The sun rose over the beautiful farmyard, the marquee still up from yesterday, they green, green grass wavering in the breeze with the dozens of beautifully coloured flowers. It caressed over everything it touched glistening and shimmering through the window casting a beautiful, soft glow over Remus and Regulus' sleeping faces.

Several hours passed until it was actually a decent enough time for them to wake.

Remus' eyes fluttered open and he sighed softly smiling at the sleeping boy next to him. Yesterday, the wedding, the sex- oh fuck the sex….

He watched the younger boy sleeping for a little while until finally Regulus began to stir, his eyes fluttered open and he smiled warmly when he realised Remus was right there beside him as always. "Good morning"

"Good morning, husband" Remus grinned. He watched Regulus' happy little face light up. "Our first morning as a married couple, how do you feel?"

"Incredible" Regulus chuckled. "You?"

"Amazing" Remus breathed snuggling in for a little cuddle and kissing Regulus' cheeks tenderly. "Mm…."

Regulus leaned in and brushed their lips together sleepily. "We should get up" he mumbled checking the time lazily. "We need to get ready to get our port key to Bora Bora"

Remus smiled and nodded his agreement stretching out like a cat under the covers. "Ten days in paradise as our honeymoon, thank Sirius" he chuckled softly.

Regulus nodded and smirked. "Yes, thank Sirius"

They got up, had a quick bath and pulled on some light summer clothes which consisted of denim shorts and baggy t-shirts. Their things were already downstairs but they combed the room looking to make sure there was absolutely nothing else they wanted to take before they made their way downstairs hand in hand and into the kitchen with beaming smiles on their faces.

"Good morning" Mrs Lupin beamed resting plates of blueberry and golden syrup pancakes on the table in their places along with fried bacon and extra trimmings in bowls for everyone to help themselves to. "How did you sleep?" she asked brightly.

"Very well" Remus grinned.

"Perfectly" Regulus nodded his agreement and sat down smiling at Nathaniel. "Was it okay out in the tent"

"Oh yes it was quite pleasant seeing as it was such a warm night" Mr Lupin nodded from over the top of his paper that he hadn't gotten a chance to read yesterday what with all the festivities going on. "Although at times we could hear you two…."

They blushed furiously.

"We're sorry" Remus mumbled.

"Don't be, wedding nights can get a little bit out of control at times" Mrs Lupin chuckled shooting just one of THOSE looks to her husband whom grinned excitedly.

"You had me right before you got married didn't you?" Nathaniel said quietly.

"Yes we did" Mrs Lupin smiled gently. "It would have been absolutely perfect if you had have been there…."

Nathaniel smiled back but continued to eat his breakfast in silence, it was obvious he was still feeling a little bit anxious and hurt about that which they could understand as it was very normal and to be expected, he'd been through a lot of stress and trauma over his parents and his adoption thing this year, it took time to get over it.

"A little bird tells me that Avery turned up and was chasing you again last night" Mr Lupin said slowly.

Remus and Regulus dropped their eyes to their plates. Mrs Lupin grew uncomfortable and Nathaniel jumped so badly his fork screeched across the plate.

"Oh, umm, yeah…." He said anxiously his hands shaking slightly.

"You don't need to be afraid to talk to us about anything to tell us about these things we're your parents and we'll love and support you no matter what you decide to do with your life" Mrs Lupin spoke softly. He looked up and smiled at her nervously.

"He came to talk to me and have a bit of a party" Nathaniel began. "He got me drunk and tried to convince me to sleep with him but I didn't do it" he breathed keeping his eyes shamefully on his plate of half-eaten breakfast. "When we got into the barn and Remus and Regulus found us, I was pushing him off I'd changed my mind I was drunk and I didn't know any better at the time but when I actually thought about it and we were alone I was scared and I didn't want to be intimate with him again when after the wedding he would just up and leave and probably not come back until he wanted a bit more fun" he said chewing sadly on his bottom lip.

"He's gone now" Remus smiled gently. "You caught the bouquet last night, you're next to get married" he grinned.

"Yeah, I wonder who it will be" he mused.

Nathaniel chuckled softly. "Hopefully someone kind that will treat me properly and not like a piece of scum on the bottom of their shoes or a sex toy to be picked up and played with then thrown aside for a little while when they get bored"

"You're not a sex toy" said Mr Lupin. "You're a considerate, cunning, kind boy and you can do so much better than someone like that Avery character"

Nathaniel smiled gently. "Thanks"


After breakfast they picked up their things, kissed their goodbyes and headed off to the location to get their port key.

Once they arrived they checked the time and when it began to glow they grasped the handles and a split second later they were being hurtled out of sight.


"Last night was just perfect, Severus" Sirius purred as they lay naked in bed together that morning.

Rose was still tired from yesterday and was thankfully sleeping in, they weren't going to wake her up and disturb her and have her grumpy and crying all day so they left her to doze.

Severus looked up into his fiancés face and smiled warmly resting his chin on the boy's naked, pale chest. "It was indeed" he breathed.

"Mm and for once you actually let me on your back" Sirius chuckled playfully.

Severus flashed a grin. "I really do enjoy having a bit of bum sex with you" he chuckled playfully.

"Oh believe me, Sev, you have no idea just how much I enjoy doing it with you" Sirius beamed. "So, what do you feel like doing today?"

Severus looked thoughtful for a few moments. "I fancy going out somewhere, seeing as it's early how about we go to the beach for the day?" he asked glancing at the window where the sun was sliding up through the sky very slowly and beating down on everything was a warm blaze. The sky was clear of clouds and it was already quite warm.

"I think that would be very nice, another trip to the beach" Sirius chuckled softly. "We can get some shopping too" he nodded.

"Sounds like fun" Severus chuckled.

They got up, had a wash, pulled on some clothes and carried Rose and some of her things downstairs still asleep in her cot, they'd lifted her with their wands into her Moses Basket so she could remain sleeping for a little while longer as Sirius made them food and drinks of the morning.

"I really love these chocolate croissants" Severus mused as Sirius opened the window and allowed an unfamiliar grey owl to drop their post on the ledge and fly off again.

"Oh, Sev, our Hogwarts letters" he said passing the one addressed to Severus over to the boy.

They tore them open their eyes scanning the lists.

"How about we go tomorrow and get these things? It's Sunday today" Severus yawned slightly.

"Sounds good to me" Sirius nodded. "I'll owl Evan and Nath and see if they want to come with us too" he smiled.

"Okay, should we invite Avery?" Severus frowned slightly.

"I don't know, what do you think, Sev?" Sirius asked warily.

"I think if we invite him then he won't come but if we don't invite him he will feel like we don't want him there, which to be honest, would be better if Nath decides that he wants to go with us too…." Severus replied stirring at his goblet of tea.

"I think we'll just send him an owl and tell him we're going then he won't need to feel alone or anything" Sirius smiled gently. "You're most likely right, Sev, he won't come, this has happened before" he chuckled softly pulling out a few leafs of parchment and writing the notes down.

Once they were sent he sat down watching Severus feeding the baby.

"You know, Severus, I really love having a baby around" Sirius smiled gently. "And you're so good with her she really loves you"

"Not just me, you're good with her too and she adores you" Severus smiled gently.

Sirius' face spread into a beaming smile of absolute delight.


Remus and Regulus landed spinning and slumped down on the floor staggering around on their feet on the beautiful island of Bora Bora. Their feet hit the small plaza ground and they clutched at one another chuckling softly.

"That wasn't so bad" Regulus grinned and Remus let out a laugh.

"Good morning and welcome to the island of Bora Bora!" a young man with tanned skin and cropped dark hair beamed to them in welcome. "My name is Joanis and I will be one of the people here to serve you during your stay on this wonderful island" he grinned again.

Two young women came over and placed garlands of beautiful tropical flowers around their necks and bowed to them with a smile and short dance of greetings.

Remus and Regulus looked to one another excitedly.

"What are your names, let us get you checked in" the man said snapping his fingers and two other young, slim men came running to collect their baggage.

"Remus and Regulus Lupin, it's our honeymoon" Remus grinned following the man inside one of the larger buildings as the men stood waiting in the shade, unmoving but smiling with their things.

"Oh such a wonderful time, when did you marry?" the man asked curiously checking them off on a long roll of parchment and taking a large plastic card.

"Just yesterday afternoon" Regulus beamed clutching at Remus' hand excitedly.

"Congratulations to you both" he said drumming his fingers on the wooden worktop.

