Author's Note: Here's another little drabble for all you lovely readers. Hope you like!

Somthing Crazy~

"Skydiving?" Sheamus asked incredulously as his ginger eyebrows shot up on his forehead. "Kaitie, you can't be serious..." He said to his longtime girlfriend Kaitlyn who was standing in front of him, giving him puppy eyes. Skydiving was on her list of things to do before she died, and she really wanted to do it with her boyfriend.

"Please? For me?" She begged for about the umpteenth time.

"No." He answered. "Are you crazy?" Sheamus asked.

"It'll be so much fun! I promise you! Please?" She asked again, but still Sheamus said no. Just then, Kaitlyn got a great idea. She would test his manliness. "Unless..." She started.

"Unless... What?" Sheamus asked curiously.

"Unless, you're just scared..." Kaitlyn teased and Sheamus scoffed.

"I am not scared. Let's do it." He bellowed in that Irish accent.

"Yes!" Kaitlyn celebrated and grabbed his hand, the two were then off to skydive. Once they were at the tourist place that allowed people to skydive, they were suited up, then headed up in a helicopter. Kaitlyn laughed. "This is gonna be so awesome!" She said. Sheamus chuckled nervously as he looked down and saw how high they were up.

"You still sure you wanna do this Kaitie?" He asked.

"Hell yeah!" She answered simply.

"Alright you two," The instructor said. "Ready to jump?" He said as he began strapping them together with a parachute.

"Yeah, we're ready." Kaitlyn answered beaming.

"Kaitie?" Sheamus asked.

"Yeah?" She answered.

"Kiss me now in case we die." He said partly joking, but partly serious. Kaitlyn laughed but then obliged as she pressed her lips to his.

"On the count of three, jump." The instructor said. "One, two, three!" He said and Kaitlyn and Sheamus jumped out of the helicopter. As soon as they were in the air Kaitlyn let out a scream and Sheamus closed his eyes. The heights were making him dizzy. Finally once they let the parachute come out, Sheamus calmed down.

"See, we're not dead." Kaitlyn teased.