Ok, so, for those of you waiting for me to update my Mass Effect fic... you may be waiting a while yet. As normally happens to me, I've got a serious case of writers block. I'm hoping that by starting work on a different story, I'll come up with something for that one. Then I can just go back and forth whenever I hit another block. So, without further ado, here's a KotOR fan fic/self-insert/AU story that's been buzzing around in my head lately. I plan on covering both games, and then maybe even into TOR, granted by then it'll be very AU. So, (again) without further ado...

Chapter 1

Ah, good old Nar Shaddaa. This place reeks to high heaven. I think I may have stepped in something earlier, well, something more than the ever present grime on these streets. I don't want to know what it was. Thankfully, I don't have to think about it, because I've got more pressing matters to attend to. I've been stuck here for four months waiting for today. Four long, boring months with no one to talk to... well, no friends to talk to anyway.

I turn a corner and a smile breaks onto my face. There it is. Looks like crap now... then again, the past two years have no doubt been brutal to the Hawk. I wonder how T3 is holding up? Gonna have to check the tin can for rust once things settle down. My eyes lower from the ship to the small group standing near the loading ramp. Speak of the devil, there's the tin can!

"Hey, T3!" I holler, gaining the attention of the group, "It's about damn time you got here, tin can. I was worried you'd gotten lost somewhere in the void!"

T3 replied with a loud series of indignant beeps and whistles and I couldn't help but grin. The beings standing around him were looking from T3 to me with wary, distrusting looks. A few of them looked pretty tense, the others all wore a mask of calm. I felt a slight tingle in my head and my grin widened in amusement. You won't be able to read my mind, old hag, I've been preparing for this after all.

"Hey, trash compactor, you know this guy?" one of them asked. Ah, so there's Atton, ever on his guard. He's looking at me as though he's expecting me to just pull out a blaster and start firing.

"Hey, hey, hey!" I said as I came to a stop about five feet from the group, "Don't go calling my friend a trash compactor. You wouldn't believe what that little guy's been through!"

"Who are you?" the woman standing at the front of the group demanded.

I paused and looked at her carefully. So, this was the Exile. This was Meetra Surik. I let my sight adjust and could almost see the torrent that surrounded the woman, pulling everything in. In all honesty it was quite disturbing to see it firsthand. As my eyes finally met hers I realized I had yet to answer her, so giving a polite smile I told her, "I'm an ally. One who has been waiting for all of your for quite some time now. Heh, honestly I was worried that you wouldn't show but it seems that those fears were unfounded." I looked past her to all the faces looking at me and gave all but one of them a genuine smile. "I'm glad to see everyone is here, that'll make this go quicker."

"Hold on," one of the women said, green eyes narrowed at me, "Who the hell are you and what are you talking about?"

I pouted at her and spoke, "Oh, Mira, you wound me. I've been here for four months and you never noticed me? I caught sight of you the very first day I arrived... how's your leg by the way? That cut looked pretty deep."

"Enough," a voice spoke, drawing my attention, "Enough of your foolish antics. Tell us who you are and what you want."

My eyes turned to the old woman and I couldn't help but smirk at her, "What's the matter Kreia? Getting a little antsy because you can't get in my head?" I stifled a laugh at seeing the slight twitch at the corner of her mouth.

"How do you know us?" Meetra demanded looking frustrated.

I sighed and nodded, "Alright, alright, I'll tell you. Fact is I know all of you. Meetra. Atton. Kreia. T3. Bao Dur. Brianna. Visas. Mira. Goto. Now, how I know this is not something I'm at liberty to discuss at the moment. After all, this is Nar Shaddaa, and you are hunting down Sith Lords." I chuckled at the looks of shock that they tried to conceal. "Tell me something," I said, clasping my hands behind my back, "I know you've already met Sion and are at present hunting Nihilus, but do you know anything about the third Sith Lord?"

"Not as much as I'd like to," Meetra said guardedly, "Why? Do you know something?"

"Why, yes I do," I said with an amused smirk, "Darth Traya, the Sith Lord of Betrayal." When none of them spoke I continued, "It's actually quite the ironic story, you see, the Sith Lord of Betrayal... was betrayed. Cast down. Stripped of power. Tossed aside. Actually quite pathetic."

"And how do you know all of this?" Kreia asked. I have to give her some credit, she is keeping herself completely composed right now.

I shrugged, "I suppose it's just one of those things..."

"That doesn't seem likely," Bao Dur commented.

"I do not sense any deception from him," Visas added. I flashed her a quick smile at that.

"If that's true, then, you know where this Sith is?" Brianna asked cautiously.

I shrugged again, "I might."

"I'm getting tired of these games," Meetra said with a scowl, "What do you want?"

"I want to save you some trouble," I said, taking a few steps forward until I was right in front of Meetra. "I'm sure you've noticed something not quite right yourself, Exile. All the warnings and cautions to not from attachments to these people, to keep them at arms length because they might betray and manipulate you... surely you realized that such warnings were themselves, manipulations?"

"What are you talking about?" Atton asked, his posture tense.

I kept my focus on Meetra, on the way her eyes narrowed and thoughts churned through her head. The sign of dawning realization immediately followed by the frantic desire to find some flaw in the thought process that brought about such a numbing conclusion. I gave a sad smile to Meetra as I nodded, "I'm afraid it's true."

"Hmph!" Kreia loudly uttered, "Nonsense and lies! If there was any truth to his words he would have said them outright instead of giving all these vague hints without any real answers."

I saw Atton smirk, "Ha! That's pretty ironic coming from you, witch."

"Silence, fool," Kreia snapped back at him.

