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April was lonely. She had been walking through the labyrinth for a few hours and she missed having someone to talk to/yell at. When she came across a large statue she broke down and started to tell it all of her problems.

"And I'm supposed to have Sasha home by noon tomorrow!" April complained, kicking a rock ahead of her without looking where she kicked it.

"Ouch!" Hoggle's voice yelped. The small man walked up to April and put his hands on his hips.

"Oh, sorry Hedge." April mumbled.

"It's Hoggle! Why can't anyone ever get my name right?" Hoggle scowled.

"What do you want?"

"Well, you've lost your spunk since I saw you last. I see you got the green paint out of your face."

April glared at him. "No thanks to you."

Hoggle giggled at the memory of April getting her face spray-painted.

"If you weren't the only person to talk to in this stupid labyrinth then I'd find some way to get rid of you." April hissed.

"Well, if I'd known who you are then I wouldn't have spray-painted your face in the first place." Hoggle chuckled.

April cocked a brow. "And who am I?"

"You're Sarah's daughter! If you had just said something then I wouldn't have let you get spray-painted." Hoggle shrugged.

"What is so important about my mom?" April asked wearily.

Hoggle blinked in confusion. "So it's true? She never told you about any of us?"

"No. Now get to the point." April groaned impatiently.

"Your mother was the only one in Underground history to defeat the labyrinth as well as the king!"

"So? What's any of this have to do with me?" April tapped her foot expectantly.

"It's a rumor that the Goblin King fell in love with your mother. When he found out she was married it broke his heart." Hoggle whispered.

April sighed. All of this was too dramatic for her. Her mother had always been into drama and life changing stories, but April, well, she wanted to be normal. She wanted to be able to take her cousin to the park and the movies. She wanted to have dinner with her friend Henry or go for a ride. Even if her mother had always wanted something like this, April had wanted to be average.

"OK, so Mom broke Jareth's heart, now what? He's out for revenge and thinks taking my cousin is going to get at my mom?" April said bitterly.

Hoggle laughed. "You're quite a bit dumber than your mother, aren't you? The king doesn't want your mother he wants you!"

April was taken aback. "Say what now?"

"What." Hoggle obliged.

"No, I mean: what are you talking about?!" April's eyes were wide with shock and she was shaking with anger. The girl felt like punching something but couldn't because of a promise she made with Sasha. The younger girl had made April swear not to punch people unless they had physically hurt her or cussed at her.

"Well, I had better keep a few things secret or he'll bog me, but I overheard that the king wants to make you his queen!"

April roared. She literally roared like a lion. "WHAT?! I am not going to marry that little JERK!"

"Quiet down!" Hoggle covered her mouth with his hand. "If the king hears you he'll bog us both!"

"WHAT THE BLUEBERRIES DOES THAT MEAN?!" April yelled, throwing his hand off of her.

"He'll throw us in the Bog of Eternal Stench. It smells worse than a thousand rotten eggs! If you set foot in it you'll smell bad for the rest of the rest of your life and it'll never wash out!" Hoggle whispered in a terrorized voice.

April tried to calm herself by taking deep breaths. "OK, I'm sorry for, well, erupting as Sasha calls it. Will you walk with me, I'm losing time?"

Hoggle put his hands on his hips. "If I am to be your guide I need something in return, preferably jewelry."

April put her head in her hand and sighed. "Alright. Let me see what I've got." She wasn't wearing any necklaces or bracelets. She had some earrings and took them out and tossed them at the small man. "This is all I've got."

Hoggle examined the hoop earrings. They were golden and had small rubies set in them. "They're nice, but I prefer plastic."

"Do you like granola bars? All I've got left are two granola bars and my phone." April offered him a Quaker Oats granola bar and smiled weakly.

Hoggle poked the wrapper. "I'll take it!" He pocketed it and handed the earrings back.

"Aren't you going to eat it?" April asked.

"Why? It obviously isn't food."

April took her other bar out of her jacket and unwrapped it, revealing the chocolate and granola. She bit into it and spat it out immediately. "Yuck! It's got little worms crawling around in there!"

Hoggle shrugged. "That's what happens when you leave food unattended in the labyrinth."

April tried to forget it. "Can we move on? I don't want to see Jareth until I have to when I get Sasha back."

The two started walking for the castle. They walked for half an hour, talking about the weather and such pleasantries until April decided to sit for a while.

"My feet are killing me. You can do whatever while I rest." April sat on a boulder.

"Your own feet are attacking you? I didn't know feet were murderous!" Hoggle exclaimed, looking at her feet.

April chuckled and waved him away. "Go on."

Hoggle walked around the area for a while; searching for more fairies to spray while April did something she called "texting". Suddenly there was a burst of glitter that made Hoggle cough and the Goblin King appeared.

Hoggle bowed. "Your Highness."

"Herbert, nice to see you're keeping up with your habits." Jareth sneered.

"Uh, what are you talking about, sir?" Hoggle pulled at a string on his shirt until it started to unravel.

"First it was Sarah and now her daughter. Why do you keep making friendships I'll eventually force you to break?"

Hoggle looked at his feet in shame; he knew what was coming next.

Jareth smiled wickedly. "You have two choices: Take her back to the beginning or…"

"Give her a peach." Hoggle whispered.

"I'm glad you understand. If you don't do what I say it's the bog for you." And with that, Jareth vanished, leaving an excess amount of glitter.

April came jogging up. "Hoggle! Are you okay? I saw Jareth over here a minute ago!"

"Yes. Let's keep moving."

"Why does that guy leave so much glitter everywhere?" April babbled.

Hoggle wasn't in the mood to talk; he was trying to decide between getting bogged or betraying Sarah's daughter.

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