Author's Note: This is a chapter from one of my Kaitmus stories that I deleted. I just got bored with it, so you know, I deleted it. Plus it wasn't that popular.


Since Kaitlyn had agreed to go out on another date with Sheamus, he really had to brainstorm what the hell he was going to do. There wasn't much in this small town, so he had to get creative, and since Kaitlyn didn't like to go out after the sun set, he was going to have to find something early in the morning for them to do. After much thought put into his plans, he decided that they were going to go out for breakfast. The only downside to that, was that they were going to have to go out of town, because there were literally no breakfast joints around this tiny town.

Sheamus got on the computer, and looked up the closest breakfast place around where they lived. After his research, he learned that there was a Denny's not too far from where they lived. So, he got up bright and early on the Saturday morning he agreed to take Kaitlyn out because it was her day off, and began to get ready for his date. Again, they weren't doing anything too important or formal, so he wore jeans and a regular old t-shirt. He had already gotten her some flowers on their last date, so this time, he stopped at the local candy store, and picked Kaitlyn up some Dots candy, which he knew was her ultimate favorite.

Once he knew he had everything ready, he got in his truck, and drove the short drive to Kaitlyn's small cottage like home. All the lights in her house were on as he parked his truck and headed up to the front door with the candy. The Irishman then knocked on the door lightly, waiting for the pretty waitress to answer. She opened it up a few minutes later, and she too was wearing casual clothes; simple jeans and a hoodie. "Hey!" Kaitlyn greeted, pulling in Sheamus in for a light hug. The two had become more touchy feely with one another as of late, and Sheamus was thankful that the two were becoming more comfortable around each other.

"Hey beautiful." He smiled.

She blushed, "Oh shut up."

"I got you some candy." Sheamus said and handed her the box of Dots candy. "I remember you telling me that they were your favorites." He smiled.

"Thank you." She said and gave him another hug. "So where are we going?" She then asked, pushing a strand of two toned colored hair behind her ear.

"I hope you're hungry..." The ginger started. "Because I'm taking you to breakfast out of town." He said and Kaitlyn smiled.

"Good, because I am starving." She replied.

"Then let's go." Sheamus said, offering his lady and arm, and he lead her to his truck, opening the passenger door for her like the gentleman he was. Once they were both in the car, they drove in comfortable silence for most of the ride, glancing at each other ever so often, smiling, and laughing. The windows were rolled down, and the sun was shining so bright, it was such a beautiful morning out. It was safe to say that they were both having a good time, and that they were starting to get closer to each other. They could just have fun with each other.

"Can I turn on the radio?" Kaitlyn asked out of nowhere.

"Uh, yeah sure." Sheamus said as he kept his eyes on the road. He glanced over for a moment to see the two toned girl playing with the radio trying to find a good station. Suddenly, some music filled the speakers of his truck, and he looked over to see Kaitlyn singing along to every single word. She was such a carefree person, and he loved that about her. It made him happy to see her happy. Was it possible that he was falling in love with her already? After two dates? Was that even a thing? "We're almost here." Sheamus said after a while.

"My stomach has been growling for the past twenty minutes." Kaitlyn laughed. Sheamus laughed too as he pulled into the parking lot of the Denny's. He helped Kaitlyn out of the car, and the couple made their way inside the small restaurant. Sheamus was glad that it wasn't too crowded or anything. He hated going to places like that. They were seated shortly at a table for two, and were looking at the menus.

"Get whatever you want, it's on me." Sheamus said.

"What are you having?" Kaitlyn asked as she glanced up at the ginger with her hazel eyes.

"Probably steak and eggs." He answered almost immediately, "Maybe a coffee."

"Steak is not a breakfast food!" The two toned waitress teased.

"It is to me." Sheamus retorted. "This place has really good steak anyway."

"Then I'll have what you're having." Kaitlyn winked.

"Now you're talking." Sheamus chuckled. The rest of the date when surprisingly well; the two of them going back and forth on banter and small talk, getting to know each other, and overall just having a great time. By the end of the date, Kaitlyn had done laughed so hard that she snorted, which Sheamus found incredibly adorable, and he had even earned himself another kiss.

"Why can't everything just always be like this?" She sighed on the drive home, as her head lay on Sheamus' shoulders.

"It could be." Sheamus replied with a shrug.

"Everything's not always that easy..." Kaitlyn trailed off.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked.

"It's nothing..." She mumbled. "Thank you for another great date." She said, and it was silent on the rest of the way home.