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SiriusXSeverus Marauder era

Warnings apply same as usual Mpreg


Hope you enjoy! - Avery

How far would you go to be with the person you loved, even if it was just for one night?

It was something Severus had spent most of his summer thinking about, well not just thinking really, more along the lines of planning. As per usual the Slytherin knew what he wanted was well out of reach as with most things in his life, he'd grown up in a poor family in a run-down industrial estate of Northern England, his father was a lazy Muggle drunk and his mother a pureblood witch who didn't deserve the life she had. Nothing had ever come easy to Severus, not even when he finally got away from it all and went to Hogwarts for the first time, things had been difficult at times then. Now six years on, things were still tough even more so at times but if Severus could do something to enhance his lifestyle even just a little bit then he would.

Severus knew what he was doing probably wasn't the best idea, that it was wrong in some ways but he deserved something good to happen to him, he deserved a life and some attention, all of his friends were getting it in one way or another and he was the one that was always left behind. Occasionally a girl or even a boy would approach him and ask about one or more of his friends and try and bribe him into setting them up on a date but each time it happened made Severus' heart sink that little bit more. Nobody was ever coming for him.

The morning after came faster than Severus could ever have imagined and he woke alone lying in the enormous four poster bed in the room of requirement. He sighed and rolled over onto his side gazing at the big empty space beside him the covers were scrunched and a little dented as though someone had been laying there most of the night. But what did he expect? He couldn't really have expected Sirius Black of all people to stay with him all night afterwards. Severus closed his eyes and sighed allowing the memories of the night before to come flooding back...

An hour Severus had been waiting along the Defence corridor hiding behind one of the statue's watching for that door to open. Finally the creaking of a wooden classroom door sounded and Severus jumped to his feet peering around from behind the statue, his eyes narrowed as he watched none other than Sirius Black standing there stretching his arms above his head and looking thoroughly pleased with himself. The boy yawned loudly before strolling down the corridor in the direction of the toilets. A smirk crossed Severus' face, perfect.

He waited until Sirius pushed the door open before snatching up the pink and blue ribbon box from the floor and tip toed after him. He stood outside the door waiting a few moments before pushing the door open and gazing around, he heard one of the cubicle doors close just a little way down from the door and sighed with relief. Slowly and as quiet as a mouse he crept inside closing the door silently behind him, the last thing he needed was to be caught. Severus padded across the stone floor slipping around the row of cubicles until he spotted the only one with the door closed, he emitted a shaky nervous breath keeping his feet far away from the doors so Sirius would think he was alone. He didn't have much time so Severus crouched down and carefully pushed the box under the cubicle.

"What?" Sirius' voice echoed through the room as his eyes fell on the pretty box lying on the floor behind him.

Severus held his breath and listened to the sound of Sirius pulling up his zipper before he turned around and picked up the box.

"Who's there?" he called out.

No response.

Severus heard the toilet flush and quickly bolted out of the door just as the cubicle door opened and Sirius poked a curious and very confused face out. He shrugged his shoulders and headed over to the sinks to wash his hands.

Severus stood just outside the toilet hiding with his back pressed against the wall, he heard the taps running for a minute or so before the sound of rustling like packaging being opened broke through the air and he smirked.

Inside the toilet Sirius stood staring down at the now open box of pretty chocolates. There was a card which he picked up and read;

'To Sirius, some beautiful chocolates for a beautiful boy, love your secret admirer x'

Sirius blinked but shrugged his shoulders, it wouldn't be the first time some random adoring girl had sent him gifts. Picking up a couple of the chocolates he crammed them in his mouth and swallowed, they really did taste good. Picking up a few more he smiled to himself heading towards the door and that's when things seemed to slow down a little, Sirius frowned but shook his head continuing to pop the delicious chocolates into his mouth even as everything started to grow a little funny, he felt really happy and easy like he could and would do anything almost like he was a bit drunk or high.

He sauntered lazily out of the toilets and stopped popping the last few chocolates into his mouth he threw the rubbish in the bin and swallowed.

Severus took a long deep breath, Sirius looked a little unsteady on his feet and slightly out of it, they were working and Severus had to smile triumphantly over that. Taking a nervous deep breath he came out of the shadows strolling casually towards the boy.

"Hello, Sirius" he spoke softly.

The boy turned to stare but made no effort to withdraw his wand or comment, instead he stared strangely at Snape swaying a little on his feet.

"What are you doing here?" the Gryffindor asked slowly.

A small chuckle escaped Severus' throat he could see Sirius deteriorating more as the seconds ticked by, he was ready.

"You don't look very well, Black" Severus smiled softly. "Perhaps you should have a lie down"

Sirius said nothing he just raised one eyebrow his eyes roaming over Severus' frame.

"Hmm I don't think you'll make it back to your dormitory, I think you'd ought to lie down" said Severus.

"I don't need the hospital wing" Sirius said bluntly.

"I'm not talking about the hospital wing, why don't you come with me" Severus said calmly.

"I can't trust you" said Sirius.

"Don't be silly" Severus smiled. "I'm not going to do anything, look I'll show you where you can lie down without getting in trouble you look drunk"

"I feel drunk" said Sirius. "Or high"

"Well then, if the teachers catch you walking around in this state you might get expelled or at least into serious trouble" Severus smiled triumphantly. "Come on" he said stalkng slowly along the corridor, he suppressed a small squeak of delight when he heard Sirius' footsteps following him. They walked slowly and in silence for only a couple of minutes, the whole way to the spare piece of wall Severus had recently become familiar with he thought desperately 'we need somewhere to go for private time'. He stopped right at the spot with Sirius now by his side looking even worse as slowly the polished door appeared and Severus smirked to himself.

"I know where we are" Sirius said lazily.

"The room of requirement" said Severus. "Come on let's get you inside" he said ushering the Gryffindor inside.

Once they were in the cosy little room, Severus closed the door watching it disappear for a while until they needed it again so nobody could intrude before he turned to look at Sirius. The boy was gazing around the room, it was quite small and decorated in red and gold, wall torches burned merrily around the deep red walls, an enormous four poster bed with long red and gold drapes hung around it sitting against the back wall, the carpet was a soft, plush red and a large sheepskin rug. Severus flushed a little bit, it was actually quite romantic.