The room was lovely, large and tall with the reception area, a garland of grass hung around it with typical hotel things. Books flapped their way around the room landing in the shelves. Comfortable chairs sat about with coffee tables, crystal windows, ornaments and quiet, tropical music played. Through the back they could see it was an open corridor with wide stone steps leading down a little way obviously into a bar and eating area then out the back would be a place for entertainment.

"You are in our private honeymoon hut" the man said beckoning them to follow him out of the reception and into the blazing sunshine.

It was a good thirty degrees celcius which was incredibly hot compared to what they were used to, the breeze was light and warm and everything was green and tropical. Despite the sun, the grass was rich and thick, flowers of every colour, even ones they had never seen before grew everywhere but at the same time they were neat and tidy, it looked effortless but it must have taken some amount of work for it to look this way. They followed the man through the plaza and a young woman came over wearing a tight uniform dress for the island and carrying a tray with two cut pineapples filled with a tropical juice drink, cherries, slices of other fruits were on a long cocktail stick and it had a few small pieces of ice in it.

Remus and Regulus took one each and thanked her as they followed them man down a beautiful stone path towards the beach area.

When they arrived they gasped. It was a wooden pier with two large wooden huts joining onto one another on stilts in the crystal blue ocean, there were very little waves, the water was so still and peaceful it didn't look real, almost like jelly. The sand beneath the water was very close to white and when they turned their heads to the left they could see a private stretch of beach with immaculate sands, luxury sunbeds, tall umbrellas for shade and it was all so shockingly beautiful and peaceful they trembled slightly.

The man handed pressed the card to the door then tapped his wand to it twice before it clicked and opened, he handed the card to Remus and smiled before pushing it wider open.

"This is your honeymoon suite" he smiled. "The maid will clean your room each day, the sheets are five hundred thread count Egyptian cotton and will also be changed daily. At the side of the bed if you need anything day or night at any time press the card to it and an attendant will be here immediately to assist you, for example if you would like some food at three in the morning you may have some, if you need more water or juice then you may have some, alcoholic beverages, condoms, anything you require we will get for you" he explained watching them wandering around the hut.

Inside it was cooler than outside, shaded with a window that had a beautiful view of the ocean. The bed was enormous, a double with the sheets immaculate, pink rose petals on the cover, fat, fluffed pillows, tall dark wooden nightstands with oil lamps, a chandelier above with real candles. Remus looked at it questioningly.

"Nothing will catch fire" the man explained noticing his expression. "And if you go through that door you have your own bathroom with a shower, a bath, toilet, sink, fresh towels every day, all the luxuries you may ever require" he smiled.

"This is amazing" Regulus breathed sitting himself down on the bed as the young men came in holding their bags and placed them down by the door.

"I inspect EVERYTHING that comes into this hotel, I will inspect each and every bottle, every tiny scrap of food, everything we order and everything that is here is prepared fresh and accurately, I keep this place spotless so you have no concerns about the food or anything" he smiled.

"Wow this is just incredible" Remus breathed shaking his head and gazing at the beautiful floor, the soft rug, everything was so stunningly clean and beautiful here, it was pure.

"The bar is open all day from nine in the morning and around the clock, I have people on nights so again if you need anything you need only ask one of us, you can come and get some dinner whenever you wish and your lunch or we will bring you trays of food here or on the beach or wherever you are every so often" he smiled.

"Could you just bring us the trays please?" Remus asked politely.

"Of course, sir" the man nodded. "We shall leave you in peace to settle and take a look around, come up to the reception and see if you'd like to go on any of the trips or activities we run throughout the weeks"

"Thanks again" Regulus waved watching them leave.

As soon as they were gone, Remus pulled him into his arms and began to kiss him passionately pressing his tongue into the younger boy's mouth. When they drew apart they were both panting slightly.

"Wow" Regulus grinned. "That kiss was amazing and this island is amazing too" he chuckled.

Remus smiled. "I know, how about we get changed, get some cream on and go have a nice lye on the beach?" he raised his eyebrows in a hopeful manner.

"Sounds brilliant to me!" Regulus nodded excitedly.


"Okay Evan and Nathaniel are going to meet us outside the Owl Emporium tomorrow morning at half ten" Sirius nodded as Severus finished dressing Rose.

"That's fine" the boy smiled gently. "We'll be on time"

Sirius nodded quickly and waved his wand tidying up the kitchen. "I'll watch Rose, while you get the rest of the stuff if you like" he offered holding his arms out to take the baby.

Severus grinned and passed her over to Sirius before kissing his cheek and heading off up the stairs to get their money and such.

After about twenty five minutes they made their way out of the house and disapparated hand in hand to the seaside for the day.


When Remus and Regulus were changed, they took hands and carried their own beach towels along the small wooden walkway, locking their door they headed down through the beautiful sunshine onto the perfect golden, shimmering sand.

The attendants were there helping them get comfortable on their sunbeds, they brought drinks, dipping crisps, snacks, treats for them as the two boys sipped and ate and massaged the cream manually into each other's skin shooting playful and suggestive smirks.

A few hours breezed on by with the boys stuffing their faces, drinking, snoozing and chatting until finally Regulus decided to do something.

"You want to go and swim in the sea?" he grinned excitedly.

Remus sat up and pulled off his sunglasses. "I thought you'd never ask"

They got up and Regulus tore off down the beach at a surprisingly fast rate but now he was a Werewolf things like that would obviously change for him. Remus took off after him and without hesitation they went running through the water until it was deep enough to swim in and they were all over one another tickling, laughing, splashing and kissing.

They spent the rest of the day basking in the warm, crystal blue ocean water, relaxing on the beautiful, satin-soft sands, relaxing in the sunshine for a little and cuddling in the shade until they went back to their room, showered off and headed back to the reception for dinner and entertainment.

"Good evening, boys!" the man grinned. "Would you like a private space to have dinner or join the other couples from the holiday side of the resort, Witches and Wizards though of course…." He offered.

"Let's join in" Regulus smiled gently.

"Very well, sir" the man bowed slightly and snapped his fingers calling another man to take them through to the entertainment zone.

They followed him down the corridor, the wall torches were burning various colours like royal blue, ruby red, emerald green, bright cold, magenta pink and even pure white as they moved to sit at their own little twosome table. The chairs were pretty, little metal decorative ones lined with cushions and padding, the table had a sweeping golden cloth on it decorated with a tiny candle and the waiters came running to bring them their plates, water, juice, bread, offer them an array of alcohols from a tray and calling their promises of a feast within the next couple of minutes.

"This is pretty amazing here, isn't it?" Regulus grinned laying a napkin over his lap. He wore black cut-off trousers and a smart white shirt whereas Remus wore a pale pink shirt and white cut-offs.

"I know, really fancy" Remus grinned. "I'm not used to this kind of service"

Regulus chuckled. "Apparently most of the people here are, look, I think many of them are pure or just overly rich" he breathed tipping his head in the direction of the married couples of all ages sitting laughing, chatting and eating. There were no real families but two couples had a baby, most of the people did look to be wearing very expensive clothes and there was another gay couple here but they were much older than Remus and Regulus were.

The little eating plaza was beautiful, stunning black railings all around the side, they were higher up sitting in the side of the hills, the patterned slabbing on the floor was articulate, the tables were perfect, the wall torches burned and the sun was setting in the horizon washing the sky with streaks of blue, red, orange, gold, bright yellow, white and black, it was a masterpiece and it was stunning, diamond stars glittered brightly and Remus reached over the table to take Regulus' hand.

"I really do love you, Regulus" he breathed gently stroking the back of the boy's hand with his own thumb.

"I love you too" Regulus smiled warmly. "And I really do mean that, fuck, we're married now!" he was positively beaming.

"I know and it was the best decision and best day of my life" Remus breathed.

"I can definitely agree with you there, Remus" Regulus chuckled softly.

Music was playing softly in the background from a live, native band as the food arrived and it was everything, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, gammon, fresh vegetables, sauces, dips, chips and gravy of all kinds. They also had a bowl of prawns to share and tucked in hungrily trying some of everything.

When they were done the plates disappeared as soon as they were empty and dessert appeared on the table by magic, chocolate cake, ice cream, strawberry tart, cheesecake, éclair's, trifle and they ate the lot. Once it was done the plates disappeared and the waiters came back.

"Is there anything else you would like?" they asked quickly.

"No thank you" Remus chuckled. "We're very full" he said looking to Regulus whom exhaled slowly and nodded with a grin.