I held up my hands, "Whoa, whoa! Settle down now, please. I think the 'fool' might be on to something. This entire time we've been talking I've felt your attempts and reading my mind, Kreia. I must say, I'm slightly disappointed. I was expecting to have to put up a lot more resistance to keep out someone so powerful as you... or, well, as powerful as you used to be, you bitter old hag." The enthusiasm and lightheartedness drained from my voice in an instant with that statement. The familiar snap-hiss of a saber igniting greeted my ears and I could feel a cruel smile work its way onto my face. "I suppose I should act intimidated, no?" I asked as I looked at Kreia.

The woman was scowling fiercely at me and I could sense her trying to build up some Force energy. Well, not letting that happen... With a quiet grunt I snapped my hand up and Pushed the Sith Lord sending her back and over the edge of the landing pad. Almost instantly several sabers and blasters were all poised to kill me. Atton however just looked at where she had disappeared. "You- you killed her," he said incredulously.

I sighed, "Technically, it'll be the sudden stop at the bottom that kills her." I looked at them all impassively before I lost my composure and smiled slightly, shaking my head. "She's not dead, that won't be enough to kill her, though I wish it was. We should leave before she turns up."

"Who in the hell are you?!" Meetra shouted, saber poised to strike out at me.

"My name is Dazac," I said, "And I'm not from here."

Five years earlier...

Sound was the first thing that came to me, even before my sense of touch registered that I was laying on something hard and that the air was cold. The sounds were muffled, as though my head was underwater so I could only make out a few words.

"-dn't lea-here-be in-Proba-amn Si-"

"Can-ford to-im arou-Not d-ere."

"Tha- eartless!-ll di-leav-here."

"-akgh-wou-ar h- par-"

Smell was the next sense to return to me. Something smelled awful. Almost as soon as that registered to me though, my head throbbed and I grimaced at the horrible ache. It felt like my brain was going to pop open my skull. I groaned at the pain in my head and rolled onto my side, bringing another groan out of me. My whole body ached. My nerves were numb and on fire all at the same time, causing a painful tingling sensation to pervade my body. I felt a hand grab my arm and hissed at the contact. Everything hurt.

What felt like a lifetime later a cooling sensation began spreading through my body, washing away the pain and leaving me with a half-numb sensation. I opened my eyes, or tried to at least, only to realize they already were opened. I just couldn't see. Everything was just one gray smear with whorls moving about it. I felt myself being lifted, my arms being draped over something. I was being carried, I realized. My feet were dragging against the ground and I felt a sudden shame at not even being able to walk. I started trying to move my feet to make up for that, but it didn't seem to help any.

A time passed, but I wasn't sure how long, before I finally mustered up the nerve to speak.

"Whuhapin?" I slurred out, groaning at hearing myself pronounce words so sloppily.

"I was hoping you could tell us," A voice said to my left. I was glad I could make out the words, but the sound still seemed muffled. "We found you down here, out cold on the ground."

I frowned, "Wherssere?"

"You don't know?" the same voice from before asked, sounding a bit clearer now.

"n'tsee," I explained.

"We're in the Undercity," a voice to my right said.

"Undasity? Whazzat?" I asked.

The wasn't any response for a moment before a third voice finally spoke from in front of me, "Uh, you know? The Undercity... the place no one in the Uppercity talks about?"

"Uppasity?" I asked, growing more confused. I just wanted to know where I was and they were telling me nonsense.

"Yeah..." the voice in front of me said, becoming much clearer now. At least, enough so that I could hear the trepidation in the voice. "The Uppercity. On Taris."


My mind went blank at that. Taris? Where did I know that word from? Some part of me instinctively knew something was wrong. I could feel a pervading sense of foreboding all around me. "Taris," I repeated, hoping that saying it myself would spark something more recognizable.

"Yeah," the voice in front of me said, "Taris."

My hearing seemed stable now, I could hear well. A dull thrum. Distant... growls? Dripping water. Something scuffling on the ground. A clink as two pieces of metal hit each other. And that voice in front of me. Had sounded like a girls voice. My frowned deepened and once more I repeated, "Taris."

Taris. Taris. Taris. I should remember this! What is it? What is Taris?

I was so caught up in trying to remember that it took me a while to realize that my vision was coming back to me. We had stopped moving, and now instead of gray I could start to make out other colors, or at least, more varied shades of gray. I realized it must be dark. I was eager to see again, get my bearings, so I tried to will my eyes to focus more. I was starting to be able to make out more definite shapes. The person standing in front of me was wearing blue clothes...

No, not blue clothes... then, skin? Blue skin?

I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head slightly, instantly regretting it as pain flared up in my head and reminded me of how much I ached and how tired I felt. I opened my eyes again. I could see better now at least. I looked at the face in front of me, giving me a worried look. "Blue... skin," I muttered.

"Uh..." the girl in front of me replied. It was a girl. Looked like a girl at least. The body was-...

I frowned at her and narrowed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I wasn't. She had two...appendages...coming out of her head. Two of them. Two...lekku. That's what they were called. I knew what they were called.

...I knew what they were called? Undercity? Taris? Taris... TARIS!

My eyes widened and a sense of dread washed over me. It must have shown on my face because the girl spoke up suddenly with a worried tone, "Hey, what's the matter? What's wrong?!"

I just stared at her, unable to speak, and unable to think. This was...Taris... This was, Mission. I turned my head to the right and looked wide eyed at the man helping keep me upright. He was looking at me, frowning, wary. I knew the face. Carth. I looked to my left to find another man, helping me stand, looking at me blankly. I felt suddenly dizzy and jerked my arms away from the two men at my sides, falling to my hands and knees. I stared at the ground, trying to catch my breath that seemed to have left me. I felt hands on my shoulder, saw someone crouch down at the edge of my vision. I looked up at her. At Mission Vao. I didn't say a word. Just stared as one thought kept repeating in my head.


This is Taris.

...this is Taris.