Before Severus could say anything else, Sirius ambled forward kicking off his shoes he flopped face down on the bed laying there a few moments before he sat up and ran the palms of his hands over the satin throw.

"Nice bed"

Severus smiled weakly and headed over to the bed, he stood on the opposite side staring at Sirius, the boy looked up at him and a strange essence ran through the air like a current of electricity between them. Sirius swallowed and continued to gaze at Severus.

The Slytherin knew the time would be limited and his potion effects would wear off if he didn't get down to business soon. Closing his eyes in a long slow blink he took a deep breath and slowly began to drop his clothes to the floor. Sirius sat back and stared as Severus' boxers slid down his legs and landed with a soft thump around his ankles.

Severus' eyes were closed with nerves and partly with embarrassment he'd never done anything close to this before unless you counted being seen in your underwear in the dormitory by his friends. Slowly he opened his eyes and met Sirius' intensive gaze, the Gryffindor's eyes roamed hungrily over his body.

"You're naked" he stated bluntly his eyes hovering around Severus' nether regions.

"Yeah, I am" Severus cringed inwardly, what if Sirius wasn't far enough gone and rejected him? He climbed up on the bed moving to sit beside Sirius his hand coming to rest on the taller boy's thigh, he gazed into his incredibly handsome face until Sirius lifted his eyes to meet Severus' own.

It all happened so fast a small gasp escaped Severus' throat, one moment he was sitting gazing into Sirius' lovely misty grey eyes, the next he was being pressed down into the bed covers with Sirius' lips pressed against the pulse point of his neck. It was all so shocking, intense and new, Severus moaned softly.

Time elapsed and Sirius was shedding his clothes pulling them aside when Severus swallowed nervously feeling hands running up his thighs.

"Hang on a second" Severus whispered reaching over the side of the bed to snatch up his trousers.

"Aren't we gonna do it?" Sirius blinked watching Severus pull out a vial of pink liquid. He popped the cork on it and pressed it to his lips. Sirius watched feeling thoroughly confused. Shakily Severus downed the potion swallowing it all he left the vial on the bedside table and lay there gazing up into Sirius' confused face. Only a minute passed and a cutting pain tore through his stomach, Severus gasped clutching at the bed covers but Sirius didn't even seem remotely bothered by it. The pain was strong, sore and made his skin crawl like something was splitting apart inside his body, or something was appearing inside of him. The extra opening, he knew it was making space inside of him.

A couple of minutes passed and the pain subsided and Severus lay breathing heavily staring up at the Gryffindor.

"What was that about?"

"Are you gay?" Severus breathed.

"Bi at most" Sirius slurred a little. "Are we gonna fuck or what?"

Severus swallowed and nodded slowly. "The potion made another opening behind my balls so we don't... so you can put it in there"

"Okay" said Sirius not sounding as though he cared in the slightest.

Severus gazed up into his face and smiled gently, Sirius shucked out of his boxers and climbed over Severus pressing the tip of his erection behind Severus' balls. Severus twitched, it felt strange. He looked up again into Sirius' eyes, their lips weren't far apart, they were in such an intimate position if only Severus could...

He leaned forward his eyes falling half lidded, as he got close enough to feel Sirius' breath against his lips suddenly the boy turned his face away sharply so Severus' lips pressed against his cheek. Severus' heart sank and he flopped back against the pillows feeling hurt and rejected even as Sirius turned to look at him and without a word pushed himself into Severus' entrance.

The Slytherin gasped, it didn't hurt it just felt strange, alien to him. Was this what it felt like for a girl? He lay still as Sirius sank in half way pausing for a few seconds before he began to thrust himself into the boy's body a soft moan escaping his lips.

"Does it feel good?" Sirius whispered closing his eyes over a little and biting his bottom lip with pleasure.

"Yeah" Severus breathed, it wasn't a lie. "Does this mean-"

"Nothing, it doesn't mean anything" Sirius slurred a little picking up his pace and thrusting more vigorously into Severus. "I'm drunk or whatever and you're an easy lay, I don't even like you"

Severus closed his eyes and swallowed the lump that appeared in his throat. "Okay" he whispered. He lay still moaning softly as Sirius picked up his pace one final time thrusting as deep as he could into Severus' new entrance as he came with a loud groan. Sagging for a moment he pulled out and flopped down beside the Slytherin closing his eyes and breathing heavily.

"That was good" Sirius finally whispered glancing over at Severus who lay quietly, a mixture of emotions washing over his face.

"Yeah" Severus breathed his eyes focused on the canopy over the bed. A few minutes passed and Sirius seemed to become still his breathing becoming slow and deep. Severus sighed rolling over to gaze at him, Sirius was so beautiful everything about him was perfection. A pang of hurt shot through Severus' stomach, Sirius would never love him the same way. He sighed slipping under the covers and snuggling closer to the Gryffindor without waking him up.

It didn't take long for Severus to drift into a comfortable sleep.

And now Severus lay curled up in the room of requirement still in bed and feeling just as rejected and hurt as last night. He knew that would be the only time Sirius would ever be with him, even one night, one pathetic night of being used was better than nothing. Even after all the awful things Sirius had done in the past, Severus just couldn't find it in his heart to hurt him, he trailed after him, he had been humiliated, hurt, angered and even almost lured to his death last year because of that Gryffindor boy but even then he couldn't let it go, he'd been developing these feelings for a while, his obsession with the four of them centring around Sirius Black, for a while he couldn't stop staring at Regulus or hanging out with him in some creepy way but now he understood, over the summer he understood that after the fall of his friendship with Lily Evans he now had feelings for Sirius, he wanted him and in some sick disgusting way he didn't care if Sirius used him just as long as he could be close to him even for a short period of time.

After some time Severus finally decided to get up, he didn't want to be late to lessons even if he did feel ashamed to be showing his face. He slipped out from under the covers checking the time on his pocket watch he pulled on his uniform and headed into the bathroom for a quick wash before breakfast, there was still time to eat.

By the time Severus was ready and heading down to the great hall for breakfast, his mind was elsewhere.