"So much good food" he chuckled.

"Alright, shall I keep the drinks being sent over?" the man offered and they nodded, thanked him and relaxed into their seats watching two young women appear with torches. They went onto the stage and danced juggling them by magic without their wands.

By the time Remus and Regulus got back and collapsed into bed that evening they were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows….


Monday morning appeared and Sirius and Severus were up, washed, dressed and fed along with Rose before they made their way off to Diagon Alley to get their school things and meet their friends.

"Where are you off to today then?" Mrs Lupin smiled as her son quickly ate his breakfast.

"I'm going to pick Evan up seeing as he doesn't have his apparition test for another two weeks and then we're going to meet Sirius, Severus and Rose in Diagon Alley to get our school stuff" he quickly explained off.

"I think it's wonderful you're going out with your friends and doing something without Remus and Regulus being here" Mrs Lupin smiled warmly. "Isn't it wonderful, John?"

"Definitely" the man smiled. "And if any of them want to come round sometime they're more than welcome to" he nodded.

"Thanks, dad" the boy grinned before he kissed his mum and dad on the cheek. "I'm off then, I'll be home later on for dinner"

"Have fun" they called as he hurried off out the door.


"Hey guys" Severus grinned as he and Sirius approached them, as promised, outside the owl emporium of Diagon Alley.

"Hello" Evan chuckled. "Seems funny without Remus and Regulus, doesn't it?"

"A little" Sirius nodded. "Who needs to get what first?" he asked looking around at them.

"I need money" said Nathaniel.

"Me too" it was Evan.

"We could use another withdrawal" Severus nodded and Sirius smiled running his fingers along the handlebar of the pram he was pushing. Rose slept peacefully inside.

They made their way off to Gringotts and Severus waited in the foyer with Rose until they came back, their pockets jingling with fresh gold and grins on their faces. Sirius went over to him and draped his arm around the boy's waist kissing him lovingly on the temple.

"You look really nice standing there" he grinned making the boy blushed a little bit.

"Thank you" he smiled. "You look nice all the time" he added with a soft chuckle.

Sirius grinned haughtily and nuzzled Severus' face again lovingly. "So where are we all off to first then?"

Evan checked the time on his pocket watch. "I think it might be best if we went to the bookshop first because it's going to get really busy about lunchtime" he said slowly.

"Alright then" Severus nodded and they turned and left the bank, Sirius helping him get the pram down the white steps. "It feels weird going back to school after everything that's happened these few weeks and months, doesn't it?" he mused as they headed down along the street.

"Yeah, you and Sirius together and had a baby and she's growing more and more every time I see her" Nathaniel grinned down into the pram at Rose. "Avery and I breaking up, Evan still pretty much the same, Remus and Regulus are married, seventh year so it's our final and other stuff too…."

"I'm just ready to get a new life" said Nathaniel as they headed into the pretty much empty bookshop. "I'd love to just get on with my last year, do well, have fun and maybe find someone new, I'd like that" he smiled gently as his eyes roamed over the shelves. "Here's the books we need" he said pointing to the shelf right in front of him.

They all stood picking over the books in silence for a few moments, Sirius and Severus kept exchanging looks. They wanted to mention Avery, they wanted to mention what he'd said to them yesterday but they weren't sure how to manage it.

"I know you guys want to talk about me or tell me something but you're worried about how I'll react" Nathaniel said quietly as he picked up a few extra books for reading.

"It's not that it's just…." Sirius trailed off looking helplessly to Severus whom cringed a little bit and shrugged his shoulders.

"We just…. We don't want to upset you is all" Severus smiled carefully.

"You won't" said Nathaniel.

"Avery got a job" Sirius blurted out. "At the Ministry"

Nathaniel looked a little surprised but he shrugged anyway. "Good for him" he smiled pleasantly. "Now maybe he can move on with his life and leave me in peace"

"You really want that?" Severus asked curiously.

"Actually, yes I do" Nathaniel smiled watching them pick out their own books. "I want him to go away and be happy and find someone else that suits him and that can cope with him, I think he needs time to really have a think about who and what he wants from life, he's going to live forever so he can take as much time as he needs, I just want to be happy and be with someone that is going to love me and…. I really wanted a baby this year-" he cut himself off suddenly pursing his lips and heading over to the counter to pay for his things without his friends.

"I think it still hurts him" Evan said slowly. "I think he's in pain over the baby"

"He definitely would be" Severus breathed. "I couldn't imagine going through something like that, it must be incredibly traumatic for him"

"Yeah" Evan said again. "But that's the first time he's even actually mentioned the baby and wanting a baby at all" he shook his head slightly chewing on his bottom lip.

"I suspected he might still want one" said Sirius. "Despite the weeks that have passed it hasn't been that long since he lost the baby, about two months at the most I think…." He went on.

"Poor guy" Evan said sympathetically. "He's lost so much yet still has a smile on his face"

"He's a strong person" said Severus. "I've always known that he just has difficulty with things sometimes"

Nathaniel finished paying and said quickly about going to wait for them outside whilst they finished their selections and paid as hurriedly as they could. Once outside they found him sitting on one of the stone steps outside the shop.

"Is everything alright?" Sirius asked bending down and resting a hand supportively on his shoulder. "We didn't mean to upset you if it's anything we said…." His eyebrows furrowed with concern.

"No it's just me being silly" the boy forced a smile and got up lifting his bag with him. "Where to next?"

The other's thought it best not to mention any of this again so they smiled and suggested getting the new ink and quills and parchment for the year.

"I'm getting kinda hungry" said Evan when they left the supply shop. "Can we grab some food?"

"Sure and it's about time for Rose to have her next bottle anyway" said Severus quickly glancing up at the time.

So they went and sat down and grabbed some snacks like pumpkin pasties, sweets and ice cream whilst Nathaniel gave Rose her bottle and snacked on some stuff for himself too. When they'd finished, he put Rose back in her pram, kissed her forehead and headed off with the other guys to pick up the rest of their school bits.


"I love the beach" Regulus sighed happily as he lay dozing in the shade that afternoon.

"Me too" Remus breathed turning onto his front to gaze better at Regulus whom was laying in pretty much the same position. "You look great by the way"

"Thank you" Regulus chuckled softly. "You're not so bad yourself" he smirked to the boy.

"Mm so they're having an Indian food night tonight in the plaza" Remus went on. "Do you like Indian food?"

"I've never really tasted it before to be honest" Regulus flushed a tiny little bit. "Being a pure-blood my parents were always very strict about our food being the traditional roasts and stuff only at school have I ever tasted spicy foods and pizza and stuff"

"Well it's usually pretty spicy, mainly chicken" said Remus. "If you like hot or spicy food you'll love Indian"

"Well I'm willing to try anything" Regulus grinned suggestively and Remus looked more than excited at this revelation.

"Oh I know you are" Remus winked playfully making Regulus blush even further.

"My arse is willing to try anything too" Regulus smirked wrinkling his nose slightly making Remus moan very softly.

"And don't I know it" Remus purred playfully reaching over to stroke his lover's cheek. "I am so lucky and grateful to have you, Reg"

"And I'm lucky and grateful to have you too, Remus" the boy smiled back. "In a couple of weeks we can try for our baby, just think, Remus, our little baby!" he said his eyes twinkling with excitement.

"My husband" Remus beamed leaning over for a kiss. "From what Severus let slip, if you swell up around that hole it means you're full of hormones and therefore extremely fertile" he explained. "We need to watch out for that and we'll do it on the day of the new moon it will give your body the extra boost we might need"

Regulus nodded quickly with understanding. "We should have no trouble getting pregnant" he breathed.

Remus shot him a beaming smile. "I love you so much, Regulus"

"I love you too, Remus" the boy smiled back leaning over himself this time for a sweet, tender, kiss on the lips!


"So you're going to come round on Friday, right?" Nathaniel smiled as he apparated them both to Evan's house in London later that day.

"Definitely, anything you want me to bring?"

Nathaniel shrugged. "Maybe your wand" he said slowly.

"Okay then and hey, listen" Evan began gently touching his friends arm. "I'm here for you, okay?" he spoke softly. "Anything you need to talk about or get off your chest, I'm here, I see everyone else has someone like Sirius and Severus, Remus and Regulus and then there's just…. Just us so if you ever need someone to confide in that isn't part of all that or just a shoulder to cry on I'm here for you" he smiled warmly.

