AN: this is my first M. fan fiction uploaded. This is set in before and around episode 2 of the new 2013 series. i'm not sure if i like the new series, it's so different. I wrote this before ep 2 aired while watching a repeat, this is not what i think ep 2 would be about. This is inspired by me reading the synopsis and seeing the word fireball, which I grabbed hold and ran with it. R&R

Disclaimer: I do not own M.I. HIGH

When you kiss, you give or you take
-Kisses (Irish 2008 film)

Real magic can never be made by offering someone else's liver.
You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back.
-Peter. , The Last Unicorn

"I'm defiantly having my next holiday in Australia!" I heard Carrie exclaim. We'd just completed our assignment in the gold sands country. "Yeah, why not?" the now more relaxed yet more edgy rose had replied as she taped out a few more dots and dashes on the communicator pad. I smiled, even though we'd had to kill a few people, even though people had tried to kill us, life was good, I guess…

…Carrie had just made our dinner, good ol' Mac and cheese and was just ladling it into bowls when the spy plane lurched to the side, wheeling around 360. "Oscar!" They'd both shouted. I commanded them and they followed suit. Pulling levers, pressing buttons… nothing would work. We'd been hit by enemy weapons, we were nose diving down.
Train tracks were where we'd crash and a train was headed for our destination. "Rose, Carrie get D45 and go… NOW!" I demanded. They'd argued, shouted, pleaded, I knew what I had to do, and do it alone. It was my destiny, my inevitable.

"I'm sorry." I shout over the rumbling over the plane. They look dumbfounded at me. I have to keep going. I shove the D45 in Carrie's hands and pull the side door open and push her out. I hear her scream and then disappear as her parachute mushrooms up. She is safe.

Rose grabs hold of me. "Oscar no, the procedures!" Rose shouts, she grasping at straws for a reason for me not to do this. "When have I ever given a damn about procedures!" I shout back. I hear the crackle of a fire coming from the storage compartment, feel the sweat upon my brow, I'm going to roast in here, but I won't let her.

"Rose please!" I plead as she grips on harder. "No, I won't let you!" she cries back, I don't want to make her, I don't wish for her to cry for me. "Carrie needs you, I need to help that train, if this crashes into it they WILL ALL DIE, Rose!" I scream as my insides churn, the inevitable is nearing. "ok..ok.." Rose accepts. She must go now; she's still so close to me.
I close my eyes, wishing to evade any tears that may fall. I fell something touch my lips, my eyes flash open…Rose. My last chance. I close my eyes and return it. I'd give her anything I could but for now this is all I have to give, and I give her comfort.

She steps back, muscles untensing. "Oscar…" she takes another step back. "…goodbye…" she nods and takes another step back, feet finally falling through mid air. I run to the door and look out just to see her parachute take hold. I feel weighted down, it takes an age to make it to the control panel.

The plane is so close to the train that when I change course I swear I feel the plane shake as we skim the top of a carriage. The fire is nearly on me, I must land now. But there is no air-stripe nearby. But there is a clearing in a wood. I fly over the trees like an aged bird taking in the last of his sights and pull the throttle back as I come to the clearing.

Nearer and nearer to the ground I get, My inevitable is coming, I can feel it. The flames lick my neck, there is no escape.

The wheels click the ground and the plane erupts…