It was the third day into the start of term of Severus' sixth year at Hogwarts and everybody was slowly beginning to settle back in, apart from the first years, they were still running around in a panic asking for directions and acting like wild animals most of the time.

This year would be much harder, the exams, the work load, just everything. They were a year older and a bunch of horny teenagers cooped up in a school of magic, gossip spread like wildfire around here.

He walked into the hall with his head down, the noise and chattering growing louder as he headed down the Slytherin table towards his friends and dropped into a seat amongst them.

"Where have you been?" Mulciber asked eyeing Severus up the moment he sat down.

"Fell asleep in the library last night" said Severus without meeting his eye.

"Are you seriously this worried about homework only three days in?" Mulciber frowned. "Bloody hell, Snape, I wonder how bad you'll be next year" he sighed rolling his pale blue eyes.

Severus shrugged not wanting to argue about it, in truth he was fairly worried about homework but after last night it was the furthest thing from his mind right now. "Yeah" he lied. "Better get on top of it quickly so I actually have some free time" he feigned a chuckle.

"Right, well you need a break" Avery pointed out quirking one eyebrow and brandishing his fork lazily at the boy.

"We'll see" said Severus.

They finished eating and headed off to first lesson down in the dungeons. They stopped leaning back against the cold stone walls chatting amongst each other, Severus wasn't really paying all that much attention to the conversation especially when out of the corner of his eye he spotted the four Marauders come sauntering down towards them. Severus' heart skipped a beat when he laid eyes on Sirius Black, as handsome as ever, his grey eyes glittering with delight as he laughed at something the Werewolf said. Severus shuddered slightly at the memory of last year when he glimpsed Remus Lupin fully transformed. It had been the most frightening day of his life, Dumbledore had sworn him to secrecy and the worst part of it was neither Sirius Black nor James Potter were punished even if James did save Severus' life, it had been Severus whom received the threat of being expelled and any O.W.L qualifications he had were to be removed which to Severus seemed extremely unfair.

He averted his eyes quickly as the four of them made their way past, a brief tense ring blew through the air as Sirius passed but Severus didn't even look at him he couldn't bring himself to.

Professor Slughorn arrived thankfully only a few minutes later, opening the door he headed inside calling the rest of the students in. Severus hurried inside amongst his friends with his head down, he was absolutely sure Sirius wouldn't mention last night especially to his friends, if he didn't like Severus and was only sleeping with him to get laid and Severus could understand that he could take it because in reality he knew that was going to happen he could never expect someone like Sirius to ever fall for him or want anything extra, that's why he basically drugged him to bring down his defences and convinced him to have sex, it wasn't bad when he really thought about it he hadn't done Sirius any hard he was fully aware of what he was doing he just was very happy and easy going it would prevent him saying no when Severus was laying out on a table in front of him horny and easy.

He sighed dropping into his seat and pulling his books out of his bag. Why did these things have to be so complicated when in his head they seemed to work out so simple.

"Today we are going to be concocting the draught of living death, but first I want you to copy what's on the board-" Slughorn said and with a wave on his wand a large amount of chalk writing appeared on the blackboard behind him. "And we can get started" he said brightly.

Severus dipped his quill in his ink and began scribbling against his parchment ignoring his friends laughing and chatting behind him. He always sat on his own in lessons, partly because nobody wanted to really sit with him, sometimes one of his friends would but also because he enjoyed having plenty of desk space to work on his own and every text book he had he would annotate things he found in his printed books for the better, he knew he would be able to get somewhere in life with his ability, maybe a healer or an inventor, maybe a potions master. Severus shook his head slightly and finished what he was writing. By now other people were getting up and pulling out their cauldrons and ingredients ready for brewing.

An hour into the lesson and Severus was very busy brewing his potion writing annotations in his book to crush not cut and smirked watching some of his friends have great difficulty, Evan Rosier almost cut his finger off trying to do it and he couldn't help but laugh.

A little while longer and Severus looked up when he heard a loud roar of laughter from across the classroom, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew were doing who knows what, Sirius sat behind them laughing with Lupin whom was sitting shaking his head a small smirk forming on his lips. Severus sighed his eyes lingering on Sirius a few moments longer, was it actually real, did last night really happen or was it just some silly wet dream? Severus wasn't sure quite how long he'd been staring but the next thing that happened shocked him to the core.

Sirius turned around a smile on his face, his eyes fell on Severus seemingly just by chance and his face fell but their eyes locked in an intensive gaze.

Severus swallowed the lump that appeared in his throat and averted his eyes an ugly blush appearing on the apples of his cheeks, he suddenly felt so hot and uncomfortable, risking a glance out of the corner of his eye, Sirius was still staring at him, those pretty eyes narrowing as he continued to stare. Slowly after another minute or so, Sirius' attention was caught by something Potter was doing and Severus released an inward sigh of relief.

The rest of the lesson passed and nothing else happened, neither Severus nor Sirius dared risk another glance to one another and by the end when Professor Slughorn came around to check on their work, he was exceedingly pleased with just how well Severus had done.

"Twenty points to Slytherin" the older man said brightly. "Well done, Severus it's close to perfect!"

"Thanks Professor" Severus mumbled a little shyly earning some envious stares from a few people whom didn't do quite as well.

The rest of the day passed in much the same fashion and when Severus finally fell into bed that night he was exhausted. He'd never had such an uncomfortable school day before, not even after he found out about Lupin's Lycanthropy last year, or when he lost Lily's friendship, or when one of his friends in the year above announced he had joined the Dark Lord. Sirius had ignored him pretty much all day, if their eyes met Sirius' would be either empty or flash threateningly, he turned his back outside Transfiguration that afternoon and pretended he hadn't even seen him at lunch. Severus wished things could be better but he knew that would never be possible.

He settled down under his covers and with his last thoughts on Sirius and he having sex this time twenty four hours ago, he drifted off to sleep.

The rest of the week passed in the same fashion, so fast it was almost a blur. He hadn't had any trouble from the Marauders yet apparently they had found a new target and that was winding up Avery until he hexed them and got into trouble, so far he'd gotten detentions from Professor McGonagall, Flitwick and Grubblyplank for placing the four of them under attack.