"Thanks, Evan" Nathaniel smiled before watching the boy head off into his house and wave from the door before he shut it behind him.

Nathaniel sighed, turned and disapparated back home.


"Seems funny without Remus and Regulus here, doesn't it?" Sirius commented as they sat down to their dinner that evening. "I mean, they've always been here and we've always done stuff with them or as a full group"

Severus chuckled. "Yeah but they won't be away for very long" he smiled. "They'll be back later next week"

"I hope they're having a good time" said Sirius.

"I'm sure they are, ten days at a luxury resort, the honeymoon private area of a tropical island like that?! Who wouldn't?" Severus smirked. "Oh and to think we will be going to Hawaii for our honeymoon" he sighed softly.

"It will be perfect, babe" Sirius grinned. "A nice relax in the sun and the sand after a beautiful Christmas wedding" he sighed wistfully. "But the thing I look forward to most is the wedding ceremony because I get to marry you" he smiled taking Severus' hand and kissing the back of it softly.

Severus' cheeks turned rosy and he leaned over kissing Sirius softly on the lips.

"But first we've got to get through some of our seventh year with Rose" Sirius went on. "It's a big year, our final year actually"

"I know" Severus smiled. "But we managed through my pregnancy perfectly so we should be able to get through our seventh year with no trouble what so ever"

"I agree, Sev" Sirius smiled back. "And so long as I have you everything will be perfect even if it could potentially be a little difficult or stressful"

Severus placed his hand over the back of Sirius' and smiled lovingly into those beautiful silver eyes. He'd never felt so lucky to have a guy like Sirius to call his own.


Indian night on Bora Bora went exceptionally well, Regulus sampled pretty much everything and found he enjoyed it although not in large quantities. They went back for the public entertainment of some sort of music show and went to bed that night happy.


Three days passed and Thursday brought about the end of July. August was well on its way meaning there was only one month left until school started.

Remus and Regulus were thoroughly enjoying their honeymoon; on Tuesday they went diving to see the tropical fish and they were having a sea food dinner that night, Wednesday was Greek night and they had gone to their own private pool for the day rather than the beach and enjoyed massages, pampering, delicious fresh fruits and drinks served ice cold all day long with their very own assistants.

At night they'd been making love so gently and slowly it was incredibly passionate, they slept until dawn where once or twice they'd gotten up to view and take pictures of the beautiful sunset casting an array of pinks, gold's, soft blues, purple, and orange across that crystal-clear water.


On Friday morning Nathaniel got up, dressed, tidied his room and ate his breakfast sitting back to wait for Evan's dad to drop him off for the day.

It was true, he felt bored and lonely being on his own even though it was nice to get some alone time with his parents, his mum had sat and played games with him on Tuesday and clothes shopping on Wednesday and yesterday his dad taught him to ride a horse which frightened him a little but it was still good fun.

He was looking forward to spending some time with a guy his own age to be honest, now it was August and there was only a short time left until school started, he wanted to make the most of the rest of his summer even though he would like to relax too.

He wasn't kept waiting much longer and sure enough Evan did turn up on time. There was a knock at the door and he ran to answer it eagerly to his friend's grinning face.


"Hi, come in" Nathaniel said opening the door wider and stepping aside letting the boy in.

"It's warm out there today" Evan said stretching his arms above his head as his friend lead him through into the kitchen.

"I haven't really been outside much yet except to help with the chickens" the boy smiled. "Mum, dad, Evan's here" he said turning his attention on both of his parents whom were still sitting in the kitchen doing various little jobs.

"Good morning" Emma smiled brightly. "Would you like anything to eat or drink?" she offered sweetly.

"No thank you, Mrs Lupin" Evan said politely shaking his head.

"Such a polite boy, please, call me Emma" she chuckled.

"So what are you two up to today then?" Mr Lupin asked barely glancing up from his paper to speak to them.

"Just gonna hang out, go for a walk, play some games and talk and stuff" Nathaniel shrugged a little. "You wanna take a walk first? You've never walked around here before…."

"Sounds cool" Evan nodded quickly and followed the boy outside into the warm but gentle sunshine.

They walked for some time chatting generally about school and the people going back, wondering about the Sorting Ceremony and stuff.

"I am very concerned about this year if I'm honest" Evan said as they sat on Nath's bedroom floor fidgeting with and picking at his watch trying to fix it up for him.

"Why?" Nathaniel frowned confusedly.

"If I tell you something will you promise not to laugh at me?" Evan asked almost worriedly.

"Why would I laugh at you?" Nathaniel asked shaking his head and wrinkling his nose confusedly.

"Trust me on this one…."

"Well, all right, I promise" Nath shrugged a little. "What's wrong then?"

Evan hesitated a moment still picking with the watch. "I pretty much failed everything…."

"What? No…. you can't have done" Nathaniel frowned slightly.

"I got Dreadful on almost everything and I didn't want to fully tell you guys about it because I am really ashamed of it…." Evan said sadly unable to even look up at his friend. "I know you guys all did so well with your grades and I came out looking like a real thick one"

Nathaniel pursed his lips and shook his head. "Don't be silly, you're not stupid"

"Actually, I really am" Evan said quietly. "I worked really hard, I spent nights up studying and thinking about it, I read every question carefully on my written exams, I made sure I listened clearly to everything that was instructed in the practical sessions and the only one I did well in was my O in Divination" he went on. "The rest are Acceptable and Dreadful, it's disgusting and embarrassing I bet even Pettigrew got higher than that shit"

Nathaniel was staring at Evan very sympathetically he knew Evan had tried hard at his exams but sometimes it wasn't good enough. "You did your best that's all anyone can ask for"

"My best is fucking DREADFUL…. Quite literally as well" Evan sighed sadly resting the completed watch project down on the wooden floor between them.

"How about this year I help you study and we WILL get your grades up, they won't throw you out of your subjects because you've done half of them now but we can get them higher" Nathaniel smiled hopefully. "It'll just take some work is all…."

"A lot of work" Evan said quietly.

"So what? I'm not laughing at you and if you don't want to tell anyone we can keep this between us" Nathaniel smiled. "You're my friend and you're being there for me so I owe you something and If I can help you get at least an E in your exams then that's something" he grinned excitedly.

Evan laughed. "Okay but you don't owe me and if you do help me then I will do something for you, I'll think of some way to repay you for everything you're doing for me" he smiled warmly.

"You don't need to do that"

"I want to, let me, okay?" Evan chuckled.

Nathaniel hesitated a moment pursing his lips once more. "Alright"


The rest of Friday passed and on Saturday, Remus and Regulus went to the small tropical beach market where they bought souvenirs for themselves and their family and friends. They had their lunch down on the beach and then went for a swim in the beautiful ocean. That night they joined in with all the dancing and fun after an enormous dinner of various foods the would normally eat at home.

Sunday they went back to the private pool and enjoyed rubbing oil on one another far too much really, they walked along the beach at sunset and went back to a dinner of Chinese food and entertainment.


When Monday arrived it brought about a fresh new week, Evan and Nath were hanging out again today, Remus and Regulus were enjoying themselves on a tour of the island and Sirius and Severus had no idea what to do with themselves.

"I am really sorry this is a few days late…." Avery spoke as he handed over the rent to them. "My job and stuff"

"Doesn't matter" Sirius smiled gently taking the money from him. "We understand"

"I'll see you guys next month" he smiled and headed away from the house before anyone could stop him.

Sirius and Severus sighed exchanging looks. They had to wonder if Lupin and Avery would ever sort things out to become at least civil again….


"This island is beautiful" Regulus breathed as they got off from their little boat ride and followed one of the very friendly guides up a shaded pathway.

There were beautiful flowers everywhere, the whole place was blooming with vibrant colours, gorgeous smells, thick greenery, deep crystal-clear ocean, perfect skies, beaming sunshine, everything was just so beautiful.

"Maybe one day we could afford to come back here" Remus mused thoughtfully.

"I sure hope so" Regulus beamed. "And maybe to some other places, in the future of course when the children we have are grown"

Remus shot him a loving smile.

They continued to walk as the guide explained about everywhere, showed them small, hidden caves, beautiful sights from the hills, fascinating nature and wildlife, the exotic birds until finally it was time to head back.

They showered, changed and headed off for their own private entertainment that evening with their Italian dinner.


On Wednesday Severus curled up in Sirius' arms on the sofa. "I've still got this funny feeling about Remus and Regulus, you know…." He spoke so quietly at first Sirius hadn't realised he'd even said one word.


