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April Stormynight scrambled to find anything that even resembled a picnic basket. Finally, in a dark corner of her apartment, she located her dad's old cooler that he had given her.

"I'll just tie a bow on it and it will be perfect." April grumbled, blowing her dark bangs out of her eyes. Her fingerless gloves wrapped around the handle and lugged it out into the light. "Maybe some other time I can give it a paint job." She said, cringing at the picture of a hula dancer.

April walked out to her kitchen and grabbed a bow her mom had tied the curtains up with last time she was there. The eighteen year old made some ham and cheese sandwiches and put them in the cooler. She added chips, soda, and a stale package of Chips-Ahoy cookies. When she had packed enough food she set the cooler aside and grabbed her combat boots. She tugged them on over her hole filled socks and laced them up. April put on her black leather jacket and looked around for her helmet.

Her black motorcycle helmet, painted with orange flames, was sitting on the couch with April's phone. The young woman picked up both and took the cooler out the door. She waved to her nosey neighbor lady while locking the door and headed out.

April tied the cooler to her Harley Davidson using bungee cords and put and blanket in the saddle bag. She slipped her helmet over her black and purple hair and raced out of the parking lot. A mile down the road she pulled into the drive of a fancy Victorian styled home. April pulled off her helmet, ran her hand through her hair to make it presentable and knocked on the door.

A stern looking woman with graying hair open and looked down at April, who was only five-foot four. April grinned mischievously at the older woman and pulled her into a hug.

"It's nice to see you again Aunt Carla!" April smiled.

"You too, April! It has been so long that when Sasha heard you were taking her out she about burst with excitement!" Carla laughed.

"Speaking of Sasha, where is my favorite cousin?" April mock pondered, seeing a little girl peeking from behind the door.

The girl jumped out and hugged April. "Here I am!"

"Is that you Sasha? You must have shrunk at least a foot, 'cause I couldn't see you anywhere!" April teased her cousin.

"Are we going to have our picnic today?" Sasha panted excitedly.

"Yes ma'am we are! I've got your favorite…"

In unison the girls sang: "Ham, cheese, and cookies please!"

Carla smiled softly at the two. "You better behave yourself, Sasha. We wouldn't want any goblins to come and snap you up!"

Sasha shuddered and April put an arm around her. "If goblins do come to the park we'll show them how it's done, isn't that right Sasha?"

Sasha made a fist and growled. "Yup! Guess what? I've got a dance recital tomorrow and I get to be a fairy and Greta has to play a goblin!"

"Oh that reminds me! April, would you mind taking Sasha to your place for a sleepover tonight and taking her to the recital? Your uncle and I can't take her because of a business meeting tonight." Carla pleaded.

"Sure, no problem." April shrugged, "What time is the dance?"

"Noon. Thank you so much! I know you probably had plans…"

"Naw!" April waved her hand dismissively, "I'll have much more fun with Sasha then I would staying at home by myself anyway. She is my favorite cousin. We'll have and party and stay up till ten." Carla glared and April corrected herself. "Nine-thirty – nine!"

"Here is her bag." Carla handed April a pink and yellow dance bag, "And here is her helmet. Do be careful on that thing." She said pointing at April's bike and giving Sasha a pink, daisy and smiley face covered helmet.

"We will!" Both girls chimed.

April put Sasha's dance gear in the saddle bag and helped the seven year old put her helmet on. She put her own helmet on and climbed up onto the Harley. They waved to Carla and sped away in the direction of the park.

When they got near the city park April slowed down and found a parking spot. Sasha threw off her helmet and tried to undo the cooler's restraints.

"Wait! What's your mom's rule?" April stopped her.

Sasha sighed. "Mommy says 'you should never take your helmet off until April turns off the death-trap'."

April almost laughed at the last bit, but managed to keep a straight face. "That's right. Now help me unpack."

The two took the cooler and blanket to a lush spot in the park and set up. April snapped the blanket out and set it down gently. Sasha sat down and opened up the cooler.

April was about to dig in when Sasha stopped her. "You forgot to say grace!"

"Your right. Thank you Lord for this food and please bless it to our bodies, amen." April said, glancing at Sasha to make sure she had said it right.

The little girl had grabbed the pack of cookies and passed one to April. They finished dessert and began on lunch. Sasha looked around and spotted something in a tree.

"April, wanna see something I learned on Wild Kratts?" The little girl implored.

"Yeah, sure."

"Hold a tiny bit of ham from your sandwich at arm's reach and sit still." Sasha told her.

April obliged and waited. A large barn owl swooped down from a tree and landed on April's arm, taking the ham in its curved beak.

"Oh…" April almost swore, but Sasha interrupted her.


"Oh blueberries! Where'd he come from?" April breathed.

"A tree over there! Isn't he pretty? I'm calling him Reggie." Sasha declared.

The owl seemed to cringe at the name, but kept eating the ham.

"His claws,"

"Talons," Sasha corrected.

"His talons are piercing my jacket's leather!" April winced.

"I heard that owl talons can crush a rabbit's skull." Sasha said cheerfully.

She's picking up on your dark humor! Carla won't like that! April told herself. "Poor bunny."

"Yeah, but an owl has to eat, right?" Sasha smiled, stroking the owl's feathers.

"Careful, your mom won't like it if I take you home and you're missing a finger." April warned.

Sasha snapped her hand back.

"How about we get Reggie off of me and if he wants to he can stick around for story time." April suggested as she felt "Reggie" weigh down her arm.

The owl hopped onto the cooler and cocked its head in April's direction as if he was listening. April grabbed a book from the bottom of the cooler.

"What story is it?" Sasha asked.

"I don't know what it is called 'cause I got it from the used bookstore and the title rubbed off. I started reading it yesterday and thought you'd like to read it with me." April raised the book and opened her mouth to read but Sasha interrupted.

"I found the title! It's called Labyrinth!"