Author's Note: Honestly I love these things. This is The OTP (One True Pair) Challenge. There's about 30 prompts that I have to use on my OTP, which in this case is Kaitlyn and Sheamus. WARNING! Fluff may ensue. You guys should take the challenge too! So if you want the list just PM me.

Watching A Movie~

"Kaitie, I'm here!" Sheamus called out in that adorable Irish accent of his as he knocked on Kaitlyn's hotel room door. She cracked the door and peeked out.

"You bring the movie?" She asked with a smile and Sheamus chuckled.

"Of course." He said holding up the DVD. They were going to watch Titanic since Sheamus never saw it. Kaitlyn then let him in the room and shut the door. She watched him as Sheamus examined the movie case.

"Make yourself comfy, I'll go get the snacks." Kaitlyn said as she plucked the DVD from Sheamus' big hands then went to the kitchen area of the hotel suite. Sheamus chuckled as he made his way to the bed and waited for Kaitlyn. A few minutes passed and she returned with some diet soda and a huge bowl of popcorn. She then put the movie in, turned off the lights, then crawled into bed with her boyfriend. "You better not fall asleep!" Kaitlyn warned.

"I won't!" Sheamus said defensively.

"Alright." Kaitlyn replied as she placed the bowl of popcorn in between them and laid her head on Sheamus' muscular chest. Soon the opening movie credits started and the two were engrossed in the movie. She drew circles on his chest, while he ran his big fingers through her two toned colored hair. They both enjoyed the movie, and the quality time.

But about halfway through, Sheamus began to grow restless.

"How long is this movie?" He asked as he sipped his soda. No answer. "Kaitie?" He asked. Still no answer. He then gingerly moved the diva off his chest to look at her and she was fast asleep. A smile rose to his lips at the sight of her. She looked beautiful.

Sheamus, deciding to be nice, turned off the movie and tucked the diva into bed. Once she was all set he went back to his own room. They would finish the movie another time.