By the time the next Tuesday arrived the school had finally settled in even the first years were getting used to everything.

Severus was trying to avoid any confrontation possible with Sirius, the more he thought about what happened the more embarrassed he felt.

"Thank Merlin any trace or evidence of it ever happening will be gone and I'm still a virgin" Severus breathed as he sat in the library that evening actually doing his homework. Sirius also seemed to be avoiding contact with him as much as possible and Severus knew the boy was completely ashamed of what they had done but it was too late to change it now. Severus swallowed, every night before bed he would hear those painful words of Sirius telling him it meant nothing and he was easy sex, but at least he was close to him, at least he could say he spent a night with Sirius Black and that's all he wanted now maybe he could move on and put everything behind him, it was normal to feel like this for a while maybe this would all end soon.

Two weeks had flown by in the blink of an eye, school work was mounting up and the first Hogsmeade trip was approaching in just a short couple of weeks. The entire school was settled in by now and already they had been told about the upcoming exams at the end of the school year in June.

It was Thursday morning when Severus woke up feeling unusually tired, furrowing his eyebrows he yawned and scrabbled around on his bedside table for his pocket watch, checking the time he frowned, it was almost eight he'd overslept! He sighed flopping back down against the pillows for a moment rubbing his tired eyes and stretching himself out. He wasn't quite sure why he felt so tired he went to bed at half ten last night feeling perfectly fine.

Severus sighed dragging himself out of bed his eyes half closed.

"Wow someone's up late" Evan commented slipping his feet into his patent school shoes.

"Yeah must be overdoing it" Severus yawned knotting his tie and slouching into the bathroom. He washed and brushed his teeth quickly before heading back into the dormitory, by now his friends had disappeared off for some breakfast so, picking up his bag he slung it over his shoulder with tremendous effort and slouched off down through the common room and out into the dungeon corridor.

Severus headed into the noisy great hall and dropped into his usual seat at the Slytherin table piling some food onto his plate he tucked in trying to listen to what his friends were talking about- the girls they wanted to date this year- but it wasn't working very well.

After eating he followed Avery, Mulciber and Evan off down the dungeons waving Regulus and Wilkes off at the marble staircases so they could head up to Defence. By the time they reached Slughorn's classroom Severus had woken up a little bit, he yawned and leaned back against the cool wall trying to wake himself up a bit more before lessons, it was after all his sixth year and he couldn't afford to sleep through classes and end up failing in the end, that one class he missed could be the most important one.

"So what's he name then? The little piece you're after" Mulciber asked eagerly.

"Her names Ammy mate" Avery grinned his brown eyes twinkling excitedly. "Same year as us in Ravenclaw, she's pureblood too" he added.

Mulciber and Evan exchanged impressed looks nodding slowly. "What does she look like, mate?" Evan asked curiously.

"Long brown hair, blue eyes, slim, huge tits" Avery smirked. "Wouldn't mind slipping my cock between them you know"

Evan clapped him on the back proudly and Mulciber laughed.

"If the tits are small don't go for them" Mulciber grinned.

"I don't mind small tits as long as they have a pretty face and they're pure" Evan shrugged casually. "What do you think, Snape?"

Severus opened his dark eyes raising his eyebrows confusedly. "Sorry, what?"

"Girls, what do you like?" he asked bluntly.

"Oh, the good kind" Severus yawned closing his eyes over again. None of his friends knew he tended to take a swing for the blokes and he wasn't ready to tell them yet in case they treated him differently. They weren't too impressed when they found out he was only half but he insisted he shared their values and he convinced them he was worthy of their friendship, they'd been friends with him three years before they found out about his blood status and were surprisingly alright with it he didn't want to jeopardise anything by coming out, even if he did there would be no way he could tell them about Sirius Black of all people, the blood traitor, disowned, Gryffindor, no that just wouldn't do.

The others all stared at him in complete confusion.

"I meant like hair colour, eyes, weight, you know, type" Evan blinked, confused.

"Oh I like…." Severus had to think fast. "Long dark hair" he began, it wasn't a lie he could just describe Sirius but leave out the small fact that he was a male. "Light eyes, smooth pale skin, nice body and a great arse" he said quickly.

"Sounds fit" Mulciber nodded approvingly. "I love dark haired ones"

"I'm not bothered as long as they're decent looking" Evan yawned. "No gingers though"

Professor Slughorn arrived and let them all into the classroom, as Severus made his way inside he was thankful to sit down for a while.

As the lesson progressed Severus started to wake up a little more but slouched in his chair with his chin resting on the palm of his left hand as he wrote his essay yawning every so often.

By the time Herbology came around just before lunch he wasn't feeling much better until he walked outside surrounded by his friends, the cool air of late September washed over him and Severus inhaled deeply, it was incredibly refreshing and as they headed down to the greenhouses he was starting to feel much better.

They stood talking outside greenhouse two until Professor Sprout let them in and they filed in around the little sections of trays.

"We're just going to be refreshing our memories of fertilisers today, this year will be mostly recapping however I am pleased to inform you we will not be handling any dangerous or potentially lethal plants such as Mandrakes or anything venomous" the little woman said clearly glowering over towards where James and Sirius stood smirking to one another.

"I want you all to get to work, instructions are on the trays and I will be coming around to check on you and see how you're coming along with this, no assessment today" she said loudly.

There was a murmur of voices as the class stood chatting, the warm air in the greenhouse was setting Severus off sleepy again and he yawned.

"Why are you so tired?" Avery asked prodding the soil hastily with his trowel.

"No idea, working too hard I guess" said Severus trying to blink himself awake but it wasn't working very well.

"An early night for you then" said Mulciber. "We're going to hang out in the common room tonight we were going to ask you if you wanted to be with us but you probably shouldn't"

"Thanks for the offer but yeah an early night for me, I hope it doesn't last all year school may kill me" Severus chuckled.

"Let's hope it doesn't kill us all" Evan smirked.

The four of them burst into fits of laughter and a split second later a voice called out-


Severus whirled around to see James Potter standing there and before he had time to do anything the Gryffindor had slung an entire bucket of dragon dung all over him, it plastered Severus all up his back, side, hair and down his legs, the boy cringed a look of pure shock and disgust washed over his pale face.

