Later that afternoon, at the town hall, the wedding of Michael Christ was finally underway. The familiar and enchanting sounds of wedding day organs blurred out harmonic symphonies befitting the occasion. Assembled were the townspeople, April, the Turtles, and, conducting the ceremonies as promised, Casey.

"And do you take this broad to be your blushing bride?" Casey asked of Michael. There was a brief pause as Michael composed himself, his nerves getting the better of him. His face was bright red. Casey loomed over him

"You'd better not be blushing at ME sweet cheeks" he said.

Finally, Michael was able to spill out a nervous, but simple "I do"

"Then by the power places in me by that priest I threatened a couple of weeks ago, I pronounce you husband and wife." Casey proclaimed, "Now hurry up and kiss her so I can get the heavens out of here" he muttered.

Before long Michael and his blushing bride were locked in a warm embrace, bringing much joy and sentimental well-wishes from the gathered crowd.

"I do love weddings. They're so…inventive and busy" Donatello observed…partially sad he'd probably never have one in his lifetime.

"Perfect end to a busy day" Leonardo said in reflection.

Just as the day couldn't get more perfect, Toby ran up to them, offering them hearty handshakes and high-fives.

"Hey Turtles, thanks for everything. I'll be sure to tell the fan club all about this" Toby said in appreciation.

"Just be sure to credit your father with saving the day. Sons always honour their fathers" Leonardo advised

"You don't have to remind me Leo, that part I've always rememberd" Toby said

"If it's all the same with you bro, the business end of the day will come with whatever they're serving for dinner" Michelangelo commented.

"You're in luck fellas, I've just seen what there serving, come check it out" April said, guiding the Turtles over to the buffet table.

"Boy on boy, real western cuisine" Raphael said, licking his lips "Really looking forward to tuck into…"

Before he could finish, something stopped dead in his tracks. His face gagged when he saw what was laid out on the table.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me" Raphael remarked.

"Tiny portions of Shrimp? Really April?" Leonardo asked in dismay.

"Let's just say it'll get Mikey in the mood for pizza this week" April replied in jest.

"Don't worry babe" Michelangelo replied, "I'm sure it'll grow on me"

The Turtles and their friends all opted for a big hearty chuckle at this.