Severus gave a tiny nod. "I dunno, just a feeling"

"Anything you think we should do about it?" Sirius asked stroking Severus' hair feeling highly curious about this subject they had actually been talking about for months now.

Severus chuckled and shook his head. "Nah I think it's just what they're doing on their honeymoon, probably too much sex or something, I do wonder how they love the island though"

"Oh I think they will love it plenty" Sirius grinned.

There was a small pause whilst they kissed.

"By the way, did I tell you what Avery said today when he dropped off the rent?" Sirius asked quietly.

Severus frowned up into his face and shook his head confusedly. "No, something wrong?"

"Not really" said Sirius slowly. "But he…. He sort of isn't coming back to school in September…." He said rather awkwardly.

Severus sat up straight and stared into his boyfriend's eyes. "What do you mean he isn't coming back?"

"His work is full-time and he wants to get away from it all, take some time out and maybe go back next year and finish his N.E.W.T levels, the exams bodies and boards are going to be the same pretty much forever so he can get away with it if he likes…." Sirius explained.

"He wants to get away from his ex, doesn't he?"

"I think maybe he does but not for his own sake, for Nath's" Sirius replied. "I think he wants to stay away from him and give him a fair chance at his last year"

"Did he say something about that?" Severus asked confusedly.

"Sort of" said Sirius. "He mentioned it all being too fresh with the guy and he didn't want to pour salt into open wounds"

"Or create new ones" Severus winced a little and Sirius nodded his agreement. "I just hope Nathaniel takes it well"

"He should do, Sev, it won't do him any harm, maybe he will even get to move on, there are quite a few gay guys in the school, maybe one of them is nice and right for him" Sirius smiled rather optimistically and Severus laughed.

"Yeah I completely agree with you there, maybe the younger guys will get over everything too, maybe Potter won't return, maybe Lily will get to fuck and maybe Evan will find a nice little girlfriend too"

They looked to one another and burst out laughing.


After a day at the private pool playing in the glistening, clear water, laying on the expensive, wooden sunbeds lined with thick padding, being handed fresh fruits and foods at will along with delicious cocktails and other various non-alcoholic drinks, rubbing oil on one another, making out and enjoying themselves, the two boys headed to the beach for the afternoon then a quick walk around the plaza enjoying the scenery and taking some last daylight pictures before they headed back to get changed for their last evening there.


"Remus will be back tomorrow" Nathaniel commented as they sat down to dinner that evening.

"I know, looking forward to seeing him again?" Mrs Lupin smiled watching her son tear apart chunks of bread and dip them in his soup before eating them.

"Yeah, I like spending time with you both alone but I'm feeling a bit lonely without him and Regulus around" the boy chuckled. "Especially when they come into my room pretty much every morning for a cuddle regardless"

"Aww, well he loves you" Mrs Lupin smiled again. "It'll be awful when the four of you go back to school" she said rather sadly.

"We'll come back to visit all the time, mum" he grinned.


That same evening, Remus and Regulus left their beautiful little hut.

"I've got a surprise for you" Remus breathed walking them along that little pier and down onto the beach in their evening clothes. Remus wore white cut-off trousers again and a pale pink t-shirt with his flip-flops and a necklace. Regulus had a blue t-shirt on with some beige shorts and grinned following Remus confusedly yet curiously down onto the amazingly soft sand.

They walked along until Regulus saw just where Remus was taking him and he gasped.

"Oh, Remus…." He breathed his eyes widening dramatically.

Remus laughed and pulled Regulus over.

He'd organised for a pretty little table draped in dried grass with a small assortment of flowers on the table and in baskets around them. Waiters and Waitresses stood around them grinning and holding trays of drinks and their wands.

Remus pulled a chair out for Regulus and when he sat pushed him back under the table before he sat down himself and allowed a pretty waitress to help him with his own.

Regulus was beaming as the sun began to set across the horizon sending deep waves of the softest gold's, oranges, pinks, lilac, purple, blue, red and even in some places white through the sky setting the water on fire as it lapped so lightly against the beautiful shores. The air was light and warm and the breeze brushed their skin so lightly they weren't even sure it was really there.

"Drinks, sirs" one of the men said carefully pouring them their drinks with his wand.

They sipped and waited as their starters of fresh island salad and prawn cocktails arrived and they tucked in.

"Remus this is perfect for our last night here" Regulus smiled warmly as the starters were cleared away and the main course of tender chicken and other assortments of food with delicious light gravy and sauces appeared for them to choose from.

Remus just blushed, grinned and lifted a crisp dipping it in some garlic sauce he leaned over and pushed it into his boyfriend's mouth earning a small giggle.

They sat eating, gazing at one another and even feeding one another for some time until finally dessert arrived.

The sun was setting lower in the sky and beautiful glistening diamonds appeared overhead through the paint-streaked horizon. The dark, clear sky was appearing and the black seeped to navy bleeding delicately into the vibrant pastels. It truly was a magnificent sunset.

They ate and ate and ate the delicious chocolate cake, chocolate fondue, tarts, pastries, ice cream, jelly, apple and cherry pies with custard. Anything they wanted, they sipped their drinks until they were bloated and full feeling sleepy.

They sat watching the sun for quite some time together in silence cuddling.

"Do you fancy going for a walk on the beach?" Remus offered raising his eyebrows slightly.

Regulus grinned and nodded getting up, they draped their arms around one another, kicked off their shoes and walked along the smooth, white-golden sands for some time.

"I can't wait to show everyone our pictures tomorrow" Regulus breathed. "The ones we took tonight are gorgeous, they'll be so jealous!"

Remus started to laugh. "I'll be jealous of the next people that get to come here" he grinned. "It's amazing I definitely want to come back one day"

"Me too" Regulus smiled warmly as they walked down further allowing the warm waters to lap at their toes.

Remus stopped walking and pulled Regulus into his arms, he leaned in closer tilting the boy's chin up and cupping his cheek slowly drawing him into the most tender and passionate of kisses.

When they did pull apart and eventually return for some more drinks and supper, they headed back to the hut to make love one last time on the island before they returned home the following morning….

Thursday morning had arrived and the boys were packed, checked the hut and took one last look before they made their way along the pier, the attendants happily following them along carrying their things too.

"I really hope you enjoyed your stay here on Bora Bora" the man grinned as two young ladies rested some lovely garlands of tropical flowers around their necks. "Please DO come back and visit again"

"Oh we definitely will" Remus beamed looking merrily to his husband.

"Yes, we plan to come back in the future" Regulus added with a smile.

"Very good, have a complimentary drink before you leave" the man smiled and another two ladies brought them the cut coconut and pineapple drinks, they chinked them together, finished the drinks, checked out and with one last look at the beautiful island they grabbed the port key and were whisked away home.


Nathaniel lay curled up sleeping on the sofa, he'd gotten up early wondering when his brother and brother-in-law were coming home but apparently not quite that early. He'd eaten, drank, washed and dressed before curling up under a blanket and sleeping with his head on one of the sofa pillows.

"That's them!" Emma beamed making her way excitedly through the living room when she heard the door knock.

Moments later and Nathaniel was woken by the sounds of Remus and Regulus greeting their mother with calls and kisses when they walked through the door.

She helped them through as he blinked and sat up with a small yawn.

"You're a bit brown, Remus" Mr Lupin chuckled taking in his son's appearance. "You've caught the sun a little bit too, Regulus" he nodded to the boy in greeting.

"I don't usually tan, I have a cool skin tone" Regulus chuckled softly.

"You both look lovely" the woman beamed. "How was it?"

Nathaniel got up and raced to them throwing his arms around the pair of them tightly. "I missed you guys!"

They laughed and hugged him in return. "We missed you too!" it was Regulus.

"Yeah" Remus smiled when they drew apart. "Island was beautiful, we have pictures, look!" he grinned pulling out the fat wallets of pictures the hotel had developed for them by magic that morning.

Mr and Mrs Lupin and Nathaniel crowded around and gasped and nodded their excitement as they looked at the beautiful shots of the flowers, the birds, animals, the ocean, them doing various things, the underwater camera of the fish, the beach, the sunsets, a sunrise, the plaza, food, entertainment, honeymoon hut.

"Seems like you were very spoiled over there!" John chuckled as Regulus pulled out the little gifts they'd brought back for them all.

"Thanks!" Nathaniel grinned holding his trinkets.


One full week had passed since they returned from the honeymoon and the excitement was beginning to die down a little bit now.