"What the fuck?!"

"Er that's nasty!" Mulciber shied away from the stench emitting from Severus' robes.

"The hell is wrong with you?" Avery shouted over to three out of four laughing boys, Remus stood shaking his head and shooting sympathetic looks to Severus that only fuelled the Slytherin's anger further.

"Sick freaks" Severus shouted over and Professor Sprout came hurrying up to him, her bright eyes roamed quickly over his body before she spun to face the other boys.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor and Severus please go and change your clothes, you're excused" she said quickly wrinkling her nose at the smell.

Severus huffed angrily the blood beating to his face as he picked up his bag and hurried out of the classroom. He practically ran back to the dormitory, throwing his bag down he hurried into the bathroom practically ripping off his clothes and throwing them into the wash, he wiped and drew the bath sinking up to his chest in warm soapy water sighing with relief.

"Dick heads" Severus tutted as he wet and began soaping his smelly hair, he couldn't believe James Potter especially the way Sirius had laughed along with it. Maybe he was getting over sleeping with the Slytherin and would go back to teasing him and bullying him as normal.

Severus sighed before sinking under the water and rinsing his hair. He washed quickly and climbed out of the now filthy water and drained the bathing pool. Severus quickly dried off and slipped into a fresh, clean uniform before heading back into the dormitory and sitting down on his bed with a sigh.

Picking up his wand he dried and combed his hair before laying back against his pillows, twenty minutes left of Herbology so there would be absolutely no point in going back.

Before Severus had realised what was happening, he'd drifted off to sleep.

"Where the hell is he?" Avery asked gazing around the entrance hall in confusion.

"Not a clue, he should have come back to Herbology if his bath didn't take long" said Mulciber glancing into the great hall. "You think he's wagging it?"

"Probably, not like Snape though" said Evan as Regulus and Wilkes approached with a boy in the year below them called Barty.

"Why are you lot standing here?" the pretty pureblood Black blinked confusedly.

"We can't find Snape" Avery sighed. "He's disappeared out of lesson because your brothers pathetic little bum chum threw dragon dung all over him"

"That sort of rhymes" Wilkes laughed earning himself a filthy glare.

"Have you seen him?" Mulciber asked interrupting their silly little game.

"Nope we've only just come out of lesson, McGonagall is working us hard this year" Regulus sighed.

"She will you're doing your O.W.L's" said Avery. "Let's go and see if he's in the common room, you three coming?"

"Might as well" said Barty.

The group of Slytherin's headed back to the common room, the three younger ones dropped into the seats by the fire sighing impatiently with hunger as Avery, Mulciber and Rosier headed up to their dorm, as soon as they opened the door Evan sighed with dismay.

"He's in here alright, washed and having a kip"

"Why does this not surprise me?" said Mulciber as they strolled into the room. "Haven't really got the heart to wake him he looked shattered earlier, you think we should bring him up some food?"

"Yeah at least we can eat sooner and if he wakes up in the mean-time he can come down" Avery said quickly a loud rumble from his stomach made Evan laugh again.

Within two minutes they were down in the common room again.

"Not there?" Regulus looked up when they approached.

"He's fast asleep, looked shattered all day so we're gonna leave him and bring him back some food" said Mulciber.

"So we can here for nothing then" Wilkes sighed impatiently getting to his feet.

"We needed to know where he was, it's not like him to wander off" said Avery as the group of boys left the common room.

Half an hour later and they dropped off some food in the dormitory before heading outside to enjoy the last few weeks, or more likely, days, of the late summer sunshine. They spent their entire free period outside and by the time they headed back in to go to astronomy Severus still had not appeared.

Back in Slytherin….

It was approaching three fifteen when Severus woke feeling refreshed and dozy. He yawned stretching himself out blinking slowly up at the canopy over his bed and frowned.

"What the hell?" he breathed sitting up slowly feeling that after nap disorientated confusion. His dark eyes fell on his bedside table where a plate of food was sitting waiting for him. Severus picked up the piece of parchment sitting beside it and read:

Snape you missed lunch so we brought you up some food, see you outside in free period or in Astronomy later. – The guys

Severus shrugged and picked up the plate of food shoving it down quickly he drained a goblet of water and lay back down for a few moments. If it was free period they would all probably be outside. He yawned and picked up his pocket watch, at first he felt confused, then his eyes widened with realisation.

He was late to Astronomy.

"That means I bloody well slept through the afternoon" the Slytherin breathed hopping out of bed and snatching up his bag and wand. He literally ran from the dormitory and hurried through the common room shoving his wand into his pocket as he passed through the dungeon corridor and out into the entrance hall.

Ten minutes later he appeared in the Astronomy classroom and all heads turned to face him as though he'd just murdered someone in the corridor.

"Sorry I'm late, Professor" Severus panted slipping into a seat beside Mulciber.

"That's alright, Severus, please copy what's on the board" he gestured lazily to the chalk writing on the black board. Severus took out his things and began scribbling away rapidly trying to hold his focus on his teacher's voice at the same time.

"Have a nice nap?" Mulciber whispered into his ear.

"Why didn't you wake me?" Severus hissed shooting him an angry look.

"We thought you'd wake up yourself, that or you'd meet us in lesson we had no idea you were going to laze about in bed half the day!" Mulciber argued. Severus opened and closed his mouth several times to argue back but couldn't think of anything constructive so he sighed and rested his quill down on the table listening intently to his teacher rambling on about Mar's Lunar chart.

By the end of the day Severus was feeling a bit better even if he was still tired and by the time he collapsed into bed an hour earlier than usual that night, he was asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

The next morning he woke still feeling very tired even though he'd slept for ten hours. He could hear his dorm mates bickering about something just outside of his bed curtains and groaned shoving a pillow over his head. Moments later and his drapes opened a crack and Avery stuck his head in.

"Hey Snape have you seen my Charms book?"

"No go away" Severus grumbled lazily.

Avery wrinkled his nose with annoyance. "Get up, Snape" he said. "You're going to be late"

"I won't just give me five minutes" the boy muttered.

