Chapter 12

May 1971

It had been eight years to the day since they'd met in Signal, and the two men were wrapped around each other in the tent that morning, kissing heavily. They were running their hands over each other's skin and muscles, touching and feeling what they loved best. Both of them loved it when they could meet up during the summer; it reminded them of Brokeback and that glorious time when they were young and carefree.

Jack pulled his lips away and rested his forehead against Ennis's, trying to compose himself. He often didn't remember to breathe when they were being intimate. "Damn,'re drivin' me crazy..."

"Thought you already was," Ennis replied with a grin, and Jack smacked his ass.

"Asshole...gonna get you for that." He had a gleam in his eye and leaned in to attack his lover's neck, knowing that it drove Ennis crazy. Sure enough, Ennis's eyes slid shut in pleasure and he couldn't think properly. Jack just knew which buttons to press and he made full use of that knowledge.

" know what that does to me..." he breathed, and Jack's hand travelled down his chest, finding the sensitive spots on his lower stomach. Ennis bucked his hips and Jack grinned against his lips.

"Sure do, cowboy," he murmured, moving his hand lower and starting to stroke Ennis. "Love doin' this..."

"Mmm..." Ennis rested his head against Jack's as he let the other man lavish attention on him. "Jack...?" he started, knowing in his heart and body what he wanted right then.


"Can we, know..."

"What?" Jack asked, pulling back and looking into his eyes. Ennis bit his lip, unsure of himself.

"I wanna...I..." Jack leaned in close, brushing their noses together. He knew that Ennis struggled with talking about anything sexual, but he was slowly getting better at it with time.

"It's okay...tell me what you want. Nobody here but us..."

Ennis nodded. "Wanna...wanna have you mouth," he managed, trembling slightly. Vocalising his sexual desires had never been easy, even though it was Jack. He just wasn't the type to talk about things like that. He'd never learnt things like that and he lived in a conservative society.

Jack smiled at him. "Sure. I'm...all yours, cowboy." He pulled himself away and lay back down, a calming look on his face. He knew that he could calm Ennis enough to give him confidence. "When yer ready, Ennis..."

They looked at each other for a moment, and then Ennis moved over Jack, straddling him and seeking his lips. After a few sweet kisses that gave him reassurance, Ennis started moving down Jack's body. He wasn't very confident at doing this, but Jack always seemed to enjoy it and the noises he made were enough to tell Ennis that he was doing something right. Ennis loved knowing that he was making Jack feel good; he felt like he was worth something.

When he reached Jack's swelling erection, he tentatively lowered his head and poked his tongue out, licking at the single bead there. Jack let out a low moan. "Oh, God..."

Feeling more confident, he glanced up at Jack who had his eyes closed, and lowered his head further to take Jack in his mouth, closing his own eyes as he found his rhythm. Remembering everything that Jack had taught him about oral sex, he ensured his teeth were covered as he moved his head up and down, like he was sucking at a straw.

Jack was gripping the sheets on either side of him, sweat forming on his forehead as Ennis brought him closer to orgasm. He'd always loved it when Ennis went down on him, because it didn't happen often. He knew why, of course; Ennis had always insisted that he wasn't queer, and this wasn't something that a man like Ennis would do. But here he was, with his head between Jack's outstretched legs and sucking hard at him. Jack knew he was very lucky to have a lover like this.

"Ennis...yer real good at this, cowboy," he breathed, and he felt a hand caressing his stomach. Ennis's other hand was on himself, stroking in time and hoping to come at the same time as Jack. When that occurred, it really felt like they were sharing the moment; reaching dizzy heights at the same time and knowing that it was each other doing that.

After several moments, Ennis finally finished Jack off, and tried not to choke as Jack's come hit the back of his throat. He swallowed it all down as he heard Jack gasping, and felt himself spilling onto the sheets. He let go of Jack and crawled back up, collapsing onto the bedroll beside the other man. They stared up at the roof of the tent, breathing heavily as their senses caught back up to them. Jack grinned and turned onto his side, running a hand over Ennis's sweaty chest. He leaned over and lapped it up, making Ennis squirm.

"Jack...come on, don't get me riled up again. Ain't teenagers no more." Jack pulled away and smiled at him.

"Sorry, cowboy. Can't help it when I'm near ya. Just everythin' all at once. You drive me crazy..." He nuzzled into Ennis's neck and pressed a kiss there.

"Mmm..." Ennis kissed him firmly, capturing his lips and finding his tongue. They kissed a few times and then Jack pulled away again.

"Hang on, cowboy...gotta go piss." He sat up and pulled his jeans on, exiting the tent and leaving Ennis alone to think. He didn't like being alone; it made him think about things too much and that was not his comfort zone. When he and Jack were doing something, it allowed him to switch off and just focus on the man he loved. He hoped that Jack would be back soon.

Sure enough, Jack returned with a smile on his face. He kicked off his jeans and went into Ennis's arms, kissing him and ready for another round.