Remus and Regulus were happily married spending their days hanging out at the house, sunbathing occasionally and spending lots of time with Nathaniel doing various farm duties, games, going for walks, going to the shops and stuff.

Evan had also come round that following Monday with Sirius, Severus and Rose coming on the Tuesday.

"Oh my little brother is all married and brown" Sirius grinned pulling his brother in for a very tight cuddle.

Regulus couldn't help but laugh. "Maybe when you get married I should do the same hugging thing to you!" he grinned.

Sirius barked a laugh. "Still a few months to our wedding but it is taking a lot of planning" he nodded smiling to Severus. "How did you manage it in such a short space of time"

"Well, my parents helped" Remus explained. "Neither of us were pregnant or had a baby or anything we just sort of did it" he added with a soft chuckle.

"You did an amazing job" Severus nodded to them. "The wedding was beautiful and those pictures you've taken are amazing!"

This sent their faces up in flames.


The week really had passed on the Thursday and with only a week until the full moon, Remus had placed the order in for something very special indeed.

That evening he and Regulus were sitting on their bed in their pyjamas grinning to one another.

"Do you feel nervous?" Remus asked curiously.

Regulus let out a slightly shaky breath but grinned anyway. "A little bit, I mean, who wouldn't be nervous?" he said glancing briefly towards the door. "A baby" he added with a tiny whisper knowing that his brother-in-law was only in the bathroom and even if he did have good hearing, Regulus was sure he still wouldn't be able to hear that. "It's sort of a huge change in our lives"

"I know and I do feel somewhat nervous but I'm really excited, curious and other stuff too" Remus nodded. "We'll do it the day after on the Friday evening" he breathed. "That's why I ordered it now so it would definitely be here on time"

Regulus nodded with a smile and took Remus' hands in his own giving them an excitable squeeze. "I can't believe it, we're days away from trying for our first baby, DAYS, Remus"

Remus laughed and pulled the boy back onto the bed for a cuddle and a kiss. "I know and fingers crossed my little swimmers manage to knock you up!"

"Fingers more than crossed" Regulus beamed.


On Friday, Sirius and Severus had already started to repack their trunks, even though they wouldn't actually be leaving for school for two weeks yet they had so much to pack, they had even bought bigger trunks to fit everything in for Rose as well as them too. They had been sitting reading through some of their new books at night together cuddled on the sofa to give themselves a good heads start with the work in the new school year and packed them carefully and very tightly in along with their bits and their clothes and other such essential for actual school.

"This is hard going" Severus breathed rubbing his forehead as he picked over some of the bits they had strewn across the bedroom floor, they were trying to be as quiet as possible with Rose sleeping in her cot just a few feet away.

"I know" Sirius sighed, his head perked up when he heard the front door knock. "That's Evan, he said he would come round and watch Rose whilst we did the packing" he yawned getting up to answer the door.

A minute or so later and he was back with Evan Rosier whom walked over to the side of the cot and grinned happily at the baby. "Hey, Rose!" he breathed as she wriggled and kicked her legs at him smiling happily.

Sirius chuckled and grinned to Severus kneeling down beside him and helping him choose what needed to go into the trunk and what could stay behind.

"I promised Regulus some of my old books for this year, most have annotations that really help with the exam work and stuff but I did okay and it'll save him some money" Severus smiled gently as he placed all of his sixth year books in a pile.

"That's really lovely of you, Severus" Sirius smiled warmly.

"Yeah, well he wanted them and I promised him I'd help him last year, I've asked him and he still wants them so I'll drop them round to him when we go next" Severus smiled warmly.

"Sounds cool" Sirius nodded. "Dunno what to do with mine, maybe we should keep them for reference in case we ever need some" he chuckled and placed them on the mostly empty little, long bookcase in the room they were saving for extra books they didn't need downstairs.

"Good plan" said Severus smiling over at Evan whom was tickling Rose and making her laugh brightly.

"I can't believe she's about three months old now" Evan grinned. "She's grown and she's all bright and alert and listens, smiled, laughs and stuff" he chuckled. "What a lovely little baby, is she going to be alright in the dormitory though?"

"Yeah, definitely" said Severus nodding very quickly. "She sleeps through pretty much every night and if she wakes it's just a few little noises and nearly always goes back to sleep herself"

"Aww" Evan grinned to her.

"She can scream when she wants to she has a slight temper on her at times" Sirius grinned. "But apart from that she's lovely all the time and those tantrums don't happen very often"

"Well they all have those" Evan nodded. "I remember what my little brother was like when he was a baby" he mused thoughtfully.


Saturday came and went and on Sunday they went over and dropped off the school books.

"That's so much, Sev!" Regulus grinned. "These are in brilliant condition as well"

"I look after all my new books" Severus smiled warmly. "Even the ones that aren't so great will do, I trusted them and they didn't fail on me but remember you still have to do the work as well"

"I will" Regulus chuckled giving him a friendly hug.

"So how's married live?" Sirius smiled warmly to him and Remus as they all sat around the kitchen table having drinks and snacks.

"Wonderful" Remus breathed gazing very lovingly at Regulus. "We've been married just over three weeks now, I know it's early to say this but not once have I even considered regretting it, best decision I've ever made"

Regulus was beaming and leaned against his lover happily. "I can agree with you there, Remus" he whispered softly.

"I'm pleased you two are happy, and your transformations are okay?" Sirius asked looking mainly to Regulus whom was paling slightly with the upcoming of the full moon.

"Brilliant" the boy said brightly. "Not a problem so far and we don't hurt ourselves because we have each other"

"And does Professor McGonagall know….?" Severus asked with a concerned frown.

"Yeah my dad told her" said Remus awkwardly. "She's fine with it, we'll be back in the shack" he shrugged a little. "Again, we have each other so everything will be all cool and stuff"

"Sounds like everything is going well for you" Sirius smiled warmly glancing out the window. "And your brother has made a new best friend by the looks of it" he smirked nodding to Nathaniel and Evan messing around in the chicken coop.

Remus laughed. "Oh yeah, I think he just sees Evan as another single guy that doesn't have the same 'baggage' or whatever as we have because we're married and you two are engaged with a baby so it's good for him that he has someone"

"Have you tried finding someone for him?" Severus asked worriedly. "He does seem very lonely at times"

"He does but whenever I bring up the subject of a new boyfriend or suggest finding someone for him when we get back to school he seems to go a bit funny like he doesn't want to talk about it, I think to be honest he's feeling pretty anxious about what everyone will say when they find out what happened between him and Avery…." Remus said slowly looking to Regulus whom swallowed seriously and nodded his agreement.

"Yeah, who wouldn't be concerned over that? Nobody knows the guy is a vampire but they will know as soon as they go back to school that something is wrong when they aren't together anymore" Regulus responded.

"Avery isn't coming back" Sirius blurted out glancing at Nath out the window again. "He has a full-time job, did I tell you that?"

Remus and Regulus sighed inwardly and looked down at the goblets in their hands.

"I think that might actually benefit him" said Regulus sipping at his drink carefully. "I think it's best if they aren't anywhere near each other, I do get the impression he's over the guy though"

"Yeah I think so too but he's still got that whole first love thing going on so of course he will go weak for Avery whether he still wants him or not" Remus pointed out.

They all nodded their agreement and turned to stare at him and Evan out the window, Evan with a big fat white chicken on his head.


Monday and Evan had come back round again to see Nath, they'd spent a good while out in the farmyard smoking pot and laughing together like best friends.

"What are they doing out there?" Mr Lupin frowned craning his neck out of the kitchen window to try and see what they were up to together.

"What does it look like they're up to?" Remus smirked watching as Evan took a draw and handed it to his brother.

"Smoking something" Mr Lupin sighed. "I should probably go out there and stop them…."

"Oh, John, leave them, they aren't doing any harm" Mrs Lupin sighed. "As long as they aren't doing it at school they aren't going to hurt anyone sitting out there doing it"

John nodded. "Anything for you, dear"

When they both did eventually come in they looked very high and ate every scrap Mr and Mrs Lupin fed them.


Tuesday and it was the day before the full moon, Remus and Regulus' little potions had arrived that morning and they were feeling very thoroughly excited.

"Two days, Remus" Regulus whispered when they were curled up in bed that evening. "Just two more days and we can have a baby, that's the day after tomorrow!" he said eagerly.

"I know, fuck its gone fast!" Remus chuckled.