Half an hour later and feeling very irritated by his friends fighting, Severus headed down to the great hall with them. After breakfast they went straight for Potions and thankfully Slughorn was already there with the door open waiting for everyone. Severus dropped into his usual seat and sat waiting for ten minutes with his friends as finally the rest of the class appeared, he looked up when he spotted the Marauders come in chatting and shoving each other into their seats playfully. A pang of annoyance hit Severus, how could Sirius just completely ignore him like that after what they'd done. Of course he didn't expect anything from the boy he just hated the way Sirius acted as though it never even happened, that nasty, casual twinkle in his lovely grey eyes that had always been there continued to burn as brightly as ever, not even a flicker of concern that Severus might tell, not even the slightest worry or care for his feelings it was as though Sirius was made from cold hard stone.

Still Severus guessed it was probably from being a member of the Black family, he'd probably been raised that way. At times he could see the same in Regulus but Regulus was a much happier, prouder boy that wasn't as inclined to start a fight and he never bullied people, the worst he would do is ignore them or snap at them but he wasn't one for fighting unlike his brother.

Severus sighed to himself, maybe things would improve in time.

A few days passed and by the time Sunday arrived Severus wasn't feeling any better, he felt tired almost all day every day for the past few days now, since around Wednesday in fact. He'd been eating and sleeping properly but nothing was making anything better. He'd even put off doing his homework for three days now trying to figure out what was going on and relieve some of the pressure but nothing was working.

He spent all day in the dormitory, his friends had gone outside to do Merlin knows what, probably find somewhere to have a secret duelling match or practice spells they probably shouldn't have even heard of. It sounded like fun but Severus just didn't feel up to it he was feeling tired and strange.

Not strange in a particularly bad way just strange in a way that made him fine one minute and a slight annoyance and Severus would snap at his friends or become very pissed off, not enraged just bad tempered for no reason or over something as small as one of his shoes lying under the bed and not where it was supposed to be by the foot next to the other one. When he went to bed the night before he almost cried because his friends kept talking to him as he was clambering in and he had no idea why. He was going to put it down to tiredness but remembered he had in fact been sleeping ten hours a night for several days now and had spent the weekend reading, napping and in the bath. He'd barely even been out of the dormitory other than for food and to sit in the common room for a while the evening before.

When Monday arrived he still wasn't any better, when Evan had tripped and woken him up at six going to the toilet, Severus and shouted at him and thrown a book at the boy then felt so guilty about it he had to fight back tears and practically sob an apology to the boy.

Evan had crept back to bed feeling alarmed and confused, it wasn't just him it was other people beginning to notice Severus' strange moods.

"You're not on drugs are you?" Regulus asked as they were heading to their last double lesson of the day.

"Of course not" said Severus furrowing his eyebrows. "I don't know what it is, maybe stress or something, could have caught up on me from the first week of term"

"Yeah but you've been all over the place today, you lost your temper in potions, stormed off at break, you were jumping for joy when you were the first to get the spell right in Charms and you spent most of lunch time moping in the toilets, what the hell is going on with you?" Mulciber asked confusedly.

"I have absolutely no idea" Severus said shaking his head. "I'm sorry if I've upset anyone I just, feel really strange"

"Maybe you should go and see Madame Pomfrey" said Regulus. "See if she can figure out what's wrong"

"Probably your hormones mate, I know a few guys that went a bit emotional when they were like fourteen" said Avery. "But you could go and see a nurse maybe you're allergic to something"

"Allergies don't make you emotional" Wilkes rolled his eyes impatiently. "See you guys later" he waved following Regulus down the fourth floor corridor as the rest of them headed up to Divination.

"I doubt it's anything serious and besides, what can a nurse do about feeling emotional? She'll probably laugh at me and say I'm wasting her time, which I think I would be to be honest" Severus yawned as they continued up the marble staircases.

"Whatever it is I hope I don't catch it" Evan wrinkled his nose suspiciously.

"You don't catch feeling tired and emotional" said Severus shooting him an angry look.

They finally arrived at Divination and Severus was glad to finally get into a comfortable seat for a while, the soft arm chairs and warmth of the fire were extremely inviting and probably not the best place to be when feeling so tired.

He settled into his seat and sighed, hopefully whatever was wrong with him wasn't too serious...

Tuesday passed in the blink of an eye and Severus was feeling as tired and moody as ever, he tried to suppress his mood swings in front of his friends, not so much because he didn't want them to worry but more because he didn't want them to mock him or ask questions he didn't know the answers to.

By the time Wednesday arrived, Severus was feeling worse instead of better. During History of Magic that morning he sat at the back of the classroom dozing off when a neatly folded paper bird fluttered down and landed on the table in front of him. Severus stared at it a few moments before glancing across the room to where Sirius and James were sitting glaring over at him and exchanging smirks.

Severus sighed and unfolded the bird reading:

I'd watch that Greasy nose if I were you, Snivellus, whenever you fall asleep it's inches from your text book, don't want to smear all the writing now do we? Ugly, greasy git!

In Sirius' familiar handwriting.

Severus wrinkled his nose with distaste a pang of hurt shot through him and he looked away from the scrunching up the paper and throwing it under the seat in front of him. Why did Sirius Black always have to be such a dick?

As he was coming out of the very same lesson he was called again by the two boys.

"Oi Snape"

He whirled around to face them. "What do you want?" he said coolly.

"Nothing we've just noticed you falling asleep in practically every class, is the poor wickle baby not getting enough sweep?" James pouted making Sirius and Peter laugh. Remus stood behind them glaring nervously at the back of his friends heads.

"Why don't you grow up a bit, Potter?" Severus snapped nastily.

"Ooh temper, temper" Peter teased.

"I'll bet he's looked in the mirror and can't sleep, afraid he'll get the nightmares again" Sirius laughed finally meeting Severus' eye. The Slytherin's dark eyes narrowed watching a strange expression appear for just the briefest second across Sirius' face before it disappeared until he was completely unreadable again. Severus knew Sirius would worry he might tell people about their encounter a month ago now but he also knew that if Sirius said Severus was lying then far more people would believe him than they ever would Severus so it would be pointless anyway and make him look like a queer stalker and that would just add to the shit people put against his name in the first place.

