumb crush. I've been so scared to tell you but I know now that I can't hold back what I feel for you. I love you and I don't feel guilty for saying it."

"Gilbert I can't, you know I can't," Eliza replied tearfully. "I'm having a baby and-."

"I'm great with kids," Gilbert pleaded, taking her hands into his. "Kids adore me."

"And this baby is half of the man I love. I love my husband, Roderich. He may be gone but that doesn't mean that my love for him has gone too. I'm sorry Gilbert, but I don't feel the same way for you. I'm really sorry. And it's not because I used to be your teacher."

"It's . . . it's ok," Gilbert whispered. "I don't know what I was thinking. Of course you don't feel the same way. I'm an idiot for thinking you could. I guess this whole thing with Ludwig is hitting me more than I thought."

"Come on, let's go back to the minibus. You can sit down and rest. No one will judge you for crying," Eliza smiled. "My shoulder is ready and waiting."

"I'm sorry I kissed you," Gilbert apologised. "But I wasn't lying."

"I forgive you," Eliza said. "Emotions run high during times like these. You don't have to apologise. Now come on."


The minibus was silent, like it usually was when they lost someone. No one said a word to Gilbert, who saw curled up on a seat at the back, not wanting to talk to anyone. Francis had tried, but he was rudely told to leave him alone. If it was anyone else, Francis would have angrily retorted, but he respected Gilbert like a brother, so had left his friend alone, like requested.

"Those guys were nice," Peter said to break the silence. "We should have stayed or they could have come with us."

"Neither was possible, Peter. You know that," Arthur said, rubbing his arm where he had been vaccinated. "But yeah, they were nice. They could have brushed up on their maths skills though."

"I thought their maths were good," Peter replied, looking down at where the needle had pierced his own skin. "Do you think these vaccines really work? I mean, we gave those guys Ludwig for them."

"We didn't give Ludwig to anyone, idiot," Gilbert snapped from where he sat at the back. "He chose to stay there so he could save your ignorant ass."

"Geez, Gil," Arthur snarled, turning his head to face the German. "I know you're upset over losing your brother but don't take it out on mine, ok?"

"My brother is not dead," Gilbert growled, rising from his seat, ignoring the people who were telling him to sit back down. "He's doing the bravest thing in the world. Which is more than you can say. The only notable thing you've done is fuck Jones."

"Dudes, please, now is not the time to fucking argue," Alfred commented, one hand on the wheel, the other holding onto Arthur, keeping him sat down so he didn't launch himself at Gilbert. However, he couldn't stop Arthur from opening his mouth and verbally argue back.

"Gilbert, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. When you decide to grow up, then we'll talk."

"Or what Kirkland?" Gilbert snarled. "Set Jones on me, have him fight all your battles like he usually does? Is that why you're with him? So that he'll be your human shield?"

"Don't make me stop this bus and throw you both out!" Alfred shouted. "Gil you need to sit down and Art, please babe, keep your mouth shut."

"I didn't start it," Arthur hissed.

"I don't care," Alfred snapped. "It's stopping now!"

"Who fucking made you leader?" Gilbert growled. "I'm fucking tired of you two thinking you can make our decisions for us. You say that we come up with ideas as a group, but no matter what we decide, you do whatever the hell you want."

"What are you talking about?" Alfred asked, his anger rising to the top. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. "We're all working together to survive."

"Gilbert, please," Eliza pleaded, gently taking the back of his shirt and tugging. "Sit down. You're upset and saying things you don't mean."

"I can't be the only one thinking that these two are running the show?" he spluttered, looking around at everyone.

"My brother is doing the best for everyone," Matthew piped up, his glasses flashing. "He's picking up the slack that other people are giving him. Maybe if other people helped, he wouldn't have to make all these important decisions all by himself."

"Matt, not you too," Alfred cried. "Come on guys, that's enough."

"Gil's right, you have been taking over recently," Francis interjected. "We didn't elect you as our leader but yet, you're acting like it."

"If that's how you feel then why don't you drive, fight off the zombies and then figure out a plan to keep us safe? And on top of that keeping the food rations balanced and equal so that people don't starve?" Alfred growled. When Francis didn't reply, the American snorted. "Didn't think so."

"Yeah, Frenchie," Peter goaded. "Leave Alfie alone."

"You're twelve, you don't have a say in this. Shut up," Gilbert hissed.

"Fuck you Gilbert!" Arthur snapped.

Wordlessly, Gilbert flew forward and aimed a punch at the Brit. Just in time, Arthur managed to dodge the punch, so instead Gilbert's knuckles slammed into Alfred's face, knocking his glasses off and cracking his nose.

As Arthur and Matthew called his name, Alfred lost control of the bus, the wheels not answering to the steering wheel. Alfred slammed his feet on the breaks and suddenly, the minibus was dancing on two wheels, skidding down the road, hitting stationary cars and being propelled like a pinball down the street. Then with a metallic scream, the vehicle flipped over, all of the occupants flown from their seats. With an ear-splitting crunch, the bus slammed full force into a stationary coach, sending glass and metal flying. Once the vehicle came to a stop, all that could be heard was screaming, crying and the groans of hungry zombies around them.

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