"Yeah but it's the summer, the summer always flies by then school comes and drags on week by week" Regulus smirked. "But think, I really hope we get pregnant…."

"We will, Reg" Remus beamed. "You'll see"

Regulus smiled and leaned in to kiss Remus softly on the lips….

The next morning and they of course snuck down the landing and crawled into bed with a sleeping Nath whom welcomed them in happily and allowed them both to snuggle into him.

"You've got the full moon tonight, guys" he breathed huskily with his eyes still closed.

"Yeah" Regulus chuckled. "But actually it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be from what Remus said, it's agonisingly painful and it's quite terrifying and sore when you wake up and there's the feelings of the approaching full moon and the new moon the night after but actually being a Werewolf isn't so bad and the time in between isn't bad either at all really"

Remus nodded with a smile. "It's much different to how it used to be when I was transforming alone it really has helped me being with you, Regulus"

Regulus was beaming with joy.

"I'm also happy that you don't have to suffer the way I did either and maybe sometime soon they will make a potion to make the transformations just that little bit easier" Remus said very optimistically.

"Yes, maybe they will" Regulus beamed.

Nathaniel chuckled and nodded his agreement with them both.

The day moved on by, Mrs Lupin was slightly frantic about them going to get the rest of their school things in a few days, frantic about them leaving her again, frantic about the full moon.

"Calm down, mum, we're going to be just fine" Remus smiled to her at dinner that evening.

"I just worry about the three of you so much" she said sadly.

"You don't need to" Regulus said reassuringly touching her arm. "We've all got each other and we always will do"

"Are you sure you're going to be okay at school?" she asked looking directly into his silver eyes.

"Absolutely" Regulus smiled warmly. "There's no reason at all why we won't be just fine in the Shrieking Shack together"

"And I'll take care of them, we've promised to come back and visit as much as possible, we're going to write and if something is even slightly wrong we'll all write and let you know" Nath said quickly. "Dad will be with us as well and coming home most nights and you have the dogs and animals and stuff, you're safe here"

"Oh I know I'm definitely safe" the woman beamed. "I'm more concerned about my four men being without me"

After dinner Remus and Regulus stripped down into their tatty, patched up underwear their mother or father fixed pretty much every full moon and make their way downstairs into the basement.

Remus and Regulus hugged their mother, father and Nath before hurrying into the dome to stand cuddling one another before they transformed. This would be their first marital transformation and in some ways they were most definitely looking forward to it. They waited and after some time the transformations for the night began….


The next morning, the sun rose over the hills shining over the stunning farmyard. The cows lowed, the rooster called and the animals woke for a day of relaxing grazing and such.

Remus and Regulus transformed back into their human forms and collapsed into the sand tired but otherwise unharmed.

Nathaniel did his job in running in to wrap them up in blankets and help support them both upstairs into the house. He helped rub ointment into their skin and heated ointment into their sore, aching joints and watched them eat before helping the pair of them back upstairs to bed.

"You take very good care of them" Mrs Lupin smiled warmly.

"Thanks" Nathaniel breathed with his own warm smile.


Later on that evening, Remus and Regulus had eaten their dinner and said they'd like some private time alone in their bedroom.

When they got upstairs they had a quick, warm bath and headed into the bedroom in their boxers and t-shirts gazing at one another lovingly.

"So tonight's the night" Regulus breathed trying to ignore the sensations of the new moon happening outside.

"Tonight's the night" Remus smiled back sitting on the edge of the bed and placing the vials of potion on the bottom of the bed. "I have to ask, are you absolutely sure you're ready because once it's done it's sort of done and if you wake up tomorrow or in a week or two regretting it then we can't exactly erase it" he asked his eyebrows creasing with concern as Regulus smiled and crawled onto the bed beside him.

"Remus, I've been ready for months now" Regulus said quietly. "I'm ready for this, we're married, do you feel the same?"

"Absolutely one hundred percent yes" Remus smiled.

Regulus flashed him a warm smile before he turned and picked up the file, he pulled the cork out and held Remus' gaze as he tipped the strawberry potion down his throat. For a few moments nothing happened and Remus' eyebrows rose until Regulus clutched his stomach shaking and gasping in pain.

"Fuck…." Regulus choked out.

Remus' eyes widened dramatically and he reached his hands out to cup and hold his boyfriend as the boy gasped and trembled in pain for a few minutes before it all stopped.

"Ew my skin was crawling that was horrible" Regulus winced.

Remus cringed a little but nodded with a smile.

They undressed and Remus slipped his clean fingers underneath. "You aren't very swollen yet, you are a bit but not that much"

Regulus pulled him down and they made out for a minute or so. "I have an idea" he said getting up suddenly and looking to the window. He slipped out from under his husband and moved over to the window gazing out, Remus clapped off the wall torches and the silvery glow of the moon hit Regulus.

Remus winced watching him stand there for two or three minutes before Regulus turned to star at him, his eyes were enormous and shining like the moon, his lips were parted and he was breathing heavily.

"Regulus?" Remus whispered as the boy approached slowly.

Suddenly Regulus grabbed Remus by the shoulders and flipped them around so Remus was on top of him. "Touch me…. Down there…." He whispered.

Remus did and gasped. "Fuck, Reg, you're enormous"

Regulus grinned. "I'm so horny" he panted slightly.

Remus was smiling his eyes twinkling with excitement. "Are you ready for my cock then?"

"Get. Me. Pregnant" Regulus growled grabbing Remus around the back of the neck and pulling him down crushing their lips together tightly in a hot, passionate kiss.

They made love using that entrance, three, maybe four times that evening before they finally collapsed together in bed curled under the covers in the dark.

Neither of them needed to say anything as Remus stroked his husband's adorable little face, their pale skin glowing beautifully in the soft light that did glimmer through the curtains.

"I love you so much, Regulus" Remus whispered sleepily as they finally settled down with their faces close together.

"I love you too, Remus, so, so fucking much" Regulus breathed back.

And with that they drifted into a warm, comfortable sleep….

Two days went by and Remus and Regulus spent most of their time curled up in bed, it was Monday and they would have six more days before returning to school on the first (Sunday).

"Remus…." Regulus breathed as they sat in their room that afternoon, Nathaniel was off at Evan's house trying to help barricade him away from the lusty, marriage-hungry females his family had round for a small gathering that evening and their parents were out in the village buying some food.

"Mm?" Remus looked up from the book he was reading to survey his husband's expression. Regulus had closed his book and rested it down in front of him fidgeting his fingers together looking at Remus with a smile on his face.

"I didn't want to say anything sooner but the other morning I felt something…."

Remus blinked.

"I felt something happening inside of me" Regulus breathed.

Remus frowned slightly with hopeful confusion.

"I can sense it, Remus, I've conceived" Regulus breathed a smile lighting up his face.

Remus' face sparked and ignited with a beaming grin. "Oh, Regulus, are you sure?" he whispered throwing his arms around the boy very excitedly.

Regulus nodded madly and laughed. "I'm a Werewolf, I have instincts, I can sense things like that and I know what's happened inside of me, obviously I have only just conceived so nothing will happen for some time yet, but oh, Remus, I'm pregnant" he breathed hugging Remus tighter.

"In a couple of weeks we can do a test" Remus grinned pulling back to gaze into that face, tears glistening in his eyes. "And then we will get you some treatment, we'll start those pregnancy vitamins right away, right now in fact" he said nodding to the drawer where they were hidden. "We'll know for sure then"

Regulus grinned and leaned over to kiss Remus softly on the lips. "Thank you, Remus"

"What for?" Remus blinked feeling slightly confused but very thoroughly happy.

"For completing me"

Those words made Remus burst into floods of tears of joy.


"So is he, like, your boyfriend?" one of the blonde girls with long, perfectly straight blonde hair and a tiny heart-shaped face asked as she glared Nathaniel up and down at Evan's house.

"No, he's my best mate" Evan said looking taken aback. "Would it matter if he was?"

"Uhh, yeah, pure-blood's aren't allowed to be faggots" she said nastily rolling her eyes.

Her two friends the brunette and the black-haired girl pouted and nodded their heads in a very overly exaggerated manner with their agreement.

"Two of our friends are pure, one is engaged with a kid by a gay guy and the other one just married another guy" Evan said slowly swilling his drink in the glass as he glared the girls down.

"Oh yeah, those kids who just published that book" the blonde said rolling her eyes again. "Attention much?"

"You're very ignorant, do you know that?" Nathaniel said angrily.