"Come back to me when you've gotten some decent insults, Black" Severus snarled before turning on his heels and marching away his hand loitering near his wand pocket but he didn't turn back, he couldn't look at Sirius' face, not now for fear he may actually burst into tears.

Severus went back to the common room for break and sat sipping a goblet of juice and listening to his friends talking loudly about what they've been getting up to in lessons and such.

When he thought about it he couldn't believe it, a whole month since the encounter with Sirius Black and nothing had been said. Still, Sirius must be getting over it if he was now able to confront Severus again.

It was completely unfair the way those four Gryffindor dunderheads could get away with everything, the way they could sneak around the castle causing all kinds of mayhem and mischief, be in detention every other week (or day)and even get away with almost having Severus changed or mauled by a fully grown werewolf and Severus would be the one punished for it. They could torment and bully him all they liked but as soon as it came down to it, Severus still couldn't say anything, he didn't want to lose his education and to be honest Lupin wasn't all that bad, he never actually did anything wrong to Severus and once or twice he tried to stand up for him but that didn't work out very well at all even being Prefect. Severus got the short end of the stick each and every time with them, it was like he didn't matter and they could all be put on their perfect little pedestals, especially James Potter and Sirius Black.

Severus shuddered with anger. The way the girls were all over them even though they knew they could be complete arseholes, the way Sirius would allow his long dark hair to sweep in front of his eyes making him look disturbingly like someone you would find in a Play Witch magazine, the way Potter would zoom around on his broom showing off and trying to gain everybody's approval, the way the four of them could get away with murder... LITERALLY.

"Severus... Severus!" Avery's voice broke Snape out of his thoughts.


"Divination, come on" the boy said getting to his feet.

Severus yawned and got up to follow them out of the common room once again.

"We've got potions" said Regulus.

"I've got History of Magic" Barty said wrinkling his small nose with disgust.

"We've just come from there" Mulciber chuckled.

Severus sighed as they made their way right up to the Divination classroom. Maybe things would improve in a few weeks...

The rest of the week passed and by Monday morning, Severus was feeling no better. He dragged himself sleepily out of bed and dressed vaguely joining into his friend's conversation. After a quick bathroom prep he made his way down to breakfast with his friends.

"I'm going to hang out with that girl tonight in the library" said Avery as they passed down into the dungeon corridor.

"Really? She said yes?" Mulciber asked quickly.

"Not like a date just to do homework with her" Avery explained. "See how it goes from there" he winked playfully.

Severus rolled his eyes and just as they were coming into the entrance hall he paused for a moment, the hot stench of fried sausages, bacon, toast with butter, kippers and eggs wafted through the air unusually strong.

"Bloody hell is there a feast going on today? Food smells strong" Severus said wrinkling his nose as they headed into the great hall. His friends all shot him strange looks.

"No it's the same as always, Snape" said Wilkes.

Severus frowned and shook his head, maybe he was just imagining it. They made their way along the Slytherin table just near the door and sat down chatting loudly over the buzz of hundreds of other voices.

Severus smiled to himself as he pieced together a bacon sandwich and tucked in.

"You know something guys?" Mulciber said in a low voice.


"My dad joined you know who" he practically whispered leaning into the table so they could all hear him.

Regulus, Evan and Avery's eyes went wide their mouths falling open. There were a few people whom had already joined him living at Hogwarts but mostly in seventh year now, a couple of them had joined when they were sixteen and Severus knew it wouldn't be long before some of his closer group would start making that decision.

"No way, what happened?" Regulus breathed.

"They have this kind of ceremony and the Dark Lord burns the mark of the Death Eaters into your arm" Mulciber said.

Severus couldn't say he wasn't a little shocked but he continued eating. Taking a large bite of his sandwich he stopped suddenly feeling strange. He sat chewing slowly and swallowed resting the last bit of food back down on his plate and closing his eyes.

His stomach was churning angrily becoming worse by the second. Severus took a deep breath but it was too much, his eyes snapped open and he clapped his hands over his mouth leaping up from the table he bolted out of the great hall almost knocking a group of girls over as he sprinted for the toilets.

"What the hell?" it was Evan.

"Think he's gonna puke" said Avery.

Severus hurtled down the dungeon corridor and threw himself into the bathroom, he flung himself into a cubicle and vomited violently into the basin coughing and spluttering for a good few minutes until he was able to stop for some air. He took an enormous gulp of air, the stench of his vomit was too powerful and he heaved into the toilet once again.

"Oh fuck what's wrong with me now?" he breathed shaking slightly as he leaned against the cubicle walls wishing desperately to settle his stomach.

His stomach gave another powerful lurch and Severus found himself leaning back over the toilet bowl again as the boy's toilet door opened.

"Severus are you in here?" Mulciber called.

"Being sick" Severus shot back spitting the acrid taste of bile into the basin.

"Why, you were fine a few minutes ago?" Evan asked standing right outside the cubicle door.

"No idea I think it was maybe what I ate, ate too soon after getting up" Severus shrugged taking several deep breaths trying to hold back another round of vomit.

"You have been really tired and crazy recently" Avery nodded his agreement.

"I'm not crazy I just... don't know what's wrong with me, I'm sure I'll be fine you guys better go to lesson or you're going to be late" Severus waved them off.

"We've got Slughorn so we don't have far to go" said Evan quickly.

"It's alright, you'd better head off don't let me make all of you late" Severus argued, he really just wanted them gone before he was sick again.

"Sure you don't want someone to stay with you?" Mulciber asked.

There was a pause whilst Severus tried to force down the urge to vomit.


"Just go" Severus rasped out feeling those horrible waves of nausea washing over him again.

The group of boys exchanged glances before they sighed and left. Severus heard the door bang shut and couldn't hold it in any longer, he coughed once and heaved violently emptying his stomach contents out once more. He dry heaved a couple more times then straightened up to lean against the wall for breath.

A few minutes passed and Severus straightened up wiping his mouth of onto a piece of toilet tissue, flushed the toilet and headed out into the sink. Rinsing off his hands he gazed at his pallid, sickly reflection in the mirror. He knew he looked bad before but now he was even worse. His black eyes were colder, duller than usual, his long ebony locks were lank and lifeless, his skin pallid to the point it was almost grey and he looked really tired. Snape splashed cold water on his face, pulled his back properly around himself and headed out of the toilet, he still had lessons to get to.

"We will be starting out three week course of work on the Elixir to induce Euphoria, this will be a graded topic I will be marking you a proper grade for which will count towards your-" Professor Slughorn was interrupted by the dungeon door creaking open, everybody turned to stare as Severus appeared smiling weakly at the teacher.

"Sorry I'm late Professor I was-"

"Yes, yes quite alright your friends have explained" the potions master said gesturing for Severus to take his seat. The boy smiled quickly again and hurried to sit down resting his head in his hands.

"As I was saying, this work on the Elixir to induce Euphoria will be graded and this particular potion and essay combination should take about three weeks to complete" Slughorn said.

"You alright now?" Evan whispered and Severus nodded slowly, he didn't want to talk or move too much in case he was sick again. He jotted down a few key points whilst Slughorn sat talking and risked a glance across the room to where James, Peter and Sirius sat laughing at him.

Severus rolled his eyes and sat listening to the lecture, he couldn't care less what they did today he felt so rough.

As the day progressed, Severus began to feel better. By lunch his sickness and nausea had worn off enough to eat something

"Feeling better, Severus?" Regulus asked watching him eat a small light salad.

"Yeah actually I do" Severus said quietly. "Still feel tired though but I've got it all up now"

"Nice thing to say while we're eating..." Avery wrinkled his nose with disgust.

"Sorry" said Severus.

By the time the end of the day came he was feeling much better in himself although he was pretty drained. By the time his head his the pillow that evening he was fast asleep.

The next morning Severus woke to a horrible pang in his stomach. He sat up very slowly rubbing his eyes and groaned, the nauseous feeling from yesterday was back and Severus started shaking.

"Oh please no" he whispered massaging his temples with his fingers. His stomach gave a powerful lurch and he leapt from his bed, ran into the bathroom and threw himself at the toilet vomiting almost painfully once again.

Severus heaved and heaved until it became dry and painful, he straightened up slowly and wiped off his mouth and flushed the toilet. Slowly he shuffled over to the sink trying to ignore his morbid reflection as he washed his hands and face. Reaching for the mouth wash he opened the bottle the scent of peppermint wafted through the air and Severus gagged snapping the lid back on before it made him sick. Wrinkling his nose he clutched his stomach and hobbled back into the dormitory falling back into bed tossing his covers aside trying to cool down.

It wasn't long before he was fast asleep again.

About two and a half hours later Severus was woken by the usual morning noise in the dormitory, his friends were apparently making absolutely no effort to keep quiet. Severus got up his stomach churning once again and pulled on his robes sitting on the edge of his bed with his curtains open.

"We're going down for something to eat, you coming, Snape?" Evan called.

The mention of food made Severus cringe badly. "No I'll meet you in Defence Against the Dark Arts" he said quickly willing them to go away.

"You've not been sick again, have you?" Mulciber quirked an eyebrow slinging his bag over his shoulder.

"Yeah a couple of hours ago, go because I think I need to throw up again" said Severus waving them off.

"Alright, see you later then" said Mulciber.

And they finally left him alone, Severus however didn't get to sit there very long before that familiar awful pang in his tummy had him running for the bathroom again.

By the time he headed down there was only five minutes until lesson, he managed to arrive for Defence bang on time and sat down quickly amongst his friends.


"Yeah" Severus smiled weakly pulling out his things. He was just hoping this whole thing would wear off very soon...

A couple more days passed an each morning Severus woke to the same horrible sensation in his stomach, he would get up, throw up and crawl back to bed for a few more hours until the next round of vomiting decided to kick off and he was able to go back to lessons.

People were starting to notice his deteriorating health and appearance especially by the following Wednesday when he was sitting alone working in the library, Madame Pince had allowed him to keep a goblet of juice by his side as he worked on his homework trying to take his mind off of it. Occasionally someone would peep through the rows of books to stare at him and shrink back, then it would be followed by whispering and the odd giggle.

Severus sighed, he'd had enough of this, he really didn't want to go to Madame Pomfrey he hated hospitals, he was just stressed is all, stressed about his work, his friends, his troubles, his life in general and now being ill was stressing him out more. Yes, that was the only possible explanation. Severus had never really been ill at all in his life he wasn't a sickly person and he wasn't one to complain, even when he had flu back in third year he still went to his lessons even though he was sure he would collapse and die at any moment, he didn't get any treatment and went ploughing through his classes on top of the game as usual. Nothing would diminish his education especially not some random stress sickness.

After about an hour Severus became sick of people gawking at him and speculating what was going on with him. He packed up his things and left the library with his head down skulking back along the corridor and down the staircases.

By the time he reached the common room his friends stopped mid conversation to turn and stare at him.

"Why do you look so pissed?" Mulciber asked as Severus sank down into a seat beside him.

"I was in the library and apparently I'm the hot topic of conversation around here" Severus said irritably.

"Yeah you didn't know?" Regulus chuckled.


"Long story short, people are placing bets on what kind of infectious disease you have and some are betting on whether or not you'll have to leave Hogwarts" Avery explained with a chuckle.

Severus' mouth fell open. "It's not funny!" he protested.

Regulus, Wilkes, Barty and Mulciber started to laugh hysterically as an angry blush spread across Severus' face.

"Relax, Snape" Avery grinned.

"I don't have any infectious diseases" Severus huffed angrily.

"How would you know that, you haven't had it checked" Mulciber challenged.

"Yeah for all we know you could be infecting us right now" Evan smirked.

Severus rolled his eyes. "I think you would be sick by now so I'm pretty sure it's just stress"

There was a silence where everybody exchanged looks.

"Typical Snape always worrying about his homework" Wilkes sighed.

Severus smiled weakly at him and nodded. In truth he wasn't really worried about his homework or school or anything much. "I'm going to bed" he said getting to his feet.

"Night" it was unanimous as Severus left the common room and headed up to bed.

That evening as he lay in bed he couldn't help but worry. Was there something seriously wrong with him?

All Severus could be sure of was that if this persisted he may have to get it checked out whether he liked it or not...