The girl looked him up and down and rolled her eyes again with a tut. "Why are you even here anyway? You're not pure, you're not on the same level as us…." She said very bitterly.

Nathaniel was very slightly upset about this, not because of what she said but because he used to be like that, because he once thought he was pure and it was still a tender spot for him. "I might not be pure but at least I'm nice to people and respect them, you've got the manners of an animal" he said coolly.

The girl gasped and glared at him. "How DARE you speak to me like that you piece of FILTH!" she snarled angrily placing her glass down.

"Leave him alone" Evan said angrily. "He's done nothing wrong, you can't just go around insulting people and thinking you'll get away with it because you're some spoiled little brat!"

The girl looked even angrier.

"He's my best friend and I won't let you talk to him like that, he's here being nice and kind to people even though obviously some are not treating him the same way" Evan said quickly. "Just because he's half doesn't mean he's filthy, you might want to take a whiff of your own B.O before you go around criticising other people"

Nathaniel choked on his drink with laugher.

The girl looked horrified and clamped her armpits down at her sides, her friends cringed horribly behind her.

She stormed away after that looking furious.

Evan and Nath were left in fits of laughter.

"You sure told her!" Nathaniel grinned.

"She deserves it" Evan said with a grin. "Aint nobody treating my friends that way!"

Nathaniel beamed at him. "So are we still on for Paris next month then?" he asked very hopefully.

"Yeah, have you booked our dates yet?" Evan asked curiously.

"Yeah, we go on Friday the twenty seventh and get back on Sunday evening of the twenty ninth" he nodded quickly in response.

"Sounds great to me" Evan chuckled. "I wonder what there is to do in Paris…." He mused. "Sure was kind of Sirius and Severus to pay for it for us, if I'd known you really wanted to go somewhere I would have taken you, it would only be fair seeing as they've paid for Remus and Regulus on that expensive honeymoon and they have a kid, wedding and their own honeymoon to do as well as school stuff…."

Nathaniel smiled. "That's sweet of you" he said sipping at his drink again. "They did it out of the blue to try and cheer me up after what happened with the baby…."

Evan swallowed and looked into his friend's eyes. "I've told you I'm here if you want to talk about it"

"Maybe we'll talk when we're in France" Nathaniel chuckled.

"Alright then" Evan smiled back.

For the rest of the evening, Evan and Nathaniel kept a good alliance together, Nathaniel would help deflect the women and their rude, scavenging advances on Evan and Evan would make sure everybody treated his friend with deep respect and kindness.

Mr and Mrs Rosier were very nice to him and even Ike wanted a cuddle off of him when he left.

"See you on Sunday" Nathaniel waved referring to the train ride to school from Kings Cross.

"Yeah, see you then!" Evan nodded with a single wave before the boy disappeared into the night, home.


On Tuesday, Severus came home ecstatic.

"How did you do?" Sirius asked with a grin.

"I PASSED!" he beamed with joy. "I am licensed to apparate and disapparated whenever I should please" he sniffed proudly flashing a small card to his lover.

"Well done, Sev!" Sirius grinned gathering the boy up in his arms and twirling him around making him laugh. "This calls for a celebration!" he said putting Severus back on his feet and clapping his hands together.

Severus grinned again and followed his lover into the kitchen where he popped the cork on a bottle of wine and poured them their glasses.

"Congratulations" he said chinking their glass goblets together before they downed their drinks and poured another still smiling at one another.


Wednesday passed in a happy blur, Remus and Regulus were overjoyed and taking it very easy, Sirius and Severus were still celebrating, Evan was fighting the horny girls- STARVED of marriage- away from him, Nathaniel was hanging out with his brothers and spending time with his biological parents before school started again, he would miss them both but at least he could visit his mother and he would have his dad with him.

Thursday and Mrs Lupin took the boys to Diagon Alley to finish school shopping, Nathaniel bought some bits he thought were fun and some extra books to read and some study things that would help him as well as helping Evan with their final year at school.

Remus and Regulus got their standard things.

On Friday, everybody was starting to feel that whole end of summer thing.

It was warm out to Remus, Regulus and Nathaniel were out in the garden catching the last few of the summer rays.

"Would you guys mind if I took my shorts off?" Remus asked lazily as he kicked back in the warm but not too strong sunshine.

"Fine by me" Regulus purred.

Nathaniel shrugged a little. "I'm not bothered and I'm not looking" he yawned resting his hands behind his head.

Remus- whom had no qualms about being naked around his family- stripped off and lay back in the sun with a happy sigh.

Regulus whom was in the shade soon followed suit and Nathaniel eventually joined them.

"Want some drinks?" Mr Lupin said as he came over and tried not to look at them resting the tray down for them all to have some fresh, homemade lemonade from it.

"Thanks, dad!" said Remus taking two glasses and passing one to Regulus.

Regulus and Nathaniel covered their bits whilst they had their drinks but not Remus, oh no, he just lay there naked as the day he was born.

They sipped their drinks, Regulus spent some time in the shade and they relaxed on the farm for the rest of the day.


That evening, Sirius and Severus were getting ready for bed. Sirius stood waiting for Severus to come in wearing his short nightshirt and nothing on underneath.

Rose was already asleep when Severus walked in and Sirius grabbed him pulling him into his arms.

"Come on, Sev, let's play" the Gryffindor purred happily kissing his lover's cheeks naughtily.

Severus let out a laugh. "Someone is a bit horny tonight" he winked up at the taller boy.

"I'm more than horny, Sev" Sirius grinned pulling the boy through the darkness back onto the bed and settling Severus on his hips shucking out of his boxers. "Mm, I fancy doing something…. A bit….different tonight" he purred sexily.

Severus gave a small giggled. "And what might that be?" he asked curiously his eyes falling half-lidded.

Sirius beckoned him down and whispered something into his ear.

Severus gasped. "Are you sure?" his eyebrows knitted together with concern. "Because-"

"It'll be fine, Severus" Sirius smiled. "You'll fucking LOVE it" he grinned.

Severus blushed madly and nodded quickly. "I'm all up for it"

"Oh, I know you are" Sirius smirked as Severus leaned down for a kiss….


Saturday was their final day of the summer holidays, tomorrow morning at exactly eleven o'clock they would be heading off back to Hogwarts leaving their families behind to start their new year.

Remus and Regulus were packing, well, mostly Remus as he insisted that Regulus did not do very much.

Nathaniel had already done his packing with help from his mum.

"I really do love you, Nathaniel" she smiled to him as he snapped his trunk shut. "I mean it, I really do love you, you're my son" she breathed.

Nathaniel was smiling warmly and leaned forward to hug her. "And I love you too, mum" he breathed. "And dad and Remus too, I never thought I would have a proper biological family like this that loved me unconditionally and for all of this and that I am extremely grateful"

The woman smiled and hugged him tighter rubbing his back gently.

Sirius and Severus were pretty much done, they would sort out the rest of Rose's things in the morning and their things were all set, packed and downstairs ready to go.

Evan was pretty much ready too.


That evening when everyone settled down together for their dinner, it was sad but at the same time, Remus and Regulus couldn't help but feel happy.

"I am going to miss all of you so much" Mrs Lupin said sadly. "Tomorrow I will promise not to cry" she said with tears in her eyes.

John hugged her.

"We love you, mum" the three boys grinned.

"And I love all of you too" she breathed over their homemade steak and gravy puff pastry pie and farmhouse vegetables for dinner.

That evening when they all settled into bed, Remus and Regulus were once again stroking each other's faces lovingly.

Emma was being cuddled by her husband feeling sad and lonely they were all leaving.

Nathaniel was out like a light the second his head hit the pillow.

Evan was sleeping peacefully, quite excited to be going back to school where he wouldn't be having to deal with these stupid pure-blood thirsty bitches all day long.

Sirius and Severus were curled up sleeping in each other's arms.


"So I'll meet you on the platform tomorrow morning at half ten then?" Lily Evan's voice rang through the still night air.

"Of course, just as promised" James Potter's eyes twinkled through the darkness as the girl stepped out of his front door. "Are you sure you don't want me to take you home?"

"I'm just dandy" she smirked. "Anyway, it'll be fun this year what with you returning to school and all, you've missed…. So much…. Whilst you've been unfairly locked away" she said very lightly.

James Potter smirked nastily. "And I intend to make sure the whole entire school knows EXACTLY who the fuck is top dog again…."

Lily smiled to him before she disapparated into the night.


End of Book One.


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